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I love your Supercat writing so much!! Are you still taking prompts?? If so would you mind doing a Supercat prompt?? grad student powers!Kara and hot professor Cat who makes Kara get her lattes and grade papers and is super dismissive and awful because she's secretly in love with Kara but thinks Kara doesn't like her and it's just a whole thing and they're just a mess it's a mess

“Keira, do you have those papers for me or will I be explaining to my entire Ethics in Journalism class that their scores on the assignment worth a third of their grade will be input late?” Cat can’t help snapping at the girl even though she knows full well that the papers are impeccably graded, organized by Cat’s own idiosyncratic method of order, and waiting for her in the same folder Kara always uses for finished assignments. It’s the dynamic between them, has been since the beginning of the year, and Cat has no interest in changing it now.

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