generic cosplay

man I want some kind of resource that shows you DIFFERENT ways to contour your face. all I see it the same general pattern of contouring but where’s the tips for if you want to change the shape of your jawline, or change your nose shape, emphasize your brow or make it softer, I just want a big compilation of different contour tricks to alter different features of your face and not this same old “let’s make you conventionally attractive” nonsense

has anyone come across a tutorial/resource like this??

@fabrickind (SINCE I KNOW YOU LIKE COSPLAY HELP and might have seen something like this)

Creating a Cosplay

Having been creating cosplays for about five years now, and been inspired and encouraged at times by other’s tutorials, I wanted to put together one of my own.

So, here are a few simple steps for creating your own cosplay.

1. Pick your character and costume

I usually do this by either looking at costumes I like and want to own, or characters I like. Remember to not just pick a character, but also the particular costume of theirs that you want to cosplay.

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