What Are Colleges Looking For?

I received a few question on what colleges are looking for. 

So… here’s the very, very honest answer… I don’t know. lol. 

As with every other college-related question here, I’m not an admissions officer. I don’t make decisions on your admissions, heckkkk I don’t even know whether or not I’ll get into the colleges I applied to!! 

But there are just a bit that I’ve heard in the past from admission officers (on what they like to see). I attended tons of information sessions…. so I can still answer this question! (: 

  • Challenge yourself–To the second anon, I don’t know if they sit down and count your APs, but… realize that they review applications from students from all walks of life. There are going to be schools where no APs are offered, and that’s not going to count against that particular student. Colleges want to see that you have challenged yourself. If you’re doing well in regular math, and honors math is offered, you should take that the next year (for example). If your school offers 30 APs, you are a straight-A student, and you haven’t taken any of the more advanced classes, then that really means you’re not challenging yourself enough. 
  • Be Involved! - so they DO look at more than just scores. If they only look at your SATs and class rank, all the valedictorians will get into Harvard. That’s not the case–in fact, Harvard rejects plenty of 4.0s and 2400s. I think colleges are looking for students who are involved and go outside of their little bubble. So if your school has it, participate in those extra curriculars. See what you can do outside of your comfort zone!

 So what about the SAT/ACTs?

So a decent score, to kind of “predict” your chances (so to speak), would be in the middle 50% of the school’s SAT and ACT scores. You can go onto or just search “average SATs for [insert school here]” on google. but just because the average SAT score is a 2100 and you get a 2200 doesn’t guarantee admission. and just because the average is a 2100 and yours is a 1900 doesn’t mean you won’t get in. 

Bottom line: college admission depends on a lot of factors. I can’t tell you guys anything “for sure.” Like I said, plenty of 4.0s and 2400s get rejected from Ivy League schools. All I can tell you guys is to keep working hard. (Also, don’t get senioritis senior year and “give up” halfway through.) If you want to go to your dream school, there isn’t a short cut! Keep challenging yourself. Keep working hard. Keep stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’s going to be worth it.

Hope this answers your questions!

- Cindy

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good smut guides?

Rapunzel-helps-roleplay’s guide is my favorite sample/guide because it helps you write not too…intense, if that’s the word, smut. I don’t write smut a lot, but I base my smut off this when I do. If it’s your first time writing it, then you I’d suggest that one. I’d also suggest akittyrph’s guide, because it’s also really helpful. Although it’s not my favorite guide, I’d suggest to read through thehardyest’s guide, especially since it has a nice list of words that you could use in smut. I hope this all helps! 

Rough Translations of Kiko’s Q&A on Twitter (Continued)

Q: What language did you speak from a young age?
A: English and Japanese!

Q: Is the choker still your indispensable fashion item?
A: Yes, it is!

Q: Which breed of dog would you want as a pet?
A: Jack Russell Terrier!

Q: A song you always sing at karaoke?
A: Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love

Q: What are you doing now?
A: On my way to Beijing!

Q: Did you dance? 
A: I did ballet at elementary school, but my body was too stiff lol

Q: I want to meet Kiko-chan!
A: I’m considering doing a fan event to meet you all. What is fun?

Q: What is your favourite candy?
A: Plums! In general

Q: What is your reward for all your hard work?
A: Travelling!

Q: You and Yuka-chan are tall. Are your parents also tall?
A: My mom is 160cm and my dad is 190cm. But I am only 166cm, so not that tall! Yuka-chan is quite tall though as she is 175cm! 

anonymous asked:

Do you think race/ethnicity matters when applying to college / being accepted? Do you, and should you, write your ethnicity on your college application?

It could! 

So, there’s something called Affirmative Action. Basically, without going into too much detail, it allows more chances for minority groups to get into elite schools. (AA does not set up quotas, it just gives preference to minority groups). If you happen to be Native American, African American, or Hispanic, that means that colleges might give preferences to you when you apply. If you happen to be, say, white, male, or Asian (Asian because we are an overrepresented minority -.-), then you can kind of say that affirmative action works a bit against you. (NOTE! I’m not an Affirmative Action expert, this is just what I’ve read of it.)

Despite the fact that a lot of colleges say race/ethnicity doesn’t matter, I think it does. However, there’s no way of getting out of it. You *have* to put your ethnicity on your college application. It is not an option. (Usually, anyways. Through the Common App AND the Universal App, you DO have to put it) Lying about it could mean they take away your admission decision later on. 

Personally? I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s just how the application process works, and there’s nothing you or I can personally do to change that. Just do your best throughout high school and apply to the best of your ability… as my parents tell me, if you are meant to go to a certain school, & you work hard, it will happen. 

- Cindy

anonymous asked:

do you recommend getting the ti 89 for college? i have the ti 84 rn and it's great, but i used the ti 89 for sat ii math ii


I <3 the TI-89. I switched my 83 out for the 89 sophomore year… I don’t use it a whole lot in Calc BC right now, but when i get stumped on a homework problem (or just want to check my answers), it’s so useful.

I have a friend taking Calc 3 at Georgia Tech. He told me it works just fine for that too. (:

- Cindy

anonymous asked:

could you give me a list of lethal superpowers?

Basically any superpower could be lethal right? So I’d say that google would be your best friend in this situation. Here is a list to start you off with though.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I was wondering if you could explain how to make new paragraphs on your sidebar? I have the same theme and it doesn't let me do that. Sorry for being on anon but it says I have exceeded the limited asks for today.

Like make a break? Using < br > (without the spaces) will make it skip a line.