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I’m just so terrified that my children will never be able to experience nature as it is with all the animals and diversity and plants and insects and forests and snow because this generation didn’t wake up.

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How do you get a whole generation interested in comic books? Make awesome movies like Ironman and then the Avengers. Fuck yeah marvel make them movies. How do you get an entire generation to stop reading your flagship comics? Make everything Nazi when that same generation is waking up politically due to trumps America.

It is seriously tone deaf towards their readership, not to mention socially irresponsible and just plain bad writing.  If the best story you can come up with is a Man in the High Castle rip-off, then maybe go back to the drawing board.

Being a Young American in 2016.

Being a Young American in 2016.

This Monday we celebrated how “great” America is with the fourth of July. The next day a man named Alton Sterling was murdered in Louisiana by Police Officers after a homeless man called the police on him for not giving him money. Less than 24 hours later, a man named Philando Castile is shot and murdered by a police officer after reaching for his wallet to get out his driver’s license during a routine traffic stop. On Thursday, at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas Texas, two snippers took to elevated positions and began killing police officers. It is now Friday morning. Where is the shooting going to be today? That’s the question I find myself waking up with in my head daily. If you are a young person in America, you’re seeing the views of those older than us dictate how we live our lives. Everything that is happening in Today’s America, is happening because young people are not making our voices heard. It’s time for us to finally start speaking up, especially after this hell of a week, for peace, love and unity. We need to love our neighbors now more than ever.

I’m a twenty one year old American living in Los Angeles California. I look at what is happening to our country and it makes me cry. I cry for Alton Sterling, I cry for Philando Castile, I cry for the officers killed in Dallas, I cry for the nearly 600 people killed by police this year, I cry for the lives lost in all the mass shootings that have happened just this year alone, I cry for all the officers killed in the line of duty and most of all, I cry for us as humans. Because this is the America and the world that we young people have been given, and that we are letting happen. We have been raised in a world where we’re taught that hate and violence is the answer instead of love, and unity. I am tired of living in a country where I see my fellow human’s being killed by humans that think they’re above one another. I am tired of living in a country where we as a country might actually elect a racist, sexiest, misogynistic pig to be the leader of the “free world.” This is not my America. This is not the America that young people deserve, this is not the type of world that we need to live in. I believe that the only answer to the hate in the world right now is to combat it with a message of love, peace and unity. Peace and love are not cliché’s left in the 60s. It is very much a mindset that we as a society need to start switching too. We need to unite against police brutality together peacefully, just like how we need to unite against racism together peacefully. We cannot keep fighting hate with hate, bullets with bullets and war with more war. We need to voice our opinions and come together to make a difference. Call your representatives telling them to take action against the unjust system of law we currently have in this country, tell them to take a stance on gun violence, because we shouldn’t be the only country in the world that has to wake up hearing about a new mass shooting. Take action, speak out, and let your voices be known. Do you really want to let people who may be dead within the next 20-40 years dictate how we live our lives!? It’s time for us young people to wake up, stand up, and stand together to end police violence, gun violence, racism, sexism, homophobia and any other hatred going on in this country, by letting the world know we won’t stand for it, and that we refuse to live in a country where the color of your skin determines whether or not you survive a traffic stop. That we refuse to live in a country where being a woman means that you don’t deserve the same pay as a man. That we refuse to live in a country where going to school and trying to learn and get you caught in the cross fire of a mass shooting. These are not new ways of thinking, it’s just called being a decent human being and caring for your fellow human. We cannot survive without each other. We will destroy ourselves if we continue down the path laid out for us, and I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t want young black kids to be raised in a country where they’re scared to go outside because cops are targeting their skin color. I don’t want members of the LGBT community to feel scared to be who they are. I don’t want women to feel like they are any less of a person than I am just because of their gender. I don’t want to hear how my friend’s family is receiving death threats because their dad is a cop. I don’t want to live in that America and I refuse to stand by and watch it happen. Please, stand with me and use our voices to do something positive with ourselves.

Before finishing this up, I just want you to think of one thing for me. Why? Why are you okay with these terrible things happen in the world? Why are you scared to voice your opinion? Why are you scared to protest in the streets? Why are you scared to tell someone no? Why are you scared to let it be known that YOU STAND WITH LOVE? Please, if you don’t take anything else away from this post, just think about those questions and think about how all those situations make you feel.

Being a young American in 2016 can be summed up in one word. Scary. We have been given a country by the older generation that is built on hate, violence, and fear. It’s time for us to let the world know that, that is not the country we are going to live in, and it is not the country that we stand for. Please join me in vocalizing the need for peace, love and unity in this country more than ever. All skin colors, all sexes, all sexualities, all walks of life, we are all humans and the only way that we are all going to survive this is if we can look past the things that don’t matter and start focusing on the good and the love inside of all of us. I believe that we can change and make this country a place for all of us to be proud of. But we all need to come together, and spread love.

