So I think my area is under attack by spiders.

Especially these fuckers:

That my followers is a wolf spider. These things can vary in size to being as small as a basic creepy ass spider you find dangling from a window outside a grocery store, to the size of a mother fucking tarantula. My friends and I have both run into these bastards at least twice this summer, not including the regular spiders that were already native to the area. It’s scary shit when you see spider egg sacs and spider webs BUILT ON THE POWER LINES. And it’s just one web. No, no, no. IT’S AT LEAST 8 FULLY MADE WEBS FROM POLE TO POLE! Somebody get me a flamethrower, the spiderocalypse has begun and I’ll be damned if they get me!

genericponyname120 replied to your post: apparently i even need big fucking bold letters for people to actually notice me, so im pretty sure at this point im just going to quit tumblr at least for a while

hey now, I was writing a fanfic. Also I’m a little shy when it comes to talking on here :S. I’m not avoiding talking to you, just shy and don’t know what to talk about

i dont even need people to talk to me. i dont need to have full conversations with all of you. just when i ask people to inbox me shit acknowledge the fact that my shit is showing up on your dashboard. and i know you arent all always paying attention to tumblr, but its extremely discouraging when i see all my friends getting inboxed from people who i know follow me as well, when i reblogged the exact same thing they did

C'mon people! Bring something to the table here!

Suggest me a $10 game (or under) on steam and I’ll buy and stream it tonight! (if i like it that is)

Tony keeps giving me scary games with stuffed animals whipping a truck to carry them through hell and back!

Commission time

Okay, so I’m opening myself to commissions. I have one month of college left and job hunting hasn’t been going in my favor. To help make ends meet, I will gladly draw your OC for you.

Commissions go as followed (in Canadian Dollars):

For OCs:

$3 dollars for a sketch of your OC

+$2 for flat colour

+$5 for shading

For the background:

+$2 for black and white background (blank background is free)

+$3 for flat colour background

+$5 for shaded or patterned background

+$10 for detailed background (coloured, shaded, more items in the background i.e. trees, brush, furniture, houses, etc.)

+$2 per extra OC added (flat colour is free per extra OC, shading is $2.50 per extra OC)


Price of above example:

(2 OCs + Flat Colour + Shaded Background) = $12.00 CDN

Price of above example:

(1 OC + Flat Colour + No background) = $5.00 CDN

Price of above example:

(2 OC’s + shading + shaded background) = $17.50 CDN

Submit your commission request in my ask box and we’ll discuss details, OC references (with the colours, and cutie mark on a separate area of the sheet for easier accessibility). Commissions are drawn on a 500x500 pixel canvas by default. We can discuss making the size different if you wish. This will not cost extra.

With my current college schedule, I can only draw between Thursday to Sunday. This is only if I have no college work in my way as well.

I will only be able to reserve 5 spots as of right now.

Once college is over and I’m settled back at home, I will be opening more reservation spots depending on my work schedule (which is non-existent right now).

Thank you