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((I think I remember you mentioning working on a Sequel to Poor Unfortunate Shoals? If that is the case, page 1 of that work?))

The crowd of invaders reacts impressively quickly as the Striders flicker into existence in the center of their group, back to back, Dave’s sword pressed to their shouty leader’s throat.

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Of all SQers I hate you the most, with your arrogance, LIES about hacks and FAKE computer “sysadmin” skills. You know SHIT! When are you going to get it you bunch of menhating lesbian’s, Regina Mills is STRAIGHT and in love with her SOULMATE. No pretentious analysis that only serve to make you seem cleverer then the rest of us can change that. Stop enforcing your own fetishes and sexualities on STRAIGHT characters and fuck off already with your delusions. Let normal people to enjoy whats CANON!

Oh, wow. Normally we’d ignore such bunch of vapid insults (gotta love when a message starts with an “I hatechoo!”… in.. *mock gasp* ..CAPS!) but you sent this while we were on a holiday–and for an entire month you kept visiting our page (every. single. day) waiting for a reply?


I’m not even going to touch your ‘arguments’ about fictional (yes, fic-ti-o-nal) characters’ sexualities based on bigotry, homophobia, personal insults and hatewords (tho’ my boyfriend agrees, I am a man hating…hasbean, lol) but let me tell you about the ‘shit’ I do know. First of all, based on laptop (really, how can you read anything on such small screen–is that why you like that flappy-eared ForestApe and find his adultery ‘romantic’?) I do know that it’s over-heating and that it is due to the chipset glitch that causes battery drain in that series of Asus. Also, your super-old OS (tsk, don’t you know that XP hasn’t been safe for quite a while now?) with an ancient version of Chrome (I’m surprised that Java works but would that update kill your single-core processor…hell, how does that schmaltzy layout of yours even load on your page–does it take aaaages?) tells me that your security is very much at risk. 

Not from me, though. Because dearest not-so anonymous ‘anon’ from Zagreb, Croatia—I have only your best interest at heart when I say that if I were you, I’d focus on saving for a new piece of hardware. If nothing then because leaving mindless hate in people’s inboxes, then stalking incessantly and obsessively to see reactions… it must be a bitch on such a slooo’how PC? Lol. We do know quite a few people from your country (in fact, some are friends of this blog, which… *waves* ..ciao, prijatelji! :) so I won’t insult your grammar because I know people DO speak better English over there. And yes, I what I also know is exactly which blog you came from, after reblogging which exact comments. Entry and exit links you left (every. single. day) gave me a lovely list of all your interests. So yes, I kinda can do these things, as I am better than you. In fact…

…toliko da ću ti ovo reći veoma direktno. Vaša OQ/multiship ekipa je veoma mala te se tačno zna svačije mesto–ko su samoproklamovane vodje (koje vam diktiraju sta da mislite) a ko su ulizice. A obe tačno znamo u koju grupu ti spadaš, zar ne? Smatraj ovo opomenom, jer ovoga puta neću staviti u javnost koji ti je username i kako se zoveš, ali ti mogla bih tačno da ti preciziram i u kojoj ulici živiš ako želiš. IP tracing i ISP reporting kod provajdera kod koga se tačno znaju sve statičke i dinamičke adrese je mnogo lakši ako živiš u tako malom gradu kao što je tvoj, čak i da nisam ‘sys admin’. Shvati ovo upozorenje (koje je mnogo ljubaznije nego što si zaslužila) sasvim ozbiljno, jer ti ovakva glupost zaista nije bila potrebna.

Get smart, do not come back here.

Ever again.