Peace & Love always

I saw this post by filmelf the other day and it inspired me to write this poem… Hope you like.

“this generation”

Wake up. It’s time for school.
You know the drill, you know the rules.
Capitalism and all it stands for:
Sit in class, don’t you dare be bored.
8 hours of class time, then 5 of homework,
But make sure to get extracurriculars first!
Don’t forget to brush your teeth,
Because cleanliness is key.
And put your mental health to the side-
It’s not about you, no, it’s about pride.
Pride in our country and our ACT scores,
Pride in our confederate flag and the problems in our core.
And don’t you dare blame your parents,
You’re just lazy, you’re pathetic.
And as if the big issues weren’t enough,
We turn on each other on insignificant stuff.

What music do you listen to and how can I leave you out?
What are you wearing and when will you come out?
Why are you friends with her and why don’t you smoke weed?
I heard you tried to kill yourself and why didn’t you succeed?

Jenny was a cutter.
Adam was a druggie.
Betsy was a mother.
Corey, he stole money.
Nicki starved herself.
James gagged himself.
Marcy didn’t call for help
When Billy put his hands on her.
All Jeremy did was wear all black
Hey emo, hey punk, he was an outcast-
Casey tried to help him,
And she just got the same;
Why help each other when all of us feel pain?

We tore each other down
Until we couldn’t bear to live.
We couldn’t make a sound and
We had nothing more to give.

A lot of us didn’t make it.
My heart goes out to them.
We’ve all known suicidals, and
I’d give anything to bring them in.

- - -

We’re anxious and we’re sad sometimes,
But we are still here…
Our problems haven’t gone away,
But the skies are looking clearer.

And in place of razors and black aesthetic,
We put on flower crowns and wore pastels.
We started taking selfies.
#blithe became #selflove.
We support each other when we need it most.
We care about the world,
We talk politics and human rights.
We’re growing up and healing stronger,
We’re becoming the sunshine we’ve always wanted to be.
We care about the planet,
We talk equality and environmentalism.
We’re growing up and healing stronger;
We’re letting ourselves become what we’re capable of:
We’re leading a generation of light.

They say it gets better,
And we’ve only proven them right.
We’re a force to be reckoned with:
The generation of light

They’re not scars,
I’m a tiger whose earned her stripes.
I’m not ashamed of my past:
Not in the generation of light.

I will not stay up crying,
Not another sleepless night.
I have bigger things to be:
A generation of light.

Like a city on a hill,
Like a banner poised to fight,
We are here and we’re alive:
We’re the generation of light.

We made it.

I have a low tolerance for people who don’t work for what they need. Things are not handed to you. 

Sometimes you have to sacrifice and make changes before you can get what you ultimately desire. If that means not going out for coffee everyday, then change that and brew your own instead. If that means not going out on adventures for a season, then dig into what you can do around the house and find enjoyment in the little things. 

If you can’t afford what you want in the amount of time that would be ideal to you, oh well - sometimes you have to suck it up and keep trudging on. I know it sucks, but sometimes you have to work harder for the things you really want. And yes, sometimes that means waiting longer to get what you really desire. But in the end, it’s worth it. 

Work hard and diligently. Expect nothing and appreciate everything. Sacrifice. 

This is my Christmas Special for you guys <3 Merry Christmas! ^^

Akashi:  You two were standing on the balcony, watching the night turning into dawn. He stood behind you and you could feel his warmth from his body warming you. You leaned back and rested your head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and when the first rays appeared on the clear blue sky he kissed you softly.

“Merry Christmas ______”

Aomine:  You woke up late. Looking at the clock and panicked a bit. You had to fix the Christmas dinner before the guest would arrive. But Aomine had other plans. He pulled you down. “Don’t leave the bed _____, let’s stay a bit longer.” You tried to protest. “No Daiki, it’s already late and…” he pressed his lips onto yours.

 “Merry Christmas ______”

Kuroko: You were out walking with your boyfriend and Nigou. You stopped at a hill on your walk. Looking over the sleeping city. It was early in the morning. The ground was covered in snow and crunched under your feet. Kuroko took your hand in his, giving it a small hug. 

“Merry Christmas” you two said at the same time. You two giggled at the situation. “I love Tetsu” you said and kissed him. “I love you too_____-kun” Kuroko answered and responded the kiss.

