generations lost

Lust: You are eternally condemned by lost generations. However, you hold use for more than merely sexual desire. For example, a desire for life. A lust for something bigger and more meaningful than oneself, or just something small with little meaning: how their skin feels against another. You are moreso people’s salvation than condemnation. You hold the key to life in many respects. Lust is not sinful, it is the essence of passion.

Gluttony: You want more. So much more for yourself. Many will say you are gluttonous, but is not a negative in all respects. The need to engulf the world whole, to consume everything, to try it all, holds a necessary level of passion. Never allow the jeers of others to make you think you are wrong for your insatiable hunger. Gluttony is not sinful, it is a need for something more.

Greed: Oh, so you want it all? Where’s the problem with that? You want the best of the goods in this world, and you are willing to make it happen. Ambition tucks you in at night, allowing your rest to fall in real luxury. Take it all. The world is your oyster, it revolves around you. If they whisper and gossip of your greed, tell them yes. Be not ashamed of your want. Greed is not sinful, it provides you with a much stronger drive than the best of them.

Sloth: It is time to rest, my dear. You are one that needs the world to move a little slower to keep your head on straight. You need to rest, to sleep, to simply be tired at times and let yourself relax. There’s nothing wrong with breathing the air of a sleepy calmness. It’s smart to stand back and avoid action at times. While others push you to fight, stand firm. Sloth is not sinful, it simply requires a different type of atmosphere.

Wrath: You are angry. Be mad. Be livid. Be rightous. They will tell you that you are too loud, too aggressive, too upsetting; ignore their words. Become the voice you’ve always needed to hear. That anger gives you the voice of change. Do not tread lightly; change the world. Wrath is not sinful, it is a call to make tides to change this state of being.

Envy: You see what everyone else has and you want it. One cannot take issue with the desire to have what another does. They will tell you it’s unhealthy, but a set of goals can be derived from those with a life filled with many pleasures. You will strive to have the best, because you see the sheer quality of life given. Envy is not sinful, it is a way of viewing another’s fortune as a personal opportunity.

Pride: You brag about the things you have accomplished, and you value your reputation. They believe it to be annoying, unnecessary in a way, but they don’t truly understand. You take great pleasure in knowing how you’ve made yourself. You strive to find that which you can accomplish with your own two hands. You know these achievements are great things, your very own, worth every moment of joy. Pride isn’t sinful, it is confidence in yourself.

—  The 7 Deadly Sins may very well be virtues
The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Sonic CD (1993)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994)

Sonic Adventure (1998)

Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)

Sonic Heroes (2003)

Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (2006)

Sonic Unleashed (2008)

Sonic Colours (2010)

Sonic Generations (2011)

Sonic Lost World (2013)

Sonic Forces (2017)

sonic heroes’ amy rose is the amy rose I wish I still had… her design and animation were much sharper and I miss it, y’all…

just from body posture and expression, she had spunk, she had attitude. it’s something I noticed lacking since then… somewhere along the way, they’ve animated (and written) her more delicate and although I don’t mind a young girl being girlish, giving her this dainty body language just kinda lost me.

they erased her sass... it occasionally bums me out bc heroes’ amy rose felt right, no bullshit. even her dialogue is pulled back now. sonic heroes was good at being tongue-in-cheek about her “undying love for sonic” lol but while the writing was all in good humor, they made the dialogue powerful. they made her body language powerful. they made her facial expressions powerful !

the writing knew she wasn’t just a love-stricken girl, she was a leader and an achiever. she made her own rules. while in recent versions, she’s just kinda… soft… and kinda boring…

I mean… she’s just…  smaller or restrained in how she approaches things now. she’s practically impassive compared to her heroes counterpart.

like damn girl, where’s that vigor at ?! I know ya got it ! and even when she’s feeling doubtful or scared, she’s animated nicely. the animation understood how these characters’ facial expression should work. (it’s the eye ridges, guys. not the eye lids lmao !)

I know I’m comparing heroes’ cg graphics to this era’s in-game graphics but come on… 1. in-game graphics have kinda stepped up ? 2. heroes’ in-game graphics, although not as expressive in the face, were still much better at portraying emotion and confidence through body language and 3. the odds of getting an honest cg cutscene that isn’t sonic alone (excluding colors’ tails) is rare nowadays. (satbk was the closest but tbf they were head-to-toe in armor and also amy wasn’t in those scenes.)

point being… you can’t get any better than heroes’ amy rose… unless you’re tyson hesse’s and ian flynn’s mega drive amy lol !

