generation of youth drama

i dont write but if i did i would write a 80k self insert about me and mercedes jones’s content married life in the suburbs of greenwood oregon shes semi retired from showbiz (w a comeback in the making) and is now a celebrated high school drama teacher, mentoring generation after generation of bright talented youths, putting on show after award winning show, the shining star of the local arts community, known by all, loved by all. meanwhile im her shy retiring librarian wife. we’re SO different, nobody gets why we’re together, but we’re happy. we live in a beautiful 2 story colonial w like 4 dogs of comically different sizes all named after cute inside jokes. we have a FLOURISHING garden where we grow our own tomatoes and we buy local organic honey at the farmers market where all the straight couples r jealous of how in love we r. we cook together, she teaches me how 2 dance, i come to every opening night w an improbably large bouquet of home grown flowers