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a list of klance things that happened that i forget actually happened and aren’t fanon:

  • “i’ll stick yOU IN A WORMHOLE”
  • that forehead touch thing after ‘shut ur quiznak’
  • that entire scene where they’re blindfolded and in their lions and keith & lance are racing each other
    • “you still goin keith”
      “you know it”
  • the iconique ~bonding moment~
    • keith, kneeling down and grabbing lance’s hand, and HOLDING IT as they fuckign gaze longingly at each other 
    • “we did it,,,, we are a good team”
  • “haha. hey lance, i got ur lion back”
    • “thank u keith, now can u come and unchain me”
      “whats that i, uhh,, ur cutting out i cant,, i cant hear u”
      “oh CMON i thought we BONDED,, keith,,,, buddy,,,,, my MAN
  • that entire scene where they work together from “cool your jets, keith” to “na na na boo boo”,,,, good shit
    • their like generic old married couple banter when theyre trying to cut open the ceiling
    • lance trying to communicate to keith non verbally and keith not getting it but still figuring out the plan and them still kicking ass together,,,, thanks sm
  • when the castle was going ~apples & bananas~ and keith managed to show up at the perfect time to save lance’s ass
  • heh,,,,,,, like that? ;)
  • two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay
    • that elevator scene feels like a fever dream but people genuinely took the time to animate it and i, for one, am thankful
    • keith, still shirtless: i got u covered,,,, i uh- i dont got u
  • keith: we need to focus
  • lance: wE nEeD tO fOcUs

Lance: “You know, Keith, we’re sort of like your generic action movie couple. But, like, in space; saving the universe. Lance and Keith, side by side; partners in crime and all that cool jazz.”
Keith: “But aren’t we the GOOD guys? Why would we be partners in crime?”
Lance: “…”
Keith: “What?”

Love me some literal Keith.

Klance Week Day 5: Partners In Crime

Jughead x Reader: 365 Days

Warnings: s m u t (n fluff)
Requested: yes
A/N: although this is a new request, I haven’t posted a Juggie imagine in a while, so I skipped to it. also, this is my first smut so please give me feedback!

*your POV*

The sunlight peaked through my curtains to let me know it was morning. My cat, Pudding, was sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me to get up as she did every morning. Today was mine and Jughead’s 1 year anniversary and it was a beautiful Friday to celebrate.

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 ships in general

When you mean in general, I am going to presume ALL FANDOMS, not just League.


- Number 5.

Plague Knight and Mona (Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows)

(Fantastic artwork by @pickles4nickles)

I simply cannot stop loving these two. Unlike alot of ships I enjoy, these two are just pure, unadulterated adorableness and fluff. I don’t want to ruin the DLC for anyone who hasn’t played it, but the ending is possibly the sweetest thing i’ve seen from a video game. Cannot recommend it enough, its sad, sweet, a little sappy and a whole lotta cute.

- Number 4.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts (To the Moon)

(Wonderful artwork by @unoobang!)

To the Moon is by far my favourite game of all time. The experience was roughly the same as getting a piece of paper, making it into a paper rabbit, ripping it in half, taping it back together carefully and with extreme amounts of love, then watching it be thrown into a wood chipper, only for your best friend to present it to you all Mike Wazowski style like in Monsters Inc. Watts is a silly, laid-back goof with a big heart, meanwhile, Rosalene is a cold, calculating woman with a big brain. The balance between the two, combined with their inner, hidden desires and sins are so…. Human. Everything about them is human, and that’s why I love them so much.

- Number 3

Sky Hart and Takumi Nakamura (League of Legends)

(Lovely artwork by @ionian-storm-chaser)

Perhaps I am bias… Since as you can tell, I am the creator of Takumi. But in all honesty, I did not expect this simple relationship to snowball into so much emotion and development. Takumi, a disowned, wandering gunman with a vendetta, and Sky, a mercenary with an enchanted sword and a strong moral conviction seem like a generic story couple. But, its not only how fleshed out the two are, but how human they seem to me. Sky, who is portrayed by my good friend, Penny, is a strong-willed, compassionate soul who was dealt the hard hand in life, but came out better for it. Takumi is the opposite, someone who’s had his back shoved into a corner and had to fight like a rabid animal to escape. Right now their threads are few, and most their interactions are short, but how much they carry means more to me in the end.

- Number 2

Genji Shimada and Dr. Angela “Mercy” Ziegler (Overwatch)

(Superb artwork by @girlcarnivore!)