Y’all I Think I Got Sonic Forces Figured Out

Okay so I know we are all over the moon about the trailers and game play videos that we have gotten these past few days, but I honestly think that we have been glaring over a pretty CRUCIAL detail from the classic sonic game play video 

Think about what we have heard from the Sega Officials, this is not a Sonic Generations sequel. But how can this be if classic sonic is in the game? How are Sonic’s past enemies here alive and ready to fight? How is it not akin to generations if classic Sonic is alive and here?

But what is he isn’t?

What if this classic sonic isn’t the one from generations at all? But instead, from another dimension? Now I suppose Dr. Eggman may just be referring ro another state of time, but I don’t think the connection stops there. For the most obvious question, how in the WORLD did Eggman take over the world without Sonic to stop him? Its the focus of the game but H O W? In colors, generations and lost world. sonic had made stabs at Eggman claiming “Its like its his job to stop him” because, well? It is. Eggman knows this. He knows it far too well. In generations he went back in time to try to right his wrongs, to redo his errors and end Sonic but time and time again it didn’t happen. So what if Dr.Eggman instead decided to look beyond his world, to another dimension, with another Eggman? But why stop there? Why not bring forth a dimension where Sonic failed? Not only that, but a universe where Chaos destroyed Station Square. A world where Metal Sonic won the race on Starlight Speedway. A world where Shadow never helped to defeat the bio-lizard. A world where the deadly six drained the world of its life? This would explain why Shadow has suddenly switched over to the dark side, why Metal Sonic is still functional, why Zavok is alive and why Chaos is in his earlier forms before he became perfect chaos. 

 Of course, like the Time Eater, Eggman wouldn’t be able to do this on his own, as we have seen with our new villain: 

Now as menacing as he appears, these cubes are so….out of place. It’s strange on why he has all these cubes, and why the trailer makes them look as dramatic as it can. Showing our new villain SURROUNDED by them and then ending the trailer with him hurling them at you. It’s odd. So what are they if the cubes are so important? Well to put it simply,

They’re different dimensions 

Whoever this guy is, he is in control of countless dimensions, more than enough to combine and design a whole new terrible reality. A whole new HORRIFIC dimension, where Sonic has failed, and Eggman reigns supreme. What is the name of this devious villain?


As in..Infinite worlds?

The clues are right in front of us, and all we had to do was pay attention. The trailer certainly wants to get the point across

Now, I may be jumping the gun on this one, with my head of fan fiction type ideals, and perhaps this new villain will just be connected to whoever you create as your own character, (either it be an evil twin or something like that) but who would want to do this? Who would want to bring total destruction onto a world full of peaceful people? Who would want to see the world burn and fall apart right before their eyes because of their wrong doings? Who would want to see people of the resistance fail hopelessly, desperate to save their once beautiful world? Who would want to team up with Eggman to decimate the world? Who hates Sonic so much that he would want nothing more than to force him to watch as his legacy, friends,home,universe fall apart? WHO IS INFINITE? Well I may be wrong, but there’s only one person who can and will

From the timeline that was erased. From the universe you reversed in Sonic 06. From the world you fought so hard to save and redo, rewriting reality so you could get the happy ending. 

Now, its his turn 

On a side note, Sonic Team knows that sonic 06 was a disaster, and make reference to it in the Sonic story episode in Lego Dimensions. Pretty coincidental or foreshadowing? Some other things we can consider as well could be that in 2012 we first heard rumors of a Sonic game called “Sonic Dimensions” The rumor said that we would be traveling to other universes with different color Sonics that had their own personality. My personal favorite, is a promise of a boss fight of an evil Amy Rose, wishing for Sonic’s pain rather than love. Now the rumor as we know now is false and was debunked and this could very well be a coincidence. However, this rumor broke out in 2012, a year or so after Generations and 1 year before Lost world released in 2013. I think we can safely say that Lost world was at the very least in early stages of production during or sometime after Generations especially with its ambitious game play style. It would have taken more than 2 years to make, with the game play style and everything else. This means, Sonic Forces could had possibly be in the early stages of development a little before Lost World, playing on the idea of different universes.I think it’s also possible that Sonic Forces may had been delayed at some point because of Sonic Boom’s games and tv show, since its not being advertised at the 25th anniversary game. Also is a pleasant time to remember that this happened:

Due to Gravity Falls’s more dark story telling, I think its safe to assume that Alex had some kind of influence on Sonic Forces’s story. Either way, 

We are in for a long deserved fantastic Sonic Game my friends. 

