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tips from a former dsw employee

• you gotta be chill. if the sa swings by (which is required of them, chat up everyone in the section) speak with them briefly, even just the niceties. ignoring them tips off.

• unless it’s peak days (fri - sun) there’s generally only one person per section, except for clearance they usually have 2. men’s shoes&athletics are usually one section. then whatever’s the seasonal shoe (boots, sandals, etc). then regular stock (keds, sketchers, vans, comfy stuff) and women’s dress shoes. accessories generally are manned by anyone who happens to see someone in the section

• there’s generally an MOD and then another one of the managers will be floating around too.

• we definitely use those walkies to talk about suspicious characters.

•there aren’t many cameras, but they are there. cash wrap, hall to the bathroom, and one of the clearance corners are the ones i can remember rn from my store.

• i’ve seen a lot of people say to go to the clearance section to lift - i don’t recommend it. we’re trained to service the crap out of people back there because WE KNOW that’s where ya go!

• most athletic shoes are tagged, as well as our high end heels and “prom” shoes

• best way to lift, be the great customer. try on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes. pull the paper out try them on completely. have the boxes spread around you. when there are no other customers in the aisle & no sa’s, slip the pair you want into your bag. then clean everything up and put the boxes back approximately where they should be. if everything is left out, we’re gonna remember that bitch who made a massive mess.

• pro tip: put one of the smokescreen pairs on hold under a fake name. then you look way less suspicious.

• more often than not, if a column of boxes looks tidy, we don’t mess with it. closing is on a tight schedule and the stores are BIG.

• the sa’s aren’t allowed to confront you or accuse you. all we can do is call the police/mall security and try and keep you in the store.

•will add more to this as i’m remembering it

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I'm in the closet but wanted something bi-pridey but couldn't think of anything that might get asked about (I don't generally wear jewelry or accessories). But then I saw a Wonder Woman shirt with her logo in bi colors and I'm hoping that'll slide below my family's radar and I'm just so happy and excited!!!

What an awesome idea! That sounds like an amazing shirt! Definitely in this community we are excellent at projecting ourselves to others like us while sliding under the radar of straight people. One thing I recently discovered is called femme flagging, where wlw paint their fingernails in a specific way to signal other wlw, often painting the ring finger a different color, and even using specific colors to mean specific things (like a glittery ring finger means “femme 4 femme”). I don’t think it’s very widely used among wlw, but it’s a cool concept and just goes to show how creative LGBTQIAP+ people are when it comes to subtly projecting our identities and pride. 


Alisha design concepts for the mersormik au (I need to give it a proper name not just mersormik lol). She caused me trouble…
I’m still kinda ?? about whether to give the girls clothes or not, but I came to an idea that the ‘’seraphim’’ basically look really regal and elegant cause they’re more fish like, meaning scales and fins and all can be everywhere and even look like clothes while they’re not. Whereas ‘’humans’’ (dolphins, whales etc.) look rather simple in design, cause dolphins and such generally don’t have anything adorning them, so they use clothes and accessories and such to beautify themselves. Kinda like people in general. (and since Alisha generally doesn’t use many accessories…) I also got this idea that they’d even have fins on their upper body, but that the ones who live in a society and are knights and such, get rid of their upper body fins so that they can fit full armor and clothes better. Meaning Sorey and other such mermaids living away from society would still have fins and such on their elbows, wrists and back etc. So don’t get surprised if I draw Sorey with wrist/elbow fins ahhaha
As for the clothes… I don’t know? I liked Alisha both without the top and with it. Though she’d definitely have a bag or such with the crest of the royal family she’s from and her dagger. And well, I don’t see mermaids really much caring about topless females or males so… 
I would also like to do big mermaids somehow. Like WHALE sized ones. And malevolence creatures would be a mixture of deep sea fish that live in the really really deep parts of the ocean and some other animals.

And since she’s done, I can actually start draw sketching lil comics finally. But that will really have to wait till I’m done with everything college. And again, any ideas and all are 1000000% welcome. Especially AU name ideas hahaha


Director Amma Asante on what inspired her to make Belle (2014)

Well, the story comes from the painting that emerges at the end of the film.  My producer [Damian Jones] sent me a postcard of the picture. I knew immediately that this was an unusual painting and that there was something very special about it, because I had recently been to an art exhibition in Amsterdam that was looking at the history of people of color in art from the 14th Century. 

What I learned from the show, without knowing that this postcard was ever going to fall into my lap, was that people of color were generally used as accessories in paintings. We were there to express the status of the main subject of the canvas. We’d always be positioned lower than and looking up in awe at the protagonist and never looking out at the painter. 