Honestly, I fell in love with Gency the second I saw it. Genji, a character which I find very interesting due to his internal war with himself, holds similarities with the good doctor that most can only see past the surface. Both had lost family in the past, Mercy losing her parents and Genji losing his brother, both through the burdens of wars, one being a physical one and the other a moral one. I feel that Mercy and Genji are two of the most personality rich characters in the game, period. Mercy, a doctor, who’s purpose is to heal and protect, has her creations turned to weapons, her research used to hurt, everything she’s stood for crumbling around her while she can only watch. Genji, a warrior who is torn between who he is and what he is, a machine, or a man, this internal struggle between himself, his brother, and his place in the universe. The tragedy that both had to face must have been unbearable, but in the grand scheme of things, all wounds heal, and all scars fade.

Honourable mentions!

- Steven Quartz Universe and Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)

- Jordan “Thermite” Trace and Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa (Rainbow Six: Siege)

- Mugen and Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

- Marco Pagot and Madame Gina (Porco Rosso)

- Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III and Carrie Krueger (The Amazing World of Gumball)

- Valkyrie Cain and Fletcher Renn (Skullduggery Pleasant series)

And now….

- Number 1

Yasuo “The Unforgiven” and Riven “The Exile” (League of Legends)

(Amazing artwork by @talgyu)


Okay, let’s do this.

Yasuo and Riven are perhaps my two favourite characters in any fictional setting, franchise or series. Yasuo, a disgraced warrior bent on honour and retribution, travelling the fine line between justice and vengeance with the woman who most likely killed his elder and forced him on this road, leading to the death of his friends and even his own brother? Impossible! That can’t happen!

Well, can’t it?

The main appeal for me, is how these two are identical on the opposite sides. Both were cast away from their nations, one fighting a war against it to save it, one fighting to save himself. They both believe in honour, in the hopes of justice and redemption. Both have endured so much pain, losing all the family they had, losing everything to the bloody sin we call war.

Riven, who’s most notable feature is her shattered sword, is a symbol of the ties being cut from her past. Yasuo, who’s blade is still whole, represents a very different story. The man who thinks he is whole is broken, and the woman who thinks she is broken is whole. The similarities, how they’ve hurt eachother so much without even knowing, is something which I want to see develop. Alot of people presume Yasuo will simply try to kill her outright. Why would he do that? That is against his whole character. The Unforgiven ended up here because of his foolish actions, by thinking too fast, by rushing in like a chaotic gust of wind. That man learned and was punished because of that. His symbolic ideals of balance, of life and death and creation and destruction that are so prevalent in his character would carry to his meeting with Riven.

Does he suspect her? Without a doubt. But will he rush to conclusions? No, only a wild and young wind will do that. Even in-game, everything he says to her is never a death threat, but always questions, questions he wants answers to. Their meetings are the beginning of the story, not the end.

If you wish for a wonderful piece of writing that almost perfectly explains their relationship, find “Follow The Wind” on by @tahimikamaxtli, I assure you will not be dissapointed.

Okay, now i’m gonna lie down.

IwaOi Week, Day 5: Promises

“We are each other’s harvest ; we are each other’s business ; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

[Hetalia] Red Plum Blossoms [HongIce]

A slightly trembling hand caressing his cheek. Fingers tangled in his hair. Eyes the colour of dark chocolate locked onto his, much lighter ones. Such was the position Emil found himself in on this dark and moonless night in his chilly, lonely house, and in those moments, he couldn’t even remember how this all had happened. All he knew was that his heart felt like it was about to burst, that his head was clouded with everything and nothing at the same time, that his legs were shaking so badly he was sure he would have fallen over if he wasn’t being held so firmly…yet so tenderly.

He never knew Leon could be so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time. There was something in those dark eyes of his, something that he knew if he searched long enough, he wouldn’t be able to find. Because Leon was always known to hide his emotions better than most. Emil could never tell what he was thinking.

Maybe that’s why he hadn’t seen it coming.

The kiss, that would be.

He didn’t know what to think; he didn’t know what to feel. How could something make one so wobbly and unstable? Words formed at the tip of his tongue only to vanish and die in his throat, forever unsaid. But in this situation…what could be said?

Leon didn’t seem to want anything to be said, either. Because all he did was stare into Emil’s eyes like they were the most fascinating thing he’d ever known to exist. Purple was a very fickle colour; it could look as soft as lilacs, or as ferocious as an ancient curse. Somehow Emil seemed to make it both–a violet so tender, but it could still bring you to your knees if you crossed a line.

Oh God, he’d wanted to do this for a long time. Just…stare at Emil and take in every detail of his face. Breathe in his scent. Feel his touch. He never thought he’d be able to do it.