Quick spell from my grandma that was passed onto her from her mum and however many generations…

Lost something?

Stick a pin in your sofa and it’ll return to you.

Why does this shit work? No clue, fam. But mum and grandma swear by it and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work for me today

anonymous asked:

Why do most of the fan base hate Pontac and Graff writing so much?

I think the main point of consternation regarding P&G is that they simply don’t have any real touch for writing Sonic, both it’s characters and it’s tone and themes in general. The way they write the games….doesn’t make them feel like Sonic games to me…at least.

The humor isn’t Sonic-esque. It’s childish, unsubtle and generally unfunny. Much of the humor is akin to dangling your car keys in front of an infant to make it laugh. Some instances of comedy do hit the mark (Such as the “bonehead” line in SLW) but that’s the exception, not the norm.

The narratives are lacking themes that added weight and meaning to past stories. There’s no messages that enhance the story. And palpable attempts at such (SLW’s “Trust your best friend’s capabilities”) fell ass over head due to how badly executed they were.

Pontaff set-up plot points…then promptly ignore them, failing to give any due attention to them. Need I mention the odd “Yacker goes missing!” plot point in Colours that comes right out of nowhere, is hardly mentioned and then you see Yacker come out of nowhere without any harm done to him and no focus given to how he got away from his alleged predicament?

The bad writing in general even afflicts the main villain. Dr Eggman is a blowhard for the most part whose never taken seriously instead of being a proactive threat whose capability for destruction was respected and acknowledged (Need I mention Sonic’s line “You’ve turned into a big time villain doctor!” in SA2?).

The characters just don’t do anything interesting the majority of the time. For the most part, they stand around doing nothing and making idle chit chat.

That’s boring see?

Generations is terrible with this in particular with the four most promiment characters prattling on and standing around in most cutscenes and everyone else merely standing there in the cutscene in which Classic Eggman first appears and egging on the injured Sonic’s instead of, oh I don’t know, ganging up on the Eggmen themselves. The characters are inclined to being very active….so why the fuck do they loaf around doing next to nothing under P&G’s pens the majority of the time?

There’s just nothing about their writing of the series that indicates a good gain overall. Especially when compared to what we got before their tenure as writers. And no, when I say “What we got before”, I’m not referencing the likes of Shadow and ‘06.

I think one of my biggest criticisms personally is how they portray Sonic himself. As a massive Sonic aficionado, I could almost weep a bit at seeing what he’s become, the degree to which he’s been flanderized, how much he’s been derailed into carrying the tone first and foremost. It’s not as bad as his writing in the likes of Chronicles, ‘06 and Shadow (The first of which portrayed him completely OoC, the latter two of which treated him like total shit) but it’s absolutely nothing special either and is such a downgrade especially coming so soon after Black Knight, the game which is his most supreme portrayal in any Sonic media in my opinion.

I mean…

He rambles on and on obnoxiously instead of actually getting right to it.

Sonic is a man of action. He gets his hands dirty pretty much immediately instead of letting things such as injustices linger, a trait in-line with Naoto Oshima’s intention for him to be a guy who has a “Get it done now!” attitude. This has the additional effect of making his speech and actions have gravity because they’re carried out with speed and finesse.

Want some examples?

Look at him. He’s not standing by and making idle chit chat. He’s doing what he does best with such incredibly cool flair. And in most of these instances, he’s putting-across his cool factor without single word rolling off his tongue. His character has impact, this guy gets shit done. He doesn’t give a toss about what anyone else thinks about how he carries himself and what he does, he’s flashing that toothy grin with supreme confidence and he executes his actions with the utmost deftness. In other words, he’s acting like I expect SONIC THE HEDGEHOG to act.

Now compare to…this highly irritating intepretation.

See how the Sonic above the above image acted as if his awesomeness was obvious? This timeless trait of the character’s personality has been completely passed-over here, ignored in favor of this obnoxious braggart who acts akin to a child whose screaming for attention, asking for others to actively acknowedge what he does and even acting put-out when he’s caught in the act of boasting.

