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Billy Idol (1982)

When I was a kid, the most thrilling thing that could happen to me was getting permission to have a friend stay the night. These sleepovers were so much fun that I was sure when I grew up I would live in a giant house with all of my friends forever. (I never wondered who would do the dishes.)

Nearly everyone I know had similar daydreams, but this is something we are supposed to grow out of, and replace with daydreams about living with a romantic partner.

This isn’t entirely going as planned for our society. It seems like every few weeks an article is circulated that inspires a giant online hand-wringing about millennials resisting committed romantic relationships, or Gen Xers continuing to have roommates. (“The millennial generation lacks the ability to love!” “Meet the people flatsharing in their 40s!”)

We’ve collectively decided that people who live with their friends have failed terribly, people who live with a partner have achieved incredible domestic success, and people who live alone or don’t centre their lives around romance are possibly just broken.

We are all encouraged to work hard to have stable lives. But at the same time, we’re encouraged to anchor our lives around the relationship that is the least stable.

It is uncomfortable to think of romantic love in those terms, but it’s not inaccurate.

—  Audra Williams, from this National Post article “Why living with your friends doesn’t make you a bad adult”. Really interesting and valid as an observation of the state of our society nowadays and the fact that focus on marriage as ‘success’ is totally ideological, but it also resonated with me as a defense of asexuality; and ace, aro issues. Romance does not have to rule your life.

Millennials are no less racist than Generation X and hardly less racist than Boomers.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

One of the important conversations that has began in the wake of Dylann Roof’s racist murder in South Carolina has to do with racism among members of the Millennial generation. We’ve placed a lot of faith in this generation to pull us out of our racist path, but Roof’s actions may help remind us that racism will not go away simply by the passing of time.

In fact, data from the General Social Survey — one of the most trusted social science data sets — suggests that Millennials are failing to make dramatic strides toward a non-racist utopia. Scott Clement, at the Washington Post, shows us the data. Attitudes among white millennials (in green below) are statistically identical to whites in Generation X (yellow) and hardly different from Baby Boomers on most measures (orange). Whites are about as likely as Generation X:

  • to think that blacks are lazier or less hardworking than whites (above)
  • to think that blacks have less motivation than whites to do well
  • to oppose living in a neighborhood that is 50% or more black
  • to object if a relative marries a black person

And they’re slightly more likely than white members of Generation X to think that blacks are less intelligent than whites. So much for a Millennial rescue from racism.

All in all, white millennial attitudes are much more similar to those of older whites than they are to those of their peers of color.

At PBS, Mychal Denzel Smith argues that we are reaping the colorblindness lessons that we’ve sowed. Millennials today may think of themselves as “post-racial,” but they’ve learned none of the skills that would allow them to get there. Smith writes:

Millennials are fluent in colorblindness and diversity, while remaining illiterate in the language of anti-racism.

They know how to claim that they’re not racist, but they don’t know how to recognize when they are and they’re clueless as to how to actually change our society for the better.

So, thanks to the colorblindness discourse, white Millennials are quick to see racism as race-neutral. In one study, for example, 58% of white millennials said they thought that “reverse racism” was as big a problem as racism.

Smith summarizes the problem:

For Millennials, racism is a relic of the past, but what vestiges may still exist are only obstacles if the people affected decide they are. Everyone is equal, they’ve been taught, and therefore everyone has equal opportunity for success. This is the deficiency found in the language of diversity. … Armed with this impotent analysis, Millennials perpetuate false equivalencies, such as affirmative action as a form of discrimination on par with with Jim Crow segregation. And they can do so while not believing themselves racist or supportive of racism.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


I would totally resurrect that title. These characters had such a good dynamic especially in the first year of episodes, I think they could still work today, each one of them have evolved so much, it would be fun to see them reunite.
The reason for their gathering would simply be that the school team would have no telepath to operate Cerebro, so they would need Emma to travel around the world and try and recruit the mutants survivor.
She would ask her former students to join, as she would really trust them to give their best to save the next, and probably last, generation  of mutants.
it would have a race-against-time feel, with the characters always on the move, travelling all around the world. This would be a good opportunity to visit lots of cool marvel places.
So the team would be composed of 