But there they were; all tangled and confused, but both of them feeling like everything was so…so perfect. Just right. 

‘This is how the universe is supposed to be.’ Their thoughts came as one. ‘With Hong Kong and Iceland together.’ Two very different countries; one would think that it were impossible for them to even know the other’s name.

‘I don’t care.’ They both thought, once again, in unison.

Leon pressed their lips together before he was done studying him, unable to suppress the urge. He felt Emil’s hands behind his back, pulling him closer, if that was even possible, because no two beings could be as close as those two were at the moment.

Emil’s lips tasted like licorice, and they felt so warm and delicate at the same time. Leon was so entranced, he hadn’t even realised Emil had boldly deepened the kiss. 

Emil hadn’t a clue where this sudden confidence had burst from, but the more he held the Chinese, the more he realised he never wanted to let go. How come he’d never realised these feelings? Where were they buried all of this time? The Icelander had no answers; he could only think about how he never knew how the scent of bamboo smelled so good. 

He finally succumbed to the need for air, and they both broke apart, still feeling woozy and unsteady on their feet. They stared at each other for a minute; two; three. And then–


Beautiful, beautiful laughter that rose from the Icelander’s mouth and spilled out like a blessing. Leon’s heart might have stopped right there, and he would have never noticed.

Emil didn’t stop laughing, and Leon didn’t want him to. (So beautiful…) He had to lean on the Chinese completely to prevent from falling over, and Leon gladly held him, breathing in more of that licorice scent. (Like, he really loves licorice, doesn’t he?)

“God,” Emil seemed to have finally found the words. “I-I…never knew…never…” He steadied himself somewhat, but found himself still holding Leon’s shoulders. He didn’t let go. 

“Never knew what?” The corners of Leon’s lips lifted into a smirk. “That I’m, like, such a good kisser?”

Emil made a face that Leon assumed was supposed to be indifference, but it came out more like cute than anything else. “That…that someone would…” He inhaled. “…would actually be interested in me.”

Leon could have laughed. “Pfft, like, what do you mean? I’m not ‘interested’.” His smirk grew wider once he saw the confused look on the other boy’s face, and he took a closer step, leaning in so that he could feel Emil’s shaky breaths. “Can’t believe I’m, like, being like those guys in generic movie kiss scenes, but I want…I want to do that again.” Emil stared at him. “And again. Like, every time we see each other, I want to do that. And maybe more. But, ya know, I’ll keep it PG since we’re just starting.”

A prominent rosy red coloured Emil’s pale cheeks. Leon found it adorable. “H-Hey! You could j-just…say that you like me…”

“I was trying to not, like, be cheesy.”

“That was cheesy.”

“Oh, well.” Leon snickered under his breath and slipped his hands around Emil’s waist. “It got the point across, didn’t it?” 

Emil couldn’t help himself. He no longer felt wobbly, but more relaxed and so at home, and it had nothing to do with the fact that this was his house. “Wow, you suck at this.”

Leon grinned. “Great, I’ll, like, take it as a yes.”

“A yes?”

He rolled his eyes. “Uh, genius, we just, like, kissed. And you don’t seem to, like, have any issues, so we’re totally together now, right?”

Emil blinked. Kiss. Together. Boyfriend.


When he remained unresponsive for a few minutes, Leon snapped his fingers in front of his face, so when he regained his focus, Emil’s face was redder than the Red Plum Blossoms that Leon would watch bloom every winter at China’s place. He suddenly decided that, next winter, he wanted to take Emil with him.

“Hey, Emil.” The boy jumped slightly at the sound of his name; it seemed that he was still in a daze. Leon impulsively removed a hand from his waist and placed it on his chest; right there, right on his heart. 

Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.

He could hear it–feel it–so clearly as if it were his very own, and it mesmerised him so much that when he spoke, his voice was softer than a whisper. “When I used to stay with my old man, I used to watch a certain type of flower bloom every winter with him.”

Emil blinked slowly, like he wasn’t sure where this was headed. “Flower…in winter?”

“It’s, like, a very strong flower…” Leon continued. “It can withstand frosty weather, and it’s, like, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He bit his lip, unsure where this sudden nervousness came from. He had been in perfect control until just now. “And I, uh, want to see it with you next time.”

“M-Me…? All the way in China–”

“Like, I want to put two beautiful sights next to each other.” Leon cut him off, determined to make him see what he meant. “And then I could see Emil, and I could see that flower–the Red Plum Blossom–together…” His voice, for once, faltered, his previous confidence gone. ‘Welp, that was…like, a major flop.’

