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Manifest kõigile Eestimaa rahvastele (Manifesto to All Peoples of Estonia) is the founding act of Republic of Estonia.

The first paragraph translated:


In the course of centuries never have the Estonian people lost their desire for independence. From generation to generation have they kept alive the hidden hope that in spite of enslavement and oppression by hostile invaders the time will come to Estonia “when all splinters, at both end, will burst forth into flames” and when “Kalev will come home to bring his children happiness.”

Now that time has arrived.

How To Adult

Being a member of the new generation of mostly-independent adults, I believe that I have discerned some valuable tips about adulting, which I will now endeavor to pass on to others attempting to join this elite group. Warning: results of attempted adoption of these techniques may vary in levels of success. (I’m still working on most of the ones under “Housecleaning”.)


- Before you put those pants in the laundry and think, “I’m sure my pockets are empty,” stop for a moment. Do you know where your phone is right now? Your USB? Your 3DS cartridges? Do you remember exactly where you last saw them? Are you sure? It may not be worth the risk. Check your pockets.

- You don’t really need to sort laundry these days. Just chuck everything in on Cold, and it will be fine. Do not use bleach except in emergencies.


- If your mother is coming to visit, it’s probably time to fold that pile of clean clothes that’s been sitting in the corner all week. You know that sigh she does. Yes, that one.


- Pets: if it has fur, the fur will get everywhere. Sweep and dust once in a while, and be sure your roommate doesn’t have allergies before moving in. 

- If your bathroom is the one that guests will mostly likely use, do not leave undergarments on the floor because you were lazy after your last shower. 

- Take out the garbage BEFORE it starts to smell. Also preferably before tissues are piling out of your bedroom trash can like a nasty little Mt. Everest.

- You are not living in a haunted house, but spiders do not understand this and will try to introduce that atmosphere into your corners. A long-handled broom will solve both of these problems.


- If you have a roommate or housemate of some kind, take turns doing the dishes. Do not quibble over whose turn it is or whose dishes they are. Come to a general understanding that the person who didn’t do the dishes will be the one who puts them away once they are done drying. If the other person has a busy work schedule that week, do the dishes twice; this will increase household morale.  

- Differing work schedules is not a bad thing. There is less time to decide that you find the other person annoying, and it’s like a friend coming over when you actually get to sit down and have a movie and ice cream binge. 

- But don’t be that roommate with the loud sleep schedule who wakes up their roommate at all hours of the night, seriously.

- Ask your roommate before bringing friends or significant others to the house unannounced. It’s their house, too, and also the place where they shower under the illusion that no strangers are waiting out in the living room.

- Do nice things for no other reason than to be nice. It will come back to you. 


- A pizza slicer is a worthwhile investment and will soon prove invaluable.

- Try to eat salads once in a while. They taste delicious with croutons and your favorite dressing. But avoid that one kind of lettuce, you know, with the hard white chunky bits? Those are gross. 

- Seedless red grapes are freaking fantastic, especially the ones we’ve been getting at Meijers this Summer, good gravy those are the best snack food ever.

- Don’t eat your roommate’s food without their permission, or they may eat your food without your permission.

General Health

- If you have to get up early, go to sleep earlier. If you have to go to sleep later, make sure you are able to get some sleep the next day. If part of this equation is missing for an extended period, you will begin to regret your life choices.

- Screens are fantastic inventions, but if you spend twelve hours a day staring at one, you have a problem. Do something to shake up your routine, like going outside, reading a book, or staring at a point ten feet or more away from your face so you can remember what depth perception is.

- Take your allergy medicine, especially if not doing so causing you to spit like a bad Western saloon villain.

- Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and wear deodorant every day. Also, shower before your hair starts to itch. This simple equation will do remarkable things for your feelings of self-worth.

- If you are spending 100% of your time sitting on your butt, don’t complain about how you don’t understand why you don’t weigh the same as you did on the track team in high school.