To me, a convincingly-written Sonic would not realistically do the latter if he was caught in “embarassing” behaviours simply because he wouldn’t care enough about what anyone said or thought about his actions to be adversely affected by it. Chances would be that he’d just laugh along with it instead of acting ike he’s ashamed of himself. That’s one of the likable things about Sonic to me at least - He’s capable of laughing at himself but ultimately has no regard for what people think of how he acts.

It degenerates Sonic’s character because it consumes him and deprives him of his edge, shunts him onto a role that doesn’t do him justice. In Colours, whenever he meets a robot, he goes on and fucking on about how he’s going to kick their asses and it falls completely flat because he’s getting no response and makes him look like a weirdo. It even gives me the impression that this Sonic seems to think deep down that he’s uncool and is insecure about it then goes about being an obnxious braggart to conceal it.

It also has the effect of screwing-over the story as well because more scene time in dedicated to these irritating shenanigans and LOL SO RANDUM “humor” than actually expanding on established plot points or making the story more varied. So not only are Pontac and Graff screwing-up Sonic’s writing, they’re  screwing-up the rest of the story in doing so. It’s such a vicious cycle.

You don’t see the interesting aspects of Sonic’s character anymore

In relation to the above, Long gone are the days when you saw Sonic exhibit either somewhat profound beliefs or a level of complexity such as his pragmatism in Black Knight, not caring if everyone considered him a bad guy for stopping Arthur’s tyranny by killing him and in addition his viewpoint that life would have no meaning if it went on forever, hence his opposition to Merlina even though her plan would’ve stopped the end of that world.

How about the revelation in Unleashed that it wasn’t just his sense of guilt regarding landing on top of Chip that compelled him to help him? He didn’t need a reason to want to help out his friend. Or his palpable upset/shame at Amy failing to recognise him in Werehog form?

This sense of….how do I explain it? This sense what makes Sonic such an intriguing character, the feeling of agency to his character, the drive that he had to do what he chooses to do without regrets is largely ignored in 2010+ Sonic, leaving a far flatter character who simply isn’t as interestingl. Sonic has lost alot of his heart. And it’s a crying shame.

So yeah, whilst P&G’s handling of the series isn’t Shadow, Chronicles or '06 bad to me, it’s nothing remotely remarkable either and is absolutely no standard that is ideal for the series and what it should abide by.

Not sure if anyone remembers about the CGI animators for that Sonic movie coming in 2016..

but the dudes who animated this:


and these:

that is all

Sunday Respite - Necromancy: Making Friends

I will be truthful, I have never had a player choose to devote themselves to the dark-arts … in-game, obviously. Well, and out of game. Usually they avoid the venerable school with a distance rivaled only by that given to inconspicuous props upon pedestals in wide, empty dungeon rooms. Perhaps its a dislike of suiting the stereotypical (yet badass) summoner of souls and entrapper of the dead, perhaps its a desire to pursue a more immediately rewarding school such as evocation or illusion. I say bah-humbug to this. If someone wishes to play in my game and hang out in haunted graveyards, chanting ‘til the pale moon sinks beneath the horizon, then I say good on you, pal.

Here are some enticing items to tempt the pure and incorruptible over into the blackest fifth and rotten waste, where mortal pleasures and obsessions are diseases to be cured through the sacrifice and suffering of the pursuit of true knowledge. Unlock that fascination, surrender to the whispers, take our hand and join us beneath the cloaking shadows of the dungeon walls.

Hooded-Cowl of the Antler

A warm and well-made cowl which tussles and dances in the midnight winds. A beautiful inner of amber weave gleams like torchlight under the absorbing darkness of the exterior; empty as sorrow, lonely as a blackened tide washing over barren shores of ancient bones and tattered flotsam. The collar ties loop together over the chest around an iron ring, and the hood obscures face and eye from any passing observer. The wearer, upon command, can pull forth from the speechless depths of the earth a great, prideful stag of ashen bone and gleaming frost. It howls out onto the wilderness and slowly lowers its head toward its master, offering a ride upon its icy spine. The stag can run as fast as any horse, living or dead, and can outrun a jackal pack over open ground. It leaves behind a path of frigid air, with pebbles and stones lathered in peeling cold for hours beyond its passing. Those unfortunate enough to cross this trail risk having their blood lock in their veins as they idly step through its trail.