But Emil didn’t laugh at him. Well, not in a scornful way, because a few giggles had escaped the Icelander’s mouth. They were more endearing than anything, and Leon forgot all about the sudden heat in his cheeks when Emil gave him a quick, shy kiss. “Allt í lagi. Why not? I’ll follow you to China and maybe the end of the world if you’re not too annoying.”

Leon said nothing; merely stared at Emil once more, returning to his previous task of memorising every part of his face. 

“Yeah.” He finally said. “Make sure you can, like, keep up. ‘Cause I don’t, like, wait for slow pokes.”

Emil cocked his head to the side and flicked the Chinese’s forehead. “Watch it, I might just leave you to spend winter alone.”

“Oh, you, like, did not just say that. And we, like, didn’t even have our first date yet.”

Emil simply shrugged innocently. “What can I say? I’m one of a kind…well, not really in a good way.”

“Please,” Leon rolled his eyes. “Like, here comes the cheesy again, but you’re one of a kind in, like, the best way imaginable, so shut up.” He frowned slightly. “And don’t go around, like, telling people I’m so ‘cute’ or whatever. I have, you know, an image to keep up and stuff.”

“Mhm…” Emil nodded, not really listening. He was more focused on the movement of Leon’s lips, and how enticing they looked right now. “Sure thing…Lukas would probably never let me hear the end of this, anyway. I don’t really want to tell anyone yet.”

“Hah, the generic ‘secret’ couple.” Leon ran his hand through Emil’s hair, admiring how the little light they had fell on the silvery strands, and they felt like moon dust in his hands. “Possibly the only cheesy thing I like.”

After that they said no more. They didn’t want to say anymore. All they did was lean closer, part their lips, stare, and lose themselves in each other.

Note: I felt like writing a HongIce one-shot for some reason?? Like, I was just sitting down and suddenly my brain went all like, “You know what time it is? HONGICE TIME!”

It’s kinda weird ‘cause I ship both Hong Kong/Taiwan and Hong Kong/Iceland; both ships are cute and Hong Kong is an adoRABLE CINNAMON ROLL, OML–


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So ok, here I go: I have, like, a kind-of girlfriend. We call each other pet names and things like that, and are you generic couple thingy. The thing is, our relationship hasn't been confirmed yet, and that confuses me. Also, I'm still really unsure of my gender identity and sexual and romantic preferences yet, and I'm young and not sure if I'm ready for a relationship yet. Can I get some help please?

Woof ain’t this a question lasagna? 

Okay um. Oh, crumbs.

Are you not ready for a relationship or your idea of what a romantic relationship is? 

With that being said, ain’t nothin’ wrong with just askin’ this chick what’s going on with you two. If you want to go steady, go steady, if you don’t, don’t. 

It doesn’t have to be anything you don’t need it to be, let alone something you’d have to explain to others. It’s your business. 

When it comes to gender identity and romantic preferences, just try your hand in different things and see what makes you comfy!

Sorry these are so vague, but I ain’t got much to work off of here!!! BEST OF LUCK!

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I think people don't really trust that message you got last night because it's a little two generic. "A couple of weeks ago"? When exactly? When Cait told us he was on a plane? Some days after that? And where were they going? I would love to believe it, because there's only one woman in his life who worked in the fashion industry and we all know who she is, but it's just that I have a hard time believing this kind of messages after everything that happened over the last year, you know?

I know when and where it was but I’m not going to say it. You don’t have to believe the story. I take everything with a grain of salt these days but for some reason this feels real to me so I’m going to trust that it is. 

Risks - Part 2 - Peter Parker

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Request: Originally requested by @imaginesyes

Summary: After much contemplation, Peter decides to take the risk to ask you out to homecoming. Further risks ensue.

Word Count: 4k this one is a bigun

A/N: Thanks for all the lovely feedback on part 1! Which wasn’t even planned to have more parts, but I quickly realized I could run with the concept. Here are all the people who asked for a part 2! @cutie1365 @0-inkmix-0 @petah-parkah-and-potahtas !! Hope you don’t mind me tagging you! <3

Tonight is the night, Peter’s taking you to homecoming. His hands fidget with his cuffs as May drives toward your place. She’s humming along with the music while Peter’s heart goes a mile a minute. All he can think about is that dress. He hopes his tie matches well enough. Well, it should since he could compare the color to the actual suit, but still. The corsage box is on his lap, pretty red roses on it. Because, after all, he knows red goes well with Spidey suit blue. He can’t help but lose his breath wondering what you’ll look like when he finally will see you in person with the dress on.

