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  Spotting the samurai exorcist, Lenalee bloomed out in a smile,

“Kanda-san!” She called out, jogging up to him. Happy to see her friend Lenalee asked him,

“How have you been? Everything alright?” But then she spotted the two other people that had been there,

“Ah! I apologize.” she bowed to the two other people, “My name is Lenalee Lee. It’s a pleasure to meet you~”

@ k-a-n-d-a [college au]

Lavi glanced around the dining hall, searching for someone in particular.

“Where could he…ah! There he is!” Lavi exclaimed as he saw who he’d been looking for, their high pony tail sticking out like a sore thumb!

“Yuu-chan!” Lavi called in delight as he walked over and sat next to his friend. Or more like the only one who didn’t take his bullshit. And vice versa.

“Same old soba I see. Not that I have the right to talk,” he said, seeting down his anthropology books and customary tray of Yakiniku from the Asian food section.

“Don’t use your Innocence….just leave me be…” Alma murmured weakly.

“Yeah…I know.”

Alma opened his eyes, surprised to find himself standing up. Didn’t he just die in Yuu’s arms? And how could he have been standing when his legs had been ripped from his body when he self-destructed?

The teen looked around. Everything was white. Not even a shadow was present. He clapped his hands together, and the sound echoed for a bit. Where was he?

He looked down at the light fog that was close to the ground. It reminded him of the womb room from when they were kids. But everything else was just….whiteness. Like a blank canvas before an artist painted. He wasn’t even sure if he was standing on anything at this point.

He jumped up, listening to the sound of his feet hitting the ground. Not knowing what else to do, Alma started walking. He didn’t know where, but at that point he didn’t care. Since there was nothing around him, he closed his eyes as he walked.

After a while he stopped with a frustrated grunt and opened his eyes, fixing to scream something when he realized he wasn’t in that blank white place anymore. He was in a room that looked vaguely like a dojo, but one thing caught his eye.

Yuu was sitting in the middle of the room.

Now that I have purchased the Black Order my next business goal is to eliminate those tacky so called uniforms and hand out fresh suits to everyone. They will be mandatory. Also I will be redesigning the place to my liking, the furniture and decorations are much too drab. The chef, Jerry, can stay. I tested his food and it appears to be up to par. That is all for now. More announcements later.

@actual-daisya, @generalkanda|| Double Trouble

“Huh," Daisya thought.  "There’s two of me.  Well, this could be interesting…” He walked over to the strikingly similar male, mostly wondering why he was there.  "Yo!  What’s up, Daisya Number 2?“  He stared at the clone with a devious grin.

"You thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked.