November 19th, 2013,
‘Selfie’ was named the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary
Pseudo-intellectuals everywhere cried about the ‘death of the English language’
Because God forbid modern colloquial speech be recognised as valid.
Time Magazine refers to ‘millenials’ as the ‘me me me generation’
Selfish, all we care about is personal gratification
Lazy, entitled, shallow narcissists.
A picture of a girl taking a selfie on her phone is used for the cover
Because our selfishness can be summed up in the fact that we like how we look enough to document it.
We are consumed, they tell us, with our self image.
Everything is about us.
With the addition of every word to the dictionary,
‘Hashtag’. ‘Perf’. ‘Sexting’. ‘Totes’. ‘Selfie’,
The ‘me-me-me’ generation continues to make it all about ourselves,
And we should, they tell us, weep,
We should weep because we are entitled,
Because all we care about are selfies and parties and Instagram,
Because this is the generation that will one day run the world,
And for that, we should weep,
Because all we are is ‘me-me-me’.
Let me tell you something.
Every year, university tuition will be 2.3% more expensive for MY GENERATION,
MY GENERATION reports higher levels of anxiety and depression than ANY other generation,
15% more of US than YOU will go to university,
But 46% of MY GENERATION won’t find a job until over a year after law school,
MY GENERATION, on average, is $47,628 in debt.
58% of girls in MY GENERATION feels like they are the wrong weight,
95% of people with eating disorders are part of MY GENERATION,
And MY GENERATION has a million dollar industry telling us that we are not good enough,
That we are ugly, lazy, and entitled,
And anything we do to be financially successful,
Or less stressed,
Or beautiful, god dammit,
Is in vain.
So pick up your phone,
Pick your favourite filter,
And take a goddamn selfie.
You deserve it for having to grow up in these times.
—  My poem, ‘Hashtag Selfie’.
YOUR generation

YOUR generation was the generation where two teachers could afford to buy a 4-bedroom house in San Diego, CA and then afford the mortgage and raise 2 kids in private school (my parents did this).

YOUR generation was the generation where one parent could work in Financial Aid at the local college and the other could raise 2 kids in a 3 bedroom house (my now-retired coworker did this).

YOUR generation was the generation where you could wash dishes to put yourself through college and law school (my uncle did this).

MY generation can’t buy a home when the average cost is $440k and a combined income of two teachers is only $70k, and they have to pay 35% income to rent, let alone trying to afford children.

MY generation has both parents working, one or both working 2 jobs just to buy food, not even able to afford a family vacation every December.

MY generation is in student debt on average $33,000.  And we have scholarships but they only cover 40% of the cost and when law school costs $120k for 2 years, you do the math.

So don’t tell me that it’s MY GENERATION that fucking things up.  We’re only 25, we didn’t get in to the war in 2001 (we were 11 years old), we didn’t de-fund mental health institutions in 1975, we didn’t decide that grants and scholarships should be funded less and tuition should cost more, we didn’t raise the housing market 7000% (my childhood home was bought for $95k and sold for $750k 20 years later).  MY GENERATION didn’t do any of that, YOUR generation did.

So don’t tell me I “just” need to “get a better job” or that I “only” have to send my kids to “a good school.”  Because it doesn’t work like that anymore.  And don’t blame me.



You're Not Cute. Have More Orgasms. "The 10 Things Women Need to Realize In 2013." (Written by a Man.)

So I recently came across this website, Elite Daily. It calls itself “The Voice of Generation-Y.”

The link I stumbled on was to an article titled “The 10 Things Women Need to Realize in 2013.” OK. Let’s check this out…

OH, BOY. What the fuck is this? The first photo attached to the article should have tipped me off, but I was too focused on the name of the author…

That’s right. EDDIE CUFFIN. A dude is about to lecture women on what they should “realize” in 2013. But, not just any dude. It’s says right there in his bio: “THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE OFFICE.”

Let’s take a look at a few of these “things”…

“Ladies, realize that in 2013, you are not cute." 

"Back to to the kitchen women and make me a sandwich.”

Well, shit. Thank you GUY for explaining this stuff to women! I mean, one of the points in this article was about getting men to “eat out your ‘box.’”  And all that along with the objectifying pics? What would a girl living in the 1950s…err…2013 do without this article?!

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin has got more for all of you seeking his advice. Gems such as…

“The 21 Signs She’s Expired.”

That’s right, girls. If you are over the age of 19 and ½, hang up the boots and please deposit yourself in the closest trash bin. 

Misogynistic, transphobic AND he hates Mila Kunis! Eddie Cuffin is a catch!

What a gentleman.