Kise: You woke up with Kise clinging onto you like a koala. You smiled. His head rested on your shoulder and his blond hair tickled your nose. You lifted both of your hands and hugged him. 
He looked up at you with a sleepy face. But even if he just woke up he looked like a model. You sighed at his perfection. “Merry Christmas ________-cchi” he said and kissed you.

Midorima:  You woke up pretty early this morning, you turned around and bumped into something or someone. You looked up. Your boyfriend was still asleep. Funny, you were always the one who had to be waken up in the mornings. You looked at his beautiful face. You bent over him, started to place kisses on his face. On his forehead down to his nose and then on his cheeks and jaw. His eyes finally fluttered open.

 “Nanodayo! What…” you silenced him with a kiss on his lips.

“Merry Christmas Shin-chan”

Murasakibara: You were already up making breakfast for you and your lazy boyfriend. You had to start early because it took so long time to prepare because Murasakibara eat a lot.

You had tried to wake him up but he just turned around continuing his sleep. You tried again but then he dragged you down in the bed.

Suddenly you felt arms tugging you in. His long hair tickled your neck.
“Merry Christmas ________-chin”

Objective: Remind Our Students That They Are Amazing
Time: Last School Day before Testing .

Step 1: Hand out index cards. Tell students that this activity will be anonymous (no names)
Step 2: Write the following sentence stems on the board: I am strong because….I am confident because….
Step 3: Instruct the students to finish the sentence with something not related to school. 
Step 4: At least one student will say “I don’t know why I am strong”
Step 5: In front of the classroom finish the sentence for the student. 
Ex. You are strong because you take care of your younger brothers.
You are strong because you are always there for your friends. 
You are strong because despite all the pressures your generation faces you still wake up every day to try and make your parents proud.                    
You are strong because help your parents by working a job.  
You are strong because you are true to yourself even when Miss Del Villar makes fun of your hair because she’s jealous that she can’t rock  that platinum blonde on a skateboard like you do Brian. 
If necessary, continue doing this for 2-3 more students. 
Step 6: Pick up the completed index cards and pass them out randomly. 
Step 7: Have the classroom read each other’s statements out loud. 
Step 8: Try not to cry, it will be amazing. 
Step 9: Be extremely proud of your students for being so amazing. 
Step 10: Be proud of yourself for reminding them of their amazingness. 

*The audio provided is my favorite class. They inspire me every day to be a better person, a better teacher, a human worthy of leading such talented souls. 

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Our Generation… Written By An 8th Grader .

The World is not ready for this generation to wake up and realize that the promise for protection as a citizen was never meant for us in the first place.



Hong Kong

We are awake 

You can no longer silence us

We will make you hear us

This is only the beginning

Peace cannot be kept by force, it only can be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein

No matter how much we kill what we call terrorist, or people who make chaos in society. It is only a temporary solution to the problem because the real problem is behind each person. People are exactly what they believe. Most of people who make chaos in this world today, don’t know true love. They never experienced true love from their parents. Many of them had some family problem in their childhood. When we were born, we were ignorant about the world. We were pure with full of love. We didn’t know any dirtiness. As we grow, our personality will be fixed with ideas/beliefs we believe, we exactly recognize ourselves as how we see ourselves. When these people who don’t know true love become adults, they tend to be in many problems and they grew their darkness. They lose themselves in the darkness. And their hate/darkness will be against the society and world, because they believe this world is what made them. They hate life, they hate accepting love. Some of them became terrorist and bringing the chaos in the world today. But if you attack these people with hate back, these people will grow more hate in their soul, and be more aggressive. Even we killed them, their family, their daughters and sons will have hate towards people who killed their parents and family. Too many people who had nothing to do with government had killed by nations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many children lost their parents by bombs and war. They truly hate whom killed their parents, their hate will grow as they become older unless they awake to love. When they become an adult, they will be new generation of terrorist to take revenge against the nation who killed their parents and if we attack them back with hate again like we did before. This hate cycle will never be gone. Wars will never be eliminated on Earth, as long as we choose hate and attack each other. Peace cannot be kept by force, it can be only achieved by understanding and love. If someone attacks with hate, send them back with full of love. Love is the only thing that can heal hate. They bring light, and the light bright up the darkness. How many years would it take for humankind to realize this? If we keep choosing hate, instead of love. There’s no future for humankind. We will end up killing each other, and our civilization will fall apart by wars. How this world becomes is up to US, especially young generation today. Wake up citizen of Earth. It depends on each ONE of us. We need love, not hate. Please remember love is the solution for everything. Love is what we truly are as soul. We forgot the fact when we were born on this physical world. It’s time for us to recall and choose to live with love. God unconditionally loves you. Love & Light ♡