Going To The Doctor

- Insurance doesn’t seem important to a perfectly healthy young adult such as yourself, until you have a startling reaction to an unknown chemical in your first apartment and have to go to the emergency room for a severe case of hives. 

- If the doctor does not know what is causing your problem, he or she may try to subtly imply that you were silly to worry about it in the first place. Be polite just in case they are right, but remember it in case they try to bill you $400 for a test it turns out you didn’t need.

- Ask every question you can possibly think of. Don’t assume the doctor will tell you what you need to know. They may assume you know it already.

- That blood test costs way more than you think.

Free Time And Social Interaction

- It’s important to have hobbies, but be aware of red flags. Are you always by yourself? Are you obsessed with it every hour of the day? Does no one talk to you anymore because it has consumed your very soul? You may need to expand your interests.

- It is remarkably refreshing to go outside of the house once in a while and just travel somewhere you don’t normally. Even the library is exciting if you spend all day in at the office. Variety is the spice of life, and eternal routine is the unflavored tofu.

- Compliment people. Compliment strangers. The secret truth is that everyone, everywhere, is secretly hoping people think they look good today. Fulfill their dreams and you’ll both feel better about yourselves!

- Treat everyone you meet like a valuable human being. You might eventually realize that it’s true.

                                            HE     HAS     HIS     HEAD     ON     HIS     SHOULDER
                                            penned by lulu            shikadai nara  boruto next generation
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We are a strong generation. But we are also a broken generation.  We are a generation that looked at history and decided to love with our full hearts and empty our very souls into the galaxy.  We are a generation that was told we are like every other generation from the past, bound to make the same mistakes and become the same weary adults in a mid-life crisis.  We were told our colors are too bright, our language too foul, and our dreams too ambitious.  We said no, we will not fall into the beaten tracks of our ancestors.  We will learn from the past because the past haunts us every day.  We are broken, doubted, belittled, angry and have been swimming against the current since day one.  
But because of this we are vivid,  unforgettable, breathtaking, without regret, and strong.  Our youth will not fail us.
—  New Age Change, Gabrielle poemsmadeofwhiskey

Little Dancer Spotted:

Name: Sarah “Lil’ Mini” Phoenix
Age: 10
Dance Studio: Independent Lil’ Beast Company

*I’ll be surprised if this one doesn’t grace the SYTYCD stage again!*

This is Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), a french painter and one of the most important figures in the realist movement, an innovative revolutionary guy that didn’t give a damn about academic and traditional art. He was really into socialism and he tried to represent the reality of his country through his paintings, I mean, he knew that Romanticism was too idealistic  and he wanted to show how humans really were at his epoch, trying not to hide any shortcomings. He was criticized by a conservative audience, his art was called ugly and vulgar but he kept being true to himself. He kept portraying the people that were invisible at the moment: prostitutes, peasants and workers. He didn’t only considered them for art inspiration but he fought for them through his political ideals, preaching socialist and sometimes even anarchist essays and dissertations. Besides he is the first painter that self-financed his exhibitions,starting a generation of more independent artists.

For being an honest man, a rebel, a creative and probably a cool person to hang with he’s my history crush. Since I had to investigate realism for my art class in school and I first saw his painting of a vagina I thought whoever did this at that time had to have some balls, I got interested and I ran into the pleasant surprise  of this nice (and crazy) self-portrait then I just looked at him and fell in love.


Happy birthday to my sun, my moon, my stars, the brightest, most loveliest, hard-working humble boy to walk amongst us. Happy birthday, Zhang Yixing. Someone like you is hard to come by, and yet here you are, inspiring not only Xingmi, all of your fans, but everyone who stumbles upon you, becoming the face and rolemodel of the entire post-90′s generation. May your independent 24th year bring you all of your desired success and endless amounts of love. Don’t forget! We, Xingmi, are always forever with you ♡


Sephora is teaming up with socially minded beauty entrepreneurs to make the world a more beautiful place.