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin won’t leave you hanging now that you know your girlfriend is “expired” like the cold cuts sitting in the back of your fridge…

Eddie Cuffin’s gonna let you know how to cheat on her with “15 Steps to Successfully Cheat on Your Girlfriend!” Eddie says women are like chicken (expired chicken?) and stale bread!  The man who wants to empower women in 2013 with cooking lessons and orgasms would also like them to know that their value depreciates over time (because women are nothing but a commodity, duh!). GIRLS, “you’re getting older and not getting any tighter” and by not stopping time you “compel” men to cheat! IT’S YOUR FAULT, LADIES…

“15 Easy Steps to Managing Your Mistress.” Fellas! Your pal Eddie’s got you covered here too! Because it’s 2013 (Eddie’s got a real infatuation for 2013) and as it says right there above…It’s that time in your life, and not just yours, everyman’s life where he "GROW A SACK AND GET A MISTRESS.“

"Women lie a lot.” You hear that men? Women are EVIL LIARS. Why can’t they just be truthful while you lie and cheat on them?! GIRLS ARE THE WORST.

But, what if  you fell for the evil voodoo women and she went ahead on her very own and decided to get pregnant (THE NERVE)? Don’t worry, Eddie Cuffin’s got you covered here too!

“Many poor men.” If only they had Eddie Cuffin’s brilliant mind and knew the “20 East Steps to Raising a Whore” so they could do the exact opposite!

Steps like…

Letting her get involved in fun activities like cheerleading and gymnastics! Only WHORES play sports!

Telling her she can’t date a black man! Because we all know women will go out and do the exact opposite! AND ONLY WHORES DATE BLACK MEN. (Eddie Cuffin: misogynistic, transphobic, and now racist too!)

Put her on birth control at 13! Because we all know girls don’t have sex UNLESS they are on birth control. No birth control, no sex, and there’s like no teen moms in 2013…the Voice of Generation-Y, people!

In case these listicles full of amazing advice weren’t enough for ya, Eddie’s got a Twitter account too! 140 characters of pure wisdom!

Eddie Cuffin of Elite Daily, folks! The Voice of Generation Y (Don’t Girls Like Me, I Am So Alone).

You are of the test taking generation. You were taught that there were correct answers and that you only had to learn them and memorize them in order to succeed. This has bled over into your everyday life and made you think that everything you say and do has either a right answer or wrong answer and that’s just not true.
—  something one of my teachers said to me that I can’t seem to forget

I think understand why Robin Williams’ death is hitting us all so hard.

He played these legendary, larger than life characters like the Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire and Peter Pan.

There was never a time in our lives when he wasn’t on our TV screens and in the theaters.

But even though he has physically left this earth, he isn’t gone. As long as we keep watching his films and introduce his work to the next generation, he will always be making the world laugh.

Let me be clear: THIS generation didn’t make The Bomb and drop it. This generation didn’t invent, “I’m OK, you’re OK.” This generation is not responsible for smooth jazz or Muzak. THIS generation didn’t gut economy and leave those under 40 the fucking scraps. This generation didn’t make a job market for college graduates that requires unpaid labor followed by unemployment or retail work.
Don’t fucking bash my generation, we didn’t do, aren’t responsible for, and are picking up the pieces of our asshole parents.
—  Me angry as hell about a really lame comic strip expounding on why Generation Y (Get it, Generation Why?) being worthless. I’m not even going to link the strip because I want the author to die in obscurity.
I am a millenial. Generation Y. Born between the birth of AIDS and 9/11. Give or take. They call us the global generation. We are known for our entitlement and narcissism. Some say it’s because we’re the first generation where every kid gets a trophy for just growing up. Others thinks it’s because social media allows us to post every time we fart or have a sandwich for all the world to see. But it seems our one defining trait is a numbness to the world. An indifference to suffering.
—  American Horror Story

In 2013, the percentage of high school graduates hit an all time high with 81 per cent. All over the world, there are more people than ever searching and applying for tertiary education.
Teen pregnancy hit an all time low in 2013, heavy underage drinking is only at 17 % and the number of children and young people in court is the lowest is has been in 20 years.
Over the last few years, there has been a revival of the civil rights movement, the feminist movement and the lgbt movement. Young people all over the world are more likely to be accepting towards minorities, individuals and foreigners than any generation before us.  

