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Final Fantasy VII Remake

I Still Can’t Believe This Is Happening. And this is just the beginning, Imagine what happens when they reveal Sephiroth. 


The final request is something of a mix of several requests so there’s no one specific I can point out. Many of you requested Cloud this week with various other characters in FFVII,  but had A.) already put in a request, B.) missed the deadline, so I went to draw a picture that could be interpreted freely for pairing or non-pairing :3

Thank you all who participated in the request event! I had fun drawing all of the possible scenarios that I could come up with from your prompts. I hope you guys enjoyed the event as much as I did and do be careful of cold.  


asgzc + cinnamon rolls

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The FFVII/Crisis Core guys as memes...

Vincent Valentine: Now back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me after he stole my girlfriend and shot me in the chest…Hojo, what’s good?

Angeal Hewley: Pepe

(Alternatively for Angeal) 

                           *Breathes In*  BOI.

Genesis Rhapsodos: [Angeal: ~loses Genesis in a crowd~ Damn…where the hell did he go? ~raises voice~ Sephiroth is the only real hero in the world!

                 Genesis: SAY THAT TO MY FUCKING FACE!

                 Angeal: There he is.]

Zack Fair: [Brain: Do the thing…

                   Zack: That sounds like a bad idea…

                   Brain: DO THE THING.]

(Alternately for Zack)

                  Zack: I’m gonna do the thing.

                 Cloud: Zack, no!

                  Zack: Zack, yes.

Sephiroth: [Sephiroth: My mother is an alien life form and I, as her son, must get revenge on the Planet and become a god.

                    Everyone else: Okay…sounds fake but okay…]

Cloud Strife: ~standing outside of Shinra slamming pots~ I DIDN’T GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YA’LL. YA’LL NOT GON’ GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF ME.


Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.

Have I ever told you how beautiful the names Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth are?

Probably everyone knows about them by now, but still these names are beautiful and actually I would name a child like that anytime.

ANGEAL - an existant but uncommon boy’s name meaning powerful and complete. The origin of this name is unknown, it is definitely not English though.

GENESIS - creation, origin, birth. The ‘Book of Genesis’ is the Christian creation of the world.

SEPHIROTH - the ten godly Sephiroth - godly emanations (=attributes) - together make up Adam Kadmon, the original human who is equal to god possessing wisdom, glory and immortality which other humans lack. 

It’s pretty obvious why these names were chosen by Hojo and Hollander in canon. Still beautiful.

Daydream Believer

Coming back to the old Soulmate AU Tour. This time you have dreams about what your Soulmates see until you dream of yourself in them. 

Sephiroth always suspected his dreams were strangely vivid, like if he dared to reach out or speak he could change them. The idea never came to him when it was happening. He did notice patterns though. 

One night, after asking Professor Gast about his mother once again. He realized whenever he felt that lonely emotion, he dreamed about a woman. 

She had messy blonde hair, but a kind smile that softened her icy blue eyes. He didn’t understand everything she said to him and sometimes her accent was a little too thick for him. But it was always said in a kind and loving way. 

Realistically, he knew there was no way in Hel this woman could be his mother. She was too young, and looked nothing at all like him. 

He still dreamed though and took comfort in the way she made him feel. 

Sephiroth knew what kind of dream he was going to have. He’d had a long day of nonstop training and he felt exhausted. He could hardly hold Masamune when he was done. 

He collapsed and fell asleep in moments. 

He was running through the trees a laugh echoing around him. The air smelled of sweetly rotting fruit and apple blossoms. He felt exhilerated as he chased a redhead around a tree, tagging him and sprinting off in the opposite direction. 

He practically jumped up a tree, ignoring the protests of his playmate. 

Sephiroth was still admiring the sunset off in the distance when the lights in the lab flicked on and woke him up. 

He felt bored, his mind numb from examining troop movements, case studies, new scenarios and trying to build his own somehow better one. Hojo seemed disappointed, but Sephiroth honestly felt like he was going to throw up if he had to work anymore. 

He didn’t mean to fall asleep during his lunch break, but it was so easy. 

He was being rocked, a sensation he wasn’t sure had ever actually happened to him. Wrinkled and gnarled hands were covering his, wrapping them gently in gauze. The skin on his hands was scraped and bleeding. 

“There’s always a smarter way,” an old woman’s voice told him, “and next time you won’t hurt yourself in a stupid way.” A child giggled and Sephiroth snuggled back into the old woman cradling him. 

He saw a much younger woman walk into the house and start scolding him before he jerked awake. He scarfed down the meal, hardly tasting it and rushed back to his scribbled and scratched sheets. 

He was in Wutai when he had the surreal experience of seeing himself while he slept. His SiC gave an order to him, to find Sephiroth and wake him because they saw Wutai scouts in the treeline and needed to move. 

When the tent flap, his tent’s flap, opened and showed him dozing face down on his cot he jerked awake. A young, black-haired man staring at him. 

“Sir, the-” 

“Scouts in the trees,” Sephiroth muttered, “start packing?” The man cocked his head. 

“How did you know?” 

Sephiroth stared at him for a long moment, still tired. He realized he was actually awake. 

“I…that wasn’t a dream was it?” Sephiroth was confused. 

Angeal, and Genesis were patient with him, helping put the pieces together, but confessed that they weren’t the only source of his dreams. They had seen the grandmother and the blonde woman too, and had no clue who they were. 

It took a month for Sephiroth to accept that they were soulmates. After that it made a little more sense. 

It was nice being able to see that they were okay when he slept. 

Genesis was the one that dragged Zack, whom he had caught sleeping in the middle of his punishment KP duty, and fit him into where he belonged. 

“You…you guys saw Grams?” Zack asked tearfully. 

Sephiroth cried a little too when he found out the old woman died six months prior. He had gotten attached to her. 

Sephiroth spent most of the mission to Nibelhiem confused. He swore he had been here before, but couldn’t place it. Zack made him feel a little better when he said the same thing. 

It was really bizarre. The only one who should feel that way was the trooper who actually was from here. The one…not taking his helmet off. 

Zack managed to invite both of them over for a home-cooked meal at the trooper’s old home. Both of them were struck silent when a familiar woman opened the door. 

“Storm Cloud!” she greeted warmly. Sephiroth fought hard not to call her “Ma” like he had hundreds of times in his dreams. She stared at the two silent SOLDIERs before brushing it off. 

“Whatcha wearin’ the helmet fer?” she drawled out, already taking it off his head. 

“Well that makes more sense,” Zack blurted out when it came off. Sephiroth had the mind to nudge him. 

Mrs. Strife understood very well when both men explained their initial shock and confusion. Cloud could not stop blushing during the entire conversation. She teased him mercilessly, but all of them expected nothing less. 

“An’ you kin call me Ma,” she assured Sephiroth, wrapping him in a warm half hug that made him feel happily nostalgic. 

“I should have figured there was more than one,” Cloud said when he finished trying to bury his head in his scarf. 

“Uh, I have more news,” Zack said, “you have two more soulmates.” 

Genesis swore when they made their first video call with Cloud. He recovered quickly though. 

“I can’t wait to cuddle you,” Genesis said, “all of us in a big cuddle pile, so we can all see each other when we sleep.” 

“That’s sappy,” Angeal noted as Angeal laughed and Sephiroth and Cloud blushed.