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I would like to point out in like 99% of coffee shop AUs Keith is lactose intolerant and???????? Is this just a Generally Accepted Fanon Thing Or Is It Canon?

WHAT really?? omfg am i reading the wrong coffee shop AU fics or am i just not reading enough🤔🤔🤔 fuck or my memory is messing with me because i dont think ive read about keith being lactose intolerant in any of them so far.😑 i know its not canon but i guess its a generally accepted fanon thing for writers LMFAO but u know what keith cant be lactose intolerant u know why?…because he rode kaltenecker that one time in the space mall😩😩😂👀💦🔍

okay so hear me out, ML fandom: 

a) the Turtle’s users live a really long time, apparently, presumably either by aging really slowly or just stopping aging altogether once they reach a certain point (presumably the former, but who knows at this point. DEFINITELY NOT THIS GUY, WHO STILL HASN’T SEEN ANY OF THE MASTER FU EPISODES YET. >>;;) 

b) it is generally accepted fanon (canon?) that the Turtle user is responsible for holding onto the Miraculouses even if they’re no longer an active user themselves, which makes sense really; if you are gonna live like for the entirety of human history, it’s probably a lot less annoying swapping curators every two or three hundred years as opposed to, like, every TWENTY 

c) it is ALSO generally accepted fanon that Nino is gonna get the Turtle Miraculous at some point because I don’t care I could give you twenty good and/or logical show-based reasons but really I just need it okay, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED 


d) Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe and their very long, strange relationship as Nino very slowly starts aging slower and slower and Alya outpaces him without either of them really noticing at first, even though Fu was SUPER CLEAR on the subject SEVERAL TIMES and objectively they’re both aware it’s a thing that’ll come up one day. Which it does, one day, when they’re both crammed into their shared bathroom getting ready together, looking into their mirror at the same time and playfully jockeying for space like always and then they both just–notice

“Ah,” Nino says, staring at one face that doesn’t look a day over nineteen and another that’s pushing thirty, a painful clench going through his heart. 

“Ah,” Alya agrees slowly, not looking away from the mirror. 

I wanna take a moment to be a grumpy old person and grumble about some things

Why is it like generally accepted fanon that Kara is necessarily the bottom in Supercorp?  I understand why in Supercat.  But like, is it some great stretch that Lena might be a little repressed and that someone warm and open like Kara might have an easier time taking the lead?

Why is it generally accepted fanon that Alex is the bottom in Sanvers?  Many, many General Danvers fics imagined her as the “top.”  A lot of newly-out lesbians are super-eager and aggressive in new relationships because they want to make up for lost time.

Why is everyone obsessed with the whole top/bottom delineation when most relationships are not usually quite that clear cut and it’s actually one of the nice things about lesbian relationships is that they don’t demand that?  Like, you can have it if you want it but it isn’t baked into the dynamic? 

*shakes head and shuffles away, grumbling about the children on the lawn*

Other fun times in the WTNV fandom:

  • Theories on why Carlos might be purple
  • Those same people calling non-white Cecil headcanons “illogical” because his VA is white
  • while also headcanoning Cecil with tentacles
  • Equating every instance of absurd or surreal humor with WTNV 
  • “And now the weather”
  • Fandom-wide misinterpretation of “biblical” angel descriptions leading to the generally-accepted fanon of angels being literally pitch-black/stark-white monolith creatures with eyes all over their bodies
  • Instead of, you know, one of the angels being a black guy