But in this postcard, everything was the opposite. There was Dido Belle staring out at the painter, positioned slightly higher than Elizabeth [her white cousin] whose arm was reaching out to Dido, and thereby drawing your eyes towards Dido. So, I saw an opportunity to create a story that would be a combination of race, politics, art and history. And it went from there, with lots and lots of research. 

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you should totally do some mansters for the maul crawl line!!! (if that isn’t already in the works)

I’m doing some boys, but it’ll be different. They’ll be more clothing items and less accessories GENERALLY. Clawd, Deuce, Valentine seem like they’d be more accessories? 
But yeah we’re getting some boys. : )




Head - 2 dollars

Bust - 4 dollars

Fullbody - 10 dollars

+5 dollars for additional character

+7 dollars for added background

+9 dollars for colors


Head - 5 dollars

Bust - 8 dollars

Fullbody - 15 dollars

+7 dollars for additional character

+10 dollars for background

+13 dollars for colors

+15 dollars for added details (shading/lighting)

Fully colored, detailed, lined, etc

Head - 10 dollars

Bust - 15 dollars

Fullbody - 20 dollars

+10 dollars for additional character

+15 dollars for background

Talksprites and regular sprites have been added!!

Trolls: 12$
Humans: 10$
Regular sprites:
Human: 5$
Trolls: 8$



Custom OC/FC
Regular oc: 10$
1 Accessory: +2$
2 Accessory: +3$
3 and up Accessories: 5$

Panel Edits

A flat price of 15$!!!

!!! ! !!
  • dan wearing nail polish like troye does
  • dan wearing other more “feminine” earings
  • dan in skirts
  • !!!!
  • dan wearing winged eyeliner
  • dan wearing generally more feminine accessories and clothes
  • !!!!! yes!!!!
  • yes !please
  • omg
  • also
  • phil complementing and asking him about his skirts/earrings/nails
  • phil supporting his choices and just !!!
  • yes

jonasmal  asked:

Decorating tips?

That’s a hard one. I have a very specific style of decorating. I generally add colour via accessories or feature items rather then everything. I like a simple canvas that highlights the items that stand out, whether it is a nice sofa of some vases. I generally try to keep to the 60/30/10 rule for choosing colours. I also like to play with texture and patterns, but again using the above rule so it doesn’t become a mismatch of items. I don’t do eclectic well, so this design style works for me. 

I stay away from creams as I find whites and greys are my neutral tones for my rooms. Creams to me can look muddy every easily, and don’t tend to work well with the style I choose.  I am not a fan of monochrome schemes and I have to have a splash of bold colour somewhere. I especially love using yellow when I get stuck. 

I also love using a dark wood floor because i find it grounds a room. I do use light woods, but that is in a generally light room overall, otherwise the room looks top-heavy with a light floor and dark walls/furniture etc. 

I start with the largest items in the room first and build around it. For instance, in a living room I start with the focal point, then the sofas, then any surfaces, then the nook areas, then accessories. 

A lot of the time I just wing it. It helps that i mainly use my cc which means I know what i like and everything tends to go together. That helps a lot when decorating in TS4. Other then that, its a lot of experimenting until i get to a point where I am happy with the outcome. Hope that helps :)

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Fabric anon here. Thank you for that very detailed answer! I guess I'll have to stop by Queen West and take a look around this weekend :)

Haha, no problem! 

Since you’re in Toronto, some Toronto-specific tips:

