World is full of motherfuckers
Ok I got this lying in my Inbox @ youtube:

And i saw plenty more on this little assholes albums. He has stolen songs from ALOT of brony and non brony musicians. 

Spread this around so we can get this little a-hole off of the internet.

Like fucking really? Spread this around so we can shank the motherfucker! NOTE: That is not me nor he has the rights to sell my music… like c'mon… he even has the teaser put it for Twilight’s Basement, when it’s not even finished (The teaser is 36 seconds long) Fucking seriously…

General Mumble - Hemikrania (2k14 CD edition)

So today is the day I release my first CD to the world. A piece of work I am very very proud of, and have worked very hard on. Available now in a super attractive digipak case.

As a bonus,the CD also contains the Paycheck EP, which was released shortly after Hemikrania, and has a fairly similar sound and style.

The inside of the case will be signed by myself because I’m great who doesn’t want my signature

I literally have no idea whatsoever on how fast these are going to sell. They could be gone in the next few days or few months for all I know. 

More info on the store page!

Reblogs very much appreciated, whether you choose to pick one up or not! 

for all people searching for good alternatives to Lapfox music…

i highly recommend General Mumble.

not only does he have a ton of similar-sounding music under different aliases, Mumble also releases a lot of his music as “name your price” so you can even get it for free sometimes if you like!

he’s an ideal alternative, an amazing musician, and as i’ve known him very personally for nearly two years now (as my boyfriend ♥), i can also assure you completely that he is a wonderful person who brings love and happiness wherever he goes. i don’t know what i would do without him tbh. 

so please check out his bandcamp, if you haven’t heard of him already!

if you’re new to his music, i recommend starting with:

both of which you can get for FREE!

lmao okay i’m done i just love him a lot okay tyasuidlashgdilasfnbavskfj



Genreal Mymbloe feat. jenny тнє monster - Happy Birthday You Stupid Moth Butt 

It’s Glaze’s birthday. Being a moth, he’s got about 1 week to live.
Please listen to this song as a celebration of his life. 


Happy birthday, you butt
Happy birthday, you butt
Please don’t fart out your candles
Just blow them please butt