CHAMBER : still pissed Age of X left him with half his face off again. still super sceptical about the X-Men way of doing things. still one of my favorite character ever :)

EMMA FROST : She has had it. She can’t stand the hypocrisy of non-mutants heroes, she has goal in mind, save the mutant race at any cost. Without realizing, she takes over Cyclops role. The faculty regularly questions her sometimes ruthless methods but, like the honey badger, she does not give a shit, as long as she saves  more mutants kids.
She is still in love with Cyclops but has an ongoing affair with another “damaged good” : Forge and they have an agreement to never talk about their respective “work”
M: having lost one of her little sister to the terrigen mist, Monet is driven by anger and rage, she totally support Emma’s views, and would actually go even further in the confrontation with non-mutants heroes and especially Inhumans

HUSK: with the tutelage of Emma, Paige has regained a bit of her sanity and is even more focus on controlling her powers so she would not keep on losing her identity each time she sheds her skin. She has close ties with some kids back at the academy ( Gentle, Anole, Mercury), that help her stay grounded. She is still the lovable over-archiever, political conscious and caring girl. and still my favorite mutant ever.

JUBILEE : As she witness the death of another young mutant, Jubilee realize she is still relevant and can still make a change. Suppported by students at the academy (bling! trance, rockslide), she agrees to join Emma in her globe-travelling quest. Afraid that he might be an easy target if he stays at the school, she task Kymera to take care of Shogo, making sure the two of them regularly rejoin them along their endless trip.

Their adventures would lead them to meet several foes and menaces

- The Hellfire Club’s New Hellions : Kiden Nixon (from NYX) codenamed Pause, Host (from  the Mysttique serie), Liam Connaughton (from X-men Legacy) codenamed T4, Face (from the Inferno baby), Kaufmann (from X-force annual) codenamed Bayonet, Ginny Guzman (from uncanny X-force) codenamed MindMoth, Tucker (from Cable & X-Force) codenamed Oceaneer
- The Orphan makers, a band of fanatics bent on collecting the youngest mutants as trophies
- a new and vicious Upstarts group, sworn to become the last and most worthy mutants alive

My dad put this picture on my Facebook wall today, haha, very funny. Ah, yes, lets continue to make fun of our generation because of fashion, which is not something that is wrong, just something that fluctuates with the growing years– need we remind the other generations about bell bottom pants and teased hair and 80s bright and mismatched makeup…all other questionable fashion trends of the past.

Or, goodness me, lets make fun of the Y Generation for trying to survive in a hard-to-live-in economy which we did not even create, but were born into (so is it really our faults for asking for help?).

Or, lastly, and this is a great one: lets make fun of them for being codependent for “normal” things to do, which, when you think about it, would that even be our deficiency as well? Because no one is born knowing how to do everything naturally. We are taught things. If someone doesn’t know how to do a “normal” thing, is it really their fault or their teachers’ fault?

So, I’ve got some more accurate ones for the Y Generation currently:

  • Y can’t we have social security benefits or good healthcare?
  • Y can’t we find a good job in this shitty economy?
  • Y is our Earth going to die (or at least be really crappy to live in in the future) from all the pollution that the older generations have been overloading it with?
  • Y is our debt so huge?
  • Y doesn’t anyone ever take us seriously when we’re about to become the Head Generation In Charge? (That means we are in charge of your guys’ futures, old generations! You’re going to be old and we are in charge of your senior care! So you should be nicer to those with so much over you.)
  • Y is everyone so focused on making fun of Earth’s inheritors like we’re the problems, instead of solving the actual problems the Earth actually has like climate control, gun control, war, and financial stability?

“A few other names came up, but I really had my heart set on Ethan, and I actually didn’t really know Ethan, either. But I’ve always felt like, I don’t know — Ethan and I have a connection. He started really young like me. We both had obsessions with Salinger. We listened to the same music. He was someone who I just really felt an affinity with.” - Winona Ryder on Ethan Hawke.