At Sephora, changing the lives of women one lipstick tube at a time is all in a day’s work. But that’s not the extent of our empowerment efforts—not even a little bit. Through Sephora Accelerate, our newly launched program, we’re uniting with women entrepreneurs to help foster their businesses and the social impacts tied to their innovative ideas. From a makeup line that helps fund cancer treatments with every purchase to skincare that enriches the lives of women in Ghana, Sephora Accelerate has found real-life women making real-world change. The Sephora Glossy picked the brain of Sephora’s Head of Social Impact, Corrie Conrad, to get insight on why it’s important to foster women in business, how big names in the biz are getting involved, and how beauty can be used to make a difference. JESSICA VELEZ

How did Sephora Accelerate come to be, and what’s the overall goal for the program?

“With our Sephora Stands social impact programs, we seek to use the strengths of Sephora for even greater good in our world. One of the first things that struck me upon joining Sephora last year was our unique history of working with entrepreneurs. We have a strength there.

“In the late ’90s, when Sephora got its start in the US, many of the big beauty brands known at the time didn’t want to be sold in Sephora. Our innovative teams sought out new brands—often start-ups that no one had yet heard of—and worked with the entrepreneurs to grow those businesses. It helped them and it helped us. The model worked.

“With Sephora Accelerate, we aim to use that strength for even greater good by focusing specifically on female founders leading early-stage beauty businesses with a social impact. The goal of Sephora Accelerate is to build an ecosystem of support for more than 50 female founders of beauty businesses with a social impact by 2020. We’re dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders designing the future of beauty.”

Why does the program focus primarily on women?

“Prior to Sephora, I was working in tech, where women are very under-represented in leadership and at all other levels. That’s not the case here at Sephora, and it was a refreshing change. However, I soon realized it wasn’t the case across the beauty industry. Even in beauty, where most of the clients are women, female founders are still underrepresented. We have a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with entrepreneurs to build a supportive community that can help change that by inspiring confidence and fearlessness among female founders.”

What’s the biggest struggle beauty entrepreneurs face, and how does Sephora Accelerate counter it?

“There’s been some great research done on the gender inequality—there are more men than women who are entrepreneurs. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur no matter what (I know, I’m married to one!), but the data shows it’s even harder for women entrepreneurs.

“Some of this could be due to what some researchers have called a ‘confidence gap,’ where studies have shown that women and men with similar qualifications will have very different levels of confidence in their abilities. The men will tend to be much more confident in their abilities than the women will be in theirs, even though they have comparable experience. Additionally, access to networks, mentorship, and funding all rise to the top as struggles that are even harder for women, since most of the existing channels are male dominated. Imagine pitching a beauty business idea to a panel of male venture capitalists who have never even been in a Sephora.

“To address these challenges, Sephora Accelerate is working to inspire confidence and build a community of support for female founders through hands-on learning, mentorship, and access to funding.”

Sephora Accelerate is under a bigger initiative called Sephora Stands. What’s your role with Sephora Stands, and what do you love about it?

“That’s right! Sephora Stands is the umbrella for all of our social impact work, including Sephora Accelerate. Specifically, through Sephora Stands, we aim to use the strengths of Sephora for even greater good by supporting women entrepreneurs, our communities, and our employees.

“I’m the Head of Social Impact for Sephora and I lead Sephora Stands. Right now, what I’m really enjoying is seeing the vision become a reality as all of our Sephora Stands programs are really getting going this year. I also love hearing the personal stories of how our work is helping people and touching lives both within and beyond Sephora. Several of our entrepreneurs shared that Sephora Accelerate is life-changing for them, and with our Classes for Confidence, we’re regularly hearing from colleagues in our stores that ‘This is why we do what we do.’ To me this reflects that using our strengths for great good not only helps others, but is also very motivating and inspiring internally.”

What were you pleasantly surprised to see unfold with this first Sephora Accelerate program?

