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Tagged by @biohazard4ever so these are my Top 9 albums… I’m lucky she didn’t ask for my top 9 songs or I’d never have been able to answer! In no particular order:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Sol-Fa
Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever
AC/DC: The Razor’s Edge
Blink-182: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Blink-182: California
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade
Sum 41: Screaming Bloody Murder
Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – The Boys

Track List:

01 The Boys
02 텔레파시 (Telepathy)
03 Say yes
05 봄날 (How great is your love)
06 My J
08 Top Secret
09 Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
10 제자리걸음 (Sunflower)
11 비타민 (VITAMIN)
12 MR.TAXI (Korean Ver.)
13 The Boys (English Ver.)


Contrary to popular belief, kpop fans, like myself, don’t only listen to Korean music. We aren’t only attracted to Korean or Asian men and women. We don’t only watch Korean shows and movies. We aren’t only interested in Korean culture.

And if you prefer to listen to kpop and watch kdramas, that’s perfectly fine. There isn’t anything wrong with you. You learn more about another culture by immersing yourself like this. And I respect you for loving something wholeheartedly because you want to, even though it sometimes goes against your community’s societal norms.

Please stop generalising and judging kpop fans. We’re just out here to have a good time, thank you.