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Dealing with animal bones and spirits:

After my popular recent post about plant spirits, I decided that I should write a post about my favorite type of spirits to work with, animal spirits connected to their remains. I’m a vulture and a spirit worker and so I collect various animal bones and use them in my practice.  All of the pieces in my collection come from what I deem ethical sources, and none of them have been killed solely for the purpose of being in my collection.  I have a relationship (friendship) with each spirit and treat everyone with respect as I consider them family.  If you have any questions, ask away!


As always, when dealing with remains and with the spirits attached to them, you must remain respectful.  Don’t break/crush bones unless there is no spirit attached, and always ask permission before using the bones in crafts, as part of rituals, as offerings, or anything else like it.  

Sensing Presence:

Figuring out if there is a spirit attached to a bone takes more than a second and is really important when working with bones., There is a varying scale of spirit attached to different bones.  There are only a few bones that will have a significant amount of spirit attached, the skull being the main one.  The spinal chord will have a larger amount of spirit attached than phalanges and metacarpals will have.


Contacting the spirit could take a while.  If the bones are that of a predator, they will generally be more defensive and more aggressive when they do make contact.  Always be respectful with their remains, and leave offerings to them as well.  These offerings can be the last little bit of tea that you don’t want to drink, it can be spending time with them, letting them sit by a charged crystal or a lot of other things.  Communication comes with time, as does any kind of relationship.  

Spirit Altars:

I have quite a few altars, one being to my spirit family.  On this altar, I leave offerings for my spirits, provide them with a constant supply moon water, store the bones and other things.  I have a bottle of bone powder from bone shards I have collected over the years, a necromancy powder I have and other such powders as well.  This altar is one way that I maintain a sense of respect for the spirits as well as their remains.  They aren’t necessary, but I find it a good affirmation for them.

What now?:

As with any other spirit, your main goal is to create a relationship with them.  Learn their name, and if you want, find a nickname that they like as well.  Leave them personal little offerings.  I have a hound that we’ll call J, and every time I work with him he absolutely adores my singing voice, so every once in a while I’ll ask him what song I should sing and he basically goes nuts.  Cuddle with them!  A lot of spirits love contact, and inviting them into your cuddle puddle (in the form of a pillow or a stuffed animal) is a great way to give them some of the attention that they need.

After a while of friendship, you can start asking for their help in many different areas.  For example with J being a hound, one thing that he’s good at is protection, wandering around my property keeping out most negative energies and spirits with mal intent.  There is an unlimited amount of favors spirits can do for you, but keep in mind that there is always a price.  Be it in the form of offerings beforehand, payment after, or some compromise between the two.  There is rarely a time where a spirit will do something for you without expecting something in return.  

Before use in rituals/spells:

Always ask the spirit if they would mine, and spell out the specific purpose.  An example of that would be using a bone as a small offering towards a specific deity.  If the spirit gives you permission, then proceed with respect and caution.  If the spirit doesn’t give you permission, don’t   go back on your word.  Keep your promises and they will generally be nice to you.  Don’t use the bones for more than you said you would unless you ask for specific permission again.


  • a charged crystal
  • tea
  • a cleaning
  • a staining
  • singing to them
  • taking them on a walk
  • dusting off the altar
  • setting them in the rain
  • moon water


Be respectful, be courteous and always ask permission before you do almost anything.  And if you have any questions, you can ask me! (Also my vulture culture blog is @herebethebones )


Yesterday I took my friend out for lunch, a movie, and ice cream for her birthday. My friend so happens to have a guide dog, pictured above.

I’ve learned a lot about guide dogs in the years we’ve been friends, and not just because I’m nosy and ask a ton of questions. I’ve seen a lot of how people react to the dog, and to my friend’s handling of said dog. I’ve seen the direct consequences of strangers who don’t know how to treat guide dogs in public, too.

I realize there are a lot of these already out there by guide dog handlers, and you should really defer to a handler, not to me, if what we say seems contradictory. Still, I’m told that this information can’t be repeated often enough, so I’m repeating it.

Do not distract a service animal. In my friend’s case, the dog serves as her eyes. You wouldn’t put your hands over someone’s eyes while they’re walking. So why would you deprive a blind person of their accommodation that allows them to navigate the world?

Service dogs are still dogs. They’re extraordinarily well-trained dogs, but they still like attention, they can be distracted by loud noises, they’re frightened of scary things, and some things will inevitably grab their attention. My friend’s previous dog always forgot herself and barked at other dogs, so I’d physically interpose and verbally warn my friend if we were walking near one. Her dog before that was distracted by children and wanted to go say hi, which was a bigger problem. And lots of people want to offer food, which was a huge problem for the dog that had some major dietary restrictions because eating the wrong thing could kill her.

You know those studies that show that humans have a finite amount of patience, and they can only resist so much temptation before they give in? I’ve seen that happen with her dog. She’s been so good, put so much effort into doing her job right all day. At that point, all it takes is one whistle from a stranger, one, “Here, puppy!” and that dog is no longer guiding my friend. That dog is off to greet the friendly human.

Guide dogs guide blind people across streets, around obstacles, and up curbs and stairs. A distraction during any of those activities could be dangerous, possibly even fatal. Dogs trained to detect seizures could miss a crucial moment, and then the handler cracks their head open on the edge of a store shelf.

Yesterday my friend and I were walking through the mall when a fire alarm went off. It blared so loud, it cut off all hope of communication until it stopped. While it was still going off, a stranger who saw the dog coming crouched down and opened his arms. I steered her as far away from the stranger as possible (the dog was following me at the time), and she asked him to please not distract her dog as we walked past.

I didn’t catch his reaction, but I could imagine it. People are generally hurt or defensive when told to leave the dog alone. No matter how gently my friend asks them to let the dog do her job, they get huffy, like they’re entitled to interact with her visual accommodation. One woman, after being told no, once followed my friend so she could pet the dog as soon as my friend’s back was turned.

I understand, to an extent. We think of dogs as companions, friends, made to be snuggled and petted.

I always ask before I touch her guide dog. I’ve rarely been told no. Do you know why? Because I know to ask when she doesn’t need guidance. When she’s at home, when she’s off her feet, or when she’s in the car, she doesn’t need the help the dog provides. I still ask, a lot of the time, in case I’m accidentally reinforcing bad behavior or undermining their relationship.

One of my favorite things happened yesterday, too. As we were walking past a small child, the kid was saying, “It’s working, do not touch!” I don’t know if the child was telling themselves, or the parent (which does happen, and greatly amuses my friend). 

Children are a lot more receptive to being told no. A lot of them already know not to bother the dog, and it’s their parents who want them to push the issue. I imagine the schools teach them, because they clearly didn’t pick it up from their parents.

If she has time, my friend will ask the child to wait a moment. She’ll brace the dog between her knees, and take off the harness (a clear sign to the dog that she’s off the clock). Then she’ll say it’s all right to pet the dog for now, and explain the important job the dog performs when the harness is on. Kids are, inevitably, delighted to meet the dog that has a job, and it eases the parents’ embarrassment that they didn’t know not to push the interaction.

Of course, my friend doesn’t always have the time. She rarely does when she’s with me, in fact, because she’s relying on me to get around, and I am always late.

But also, it’s not her job to educate every single person about the etiquette around service dogs. She shouldn’t have to. She’s just trying to live her life, same as anyone else.

Don’t distract service dogs. Don’t get huffy when asked not to. Don’t let other people distract them.

Just let the dogs do their jobs.

Tips for Symmetra

1) If you decide to concentrate your turrets in 1 or 2 locations, place them far apart so that players who aren’t quick on the draw can’t destroy all of them at once. I like triangle patterns. I don’t think mathematically this makes a difference, I just like it. Although anything that causes your opponent to have to move their mouse to target each individual turret can only help you I guess.

2) Even better is to cover (if it’s possible) six different angles so that a lone Genji who wants to sample your fine vintage Amontillado can’t take out all of them before taking a lot of damage. This works exceptionally well on capture the flag. I’ve literally just used my sit emote as a poor squishy jumped onto our flag only to have six different beams attack them from all directions at once and spamming “hello” and “welcome to my reality” as they die in seconds.

