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Sumire came back. I wonder if she will be under some kind of surveillance. Although the people of Konaha are used to having there own people try to wreck the village. At least the whole class is back and they can go wreck the school together.

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otaku-taco-murderlerr  asked:

Gom + hanamiya at a karaoke bar and they realize that damn their s/o can sing. Thank you ^ - ^ (btw you were spot on about hanamiya. I'm in hanamiya hell rn)

( I feel you Hanamiya is a sin but you have to like him tbh, glad I got it right (◠△◠✿) )

Your boyfriend watched as you made your way to the tiny stage set up inside the bar, you were already a blushing mess from all the eyes on you but looking back at him calmed you down as he sent you a smile. With shaky hands you gripped onto the microphone for dear life, after all this was finally your chance to show off your skills to your star of a boyfriend.  

Akashi -

His eyes light up at the lovely voice he didn’t knew you possessed. When you finished he would stand up and clap at your performance like he was at a piano recital but he fell more in love with you ( if possible ) after the performance. His mom would sing to him when he was little before she passed and he was shocked to find someone with just as stunning as a voice. He would give you quick but passionate kiss placing your hair behind your ear. “You sounded beautiful ___.”  


Would try to keep a natural face through your little performance but would probably crack a smile at you while leaning back in his chair. Once you came back over to him we would pull you into his lap not minding the PDA and kiss you on the lips before placing your forehead against his. “How did I get so lucky babe?” He would say as he nuzzled into your neck.


This boy would be overjoyed by his s/o being able to sing. ( It is canon that he loves karaoke. ) You can bet right as you finish he runs up to you and spins you around in his arms spilling out compliments like ‘I’ve never heard something so beautiful!’ ‘My ___-chii is perfect!’ ‘I love you~’. Kise would make sure to get you to sing to him and promise him to come back to the bar again.  


Would get that cute little dumbfounded look on his face after hearing you. He would let you walk back over to him and he would pull you into a gentle hug and kiss your forehead. “You were amazing ___-san.” He would walk hand in hand with you after you left the place and would have a small smile on his face the rest of the night. He wouldn’t seem like Kise and be jumping around but inside he felt warm and happy.            

Midorima -

*Turns into a blushing mess during and after your song* He wouldn’t know where to begin to calm his thoughts of his s/o he already was deeply in love with, then learning they had this talent. He would stutter out some form of a compliment and maybe hold your hands if he can get a hold of himself. You knew he loved your voice so if you ever wanted to see a blush on his face just start singing.                                                                                        

Murasakibara -

Would stop eating his snacks and stare at you with eyes that for once didn’t look lazy. He would love the calming sound of your voice, how smooth and soft it was. Once you were done he would kiss your forehead and tell you how pretty it sounded. He would now be one of the guys that would take this knowledge and whenever you guys were lazing around, he would ask for you to sing and play with his hair.        

Hanamiya -

This idiot would never admit it but he would love hearing you sing as it would remind him of when his mother would sing him to sleep. He would probably be smirking at you the whole time trying to make you mess up and blush even more on stage. However maybe when you guys are home alone at night he would find a way to trick you into singing one of the songs his mother sang.