Hangman’s Gift

This decoration is a rotten, gnarled length of thick rope, tied around the wearer’s neck with a clubbish knot hanging below the chin. The trailing fibers are frayed and sliced to wire-thin strings. This necklace, or sorts, is worn by those who have survived executions and certain death through one means or quite another. The gallows aren’t suited for them, and many executioners recognise such a symbol; one of an untouchable status. This man should be dead. Whilst the Gift is adorned, the wearer doesn’t require food, water, nor even air to survive. They live on through the worst that life can throw at them, and much beyond that.

Motley Neck-Knife

The Motley blade is a tidy-little throat slicer. Its a short, silver blade, barely an inch long, secured upon an ivory grip. Its sheath is that of a simple, black leather with a crude zig-zag stitching around its opening. When the Motley dagger earns its name and separates a man from his life with an abrupt, yet precise, infliction, that same body that dropped not two seconds ago jolts back to its feet at his killer’s side. Most guards have seen a murder in their time, so corpses scares them little. Some have even witnessed petty undead, so a shambling body upon its twisted ankles and bloated joints is nothing to panic over. But none had seen the smiles that the Motley carver grows over its victim’s lifeless mugs. Certainly none had heard the screams of the dead men inside as they watched in horror, helplessly passive as they see their own, empty forms stride forth towards friend and fellow alike with a feral madness burning in their bloodshot, and crow-pecked eyes.

Dead-Shot Arrows

These arrows are made of human bone. Their feathered ends are human hairs, the shaft is a carved femur, and the head is a incisor tooth, carved to a needle’s edge. They feel heavy to hold in mortal hands, like all of the goodness in the world and your head bleeds out onto the floor as you level it upon your pale palm. The munition is said to be made exclusively from the skeletons of priests and paladins from wherever they may be found. No-other would do, clearly. For when you test the wrath of the divine you may as well go full-in. Why not desecrate the holy dead? That query becomes difficult to dispute once the arrow meets a target. The arrow stings like a wasp swarm, digging out the skin, itching the blood like the veins are full of sandpaper. Then the victim’s bones begin to creak like heavy timbers under a sea storm, bending and twisting in horrific pain. Then they splinter and fracture through skin like porcupine quills as the bones begin to pull themselves out of their flesh.

Pipes of the Grave

A lonely city-bard may perchance these wooden pipes of birch and green leather in a lonely shop window on a lonely street they have never once walked. The shop-keep promises through yellowed teeth and dry lips that the instrument is as perfect as a true-lover’s kiss, bringing true emotion to any tale told with heartful passion and intent: a memorable performance if there would ever be one. The bard may yet further be intrigued at the low price, and may further yet buy them with a smile gleaming with the thought of gold and silver coins aplenty. The performances that she plays will sing like mountain cries and wail with forlorn hopes, echoing through every generation’s ears, bringing both youth and elders alike to rapturous applause. The crowd is crying, only not in joy. They scatter like woodlice as the lush grasses of the city park grounds split open into raw dirt and clawing fingers, as the generations lost before join in on the celebrations, tearing their rotten hulks up from the ancient graveyards buried and forgotten below. His performance ceases, and the dead collapse into piles of bone. She discards the instrument, destroys it perhaps, and she returns to her original flute. Unfortunately, once the Pipes have been played, the curse it contracts is not so easily gotten rid of, and the dead will rise wherever she sings.


Pixie x


You know, given how much I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog, I often wonder why I follow a grand total of 1 Sonic blog. I mean, surely there are plenty of good Sonic blogs, right?

Then I remember.

It’s almost impossible to find a Sonic fan who won’t end up bashing on at least one of the Sonic games or TV shows or characters that I like. I’ve only played Sonic 1 all the way up to Shadow the Hedgehog, which means I can’t judge the Boost gameplay whatsoever, but I’ve watched all the cutscenes for modern games and I have to say, I enjoyed all of them in some manner or another.

06, while there was plenty that it did wrong, there was also a lot that it did right. Silver and Shadow’s character arcs and the bonds they each had with their friends was engaging and interesting. Silver’s actually one of my favorite characters, but I know that most fandom content with Silver has him out of character or reduced to an “it’s no use” meme, and it’s honestly disappointing.

Sonic Unleashed had great characterization, a pretty good story, and I really liked Sonic’s friendship with Chip. But most people can’t deal with the Werehog thing, and while I agree it’s kind of a silly concept, the execution of that concept was actually pretty good.