3) It’s better to split your turrets up into groups of 2 or 3 depending on how many flanking positions you need to cover. At the very least they can startle flankers and alert you to which route the enemy team is trying to go through (you’d be surprised how stubbornly teams choose one path). And you can easily relocate turrets to anticipate them trying another route, or reinforce the route you know they’re trying to probe. 

4) Your turrets can supplement an already present defensive element. Put some turrets by a Torb turret or a Bastion, just to discourage flankers from trying to “sneak up” on them, or to add to the defensive line.

5) That means you have to babysit fewer turret nests. Which is the point of this tip: you should babysit your nests, because they rarely can kill an enemy by themselves, even when all 6 of them are together. I like to see the turret icons flashing with ! as I round the corner and the enemy Genji accepts his fate. 

6) Shield generator is usually better than teleporter; judge for yourself: is your defensive line holding really well and only occasionally will a teammate die (due to an ult or being cocky or whatever)? The teleporter can mitigate those mistakes and let them rejoin the defensive line instantly. Otherwise the teleporter encourages trickling which almost never works unless you group up. I know you get yelled at if you don’t put down teleporter but really the teleporter is useless if your defensive line crashes immediately. Shield generator makes a defense even stronger (and makes it very hard for snipers to pick you off). Do not put down teleporter to stop an inevitable point capture, unless your team all spawns at once and can instantly get good positioning from that. It rarely works otherwise.

7) Much like Mercy should hide when she has res, you should put a teleporter/shield generator mere feet from the point and defend it yourself, unless there’s no one contesting the point, in which case get your ass on the point and stall. I usually divert half of my turrets to defend the room/area once my ult is up, but it’s not always necessary. 

8) Your photon shield should be used to supplement the shield tank you hopefully have. When Reinhardt shouts “barrier destroyed!” that’s when you throw it out to let him recharge it for a couple seconds, or when he fire strikes. Or use it to cover angles that your Reinhardt (or even Orisa) can’t in a pinch. Most Symmetra’s throw it out as they chase a target and I do that too sometimes but Symmetra is not really fast enough to justify this nearly as often as people do it. Basically just learn how to be strategic about it; the good news is you get it every 6 seconds.

9) Your shield blocks D.Va’s ult. Be aware of if she might have it and save it for when D.Va tries to fly in alone and use it. I have killed so many D.Va’s who thought they would clear the point and turn the tide because I blocked it and was immediately on her (especially if she had flown in in a mid fight because my laser was already charged up, meaning I destroyed her mech pretty much instantly or killed her before she recalled).

10) Target a tank first, it’ll build your beam’s charge really fast, and then strafe wildly locking onto all the squishies around you. I’ve gotten quadruple kills because I farmed charge off a Roadhog and then went after the rest of his team in a matter of seconds while he healed.

11) Because you don’t really have to aim, you should never not be moving; make it hard for the enemy to attack you back, move in circular patterns trying to outrun your opponent’s vision (and subsequently their weapon), and jump a lot to make it harder to hit your headbox. I’ve managed to pull off killing a turreted Bastion this way (granted I had help but the fact that I survived is a testament to either my skill or their lack thereof).

12) You still have to aim though, because you should be using your right click in the beginning of the fight. Don’t believe people who say you should be cheeky and get ult charge from turreting the enemy spawn. You need to place your turrets strategically. You gain ult charge early in the fight from well timed and well aimed right clicks, fully charged, aimed at tanks (unless it’s D.Va); you should be tracking, and the orbs are forgiving with their hitboxes. The enemy team usually underestimates Symmetra orbs as annoyances but I’ve sent fully charged orbs through a straight column and killed a couple Junkrats and Tracers that way. It’s super easy to get ult from right clicking at an Orisa who doesn’t ever think to move out of the way (she’s too big and slow for it to matter much anyway). 

13) If that doesn’t get you ult within 60 seconds then you can easily get it in the midfight when they try to push using your left click. You want your ult early so that you have options. 

14) Reload often, you never know if spamming orbs is suddenly going to have to change into your beam when they push and you want full ammo as much as possible. Don’t let Lucio get away because you locked onto him with only 20 ammo left.

15) Be a little aggressive. Symmetra is great at what is called “cleaning up”. In the endfight Symmetra’s beam can completely wipe the remains of the enemy push. Don’t be afraid to chase enemies. Even when it’s not the teamfight, you can surprise flankers or counterinitiate (with D.Va or Winston) to destroy a push before it begins. You can stall a point by throwing your barrier to cover a little area and try to fight the enemy but honestly it’s near impossible if you’re the only focus. You’re best when your team is fighting alongside you. But you should absolutely chase retreating enemies after they lose the teamfight. They’re panicked and they used their abilities and ults and it’s never that hard to finish them off.

16) Know when to retreat. I’ve had some great Anas and Mercys who paid just as much attention to me but in general healers tend to ignore you, plus you’re slow and pretty squishy. Your shields don’t start regenerating until 4 seconds have passed. Also don’t use your photon barrier to cover your escape, it’s so slow and only moves in a line and it’s completely pointless unless you’re in a hallway and you can preemptively throw it before you run in the opposite direction for better positioning or health or whatever. Photon barrier has almost never made a difference when I got too aggressive. What did? Me being situationally aware and knowing, like Winston player’s should, when I’ve extended too far and when the duel or fight isn’t in my/my team’s favor. 

17) Generally you should avoid McCree due to his flashbang and fan the hammer, which can kill you before you can say anything about it. Reaper is also bad news for you; you need to be up close where he’s deadliest. Tanks are not actually that big a threat to you. I’ve killed just as many Winstons as Winstons have killed me. I have absolutely slaughtered D.Vas, and laughed as Roadhog after Roadhog fell. It’s Reinhardt who can be a problem, just three left clicks and you’re dead. Only attack him when he’s being pressured by your teammates and he’s not in a position to drop his shield, and remember to be as agile as you can. You’re quite squishy and most heroes can kill you pretty easily but McCree Reaper and Reinhardt are really the only ones who have an absolute advantage over you if you’re directly dueling them. 

Headcannons for Dating/Flirting with Heather Duke

Requested by: Anonymous


- Your relationship with Heather started a lot easier than most would have accepted. You were a new student from an entire other area, exotic to the students of Westerburg High, which was what drew the Heathers to you.

- You weren’t dumb, you realized that being friends with the Heathers would up your social ranking and remove the target on your back, even if that meant being a little mean every now and again.

- Plus, a certain Heather had caught your eye. Heather Duke seemed desperate for attention from Heather C, and rather dismissive to anyone else. And that interested you.

- You didn’t really flirt with her per-say. Whenever she made comments about weight or appearance you would assure her that she looked perfect in your eyes, and as you continued on Heather became less interested in sucking up to Heather C and more interested in you.

- You were popular, like the Heathers. Not many of the boys liked you, mainly because you had no time for them. But people also liked you because you were a sort of shield. You called out the jocks on their bullshit, chew out people who were trying to start bullshit rumours and generally being pretty defensive of people you deemed worthy.

- Sometimes, when Heather Chandler would go to far with her quips and insults towards Duke  you would step in. Duke didn’t like it at first, the idea of someone being a “White Knight” for her, but as time went on she found herself appreciating your kindness towards her.

- Unlike the others, Heather Duke recognized her feelings before you. It was rather sudden and strange for her, seeing as she’d never really had an actual crush on anyone before, and that first crush was a girl of all things. She didn’t really mind though, some part of her always knew what her preference in gender was. She was sure the other Heathers were gay as well, so she knew she’d find some form of acceptance there, even if it was a rather fucked up friendship she had with them.

- She didn’t have any problem figuring out your sexuality. Even if you didn’t mention you liked girls (Which you did a lot, the gay jokes never ceased) it was pretty obvious from the stereotypical tough lesbian look you had. So with that sorted, it was really only a matter of getting you to like her back. Her flirting, unlike yours, was more abrupt. She knew what she wanted, and she was going to get it. Even if you were kind of oblivious to her new feelings.

- Your crush on Heather was more of a slow build up then a sudden realization. You were sitting beside her in the car, listening to Heather Chandler talk about some bullshit party when you turned your head to look at Heather Duke. She looked over, and gave you a smile and things just clicked into place. There were no freakouts or existential crises. Just a comfortable change which you were fine with.

- You started dating about a week after that. You’d noticed Heather wasn’t in your class and excused yourself, saying you had to go to the bathroom. You weren’t exactly lying, and made your way there, finding her alone for once.