And yet, older generations talk about us in demeaning tones. We have been coined as the ‘me, me, me’ generation, as the ‘I want it now’ generation, as a generation of people who only care about themselves, a generation of narcissists. Apparently, research shows that about 30 per cent of today’s youth has narcissistic tendencies.
Now, one may say that every generation in history has seen the younger generation as reckless, disregardful of the future and lazy. But this is different. This is different because unlike other generations before us, we are not at one, but at many turning points in history. we are the first generation to grow up with the internet. Never has the world been such a globalised community, never have the borders of countries meant so little. Never has technology moved so fast, never has information been as easily accessible as it is today. We are the first generation that, if we do not agree with what we learn in schools, we can educate ourselves, we are the first generation that can connect with people from america, from germany, from china, from south africa, from brazil,  and build friendships all over the world.
But not all is positive. We are also a generation that may be facing more threats to humankind than have ever existed in one time period before. Global climate change, oil and other natural resources running out, and a new face of terrorism in the form of ISIS and Boko Haram. The global economy is falling apart, and is responsible for the fact that we will be the first generation to be less wealthy than our parents, that most students in Australia will start working already in debt because of student loans.
A world in ruins is what my generation has been saddled with. We’re the ones who are holding on to each other despite our differences and telling each other it’s good to be who we are, whether we’re gay or straight or black or white. We have to save the environment, end wars and find homes for the asylum seekers this system has created, we have to cure poverty and wage inequality and food distribution, and as if all that was not enough it is harder than ever to get a job in this society, harder than ever to pay for education.
And we are the lazy ones.
Why? Because we like taking selfies? Because we like spending time on social media? Because we like spending time with our friends? Are we uncreative and stupid because we are not afraid to say “I’m awesome and I truly believe that”?.
We are proud of ourselves. We tell each other to love ourselves. That doesn’t mean we can’t feel for other people. And what good has ever come of being modest? Yes, society sees this as the ideal, but are we really happier if we constantly deny every compliment we get?
As cliche as it sounds, I believe you must love yourself before you can love and have a healthy relationship with anyone. As for the claim that we are uncreative; have you ever seen the internet? It is probably the biggest platform for creativity that has ever existed, because, as trivial as they are, memes are probably one of the most creative things humans have ever come up with. Recycling someone  else’s idea, putting your own twist on it and making it your own is what human civilisation is all about.
Even if you only look at one platform, you see it bustling with creativity. Youtube culture has enabled every one of us to have an audience to spread our message all over the world if we want to, enabled some of the best comedians to have their own space and make their own material, independent from any boundaries a company or studio might restrict them to. 4chan, while maybe not being the best example in decent human beings, has brought up on of the biggest activist groups of recent years, anonymous. On or, users write entire books, that are not restricted by age, usual genres, or any of the conventional book themes. All over the internet, there are small groups and communities bonding over their favourite book, movie, TV Show, video game, over their desire to learn, over everything. And all of them have such a huge creative potential, all of them create so much information every day that it is almost unfathomable to the human mind.
Of course not every person our age is a shining beacon of hope, integrity and creativity, not all of us can change the world. But we all believe that we can. And we have to. Because if we don’t, our world will never be saved from past mistakes.
And that is what I want you all to learn today:
We are not vain because we love ourselves, and we are not bad people because we like using the internet. We are contributing to the biggest pool of information ever created by humankind.
There is a lot resting on our generation, and the problems of the future often seem unsolvable. But I believe that we all have the potential to save the world. Love the person you are and the person you’re becoming, because we will be a generation that people will look back to and say “They did something truly remarkable.”

—  My speech for english
When you know all the money you earn is not going to guarantee you any security in later life then I think you are less willing to do an unsatisfying job.

Sofia Niazi, 29-year-old millennial

Generation Y has been labeled with several stereotypes — from being lazy, to entitled to lacking respect for experience in the work world. We talked with several millennials about these labels and got their answers to why the common reputation associated with their generation is (mostly) wrong.

You can read their responses and more from our series on Generation Y in The Guardian.

You wanna know what sucks?

You can have multiple talents, but not be amazing at any of them.

I can sing, but I’m not extraordinary. I have a plain voice. I can draw, but I’m no better than someone with my same amount of training. I can write, but there are many more better than me than there are worse than me. I have a decent fashion sense, but I can’t come up with unique designs.

And I feel like that’s why our generation has such trouble with the concept of finding a career or profession we’re “made for.” We grew up in an age and time where we had all of these outlets and technologies available to us. We were able to dabble and get skilled in a little bit of everything.

So when we wait for our dream job to hit us, we’re confused and hurt when we can’t find it. Because we’re jack of all trades, but master of none.

Picking Up the Pieces 

Our generation has been relentlessly ridiculed for being lethargic brats by those that have come before us but the burning question is, what if we have been left in the wake of something foredoomed? It is, of course, an argument that crops up in even the most political of debates; Can the kids cut it? Are they responsible enough to take on what we have left behind? Read on to find out why, perhaps, we aren’t as lazy as they believe we are. 

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