generous sprinkling

Lentil Rice

One of the my husband’s favourite dish, and it is super easy that I gladly obey whenever he requested it.

Simply boil lentils and basmati rice in separate pots, drain once cooked. Season each pot with salt to your liking while it’s steaming hot. Spoon the lentil and rice on alternative layers in a bowl, and sprinkle with generous amount of cinnamon on each layer. Top the dish with fried onions (thinly slices and fry them in oil under low temperature until caramelized .) The onion really adds another dimension to the dish, so treat yourself to this one if you can, even if you are on HCLF like me.

It’s a dish with so little ingredients yet the unique flavour of each one shines through. Don’t hold back with the cinnamon, it’ll really make a big difference!