- You noticed she was looking a bit green and pointed it out, but she tried to brush you off. You kept pushing, worried for her health until she caved in and admitted to a diet that she’d started a diet to try and lose weight. You immediately panicked, spouting facts about how they don’t work and how they do more harm than good and she listened on, wondering why the hell you always got so defensive and fussy when it came to her wellbeing. You ranted on and on till she got worked up and finally snapped and asked why you cared about her when nobody else seemed to give a shit.

- You froze for a moment, before heaving out a sigh and kissing her forehead, destroying any doubt in Heather’s mind that you liked her. She froze up herself, before grabbing you by your shirt and kissing you hard. And the rest is history.

- Your relationship is very close, filled with lots of words and actions of affection from you to her, which she gladly accepted in exchange for kisses for you. It’s a stable relationship of mutual respect and adoration that’s hard to be put into words, and it was perfect for the both of you.


I asked you guys to wait until Monday for my 4x11 Speculation, because I needed time to watch the other 11s, well I’ve finally done that and can now provide you with my spec!

Unlike the 10s there aren’t really a lot of really obvious consistent themes across these episodes, but, watching them the way I did, back to back, I was able to piece together a certain…trajectory for several characters, namely, Jasper, Monty, Raven, Clarke and Bellamy. I’m going to break this speculation into segments by character, with speculations bolded and italicized, here goes:


I suspect that radiation poisoning is going to begin to make an appearance at Arkadia and I think that this will cause Jasper to have a change of heart (at least in regards to the lives of others). In both 2x11 and 3x11 the focus of Jasper’s story line is his inability to save his friends from harm. See the following exchanges:

2x11 (Coup de Grace):

Jasper: “All right. Listen up. There’s gonna be questions, but there’s no time. We’re getting out of here. So pack your stuff.”

Fox: “What are you talking about?”

Miller: “What, they’re just letting us go?”

Jasper: “Yes, right now before they change their minds”

3x11 (Nevermore):

Clarke: “I had to save our people.”

Jasper:  “I was going to save everyone.”

Clarke: “I wish you could’ve.”

Jasper: “Shove your regret up your ass.”


Raven: “Let’s protect Jasper. Jasper’s so sensitive. Jasper’s lost someone. Everyone cater to his feelings. We’ve all lost someone. You don’t see us falling apart. You don’t see us getting wasted, being useless…”

 Jasper: “No. You took a pill to take your pain away. You gave up your memories.”

 Raven: “But then why should we expect anything more? You used to get high off people’s medicine. Being a selfish loser was your only move.”

Jasper: “Please stop.”

 Raven: “That’s all we see when we look at you… a coward, a waste of breath. Why do you even bother living? You’re weak, pathetic. You can’t save me. You can’t even save yourself. You couldn’t save what’s her name.”

In all of these instances, Jasper inability to save the people he cares for is front and center. All Jasper has wanted to be since 1x01 was a hero and so far he hasn’t been able to reach that goal. 

As it is likely this is the episode that Jasper dies in, I suspect that we will see him sacrifice himself to save the people stuck at Arkadia and finally Jasper will have been able to save everyone, just as he’s been trying to do for 2 Seasons now, probably by getting the others out of Arkadia.


In Episode 1x11, Monty has discovered that the Navigation System on the Exodus ship was tampered with by an unknown signal. He wants to figure out what’s happening with the signal, but Raven decides that they need the parts more than they need to figure out what happened. Raven also disconnects the radio that they were using to communicate with the Ark, even though Monty asks her not to, as it’s the only way they have to communicate with the Ark and his parents.  At the end of this episode Monty is captured by the Mountain Men.

In Episode 2x11, Monty does not have a huge role as he spends most of the episode trapped in a cage, watching Harper be bled, before he is ultimately rescued by Jasper and President Wallace. 

In Episode 3x11, Monty is integral to the plot of saving Raven, it is his idea to go to the Dropship and retrieve a pulse generator to help finish Raven’s EMP design. He takes Octavia with him and uses this opportunity to try to convince her to stay with the Delinquents. After retrieving the pulse generator, Monty walks outside to discover Octavia has disappeared and his mother has arrived. He realizes that she is chipped and is forced to shoot her when she almost kills Octavia. He realizes, after Raven is successfully revived that he could have saved his mother.

Monty’s story line for the 11′s seems to follow a relatively stable path. In each 11 episode he loses/almost loses someone he cares for and his life is endangered/he is captured.  In 1x11, he loses contact with the Ark (and therefore his parents and is unsure if they are alive or not), he is then kidnapped by the Mountain Men at the end of this episode. In 2x11, he is forced to watch Harper (who later becomes his girlfriend) be drilled for bone marrow (it is heavily implied that she is too weak for more drilling and would have died on the table if Wallace had not come in when he did) while he is held prisoner in a cage. In 3x11, he is forced to shoot and kill his mother when she attempts to kill Octavia, after she has already attacked him. 

In my opinion, this only adds more weight to the “Jasper dies in 4x11″ theory. We know, from the promo, that Monty is dressed in a HAZMAT suit, so it’s likely radiation has reached Arkadia, putting Monty’s life in danger. Monty has two people he cares about deeply in Arkadia in 4x11 (Jasper and Harper) and I believe it’s more likely Jasper dies than Harper. 


In 1x11, Raven is splitting gun powder so as to increase the number of bullets they have. Finn accuses her of keeping busy, to which Raven responds:

“I’m not keeping busy, Finn. I’m keeping us alive.”

She assures Finn that she’s over everything that’s happened between them, but when she sees Finn and Clarke leave to go on a hunting mission together, she decides that she no longer wants to hang around Arkadia. Bellamy walks in on Raven getting ready to leave and they have the following exchange:

Bellamy: “Where you going?”

 Raven: “The hell out of here.”

 Bellamy: “No way. You’re not leaving.”

 Raven: “Really? And what makes you think you can tell me what to do? Aren’t you a janitor?”

Bellamy: “Where you gonna go?”

 Raven: “Into these damn woods. Don’t worry about it. I’ll find someplace safe.”

 Bellamy: “Just wait. Don’t be an idiot. You go alone, and you’re dead or worse.”

 Raven: “So what’s your plan, sit here until you run out of bullets?” 

Bellamy: “Yeah. Or until you come up with something better. Come on, Raven. You came down here in a pod you rebuilt yourself. You made a bomb out of a tin can. What else you got in that head of yours?”

Raven: “Radios. We can’t defend ourselves if we can’t communicate. If we can build radios, walkie-talkies- Then we can fight as a team. We’d have a chance, at least.”

 Bellamy: “See? We need you. You may be a huge pain in the ass, but you’re smart.”

Raven gets to work on building the walkies, disconnecting the radio to Ark station in the process. However, when she learns that Clarke and Finn are not back when the rest of the hunting parties return, she takes drastic action to make herself feel better. She approaches Bellamy for sex, which ultimately does not assuage her pain. Unfortunately, she soon realizes that Clarke and Finn have been kidnapped. 

In 2x11 Raven serves three important functions. The first thing she does in the episode is rig up the airlock so that Emerson can be held there without dying of radiation poisoning. The next time we see her, she is working on replicating the frequency of a tone generator as a defense against the Reapers. She’s also tinkering with the radio a bit. She and Clarke also have a revealing discussion this episode:

Clarke: “It’s over.”

Raven: “No. You don’t get to give up, Clarke. You killed Finn, and I didn’t give up. I’m building a damn tone generator. You do your job.”

Clarke: “What is my job?”

Raven: “I don’t know, to come up with something.” 

In 3x11 the episode is very Raven centric, although most of the action revolves around others trying to save her. Raven has already completed the EMP design that will save her, they just need to find a power source. When ALIE realizes that it is likely that Raven will be disconnected, she tells Raven to kill herself. Luckily the others manage to utilize the EMP in enough time to save her but not before we hear this:

Raven: “No. You lied! You lied! No. No. Please don’t. The EMP will give me brain damage. You know it will. Please don’t do this.”

