hi y’all!! so my dash is pretty dry when it comes to witchcraft most of the time so I want to follow more witches!

reblog if:

  • you post daily or often at least
  • you post about spells (includes curses/jars)
  • you’re an lgbt+ witch
  • you’re a mentally ill witch
  • you’re an otherkin witch
  • post about spirit work
  • post about Astral travel/the Astral in general
  • post about divination (any type because I want to get into more types!)

types of witchcraft I’d love to see more about:

  • sea witchcraft
  • storm witchcraft
  • draconic withcraft
  • urban/techno witchcraft
  • space witchcraft

and all follows will come from my main blog boyfluxharry!!

Things the Pro-Karin tags should be used for

  • Karin fan art
  • Karin fan fics
  • Pro-Karin posts
  • Karin ships (SasuKarin, SuiKa, JuuKarin, SakuKarin, etc)
  • Talking about Karin’s awesome design in Gaiden
  • Posts defending Karin from haters
  • Team Taka stuff
  • Uzumaki Clan stuff
  • NaruKarin bonding
  • Character analysis posts about Karin
  • General Karin fanworks

Things the Pro-Karin tags should NOT be used for

  • Character Meme: Most Annoying/Hated Female Character
  • SasuSaku
  • Ships that literally do not involve Karin in any way
  • “[Karin hate] oh but I actually love Karin!!!!”
  • Other fake-ass comments from people who were literally shitting on her mere MINUTES before 700+10 came out
  • “I love Karin but I hate her fans, so I’m gonna post this in the pro-karin tags where her fans lurk and can see this :^)”
  • Karin ship hate (Anti-SuiKa, Anti-SasuKarin especially)
  • Sarada Uchiha posts in general
  • Posts saying why Sakura/Hinata will always be better than Karin
  • Posts implying that Karin is a whore only when paired with Sasuke, but is pure when paired with literally anyone else
  • Posts in general that don’t involve Karin at all