“One of my hopes for the Sephora Accelerate boot camp was that it would mark the beginning of a special community. Each of these women is a founder and leader. They are visionaries and doers. They know best the many challenges they each face as entrepreneurs, and sometimes those challenges may seem insurmountable. I wanted them to know they were not alone, and to see them emerge with greater confidence in their own abilities. Over the course of the week, I was thrilled to see that community forming and confidence growing. It takes a lot of courage to be open and vulnerable, and these women are the bravest.”

The entrepreneurs each have their own social impact. How are they using beauty to make the world a better place?

“I truly believe we can change the world for the better through our work. We can build a supportive community for incredible entrepreneurs seeking to use their company’s strengths for even greater good. We can create a world where women lead as many businesses as men, where supply chains are transparent and all people earn a living wage, and where our planet is protected for future generations. Our Sephora Accelerate cohort of entrepreneurs shares this vision, and yes, each of their businesses has its own social impact.

 “Eu’Genia Shea (@EuGenia_Shea) makes high-quality shea-based products with at least 95% pure shea content. Its fully transparent supply chain empowers women and their families in Ghana.

GlossGenius (@glossgenius) is an innovative digital personal assistant for independent beauticians. Its mission is to empower the next generation of independent entrepreneurs in the beauty industry with powerful business management, client engagement, and marketing tools.

Laxmi (@ByLaxmi) is a luxury skincare brand dedicated to prioritizing humanity. They formulate with pure, rare, and effective botanicals that work on your skin, and provide work for women around the world to end global poverty.

Myavana (@MyavanaHair) is a data-driven social platform that offers personalized hair analysis, consultations, and product recommendations. Its social impact mission is to advance women in STEM fields through beauty with its STEM Hair Care Academy.

One Love Organics (@OneLoveOrganics) creates certified organic and environmentally friendly skincare of the highest quality. It manufactures its own products and is one of only 10 ECOCERT-licensed manufacturers for natural and organic cosmetics in the US.

Sahajan (@SahajanSkincare) creates ayurvedic-inspired, organic skincare—marrying the ancient traditions of Ayurveda with modern science. It’s exploring ways to promote wellness and mindfulness through Return to Ritual events. 

Stylerz (@StylerzMX) allows you to discover top beauty salons, spas, and barbers in Mexico, so you can book an appointment when and where you want from your smartphone or PC. It provides free courses to salon owners to learn the basics of digital marketing tools and works with salons to donate hair to cancer organizations.

Thrive Causemetics (@ThriveCause) is beauty with a purpose, creating high-performance, vegan luxury cosmetics. For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.”

How do the entrepreneurs embody fearlessness, a trait that’s part of the Sephora ethos?

“I’m inspired by each of these women. They each have an incredible story of courage as they stepped out to create their companies. As we sat around a table and shared some of our personal journey stories, I was struck by the common theme of perseverance in the face of adversity. These women have grit, determination, and passion. They may not always feel fearless, but they take bold steps forward in the face of their fears.”

What happens during the boot camp part of the program?

“During the boot camp we held a series of sessions, panels, and hands-on workshops. The cohort of entrepreneurs learned from Sephora’s experts, and we brought in OpenIDEO, the social innovation team at IDEO, to help design the boot camp content.

“One of my favorite parts of the week was having Pamela Baxter, former President and CEO of Dior and LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, as our expert in residence. The cohort lived together in a historic San Francisco mansion for the week, and Pamela stayed there with us. It was a blast.

“To see more of the fun from that week, check out our @SephoraStands Twitter and Instagram feeds, and follow the entrepreneurs, too!”

What comes after that?

“For the next few months the Sephora Accelerate cohort of entrepreneurs will have monthly check-ins with their mentors and a series of virtual sessions leading up to the Demo Day, which happens at the end of August. For Demo Day, all the entrepreneurs will return to San Francisco and present their progress to Sephora leadership for feedback.”


