Sui Generis


[soo -i ge-ne-ris; English soo-ahy jen-er-is, soo-ee] 

1. of his, her, its, or their own kind; unique.

Sui generis is from Latin, literally meaning “of its own kind”: sui, “of its own”+ generis, genitive form of genus, “kind.”

“This man, in fact, was sui generis, a true original.”
- Ruth Lord, Henry F. du Pont and Winterthur


La musica di Istanbul

La pop music turca. Domenica 28 Agosto

Per il network musicale Kral Müzik al primo posto della classifica troviamo la cantante Derya Uluğ con il brano Okyanus. Il video su youtube - in soli due mesi - ha superato 55 milioni di visualizzazioni!!

Nota: La musica Turca possiede una vastissima produzione. A parte qualche raro caso non é molto conosciuta all'estero. Visto che attraverso la musica si riesce a capire meglio un popolo, ogni domenica vi farò conoscere il brano turco primo in classifica con relativo video.

Tra tutti i generi ho scelto la musica pop. Pop, “popolare”, la musica che ascolta la maggioranza delle gente.

Buon Ascolto!

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Aprendí a ser formal y cortés 
cortándome el pelo una vez por mes, 
y si me aplazó la formalidad 
es que nunca me gustó la sociedad. 

Viento del sur o lluvia de abril 
quiero saber dónde debo ir, 
no quiero estar sin poder crecer 
qprendiendo las lecciones para ser. 

Y tuve muchos maestros 
sólo conocían su ciencia y el deber 
nadie se atrevió a decir una verdad, 
siempre el miedo fue tonto… 

Y el tiempo traerá alguna mujer 
una casa pobre, años de aprender 
como compartir un tiempo de paz, 
nuestro hijo traerá todo lo demás. 
El tendrá nuevas respuestas para dar.

Sui Generis - Most realistic RPG to date?


Every now and then there’s an RPG which premises revolutionary combat and graphics on par with digital photos, but Sui Generis this time is more than a promise.

It’s the embodiment of said videogame.

First of all, what was the most interesting part about Diablo III? PHYSICS! I saw trailers where the sorceress just used her kinetic, magic, gravity defying powers to throw columns of solid stone in Episode II Yoda fashion at unsuspecting hordes of imps. Impressive, of course, but what if I said now you can do that to all furniture without any magic?

Not only that, but as the video clearly shows, characters move implying they have actual weight to balance! We get to see a duel between a skeleton and a hero, dealing and parrying blows one after another. Realistic, dynamic lights let us see the endless dungeons. What about the surface? Seasons, rain, clouds, moon, sun, and stars, all moving like they would in your backyard. All on a seamless, procedurally generated landscape.

For the first time in the computer industry the development tools are more interesting than the actual game. I’d like to throw chairs at hordes of monsters, or have the sun set while I walk miles in the wilderness, and who wouldn’t? Well, yes, it was possible since Morrowind. But who wouldn’t want a new experience akin to what that milestone of an RPG brought to our screens?

It fills my heart with tears to see there are only six days left of the pledging limit, and only 50% of the 150k was collected… By the Lord, why now? You need to see it for yourself that it would certainly deserve the ten pounds of minimal amount of cash that is permitted to be pledged, and you get a copy of this game for that!

P.S.: If they fail to create Sui Generis itself, they could make loads of cash, even better yet, all the cash of the world selling a simplified version of the development kit to other devs!

Detrás de las paredes
que ayer te han levantado
te ruego que respires todavía.
Apoyo mis espaldas y espero que me abraces
atravesando el muro de mis días.

Y rasguña las piedras,
y rasguña las piedras.
y rasguña las piedras hasta mí.

—  Rasguña las piedras, sui generis

Written on the Wind (1956) does open with a gunshot, amid a storm of dead leaves and smashed whiskey bottles, and it unfurls in flashback to trace the path to the fatal night. Yet Sirk’s dark melodrama is rarely spoken of in the context of noir; his style, at once feverish and ceremonial, garishly overheated and obliquely cool, is sui generis. But his work, like so much of noir, is about the lies and loss embedded in the American dream of self-transformation, the gnawing hunger and perverse self-destructiveness bred by plenty and complacency. In Written on the Wind, the emotionally crippled offspring of an oil millionaire are caught in a tangle of frustrated desires and long-nursed resentments: the son a weak playboy who treats his lacerating insecurity with cheap corn liquor, his sister a hedonistic tramp who treats her unrequited love with cheap sex. In the end, she provides a melancholy epitaph for her brother: “He was sad. The saddest of us all. He needed so much, and had so little.”

Dark Passages: Looking for noir in unlikely places…

Thank you

Yesterday was fanfiction writers appreciation day ( I just heard about it today). Fanfictions have been and still are a huge part in my life, how many times I lost days cause of finding a perfect story. My first love was Harry Potter and next to it Sherlock Holmes, some of them a still printed to my mindset and archived on my old pc. Some of them stung deep into my heart and left me crying my eyes out.
Long prologue. Sorry.
When I came back to one of my first loves after roaming in different fandoms, I stumbled over, sadly “just,” a bunch of talented people, and I want to thank you deeply. There is no better gift as falling in love with ones favourite characters all over again.

The first story I read was Neither a soldier nor a gentleman, and it still is my favourite. Thank you @francesca-wayland . Thank you for a wide grin when I see a new update. Thank you for What’s? And If’s ? And How’s after the end of a chapter and the endless stories who keep up coming after that. Thanks for the insane inspiration you wake up in me after reading your stories, you were the one who set my fanartdrive free. Thank you for Nero, I know the idea is not a new concept, but your version is my ultimate one. Thank you for you characterisation of Sherlock and Irene and of Mycroft and John, still laughing over the chapter in which John tries to help Sherlock to introduce Nero to his parents. Thank you.

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Necesito alguien que me emparche un poco
y que limpie mi cabeza

Que cocine guisos de madre, postres de abuela y torres de caramelo

Que ponga tachuelas en mis zapatos
para que me acuerde que voy caminando, y que cuelgue mi mente de una soga, hasta que se seque de problemas

y me lleve…

—  Sui Generis. 
Universities fought unionization's 'one-size-fits-all' using identical arguments

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that grad students working at private universities can form unions, something that the universities themselves have fought tooth-and-nail for years, with elite universities posted FAQs explaining why trade unionism was a bad match for academic institutions: that each academic institution was unique, and so unlike any other place, that collective bargaining just couldn’t work.

Ironically, America’s elite universities all made near-identical arguments about their sui generis nature, so similarly worded that I wouldn’t give odds that the people who wrote them would survive their employers’ anti-plagiarism standards.