The couple grabbed lunch to celebrate Talon’s new house. Afterwards, they hung out in Annabeths backyard.

“I am very proud of you. We are going on a month! Can you believe that? I couldn’t be happier.” Annabeth was truthful. This past month work was going well and she was falling hard for Talon. Who would have though a nerdy southern girl like her would find someone as smart and generous as Talon? She was lucky and she knew it.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE: Generation One Edition

Finally finished it!

Homage to the IDW Transformers comics (especially “More Than Meets The Eye” written by James Roberts) and the original crew onboard the Autobot spaceship—the Ark—that crash landed on earth, from the opening episodes of the Generation One cartoon, also titled “More Than Meets The Eye”.

Completely inspired by Nick Roche’a awesome Auto Assembly prints that were coloured by dcjosh.

Generation 1 Explained

Tahu: Everyone do the thing…

Kopaka: I’ll do the thing by myself.

Gali: Everyone do the thing together.

Pohatu: Can’t we all be friends while we do the thing?

Lewa: I was mind controlled by the thing.

Onua: I had to save Lewa before doing the thing.