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man I want some kind of resource that shows you DIFFERENT ways to contour your face. all I see it the same general pattern of contouring but where’s the tips for if you want to change the shape of your jawline, or change your nose shape, emphasize your brow or make it softer, I just want a big compilation of different contour tricks to alter different features of your face and not this same old “let’s make you conventionally attractive” nonsense

has anyone come across a tutorial/resource like this??

@fabrickind (SINCE I KNOW YOU LIKE COSPLAY HELP and might have seen something like this)

You’re bleeding and broken. Your leg is long gone - the dragon you were fighting ate it as you watched in utter horror. You’ve dragged your mangled body away. Hopefully you’ll die of blood loss before the wolves arrive to finish the job.  

But wait. What’s this in your pack?

It’s a Generic Red Health potion! You guzzle it eagerly. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, and packed with all of the fruity vitamins and minerals a budding adventurer like you needs to succeed in life. Suddenly you feel as though you could take on the world. 

+120 Health

Time for Round 2, dragon.



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Creating a Cosplay

Having been creating cosplays for about five years now, and been inspired and encouraged at times by other’s tutorials, I wanted to put together one of my own.

So, here are a few simple steps for creating your own cosplay.

1. Pick your character and costume

I usually do this by either looking at costumes I like and want to own, or characters I like. Remember to not just pick a character, but also the particular costume of theirs that you want to cosplay.

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i drew my generic anime catgirl character cosplaying as lum so I can use the art for my song cover video, and it turned out pretty cool I guess!! The hair looks like Louise’s but that’s ok because i am louise

paradoxius  asked:

You mentioned cosplay earlier, and that got me really excited about doing an Aberford group cosplay. On that note, are there going to be memorable, cosplayable male characters, or is it just going to be generic guys in 50s clothing with blood on their faces? (Not that I mind if it's the latter, cosplaying generic characters can also be fun.)

So there are four notable male characters that I can tell you about, and they are the husbands of the main four characters (No art yet, but I’ll try to give you a rough idea).

  • Arthur Whitman is a captain with the Aberford PD, who works to restore order during the outbreak. Arthur fought in France and Belgium during WWII, and came home to marry his high school sweetheart, Peggy “Do or Die” Reynolds. The template for Arthur is Angry White Man with Brown Hair.
  • Phillip Smith is part of the Edwin Voorhees Industrial Laboratories’ internal security team. During the Allied campaigns in Italy, Phillip was seriously injured, and met a beautiful young nurse named Betty while recuperating at a hospital. Phillip is tall, dark and handsome, and walks with a slight limp.
  • Ralph Baker served in the Navy during WWII, leaving his wife and two young children at home. Ralph was accidentally reported as KIA when his ship was sunk, but survived and was later rescued. Ralph now works as a truck driver and injured his leg shortly before the events of Aberford. Long hours behind the wheel and bad eating habits have put some extra pounds on Ralph.
  • Carl Hornberger is the lead researcher in Edwin Voorhees’ pharmaceuticals division. He worked alongside his wife Sylvia for many years until she left her job to under controversial circumstances. Carl is has a slight frame and blond hair. He starts each morning with a very tidy appearance, but often becomes unkempt after a long day of work.