  • Kon from Affordable Textiles has always been so good to me and is very kind with cosplayers. Let him know I recommended him –– it works out for both of us, haha! Usually a trip to the fabric district for me is mostly here.
  • Leather Supply Depot is the best place for zippers, especially speciality ones like heavy-duty invisible or separating invisible. I also like it for trims; they have binders full of them so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or need it in a specific colour, look there and they will fetch it for you. If you get over 10m of anything, ask for a bulk price; they’re very accomodating. Best place for interfacings, too.
  • Chu Shing has the widest colour range for fabrics. If you’re looking for satins, georgettes, silks, charmeuse, organza, chiffons and other bridal-style fabrics, they are the best place to go.
  • King Textiles has a great sale section on the lower floor that has a lot of bargain-sized packages of buttons, trims and other odds and ends.
  • Leo’s Textiles is pricey but great for formalwear type stuff. There are also some nice stretch pleathers there, too, though slightly above what I like to pay, sometimes you pay for quality.
  • Arton Beads is the best place for beads, small metal findings, cording, etc.
  • Queen Textiles has all of their fabrics in binders, so if you know what kind of fabric you’re looking for, go for those to pick your colour instead of fucking around in those awful narrow aisles. We got a lot of our Sailor Moon peau de soies from here. (What we didn’t get here, we got from Affordable Textiles.)
  • The guy who owns Downtown Fabrics is a real character. Incredibly friendly and chatty, but he’s one hell of a seller; he’ll start pulling bolts off shelves left, right and center to show off his beaaaautiful wares. Lots of fabrics from Italy here, real legit stuff. I used to come here for silk organzas and whatnot when I worked for a bespoke house, and he’s always, always ready to sell something to you. I don’t think this store has much that is useful to cosplayers, as it’s a lot of higher-end fabrics, but it’s fun to look (though he’ll try his damnedest to sell to you!)
  • L&M (next to Downtown Fabrics) generally has gloves, scarves, accessories, and a lot of cosplay-specific jewelry, if you’re into that kind of stuff. I haven’t been in for a long time but they have stuff like Elsa’s tiara and whatnot. It’s not much different stock than what you’d find at a convention dealer room, though.
  • Fabric & Buttons is button heaven, as well as Neveren’s. Neveren’s is particularly notable for good handsewing needles (John James is my fav. brand) and unusual trims like rhinestones, feathers, etc.

- Jenn

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 30

TITLE OF STORY: Happiness? I Do.


AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

STORY SUMMARY: Everyone knows the making of a happy ending.  It starts with ‘hello’ and it ends with ‘I do’.  Or does it? What happens in between?  What happens after?  When Tom and Wednesday said ‘I do’, they believed it was their happy ending.  But 3 years down the road, everything has fallen apart.  That’s when they learn that ‘I do’ encompasses a lot of things, that marriage is hard work and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can make it till the end.  Now both of them have to ask themselves if it is worth it to hold on or is it time to let go?


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Will Wednesday finally confront Tom about that text from Emily? And what happens when the media begin to question Wednesday about her father and Daniel? Unbeta-ed, all mistakes are mine :)

FEEDBACK: Good golly, it’s Chapter 30! I never thought I would make it this far! Thank you all for your support and kind words! Eeps J Please do give feedback as it’s what truly pushes me on.  Also, that cliffhanger…

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3    Chapter 4   Chapter 5Chapter 6  Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Chapter 10   Chapter 11Chapter 12   Chapter 13  Chapter 14   Chapter 15    Chapter 16   Chapter 17   Chapter 18   Chapter 19 Chapter 20     Chapter 21   Chapter 22    Chapter 23   Chapter 24  Chapter 25   Chapter 26   Chapter 27   Chapter 28   Chapter 29   

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SCANDAL: Fashion Q&A on ’S Cawaii!’ October 2015 Issue (TOMOMI & RINA ver)


  • What are the shops you’ll often check out?: SRETSIS, Cry., SON OF THE CHEESE. And then I’ll window shop.
  • What are you into?: Tokyo sightseeing. Since my hometown friends come over often for fun, we’ll go to the Tokyo Tower at night, visit the aquarium at the (Tokyo) Sky Tree, or ride trishaws at Asakusa. To go Tokyo sightseeing, (I realise) there are also plenty of things that I don’t already know. It’s interesting!
  • What app are you into?: The music distribution application, AWA. Anyone is able to make their own playlists and share them. We’ve also made a list of the songs that we listened to during the tour, so that’s fun.
  • What’s the hair salon that you visit?: SHIMA Harajuku, where Kawa-chan (Kawahara Hiromi) takes care of me. My standard routine is a pink-violet colour.
  • What accessory are you into?: A blue stone ring that I bought from a vintage store named H (pronounced as ‘ash’). I generally like accessories, and often go for golden type accessories.


  • What did you GET recently?: A 60’s Paris lamp. The lingerie from Europe is also cute, and I’m into those lacy gowns that you pull over above casual clothing.
  • Do you have anything you do for beauty?: Water servers with hydrogen water. I’ve turned to drinking this, and my skin and body condition has become better.
  • What are the shops you’ll often check out?: Since I love vintage (shops), it’s Daikanyama’s Vinivini or EVA, and Omotesando’s Qoo. During one period, I’ve also went to Camden Town in the UK, where I bought plenty!
  • What must you absolutely do during lives?: Before the real thing, I have to do footbaths. It’s effective for relaxation, something that I rely on for myself.
  • What’s the nail salon that you visit?: Shibuya’s Deicy, where Matsui Hitomi-san takes care of me. This time, the point is the transparent light pink that’s above the vivid pink.

Photo and translation by fyscandalband. Haruna and Mami’s coming soon~