generals of the napoleonic wars

What if Russian generals of 1812 gave dating advice

Bagration: Pursue them endlessly even after you are told to stop and end up getting hurt badly on multiple occasions. Either they’ll eventually say yes or they’ll kill you but it is an honourable thing to die.

Barclay de Tolly: They’re way out of your league and you have no chance at all if things don’t change. Set fire to the countryside and ensure they no longer have access to food and water. Wait for them to lose all their appeal so they’ll have no choice but to say yes to you or they’ll starve to death. But right when your plan is about to succeed you’re likely to be disowned by your family because in the process of carrying out the plan you had to burn down your own house.

Kutuzov: Show them all your medals and invite them to your huge estate. Go inside by yourself, lock them outside and then make it snow.

Platov: Ride around in circles on a horse for a bit. Sing and dance like a cossack and make sure a lot of alcohol is involved.