“When I was about to enter elementary school, we became independent from Japan. In those days, if you didn’t know Japanese, you didn’t even have a chance to participate in contemporary civilization. So I studied Japanese in order to come into contact with new teachings and ideas. Now I know English, Chinese, and Japanese. If i didn’t know those, I couldn’t become a part of society. Young people call them ‘qualifications’ nowadays. We are a pitiable generation.”

“내가 국민학교 들어갈 때쯤 해방이 되었는데 당대엔 일본어를 모르면 문물을 접할 기회조차 오지 않았어. 그래서 일본말을 배웠어, 학문을 접하려고. 그렇게 나는 잉글리시, 차이니즈, 재패니즈를 해. 그걸 모르면 사회에서 행세를 못했어. 그걸 요즘 젊은 애들은 스펙이라고 하더라. 우리는 불쌍한 세대야.” 

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I feel so stupid, but could you please, in the simplest terms possible, explain what's going on with the UK and why it's bad? I'm afraid it's all going a bit over my head.

Anon I gotta admit I’m only reblogging things that I see and going off of what I read. I don’t actually live there so if I get this wrong, please someone reblog and correct me!:

I’ll try to boil this down really simple: 

The far right in England managed to convince enough people, mostly older people, to leave the EU. That greatly affects trading, the economy, and jobs. It’s like isolating themselves. 

  • tiffany posts a colorist caption on instagram:
  • sones: oh its korean culture!! the emojis were describing the color of their hair!! she isnt colorist!!
  • tiffany posts the rising flag sun on korean independence day:
  • sones: its american culture! tiffany doesnt know any better! its just a snapchat geofilter!! she knows nothing!!

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One of my favorite JH scenes is right after Kelso and Jackie break up and even though Hyde doesn't want to be with her he still gives her emotional support and helps her thought it! I love it because all through the series we see guys who only value jackie for sex (Fez, Kelso, Chip etc) and Hyde only value girls when he wants sex but when it comes to JH both of them are different and <333 I love them

Mine too, Anon! And that wasn’t the only time, remember…according to Hyde, she “always” goes to him whenever she’s upset. (those70scomics has a particularly hilarious take on this, IMO.) I especially love the fact that, when she’s talking to Eric and Donna before Kelso shows up, the exact second she says “This could be the start of something great” is when Hydewalks into frame. Whether or not that staging was intentional is debatable, but I love all those little details that, accidentally or otherwise, foreshadowed well in advance what was to come for them. 

I’m so glad that you brought up the matter of emotional support and what Hyde normally values in other girls because, oddly enough, this is something I’ve been thinking about lately and have been toying with the idea of writing a post about it.

There are multiple instances in the first half of the series in which Hyde makes it clear that the standard for what he looks for in a girl is pretty low. “Just this side of gross” to be exact. (The Promise Ring) However, I don’t think this is because he has a low opinion of women in general and only thinks of them as sex objects. He has a lot of respect for Donna, for example, and frequently encourages her to be “the voice of a new generation of smart, independent women”.  (Baby Fever) Rather I think he has a very low opinion of relationships and thinks that dating is just a form of prostitution “only you don’t always get what you paid for”. (Eric’s Burger Job)  

Long before he moved in with the Formans, Bud and Edna set an unappealing example of what marriage looks like, and after Bud moved out, Edna and the parade of ‘uncles’ she brought to the house made it clear to Hyde that things like love and sex were just tools of manipulation. The only semi-girlfriend we know he had before the series began was Esther the Biker Chick, but she quickly left him for his uncle. Even Chrissy had moved on to another guy in the hour or two between when Hyde told her he wasn’t going with her to NY and when Eric saw her riding out of town. Given all that, it’s no surprise to me that he’s particularly jaded about love and makes a point of not getting attached to any of the girls he hooks up with. He’s just in it to get his “needs” met. 