Raven’s story line across the 11s seems to revolve around her relationship to others and her ability to create. In each 11 episode Raven designs something that saves someone (1x11-the walkie-talkies, 2x11-the tone generators and the radiation proof air lock and in 3x11-the EMP that saves her), there’s also a lot of work with radio frequencies across these episodes (creating walkie-talkies and discovering Mt. Weather’s frequency in 1x11, using Mt. Weather tech to recreate the tone generators in 2x11 and uses an EMP to save herself in 3x11). She also attempts to leave the others in 2/3 of the 11′s (1x11-attempts to leave the Dropship, she likely would have died out there alone, 3x11-attempts to commit suicide (under ALIE’s influence).

Based on the above, I think Raven’s plot for 4x11 will have her either getting ready to go into space or actually making the launch, I think that while she is preparing to launch/in space, she discovers some form of technology (probably one that uses wave frequencies) that will be useful in either saving herself or saving the others. My best guess is that she actually does go into space, she discovers the still existing satellites that Mt. Weather was using to tamper with the Exodus ship as well as the radio communications in Season 2, and realizes they can be used for something and then she crash lands back on Earth (into the water-just as she discussed with Murphy and Luna in the beginning of this Season).


In Season 1, Clarke is kidnapped by Grounders in this episode, along with Finn. They are taken to a Grounder camp by Anya, who demands that Clarke save her second, Tris, or Finn dies. Clarke does her best to save the girl, including attempting to set up a blood transfusion, using Finn’s blood, but Tris ultimately dies. Finn is taken to be killed and Clarke, in an attempt to escape, kills the Grounder warrior (Trikru) who was standing guard over her, before being caught in a Grounder trap. 

In Season 2, Clarke is returning to Arkadia from the Grounder camp. Emerson and another sniper have her in their sights. Clarke is in a hurry to get home, to make sure she doesn’t miss Bellamy radioing in, she’s also bucking against Abby’s (the current Chancellor) attempts at leadership:

Abby: “Clarke…”

Clarke: “Mom, I need to get back to that radio to see if Bellamy has made contact.”

Abby: “Listen to me. I know you don’t think you need my protection anymore, but you do. You have to trust that I know what’s right for us.”

Emerson’s sniper takes his shot, but misses, hitting a Trikru warrior instead and Clarke, Octavia and the others discover that Clarke and L/xa are targets. They return to Arkadia, where Clarke is still ultimately focused on Bellamy:

Clarke: “Anything from Bellamy?”

Raven: “No.”

Clarke: “Then why aren’t you at the radio?”

Raven: “Octavia just took my place. How about you back off?”

The Trikru warrior dies, but Jackson and the others manage to give Emerson a transfusion of Arkadian blood, that helps to save his life. 

Jackson and Abby realize they’ve already begun bleeding the 47 and Clarke, who hasn’t heard from Bellamy, begins to lose hope. However, just when she’s about to throw in the towel, Bellamy manages to radio in and Clarke leaves the radio call with renewed hope. This is also the episode where Clarke officially declares herself as “in charge” and Kane sides with her over Abby:

Clarke: “You may be the Chancellor but I’m in charge.”

Kane: “The Grounders trust Clarke.”- The irony.

We also get this great line at the end of the episode:

Clarke: ““Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia. If he dies, we die.”

In Season 3, Clarke lies to Niylah to ensure safety for her people while they try to save Raven. Jasper spends much of the episode challenging Clarke’s authority.  Clarke has a breakdown in this episode as well, after Raven’s taunting reaching critical levels. She and Bellamy also have a moment where she checks over his bandages:

Clarke: “You’ll recover.”

Bellamy: “Will I? What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?”

Clarke: “Maybe there are no good guys.”

The consistencies I’ve found across the 11′s for Clarke are:

Clarke steps into a leadership position that others are not happy with her taking (Abby v. Clarke in 2x11 and Jasper v. Clarke in 3x11). 

She sets up a blood transfusion in 2 of these episodes, one which fails (Tris/Finn) and one that works (Emerson/unknown donor) and we know Nightblood has been an important part of this Season. 

Clarke has a breakdown due to the weight of leadership and the choices she’s made (With Raven in 2x11 and with Raven again in 3x11)

Predictions based on that: I believe Clarke’s leadership will be contested again in 4x11, I think it’s possible that we might see a blood transfusion used to save others (or perhaps a bone marrow transplant-and as Clarke is the only available Nightblood, it would have to come from her). We know she’s going to have a breakdown thanks to the promo for this episode, and I predict that it will be Bellamy who helps soothe her (as he did in both 2x11 and 3x11).


In 1x11, Bellamy doesn’t have a huge role. He sends groups out hunting in the beginning of the episode, convinces Raven to stay in Arkadia, has sex with Raven later that episode and then goes looking for Clarke and Finn at the end of the episode. 

In 2x11 his plot is much bigger, the episode begins with Bellamy being scrubbed in Mt. Weather, an obviously painful process. He awakens in a cage, next to Echo, who warns him that they take the strong. When Bellamy tells her he can’t understand him, she realizes he is Arkadian and spits on him. When Bellamy realizes they are coming back, he makes a distraction, which save Echo, but they take him to be drained instead. Maya finds Bellamy, whose blood is being used for treatment and begins unhooking him. Unfortunately, she is interrupted by Lovejoy. Maya convinces Lovejoy that Bellamy is dead, and Bellamy manages to get the jump on Lovejoy and, with Echo’s help, kills him. Bellamy realizes there are children in Mt. Weather and when he radios Clarke, tells her that they have to find a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. They also come up with the idea of using the Grounder army inside of Mt. Weather as a Trojan horse. 

In 3x11, Bellamy and Clarke are reunited for the first time since 3x05, they share a pretty dramatic look when they meet again, before Bellamy helps carry Raven into the cave. Bellamy spends a lot of this episode running interference for Clarke and others. He is the one who tells Jasper to take a break when he gets too aggressive with Clarke, he wraps Clarke’s hand after Raven bites it, and volunteers to take her place for a bit with Raven. His role in the massacre is revealed and Bellamy is frustrated and angered to realize that he no longer believes that he made the right decision. Bellamy and Clarke have a second hand wrapping scene (see Clarke’s portion above) and they discuss what it means to be a good guy. 

Predictions for Bellamy’s plot based on the above: 

Obviously a big portion of Bellamy’s plot is discovering what happened to Octavia. We know at some point he is even willing to fight his way out of the bunker to do so. We also know that he is injured doing so (his hands are wrapped in the promo-a parallel to 3x11 perhaps). I’m pretty certain that he and Clarke will have an emotionally charged moment, where he talks to her about what it means to be the good guy. I am cautiously proposing that the episode might end with Clarke leaving the bunker and Bellamy following her out. 

Other Predictions based on previous 11′s:

In 1x11 Kane is trapped on the outside of Earth Monitoring, where Jaha and Sinclair are stuck and dying. He manages to get inside and save them (although he does communicate with them via radio first), and then he crawls through an air duct to reach a Service Bay where he finds Abby, opening the doors using a portable battery. In 2x11, he is desperate to save the people trapped in Mt. Weather and begins to doubt and question Abby’s leadership abilities before ultimately siding with Clarke. He is not present in 3x11. 

Abby’s plot in 2x11 (the only 11 she has a large role in) is all about her concern for Clarke. She spends most of the episode upset by the realization that the Grounders consider Clarke the Arkadian leader, and as a result, Clarke’s life is endangered. 

Octavia spends 1x 11, 2x11 and 3x11, trying to find her place. In 1x11, the boys don’t listen to her advice because she’s a “Grounder Pounder.” in 2x11, she is training under Indra as her second, and in 3x11, she has come to the realization that she is “Not Trikru. Not Skaikru.”

I believe that Kabby’s plot will be about Abby trying to save Kane, while also being concerned about Clarke’s stressful position as a leader and that Octavia’s plot will center around her new role as a possible leader.

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ygquiayhe  asked:

So are there any ways that you criticize people in a tactful way? If so what are some of them? :) hahahaha thanks a lot and have a happy new year!! :)

How to Give Critiques the Right Way

1. What’s your intention?

It’s ok to give critiques if:

  • You’re helping someone improve themselves or their quality of work
  • You want to address the root cause of a problem or misunderstanding between you

Avoid it if:

  • You’re showing your superiority/their inferiority
  • You’re trying to prove you’re right
  • You’re coming from a place of anger or hurt (there are better ways to express yourself like talking through your issues instead of criticizing the other person)
  • You’re criticizing unimportant individual differences or personal choice (e.g. someone’s choice of fashion)

2. Do they want it?

If someone isn’t willing to hear you out, you’re wasting your time. They won’t follow your advice and may feel hurt or resentful towards you.

