genesis and angeal

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💐 Sephiroth/Angeal?

I dig it. Seph/Ang is cute.

They’d be the couple who leave notes around the house for each other, rarely get housework done unless they expect guests (and they always do it together) and spend most nights together watching films, learning a dumb new craft together like scrapbooking or crochet, and they love cuddling.

They’re overwhelming supportive of each other, even over seemingly stupid ideas which appears at odds with Angeal’s mother hen nature, but ultimately he respects Sephiroth’s need for space, independence and self determination. They rarely argue, but some of that may be due to their lack of communication which often requires a third party (usually Genesis) to help them navigate.

Angeal would nag Seph to wear a sweater or a shirt, or else he’ll catch a cold. Seph would roll his eyes and pretend to ignore him, but when he isn’t on duty, he hangs up his coat and puts on a knitted sweater from Gillian.

Sephiroth would be genuinely interested in Ang’s plants and would care for them while he’s away. Not only to stop Genesis from tossing them from the top of the Shinra building, but to also learn about his lover’s interests because saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t feel strong enough.

Angeal, while responsible, can’t actually cook. Neither can Sephiroth. Which is fine since the pair enjoy pub dinners and throwing darts with some craft beer and poutine.

Angeal and Sephiroth would be the couple who have a country home planned with a nice vineyard and open plain views. They’d retire young, have a few dogs and most likely an open relationship. As for the bedroom, it’s more of a ‘tumble into bed and do as you please’ sort of ordeal.


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Final Fantasy VII Remake

I Still Can’t Believe This Is Happening. And this is just the beginning, Imagine what happens when they reveal Sephiroth. 

The FFVII/Crisis Core guys as memes...

Vincent Valentine: Now back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me after he stole my girlfriend and shot me in the chest…Hojo, what’s good?

Angeal Hewley: Pepe

(Alternatively for Angeal) 

                           *Breathes In*  BOI.

Genesis Rhapsodos: [Angeal: ~loses Genesis in a crowd~ Damn…where the hell did he go? ~raises voice~ Sephiroth is the only real hero in the world!

                 Genesis: SAY THAT TO MY FUCKING FACE!

                 Angeal: There he is.]

Zack Fair: [Brain: Do the thing…

                   Zack: That sounds like a bad idea…

                   Brain: DO THE THING.]

(Alternately for Zack)

                  Zack: I’m gonna do the thing.

                 Cloud: Zack, no!

                  Zack: Zack, yes.

Sephiroth: [Sephiroth: My mother is an alien life form and I, as her son, must get revenge on the Planet and become a god.

                    Everyone else: Okay…sounds fake but okay…]

Cloud Strife: ~standing outside of Shinra slamming pots~ I DIDN’T GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YA’LL. YA’LL NOT GON’ GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF ME.