Meanwhile, Jackie—who, contrary to Hyde, has a very idealized notion of what love is—actually treats her relationship with Kelso in much the same way, at least in the first two seasons. She doesn’t have a lot of respect for him (Eric’s Burger Job) and doesn’t even seem to like him very much, but she keeps him around because he meets her “needs” for attention, affection, obedience, etc. She tells herself that she’s in love with him probably as often as Hyde tells himself he doesn’t want anything more substantial than the “lopsided pair of boobs” (The Third Wheel) he usually hooks up with because admitting the contrary would shatter the illusions they both have of being in control and getting their needs met.

That’s what I particularly love about this scene:

Not getting meaningless attention and obedience and “shiny things” from the guy she’s dating is as contrary to Jackie’s usual MO as investing emotionally in the girl he’s hooking up with is to Hyde’s. While this is usually played for laughs on the show, it’s not hard to see how these “standards” of theirs are actually thinly veiled self-defense mechanisms. If Jackie didn’t make Kelso prove his unwavering devotion to her over and over again, then what was to stop him from just using her for sex (That Wrestling Show)? And if Hyde ever wanted even a fraction of the kind of intimacy Eric and Donna had outside of a dark room, then he’d just expose himself to hurt and humiliation (Burning Down the House). 

By “lowering [their] standards” for one another, what they’re really doing is lowering the protective barriers they’d built up around themselves that had always kept other potential love interests at arm’s length. It’s terrifying prospect to both of them, but the emotional vulnerability theybring out in one another is precisely what drives their development. The scene you brought up in Kiss of Death and what follows from that is a great example of this.

While I think that Hyde was already a little subconsciously attracted to her, he was able to tell himself that he was only trying to get Kelso caught to “prolong [his] suffering” (Laurie Moves Out). But once that happened—once it was no longer about torturing Kelso and Jackie’s suffering came into focus—Hyde couldn’t talk himself out of being there for her, even though that meant letting her sob into his neck in front of his friends and admitting to her that he never thought one of his best and oldest friends in the world was good enough for her. And while Jackie first tried to buy his interest with dinner and jello and expensive new boots, the support he showed her without taking anything from her in return (even after she threw herself at him) is what made her want to do something completely unexpected to earn his respect and prove her loyalty to him in Moon Over Point Place, and so on and so forth.

Hyde thinks that all he needs from girls is sex and Jackie thinks that all she needs in a boyfriend is someone to shower her with gifts. But what makes them so perfect for one another is that, by forcing one another to step outside their comfort zones and, they manage to give both each other and themselves exactly what it is they really need–support, understanding, and unconditional love. Jackie has to trust that his love for her is not equivalent to the value of a price tag, Hyde has to trust that her love for him is not a cleverly disguised tactic to manipulate him, and only after they take these leaps of faith are they able to prove that love to one another through their actions. 

Though this is something they struggle with throughout their entire relationship (and each of their breakups stem from a fracture in the bedrock of that trust) there’s no denying that almost all their personal growth (beginning as early Prom Night) is the result of choosing not to change from who they truly are, but to evolve into their better selves for the sake of the other.  

And THAT’S love.

Thanks for the ask, Anon!

(And btw, I did get your second ask, but I have a ton of work/school work to get through today and tomorrow and I want to wait until I have time to give it some thought to compose a comprehensive response. Thanks for your patience!)


The Lost Generation of Independent Films

Richard Brody on “Rhythm Thief” and why some independent films fall into obscurity:

“The paradox of independent filmmaking is that it often replicates, on a low budget and a small scale, the commercial mainstream’s production process and approach to acting. On the one hand, that’s why many independent filmmakers of that time turned out to be Hollywood-ready when things worked out right. On the other, that’s why, for some, it was tough to come up with a cinematic Plan B when they didn’t.”

Photograph by Kino Lorber.

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shade but i seriously can't believe you left your friends and family and moved to canada to live with a boy you met online LOL what a world

How are you tryna diss someone for making moves out of the country regardless what it’s for? Do you hear your hatin self? Baby don’t be mad that I’m not scared to experience life. It’s so sad how scared this generation is to be independent and make decisions for themselves. Shade but cut the umbilical cord you codependent little pussy lmfao