You should have a rapport before giving a critique. If not, it’s usually fine if you have their respect, or if they explicitly ask for a critique.

If you must critique to someone who is generally sensitive or defensive, make sure they’re in a good emotional state first. Let them know you can help comment on the fiction they’re writing, for example, and set up a time you’re both comfortable with.

3. Is it a good time and place?

  • It’s better to give critiques in a private environment (i.e. not in front of their friends or coworkers)
  • Make sure they’re not busy with something else or have other concerns clouding their minds

4. Is your critique constructive?

Here are the components of a constructive criticism:

  • What they’re already doing well
  • What’s not working well and why
  • How to improve it

The how is the key. It distinguishes a helpful critique someone can actually use, from a useless attack that only points out faults.

As I wrote in a previous post (Learning How to Take Criticisms Well):

There’s a difference between someone saying “wow, your drawing is bad.” (negative criticism) and “the anatomy is kinda off, fix it” (unhelpful criticism), and “hey, the balance of that character you drew is a bit off. That right leg looks like it can’t fully support the weight of the body with this pose. Try increasing the size of the thigh and shifting it to the right a bit” (constructive criticism).

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Cyborg X Reader- Robot with a Built in Walkie Talkie

You sighed while surveying your body behind the fogged glass, wishing that your accident never happened. Many of the doctors that you were sent to said that there was nothing to do, and that you had so little time. You always joked around that you would like to sleep for a few years before a big exam or when life was too hard, but now you realize how serious it is. Now, you can’t feel the warmth of the sun, taste the wonderful foods you used to eat, or even feel pain. It felt as if you weren’t human anymore. Sure, you had emotions, but the android body you now inhabit prevents you from experiencing the physical side of being human. Everyday you had to remind yourself that not that many people were this lucky, to be able to live their lives outside of their dying body, but in your point of view, this is not living. It’s only surviving.

“(Y/N)!! You would not believe what I finally found!!”

You quickly stepped out of the way of the sliding wall, watching as your frozen body disappeared out of view. Just as the sliding door locked, Cyborg bursted through your bedroom door. He had an excited smile on his face and his left hand hid behind his back. You smiled, knowing that he could always lift your spirits.

“What is it, Cy?” you asked your ecstatic best friend.

“I was sorting through our old tools and I found this!” he exclaimed while holding out his hand.

You glanced at his open palm and gasped. It was your necklace that Cy had made out of some spare parts. When he had given it to you, you never took it off, but you thought you lost it when the Hive stormed into Titan Tower. You took it out of his hand and placed it around your neck, hearing the click of the magnet clasp. You frowned slightly when one of them attached to your neck, and fixed it before Cy noticed.

“Thank you for finding this,” you smiled.

“It was no problem. Oh, and Robin wanted to know if you were going to come with us to get some pizza.”

“I’ll come, but let me grab a few things,” you agreed. “What time are you guys going?”

“We’re leaving in ten minutes, but you and I know that Beast Boy is not that patient,” he joked.

You laughed and rolled your eyes. You grabbed your shoes from your closet and slipped them on before following Cy out of the door. On the way towards the living room, you and Cy spoke about many of the new designs and upgrades you wanted to try out for the new weapons and security systems. These conversations always made you forget about your troubles and finally focus on what’s in front of you.

“You finally dragged her out of her cave!!” Beast Boy shouted with joy.
“It is not my fault I prefer to be in the comforts of my room, or the peaceful workshop,” you said. “A person can only deal with your loud mouths for only so long.”

“You know you love me.”

You rolled your eyes and followed the team to the garage. Once the elevator opened, you immediately went to your new motorcycle that you built yourself. The rest of the team piled into Cyborg’s car. You smirked, pulled on your leather jacket, which was hanging on the motorcycle’s handles, and placed your helmet on your head. It wasn’t like you needed to wear all of this protection, but you didn’t want to get suspicious. You turned on your lovely piece of machinery and revved the engine, waiting for Cyborg to get his metal ass moving. He then turned on the engine and also revved the engine. You smirked and revved your engine once again and sped out of the garage with the team right behind you.


“I really don’t understand why you guys don’t wear civilian clothing,” you stated as everyone entered the Pizza Corner.

“You have to always be prepared,” Robin said, probably quoting Batman.

You sat at the end of the booth, attempting to make origami animals and flowers to pass the time. Many of the team members gave questioning glances to you and looked at each other, silently telling themselves that they notice something is wrong.

“Why don’t you have a slice of pizza, (Y/N)?” Beast Boy asked.

“I already ate before you asked me to come,” you replied and finished the origami lotus you made.

“Okay, but we never have seen you eat. I mean….. Are you actually eating anything?”

“Of course I am, Beast Boy. Why would you ask that?” you asked, tearing your attention away from the napkins in front of you.

“I was just making sure you are okay, isn’t that what friends are for?”

You gave him a small smile and resumed making origami. The team continued to chat about their latest missions and some improvements Robin would like for his gear.

“I see you are wearing the necklace Cyborg gifted to you, (Y/N),” Starfire observed.

You glanced down at the necklace, “Yeah, Cy found it in our old tools today.”

“That is the most wonderful news!! You were in much distress when you misplaced it.”

You laughed, “Yes I was.”

You frowned and pulling out your buzzing phone, and saw that it was flashing red and black. Your eyes widened and you immediately stood up.

“Someone has broken into the tower!!” you shouted and rushed out of the door.

The rest of the team jumped out of their seats and ran to the car. By the time they were outside, you were already speeding back to the tower. Negative thoughts flooded your mind. Are they going to find your body? Are they going to cut the power? Your personal generator could help the device keeping you alive function for a few hours. The generator also powered the defense systems you put up to protect it. What if they destroyed the generator? It would be even worse if they used an electromagnetic pulse to shut down the whole tower. Another notification from your phone popped up and showed that your room had been breached. You urged your motorcycle to go even faster and crashed through the closed garage door. Your brand new bike skidded across the floor, causing sparks to fly across the room. You looked down and saw the clothing and fake skin you had on your right leg was gone, but quickly pushed that in the back of your mind. Rushing to the elevator door, you pulled it open and opened the secret hatch you installed if this were to happen. You grabbed the metal rope that was hanging to your right and pressed the red button from the hatch. The rope pulled you up to your level, faster than the elevator could, and you kicked down the elevator door. You sprinted to your room and saw Brother Blood standing next to your body, smiling like a madman.

“Ever since I first met you, I have wondered why my abilities had no affect on you. Apparently, I was focusing on the wrong source,” he smirked maliciously.

His eyes glowed red and your limbs stopped working, as if the joints rusted. You panicked. How were you supposed to get out of this mess?

“I wouldn’t bother, child. I can’t control your metal body, but I can control your true one,” he stated while glancing out of your window. “Oh, your friends are finally here. This is going to get interesting…”

You knew what he was going to make you do. You knew that he was going to make you hurt your new family. No matter what you did, you couldn’t twitch a single finger. There was only one option left, and that was to shut down completely. All you had to do was think it, and it would happen, but you didn’t know the outcome. You didn’t know if you would lose all of your memories or cause your brain to overload, but there was no way in hell this guy was going to use you as his puppet. You let out a shaky breath. SHUT DOWN.

The team rushed into the tower and saw your crashed bike and the bent elevator door. Cyborg ripped the remaining door out of the way and waited for everyone to board the elevator. When everyone was on, he smashed the button to your level. His scanners from the security system showed that you were in the room with on person. Obviously he didn’t have cameras in your room, but he knew you were in trouble. When they reached your floor, Cyborg had to blast the doors off due to get the whole team through. Once they reached your bedroom, they you frozen with Brother Blood’s eyes glowing red with a smirk on his face.

“So nice of you to join us, I was just telling (Y/N) about a little favor I would like to ask her.”

“Let her go now,” Cyborg demanded.

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

The team waited for you to lash out at them, but you remained still. Brother Blood’s smile faded and backed away from the team.

“What is going on? Attack them you brat!!”

The team smiled and attacked him, but Cyborg stayed behind to check on you. He tried to shake you, but your frozen limbs caused you to tip over. He quickly caught you, but noticed that you weren’t breathing. He quickly scanned you for any vital signs, but found nothing. He placed your body down and joined in battling Brother Blood. With one solid punch, he ended the fight.

