generation 6 pokemon

Day 176 - Hitotsuki | ヒトツキ | Honedge

This is Hollow Island, inhabited entirely by rebel Ghost-types. Brave Pokémon follow their ideals of great treasure and adventure, and take to the seas in search of this elusive place.

Deep within the Central Autumnal Grove lies the Throne Room. Guarded by six Rotom, under constant surveillance by Chillarmy (Day 159) through several Nendoll (Day 175). Hitotsuki sneaks on by laying low and only moving when Nendoll’s closed eyes rotate by. Why is Hitotsuki against Hollow Island?

To be continued throughout this month before Halloween. October belongs to the Ghosts.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing each and every day! Backstory incoming…)

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