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Hey, drink with responsability and if you can maybe something like bellamy and Clarke being virgins and losing It with each other? Thank you and have Fun.


It’s sixth period on a Friday when Clarke finds Bellamy and Miller in the library, reading a WikiHow article about kissing. They’re bent over one of the school computers, intently studying a group of photos of a generic white couple making out with way more concentration than Clarke really feels it warrants.

She leans over Bellamy’s shoulder and, when they don’t notice her, says, “Hi.”

They both jump, and Bellamy fumbles with the mouse and switches to another tab, which seems to just be the home page of He and Miller probably aren’t the least sports aware people in the world, but that’s because Clarke assumes there are remote villages out there with no concept of what football is, and they’ve got them beat. They come to her soccer games out of general loyalty, but Bellamy’s understanding of the game hasn’t progressed beyond not being able to use his hands, and Miller just always wants everyone to head the ball all the time. So, yeah. They’re not fooling anyone.

Bellamy clears his throat. “Hi.”

“Doing some research?”

“Sports,” he agrees. He glances at Miller, like he’s hoping for some help, but Miller just snorts, stands, and stretches.

“Yeah, it was illuminating. I have English homework. Have fun talking your way out of this one.”

Clarke takes the seat Miller vacated, settling in next to Bellamy with raised eyebrows.

“What,” he says, flat.

“How to kiss?” she asks.

She can see him debating with himself, and then he huffs and switches back to the WikiHow tab. “It’s for Miller.”

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The bell jingled over head as the door to the small convenience store. The guy behind the counter didn’t look up from the TV set that was just behind the counter, playing some old black and white TV show that came on at this hour. It was late and the guy was probably a drunk, walking straight to the cooler to get another beer or it was someone looking to buy a pack of cigarettes. Those were the only two types of people that came in this late.

Several minutes passed, the show went to commercial break and still the guy behind the counter wasn’t interrupted to ring up the alcohol or nicotine. He furrowed his brow as he strained his neck to look around the shelfs to see if he could look at who walked into his store. There was no one there.

The guy shrugged, looking a second more before he turned back to the TV.

The show had just started back when all of the sudden things were dropped on the counter and the guy turned down the volume to ring up whatever was there.

Only thing was, as he turned to grab a bottle that he expected to be sitting on the counter, his hands closed around a jar of peanut butter. Surrounding that, there was a loaf of bread, some crackers, a half gallon of milk, generic Lucky Charms, a couple of bananas and a package of gummi bears. And behind the counter was a boy that couldn’t have been older than twelve.

His eyes were wide, skirting around the store, never landing on anything for long. Even as he was standing there, his leg was bouncing up and down like he was restless, skittish.

“I’d like to buy this please.” He said, looking up at the guy behind the counter, his voice steady despite the fact that he looked so shaky.

“Yeah. Alright.” The guy said, ringing up the items. “Where’s your dad, kid? Is he out in the car?” There was no car parked out front of the store.

The kid’s eyes got real wide at that and he looked towards the door like he was debating about making a run for it. “He’s… he’s, yeah.” The kid lied.

“Alright.” The guy said slowly.

“Please, will you just… I need to go. Will you…”

“Yeah, yeah. Sure.”

The guy typed in the rest of the items, keeping an eye on the kid as he did so. He had half the mind to call the police. The more that he looked at the kid, the more that he could see that the kid was malnourished and hurt. There were week old bruises that lined his arms, barely visible but yellow nonetheless.

“That’ll be $17.89.” The guy said, bagging all the items.

The kid pulled out an old leather wallet that looked like it was about to fall apart and took out all the bills and change that he had. It barely added up to eleven dollars.

His face fell when he saw that and the guy could see that he was mentally trying to pick the things that he could put back. First would be the gummi bears and probably the Lucky Charms but even then, he still wouldn’t have enough and well…

“It’s alright kid, I’ll make up the difference. Okay?” The guy said, handing the bag of food over. “Just tell me… is everything alright? I mean, it’s not safe for you to be wandering the streets this late and those bruises…”

But the kid was already backing out of the store, holding the bag tight against his chest like he was scared that it was going to be snatched away. “I’ve… I’ve gotta go. My little brother is waiting for me.”

And then just as quietly as the kid came in, he walked out into the night as the guy watched after him, something not settling right in his gut.

Those green eyes told stories of horror that the guy wasn’t sure if he could ever hear.

thirty words in thirty days
audaciousdean vs. @call-888-8sparky
word #5: wallet