Cyborg picked him and held him up against the wall, “What did you to do her.”

He chuckled, “Why don’t you look over there like your other teammates are?”

Cyborg growled and knocked him out. When Brother Blood sank to the floor, Cyborg looked over to the team. They were staring at a huge cylinder made out of metal. He walked over to them and gasped when he saw you in there. You had burns on the left side of your face, and they traveled down under the clothing you were wearing. Cyborg could tell that more than half of your body was covered in these burns and scars. Tearing his eyes away from your scarred body, he walked over to your body that he was holding earlier. He noticed the exposed cybernetic parts of your right leg and the charred remains of the fake flesh that covered them.

“Dude, this is weird,” Beast Boy said.

“The (Y/N) we know is an android,” Cyborg said, “but what happened to her?”

“At least we found out why she doesn’t eat,” Beast Boy reasoned.

Cyborg looked over the robotic copy of your body and searched for any way to switch you back on or at least save the data stored in this body. He found a button right behind your left ear and pressed it, hoping that you will wake up. He saw your fingers twitch, and then the rest of the joints moved. You groggily sat up and squinted your eyes, waiting for the mechanical eyes to adjust to the lighting. When your eyes finally adjusted, you saw Cyborg staring at you with his team standing behind him.

“Why are you guys-”

You stopped when you noticed that the door was wide open, revealing your frozen body. You then looked over to see one of the Titans’ enemies, Brother Blood, unconscious at the back of your bedroom.

“What happened?” you asked.

“You don’t remember anything?” Cy asked.

“I remember going to the pizza restaurant with you and then my phone going off, but then it’s blank,” you replied and glanced down to your hands.

You glanced down even further and saw the exposed cybernetic skeleton of your leg. Some of the fake skin was still managing to hang onto the wires and metal.

“You have some explaining to do, (Y/N),” Robin said and folded his arms.

“Rob, now is not the time to-”

“No,” you cut him off, “it’s fine.”

You stood up and walked over to your frozen body. You grabbed a slim black book and tossed it to Robin.

“I was an engineer and technician for this big company that paid well enough for me to help my parents. Back then, they were involved in a car crash and needed serious medical attention. I had enough money for them, and they were getting better day by day, but that changed after the accident. It was a regular work day when all of the sirens went off and the whole building went into lockdown. I was in the workshop with a few interns when it happened, so I rushed them over to the safe room, knowing that something like this was serious. I tripped and the door closed. Then there was an explosion. I was hurt badly, as you can see, and I wasn’t given that much time left. The same company I worked for gave me a second chance and implanted this device into my brain, allowing me to control this android while I’m in a dream-like state. They let me go and I didn’t have enough money to keep myself and my parents alive, and they said to let them go. I regret it, but I can’t change the past. So that’s my explanation. Excuse me.”

You walked out of your room and quickly made your way to the workshop, hoping to find some quiet to clear your head. You looked down to your right leg and decided that you needed to fix it. You grabbed a pair of scissors that was on your work table and started cutting off the ruined skin.


You sighed and stopped cutting the skin, “Yeah, Cy?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

You placed the scissors down on the table, “I don’t know. It is really painful to know that I can’t have a normal life. I’ve always wanted to get married and have kids, but now it’s impossible. I felt like every time I see myself as a popsicle, my world gets crushed.”

“You know, I was in an accident like you,” Cy murmured. “That’s how I ended up like this.”

“At least you’re still human,” you said. “All I am is a robot with a built in walkie talkie. It has been so long since I felt human, and I’ve already forgot the feeling.”

“Maybe you won’t have to do this any longer,” Cy said.

“What do you mean?”

“I can make you a cyborg like me.”

Weird thing about fighting Papyrus

So when you’re in a non-geno run and you fight Papyrus, you can choose whether or not you want to attack him at first, but it won’t have much effect on the trajectory of the fight.  No matter what you do, Papyrus eventually spares you, and if you choose to hit him, regardless of what his remaining health is, you will deal mortal damage.  People have talked before about what this tells us about Papyrus’s character, Papyrus as a “morality pet” for the player, etc etc.  But I’d like to talk about the actual stats involved in this.

tl; dr: Pap’s defense is higher when he has less HP during the “spare” phase of the battle.  He’s the only enemy who does this (as far as I know).  Read more for actual data and a theory on how the game calculates this.

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Sanvers Week Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

Maggie and Alex at a conference for Sanvers Week day 2!

I’m posting from my phone, so apologies in advance if the formatting is messed up!

Tonight will be the follow up to the Wonder Woman/Alex in Themyscira chapter and maybe a bit of smut if I’ve got extra time (or perhaps I’ll get to the requested WayHaugh one shot?? Who knows!)

Chapter Text

Maggie crept in through the side door of Conference Room C at the Opal City Convention Center. She quietly made her way up the side aisle and took a seat toward the front, trying not to disturb anyone. Flipping open the program, Maggie looked at the panel lineup, grateful to find that she hadn’t missed Alex’s presentation. She smiled as she caught sight of Alex’s wavy red hair, her head bent down as she scribbled notes all over the black moleskin notebook she brought with her to every conference and lecture she attended.

After the second speaker finished, the panel moderator got back up and introduced the third and final panelist: “Up next is Dr. Alexandra Danvers, a bioengineer from National City. Her work focuses on alien physiology, though she has co-authored papers on the use of radiation signatures in detection and prevention as well as alien biology and treating extraterrestrial diseases. Today she will be discussing the use of black body field generators as defensive tools. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Danvers.”

Maggie clapped loudly and grinned as she saw how many people’s heads perked up at the mention of her fiancée’s name. Fighting back inappropriate thoughts at the sight of Alex up there in a very well-tailored suit and heels, black-framed reading glasses perched on her nose and slides with complicated diagrams on them projected behind her. She settled in as Alex began talking, listening to her present a picture of the problem—highly advanced alien weaponry falling into the hands of violent organizations like Cadmus—and then sketch a vision of potential solutions. She sent Kara, Lena, and Winn a short video of Alex praising Lena Luthor’s work in getting the first prototype off the ground and expressing gratitude over her collaboration with scientists at Alex’s “lab,” including Winn Schott, to design a version that was even more stable and could disable such technology within a much larger radius.

Maggie watched with pride as people scribbled down ideas all over their programs and notebooks, clearly pleased with the possibility of taking such ideas back to their own labs and police departments. As Alex was giving her closing remarks, she happened to glance over to the far left of the room, catching sight of Maggie sitting there, a broad smile on her face. Even as she tilted her head, a look of surprise in her eyes, she never faltered. When she wrapped up, she was greeted with a hearty round of applause as hands flew into the air to ask follow up questions.

Even after the formal question and answer section had concluded, Alex stuck around, surrounded by hordes of admirers desperate to tell her how much they respected her work and how glad they were that they had the opportunity to meet her in person. When the last of the fans dispersed, Maggie made her way to the front of the room. “Now, Dr. Danvers, do you think you might have time for one more question?”

Grinning, Alex shrugged. “I suppose maybe for someone as pretty as you I could.”

“I hope you don’t say that to all the girls.”

“Just my fiancée,” Alex winked.

“Very smooth, Danvers.”…(Continued on AO3)


An interpretation of Eric Harris’ racist and nazi beliefs

The fact that Eric Harris expressed and grew racist - even nazi - beliefs towards the end of his life is pretty much undoubted. Close friend Chris Morris stated that both Eric and Dylan were extremely racist and Eric especially was described as racist by several witnesses in police reports on the case, as well as being described as an admirer of Hitler and the nazis, though some witnesses also state that they didn’t recognize this behavior in neither of the boys. What can be concluded from Eric’s own writings though is that he did, in fact, have nazi beliefs, and that he did feel a certain way about not only non-whites but also about homosexuals, disabled people and others he considered as “useless” members of society. For example, he referred to “niggers and spics and chinks” in one journal entry, expressed hatred towards blacks and gays in another one, wrote about Hitler and loving the Nazis in yet another journal entry and commented “nigger=darkie=Rastus=coon” and “none are equal/pure discrimination” in his planner. He also frequently drew swastikas and made a list of ethnic slurs for blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, Jews, people from the Middle East - but also whites. What is often forgotten when discussing this subject is that Eric expressed a strong hatred towards whites as well, and often wrote about a general hatred and strong dislike for the human race, more so than he wrote about disliking non-whites. In The Basement Tapes, Eric and Dylan also talk about hating all races: “niggers, spics, Jews, fucking whites.” At the same time, they mention the enemies that abused them and the friends who didn’t do enough to defend them. This makes it pretty clear that they hated the human race as a whole; for what the humans did to them and for what they didn’t do for them. 