Sonic Colors was fun, gave Tails some more personality, introduced Cubot, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. It didn’t have to for the most part, even if there were some things about it that I wish got explored more. But again, a lot of people think it’s stupid and terrible because it decided to be fun and light-hearted. Not to mention, it set the tone that would later be used in Sonic Boom.

Speaking of Sonic Boom, I cannot, for the life of me, imagine why people think the humor is dumb and lowers your brain cells or whatever the complaints are nowadays. I get that humor is a personal preference, but it’s gotten to the point where people think that Sonic Boom is the ABSOLUTE WORST THING TO EXIST AND YOU HAVE ZERO TASTE IN SHOWS AND YOU FAIL AT LIFE IF YOU LIKE THIS EXCUSE OF A SONIC SHOW. Like… where is this coming from?

This is why I don’t really follow any Sonic blogs. There’s no way to know what they’ll start hating on. They might love Sonic Generations (which I also like) and hate Sonic Boom. They might love Colors and despise Unleashed. They might absolutely adore the classics, (which I do) but loathe everything that came after. Since I love more or less everything Sonic has to offer, I feel like it’s hard to find blogs that feel the same way I do. Yeah, I could follow a ton of Sonic blogs so I get a wide variety of the games I like, but likewise, there’s going to be an equally wide variety of people hating on things I like. And you know what? I don’t want any Sonic Hate on my dash. I want it to consist of Sonic Love and Appreciation. But it’s hard to find one and not get the other. So it’s disappointing for me.

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Some stuff I would love to see in Sonic Forces


-Along with Eggman having basically destroyed the world, I would love to see the concept of roboticizing brought back from the SatAM series in some form. I think it would fit in great with this new post-apocalyptic thing we’ve got going! And we already have the idea of a “resistance” built up similarly to the Freedom Fighters in SatAM so roboticizing would be amazing to see, and build up Eggman’s villainous deeds as even more threatening to our heroes.

(Would also love to see the name Robotnik brought back but let’s face it, it ain’t happenin)

-Some decent writing for the plot. I have high hopes, but the Sonic franchise isn’t exactly known for good writing. I really want to see some good dialogue and development for everyone in the game and while some may disagree and say that gameplay matters more, these characters are so beloved and amazing and I think Sonic and friends have way more potential for good storytelling than they are given credit for! (See the Archie Sonic comics pls). As good as Sonic Generations was its story was REALLY underwhelming for what was presented and I think that it should really be worked on for Forces. I’m pretty sure it’s been made clear that the world has become like this because of Sonic’s failure to stop Eggman. I really want to see some character development around this!

(i.e. please dark SEGA give me that angsty Sonic ;P)

-SILVER. THE FRIGGIN HEDGEHOG. C'mon now yall. Burning post-apocalyptic world, alternate timelines, this is quite literally Silver’s territory! I think he’s a great character and with more work done on him he can potentially have great gameplay too! I’m so done with this wasted potential of a character to just become an “IT’S NO USE” punchline (as funny as it is hehe). And we’ve already seen improvement in his boss battle in Sonic Generations, I really think that can be built upon and redeem Silver in a way that he deserves.

-A decent final boss. I’m a bit wary of this one. Generations, Lost World and even Colors in my opinion, had some of the weakest final bosses to come up in the franchise. Personally I’m expecting the final boss to be on the magnitude of Unleashed and the Adventure games.

-I do not want a third entity to be a major contributing factor to Eggman’s success and general villainous actions. We’ve been seeing this a lot lately. The idea of the “true” villain being something like Dark Gaia, Time Eater, etc etc. I think these concepts really steal Eggman’s spotlight away. What I’m saying is, let Eggman be a villain to his fullest potential. The guy has an IQ of 300 after all, let him put that intelligence to better use! I want to see him truly outwit Sonic all on his own (like the opening cutescene in Sonic Unleashed, which I LOVE by the way), and succeed in taking over the world without some third party helping him and eventually turning on him.

-An interesting hubworld. I dunno about you guys but I’d love to casually traverse that apocalyptic clusterfudge of a universe the gameplay trailer showed us! Just keep it small like Unleashed’s hubworlds and maybe add some interesting inhabitants or sidequests and you’re golden! I wouldn’t mind not having a hubworld but I would still like one :D

That’s about all I’ve got for now! Feel free to add your thoughts!