I want to thank you all! Because of you I had the best weekend ever!

So I decided to write something for you guys as a token of appreciation. Ever since I came to England, I’ve been a bit nervous of everything really, like how much money will I spend, or who will I meet and how will they behave.will anyone know me and will I live up t their expectations, But as soon as I saw BluSkittle and his lovely friends. All my fears were swept away.

Oh god, I am already crying.

This whole trip has been one of a kind and Unique in every aspect, I met more people that I could dream of. Finally avatars from skype calls / YouTube pages had faces, You could hear them live and not some shatty service that Skype gives you. The cheers and applauds of the fans were over whealming which reminded me of why I love all of you!

The compliments that people gave me like “you are my fav artist” or “I really love your music man.” Are the things that EVERY artists want to hear. As much as we love our own music, it always brings a smile to our faces when we hear that things that we produce on our past time, brings joy to others as well.

Meeting Jenny, General Mumble, WoodenMothsterToaster, iPie, Pips. Sketchy Sounds and all of the other artists as well, was like a dream come true. A dream that when I started all of this, I could never fulfill, but here we were, chowing down Subways and sitting next to each other in panels and workshops.

Even though meeting these all famous people and being accepted among them was more than what a single lowly musician like me could ever dream of, but the thing that made the con special, was


The people who worked hard that everything went smoothly to ALL the way to people who just wanted to participate in the whole event, You guys alone made this con possible, Without the vast majority of you, this wouldn’t be even remotelly possible. I can’t thank enough for the hugs, the praises and the participants that came to the event, regardless of where ever they came from.

I am currently hugging my Rarity plushie in a public train just to give me comfort and flashbacks of the wonderful time I had, you can even measure of how much fun I had. I bought 3 days worth of Wifi to my hotel… and used around 6 hours of it total.

Once and for all I want to thank all of you.

T H A N K  Y O U ! ! !

Last but not least I want to deticate atleast a paragraph to an awesome guy and a great friend.

PJ / Laserpon3, You are an aweome guy and a great friend. Ever since I started making music and had around 0 Subscribers, you were one of the first people who spoke to me, We had fun and joy and shared alot of stories. I seen your ups and downs and seen you in a stressed stage when you were working hard with Everestlaser, but trough all the trouble and time I got finally meet you, and I was not disappointed. You are an inspiration to many people, all the way from your Laser art to just generally being a really good person, We definetelly need to keep in touch!

Thank you!

Thank all of you!

I gotta go now. My Rarity needs some attention.


Worms Armageddon!

Featuring General Mumble, Interrobang Pie, Glaze, The Living Tombstone, Tephnos, H8_Seed and myself.


Genreal Mymbloe feat. jenny тнє monster - Happy Birthday You Stupid Moth Butt 

It’s Glaze’s birthday. Being a moth, he’s got about 1 week to live.
Please listen to this song as a celebration of his life. 


Happy birthday, you butt
Happy birthday, you butt
Please don’t fart out your candles
Just blow them please butt