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STELLE LIKES POWERS — ice manipulation [ʌɪs məˌnipyˈlāSHən] 

(n.) the ability to manipulate ice.

Ice manipulation, commonly referred to as cyrokinesis, doesn’t stand much on it;s own - a subpower to water bending, users play with it’s frozen state. These generally come in the form of snow, hail, icicles, spikes and candles. However, there are some instances where an ice manipulator can manipulate cold, by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms. Ice manipulators are divided into two distinct groups, depending on their preference. Regardless, the method is the same - the power is generally more defense based, due to it’s form. Most users would create armour with ice, rather than attack with it. 

Cyrokinectics are rather sorrowful creatures. Plagued with predispositions of anxiety and depression, they are usually insecure and afraid of others. To justify this, they tend to distance themselves. They believe that if they deconstruct their personality and disregard their emotions, they will never be hurt. Ice manipulators are very independent and don;t mind being shut off from the community - the cold never bothered them anyway.

A user’s main concern is usually the amount of moisture available, as they are limited to already existing sources. If located in a dry area, their powers may be rendered useless. Ice also, naturally, melts under extreme heat; manipulators of fire and magma can be trouble. Sound-based powers are also a perfect counter, vibrations are almost impossible to freeze and can cause ice to shatter. These user’s worst enemy, however, is themselves. Negativity is a powerful thing. This, tied with irrational fears, can be disasterous. If not careful, an ice manipulator could shut themselves out and be lost forever.

Troll boobs and how they work

Trolls girls have boobs.
What’s up with that?

What are they good for?
What are the sociocultural impact of troll boobs?
Glad you asked!

An anon requested me to write a report on them and I decided I would comply.

Firstly, their function.

Now, as some of you might know, female insects are dominant and typically much larger.
This remains true to trolls.
See, trolls are insect based rather than mammalian and thanks to the lusii system, trolls don’t give a flying fuck about their young. Trolls do not have nipples as they have zero reason to.
Now, since human boobs are meant to feed young, what exactly are troll boobs for?

Remember how I said large, dominant females are a thing for insects?
And remember how trolls are violent?

Troll boobs are armor for the more violent women of the species.
Women have a thick membrane underneath their chest that protrudes slightly outwards. On top of that they have breasts pretty similar human boobs, except they tend to be less fatty and a little less sensitive (while being much stronger against pain). They are a little thicker, more dense, and more firm than human boobs. They are also generally heavier and less sensitive.
This acts as natural armor with the softer part helping absorb kinetic energy and the thicker membrane acting like a slightly stronger second skin to further absorb energy and help divert any foreign objects away from the organs (swords, arrows, etc).
This makes female trolls particularly resistant against blunt trauma and minor defense towards piercing weapons from the front.

Now, bigger isn’t exactly better. Considerable weight comes with larger boobs, so the extra weight for more protection is definitely a factor.
Basically smaller boobs are light armor whereas bigger boobs are heavy armor, meaning they both have pros and cons.
Bigger boobs = tank
Smaller boobs = ninja
Bigger boobs offer more protection to blunt trauma and generally offer thicker defenses for everything.
Smaller boobs are lightweight and tend to have a denser membrane to compensate, meaning they are good for protecting against stabbings, but don’t offer much for blunt force.

The Condesce, being a big tank would have bigger boobs to help with getting punched/stabbed/hit in the chest.
On the other end of the spectrum, smaller boobs are desirable in the own right due to the increased agility they indicate.
Like, oh, Terezi with the sick flips she can do. Or Nepeta and her pouncing. Since trolls think violence is pretty hot, many trolls would favor smaller boobs as well for whatever kinda fighting style compliments their own.

When a troll molts at the end of puberty (gaining slightly darker and tougher skin) troll boobs become more firm and denser, kinda doubling down on protection and cementing their body type.

Their roll in social standing
In human society bigger boobs tend to be seen as slutty…
In troll society bigger boobs are indicative of strength, but smaller boobs are incredibly desirable for their own reasons.
Basically, trolls are either more tank-ish or more agile and quick and many people develop ideas and constructs around this principle.

Lesbian kismesitudes with a very noticeable size difference indicates incredible prestige for the smaller of the two. It basically says “Yeah, I’m smaller, but my killer instincts let me give her a run for her money”
Black rom romance with bigger breasted girls is a mark of durability and strength whereas dating one with smaller boobs is a mark of keen instinct and speed.

Troll girls with smaller boobs are considered to be more proactive, with bolder personalities, whereas troll girls with larger ones are considered to be more laid back and less active.
Of course this is a stereotype with a hint of truth.

Both are valued in their own ways and both indicate a great deal of respect. Far on each side of the scale (very busty or flat chested) is actually considered pretty desirable.

So, in summary.
Troll boobs are armor, with larger ones being heavy armor and smaller being light armor.
Those with smaller boobs make up for less armor with agility and fierce initiative so they don’t wind up taking a blow, whereas bigger breasted girls can be more passive and less weary of danger.
Black rom dating a girl with bigger boobs is considered a mark of strength, where one with smaller is a mark of cunning and instinct.


Everyone but Nigel have fun in this ep. for like 10 minutes. Then puns happen.

Things to remember from this ep:

  • The Parent Teacher Organization of Eradicating Youngsters exists.
  • Since they aren’t related to or familiar to Sector V it’s possible the ‘parent’ and ‘teacher’ part of their team name is just a theme they’re dressed around.
  • Numbuh 2 is a 2x4 tech innovator trying out new weapons in the field.
  •  Sector V’s powercore is powered by thousands and thousands of scurrying hamsters.
  • The DCfdtL see local villians on appointment or walk in to apply to harass Sector V.
  • Grandma Stuffum can animate food somehow.(Magic??)
  • Sector V’s treehouse  has no back up generator or emergency defense grid in case of power loss.
  • Star Wars or a Star Wars equivalent exists in universe becasue 2 and 4 make lightsaber noises.
  • Numbuh 2 has the strongest stomach of his sector.
  • Awful puns exist.
  • Abby understands german easily.(*insert eye emoji here*)
  • The hamsters the KND employ understand dramatic timing.

Speculative placement in the series:

Honestly this one’s weird to place. Sector V’s reliance on their power grid is well beyond anything from the previous two eps or since(I think??) but no one seems terribly inexperienced or anything? The DC did mention before that they’ve had birthday’s ambushed by the KND before so it’s possible this is before CAKE but honestly there’s not much to go by.

Esper Abilities

For @whatevsbla, they requested me to make esper abilities and this is the best I can do! I hope you all at least learned a bit from this.

Sources are google, superpower wiki, and mob psycho 100 wiki. Heck not all the abilities are here but I added some headcanons here and there.

    • Aerokinesis – the ability to generate and manipulate wind. A sub-genre of Atmokinesis. (Possible: can be done though telekinesis?)
  • Animation – the ability to control inanimate objects, such as large, wooden puppets. The esper imbues energy to the objects before controlling them with his/her mind waves. (Possible: similar to chlorokinesis/telekinesis/necromancy?)
  • Astral Projection – the ability to separate one’s ethereal body from his/her physical one. This ability can be used to invade another living being’s body to enter the mental world. Also called as Astral Travelling. Some espers needed to lose consciousness and carefully focus first before utilizing this ability.

-          Out-of-body Cloning/Ethereal Cloning – the ability to create multiple duplicates of the ethereal soul. It can be used for combat. Some espers does not lose consciousness to utilize this ability. The clones, although lacks physical mass, can mimic physical force. However, the clone is weaker than the utilizer.

  • Atmokinesis – the ability to control the weather. Even if the esper is not born with this ability, they can do so through immensely powerful telekinesis.
  • Ki – the ability to control one’s ‘life force’ within one’s body. An ancient dojo technique. (Possible: Power Membrane manipulation?)

