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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke ♡

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knb characters + eyes


Generation of Miracles
First and Last matches with Seirin

  • Akashi:whoops there goes your ankles and your pride
  • Aomine:if i could make out with myself i would
  • Midorima:nanodayo
  • Kise:oh wow that's a nice move ya got there, wouldn't it be a shame if someone... copied it
  • Murasakibara:what the fuck is that i can't eat that
  • Kuroko:how the hell did we even win at teiko

This one was for the knb_69min  on twitter theme TEACHERS.

so here they are,  the GoM as teachers  ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

( click the pic for some small hc+the subject each kiseki would teach )


“The Teiko Middle School Basketball team. An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins. Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the Generation of Miracles.”

↳ Generation of Miracles, requested by anonymous


You held your head like a hero on a history book page. 

                        It was the end of a decade but the start of an age.
Kuroko no Basket EXTRA GAME Chapter 5 in English, translated from Chinese. Do not repost to other sites without permission!
By hyakurai649

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As per usual, this is Chapter 5 of Kuroko No Basket’s EXTRA GAME series. sicarius3946 and I translated this from Chinese to English. Please enjoy, but if you’re going to post them in other sites, do ask both of us first!

Someone hold Kise, please.


who asked for a super cheesy embarrassing comic? well, no one, but u are getting it anyway.

aomine, im so sorry that im 2 days late and brought just this with me, but tbh i wasnt planning on drawing something special for this occasion because, do i even draw anything besides aomine? but i still decided to post this. happy birthday, the best boy. i never thought u would mean so much to me, but you do. oh, you do. i loved a lot of characters in the past, but i forgot for a long time how having such a similarity with one of them felt. the fact that so many people love this beautiful disaster means so much to me, and i couldnt be happier to discover his character in what i thought was just a silly basketball manga.

im sure, that hes definitely going to be alright in the future. with the help of his friends and boyfriend, of course.


Teikō Junior High is a school in Tokyo. Their basketball club is exceptionally strong and has over 100 members. They have a lot of successive championships titles on their name.

The school had a strong winning-philosophy and they taught their players that winning is everything and that losing is not accepted. The Generation of Miracles became so strong that a quota of 20 points per player had to be reached and if not, punishment training will follow.

Teikō Junior High School is mostly known for the strongest team that ever played there: the Generation of Miracles.