-          Hardening Ki – the ability to manipulate one’s qi to channel it into limbs or knees to make them more powerful. Enhances durability and strength.

-          Super Ki – the ability to generate the Qi to the outside, as an ‘aura’. A miraculous and new technique, no one is quite sure how this works.

  • Chlorokinesis – the ability to control and generate plants. The esper imbues his/her energy to the plants, and then control them with his/her mind. (Possible: similar to telekinesis/Animation/Necromancy?)

-          (A/N: if an esper manipulates plants, it needs a source of energy to do so. They use their psychic energy instead because the nutrients in the soil are not enough to compensate it to grow plants at incredibly fast or colossal rates.)

  • Clairvoyance – ability to predict/guess beyond normal probability. It can be used as a way to ‘sense’ danger, before it occurs.

-          Third Eye – the ability to ‘see’ the future. Highest form of Clairvoyance.

  • Conjuration – (Sakurai) the ability to convert powerful emotions to be imbued in objects to turn it into psychically-enhanced weapons. (In my opinion) The ability to conjure something out of powerful emotions.

-          Conjuration (Spirit tags) – a sigil is placed on a sacred tag (paper made from ‘divine wood’, same material used for Mukai’s puppets), and can only be activated when one’s emotions is strong enough. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the conjuration is. Warning: takes up a lot of psychic energy. Known as dormant conjuration.

-          Conjuration (Sigils) – a sigil is placed on a surface or in the air, activated once the sigil is complete. Can be verbal or non-verbal. Known as active conjuration.

  • Cyberkinesis – the ability to manipulate technology. The esper imbues his/her power into the device and ‘hacks’ into the matrix. Currently unknown on how this specifically works.

-          Signal manipulation – the ability to manipulate the signals, whether to nullify or enhance it. (Possible: done through mind signals or manipulating satellites?)

  • Cyrokinesis – the ability to manipulate and generate ice. A possible sub-genre of Atmokinesis. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Electrokinesis – the ability to manipulate and generate electricity. A sub-genre of Atmokinesis. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Ergokinesis – the ability to absorb and transfer energy.

-          (A/N: I would like to use a headcanon that since every esper aura/energy is unique, it is impossible for it to blend, unless it is converted. The energies in the air are all neutral forces, therefore esper energy, although doesn’t blend, flow without clashing with it. However, when two espers fight, for aura doubles as an offensive and defensive mechanism, their auras contrast greatly due to their animosity and clash for offensive/defensive maneuvers. But in a situation where two espers are neutral/positive with each other, their energies will just pulse and flow harmlessly, pushing on each other but never mixing like oil and water. Besides, if one would absorb another’s energy, it would be fatal if not converted, like poison. That’s why ergokinetics convert the energy before putting it their energy pool.)

·         Exorcism – the ability to exorcise spirits.

  • Purification – the ability to purge a being of all evil. Only incredibly powerful espers/psychics are capable of this.
  • Fragokinesis – the ability to generate explosions. Cannot be used in close range. Can be done through telekinesis.

-          (A/N: Telekinesis… Well, an esper can only do this if they manipulate the atoms/temperature.

  • Flyrokinesis – the ability to generate barriers. The main defense of an esper.

-          (A/N: I’ve made a post of this a long time ago. The three layers of an esper’s defense. First is the Power Membrane, Energy Barrier as Ishiguro said which every esper haves. Varies in density depending on the strength of the esper. Flyrokinesis is the Auxiliary barrier. From what I know, elementalists can’t generate one along with the few exceptions like spirit-related powers. In my opinion anyway, because their abilities cannot condense energy. I am not quite sure myself, since psychic powers are after, unfathomable.)

-          (By the way, the barrier is spherical, like an atom. It is possible to focus all energy at one point of the barrier e.g. Koyama attacked Mob, all of the energy is focused on where Koyama’s fist is in contact in the barrier as to reinforce the defense and prevent it from being pierced. Therefore, Mob’s rear is weakened, a chink in the armour so to speak. Espers have to be more careful when fighting more enemies because this may be used against them.)

  • Geokinesis – the ability to manipulate the earth. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Gyrokinesis – the ability to manipulate gravity. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Hydrokinesis – the ability to manipulate water. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Hypnosis – the ability to control one’s mind to allow another to go into a trance or dream like state of awareness.

-          (A/N: many people have seen what Dimple can do. Some are hooked in hypnosis because of crowd mentality; others involve direct contact in doing so.)

  • Illusion – the ability to generate illusions.

-          Hypnosis Illusion – often needs direct contact. Manipulates the mind into believing the façade.

-          Environmental Illusion – vastly different from Hypnosis Illusion, since it manipulates the environment instead (via light manipulation), making it even more believable.

-          (A/N: basically speaking, H.I. attacks the mental reality while E.I manipulates the surroundings. This makes it easier to fool people. Mentally strong people can resist the effects of H.I. But E.I can makes things more convincing depending on the skill of the wielder. Please note that the esper will not be able to see if he’s/she’s invisible or not. Side note that in some situations light behaves like a particle but most of the time it’s in waves. Therefore you can utilize E.I or photokinesis [light manipulation] via wave manipulation. I hope you understood that I wrote this down to prevent confusion. )

  • Ionikinesis – the ability to manipulate highly ionized gas a.k.a plasma.

-          (A/N: not quite sure why this is here. It’s kinda like some espers can manipulate it?? Or I don’t know it just seems interesting so I added it.)

  • Levitation – the ability to levitate matter. Can be done through telekinesis.
  • Materiokinesis – the ability to manipulate matter. Can be done through telekinesis.
  • Mind Control – the ability to undergo involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values to the individual whilst impairing one’s autonomy and independent thinking and also disrupting one’s affiliations.

·         • Mediumship – the ability to communicate with spirits.

  • Myokinesis – the ability to manipulate one’s muscle structure. This is done by sending signals to the muscles through the brain.

-          (A/N: I once read that is a human detects danger, the brain signals the heart to pump more blood to the muscles, the liver to release glucose for extra energy. Also, the human body is in fact strong enough to throw yourself across the room. The thing is, there is a higher mind in your brain that prevents you from using your muscles to its full potential. Myokinesis removes this restriction, uses up a lot of energy since if the liver releases glucose it won’t be enough for utilizing your muscles, at best for a few minutes. That’s why myokinetics compensate psychic energy for adrenalin. Therefore it needs mind signals and energy to maintain that strength.)

  • Photokinesis – the ability to manipulate light. Done through wave manipulation Invisibility is possible.
  • Psychokinesis – the ability to manipulate objects. Can be done through imbued energy and mind control.

-         (A/N: the reason why I said this is quite similar to elementumkinesis/animation/or whatever is that the all have the same two factors: imbued energy and control. Two different things that can be done in a variety of abilities.)

  •  Pyrokinesis – the ability to manipulate and generate fire. (Possible: can be done through telekinesis?)
  • Telekinesis – synonymous with psychokinesis. This is considered the baseline to all psychic abilities, when one improves their power, they can utilize nearly any ability known. Incredibly versatile and convenient in countless ways.
  • Telepathy – the ability to coomunicate/read minds. Done through signals. Not quite sure how this works.

I ship Bruce Wayne with a happy family life and lots of friendships 

@pelagic-argosy-sights-land said

DUS and S of Ecthav have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember.  Time and time again they’ve fought one another to a standstill, at most clawing back a little territory one lifted off another in the previous war.

So why have they stopped?

It’s no secret that the Sea of Ynt is currently, to describe it charitably, an ecological trainwreck in the making.  Both sides blame each other for this, whether it’s dams on the one end, or draining off too much on the other, or overfishing, or a thousand other things. 

Yet they haven’t gone to war over it.  Why?

Well, it’s also no secret that Ecthav’s famously paranoid blues have been stockpiling biological weapons as fast as their greens can breed up new germs.  It’s no secret that DUS is following suit.  It’s generally accepted among defense planners in slightly less backward nations that, the next time they fight, whoever feels like they’re on the losing end of the conventional conflict will retaliate with bioweapons.

Which would completely and permanently destroy the exact thing they’re fighting over.

So the tanks stay in the depots and the biohazard canisters stay in the big facilities they think nobody’s satellites can see.  The leaders rattle their sabres but work on water sharing treaties behind the scenes.  The world gets a little less awful.

Because biological weapons save lives