About Victor Nikiforov

Here is a list of questions we need an answer about Victor

  • Does he have a family?
  • If he does are they alive?
  • Do they love him?
  • What is his relationship with them?
  • Does he have siblings?
  • If he does are they older or younger? Boy or Girl?
  • Did his family support him when he started ice-skating?
  • How does Victor feel about his family?
  • How does Victor feel generaly?
  • Behind this beautiful smile is there a broken man?
  • He had long hair did he cut them bc he was bored of them or because to start “a new life”?
  • When did he bought Makkachin and why did he decided to buy a pet?
  • Was he lonely?
  • Will his parents support his sexuality or are they already supporting his sexuality?
  • Will we know what Victor was thinking when he saw Yuuri skating his program*the video scene*?
  • Does Victor want to skate in GP again?
  • Does he have a fanclub like Yurio and JJ?
  • Can he drive?
  • Any other hobbies?
  • Can he cook?
  • Does he talk on his sleep?
  • When did he start skating?
  • Does his fanclub support his relationship with Yuuri?
  • Will Victor say first “i love you” to Yuuri?
  • What did he meant when he said “skaters heart are fragile?”
  • What happened to him in his past?

feel free to add more!

Domande fuori dagli schemi. Inviatemi un numero💜

Iniziamo dalle domande generali:

1. Età
2. Hai fratelli o sorelle?
3. Hai già tinto i capelli?
4. Capelli lunghi o corti?
5. Altezza
6. Fumi?
7. Colore degli occhi?
8. Porti gli occhiali?
9. Come stai?
10. Ti sentì bella/o o brutta/o?
11. Hai tatuaggi?
12. Hai piercing?
13. Che fai nella vita?
14. Ti piace la tua calligrafia
15. Se tu fossi un'altra persona saresti amica di te stessa?
16. Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
17. Cosa ti manca di più?
18. Cos'è che ti piace di meno di te?
19. Un posto dove non vorresti mai andare?
20. Hai un talento speciale?
21. I tuoi suoni preferiti?

Hai mai:

22. Incontrato il tuo idolo
23. Fumato erba
24. Bevuto alcolici
25. Perso il telefono
26. Rubato
27. Detto una bugia per far star meglio qualcuno
28. Tradito
29. Avuto esperienze paranormali
30. Pianto tantissimo
31. Fatto uso di droghe pesanti
32. Fatto il bagno nudo/a
33. Detto “ti amo” credendoci
34. Fatto bunjee jumping
35. Passato la notte sveglio/a fino a vedere l'alba
36. Scritto un libro
37. Mangiato sushi

Questo o quello?

38. Facebook o Twitter
39. Treno o aereo
40. Pioggia o sole
41. Dolce o salato
42. Festa in discoteca o festa in casa privata
43. Cuore o cervello
44. Baciare o essere baciati
45. Piangere o fingere di stare bene
46. Mare o montagna
47. Harry potter o Twilight

Domande random:

48. 4 cose che ti disgustano
49. Miglior primo appuntamento
48. Cosa ti manca?
49. Cibo preferito
50. Luogo preferito
51. Hai una cotta per qualcuno?
52. Prima cosa che noti in una persona
53. Citazione preferita
54. Film preferito
55. Come ti senti in questo momento?
56. Canzone preferita
57. Cantante preferito
58. Rapporto con i tuoi genitori
59. Perché ti sei iscritto a Tumblr?
60. Ultimo libro letto
61. L'ultima volta che hai tenuto per mano qualcuno
62. Preferisci la musica a tutto volume o a un volume ragionevole?
63. Qualcosa della giornata di oggi che non ti è piaciuto?
64. L'ultima bigia che hai detto?
65. Peggior infortunio mai avuto
66. Animale preferito
67. Risparmi soldi o li spendi subito
68. La canzone che ti rende felice ogni volta che la ascolti
69. I tuoi 5 blog preferiti su Tumblr
70. Parola preferita
71. Sei determinata/o?
72. Credi che la vendetta sia necessaria?
73. Come definiresti il tuo carattere?
74. Serie TV preferita
75. Di una definizione di vita
76. Cosa pensi del razzismo?
77. Sei mai stato/a rifiutati/a?
78. Che posti vorresti visitare?
79. Paura dei rapporti?
80. Ti fidi facilmente?
82. Sei felice?
83. Un tuo sogno?
84. Cosa vorresti cambiare di te?
85. È difficile per te ammettere di aver sbagliato?
86. La cosa più strana che ti è successa?
87. L'arte che più ti piace
88. Sai disegnare?
89. La tua paura più grande?


90. In Te stesso?
91. Nei fantasmi?
82. Nei miracoli?
93. Negli alieni?
94. Nell'amore a distanza?

E infine, vorrei:

95. Il luogo che più ti piacerebbe visitare
96. La camera dei tuoi sogni
97. L'incontro con la star che vorresti
98. La cosa che vorresti comprare
99. Il messaggio che vorresti inviare

100. Questa domanda inventatela voi💜


 IT IS DONE!! I didn’t know what to draw so I doodled every human Bonnie I could think of, from either friends/mutuals or just really rad people in general

i was going to include mine but it looks like tumblr only lets you upload ten photos at a time! but who needs him tbh

 bonnies, starting from the top left, belong to @coulsart, @fazbearsquad, @blasticheart, @holioca, @ak-tastic, @chica–the–chicken, @condesky, @fnafcrew–askcrew, @wheatu, aaaand my sister @puddin-draws

 if i got anythign wrong fell free to kick me lmao

also sorry for the quality i dont have a scanner and it is dark

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Finally got to see ‘Hexley Hall’ (thanks to @sweetheart-alice)
I loved so many thing about that episode! 
- the change in clothes
- Cedric understands Wormwood
- Cedrics reaction to the reveal
- the interaction between the characters in general
I really am pretty excited about how Cedric will change after this. 
I will draw another, better picture about that episode when there’s more time. >w<


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Yuri on Ice Idol AU Headcanons

Longer post than usual and @onnano-hito asked me to post (I actually made 2 sketches for this AU, but I have no ideia where they are, maybe you could consider my previous drawing of Seung-gil part of this? it fits)

•Debuted long ago, but, according to Yuri himself, his carrier didn’t went very well due to having anexty whenever he had to make live performances (but he was quite successful and popular)
•Long time Viktor fan
•During his hiatus, he performed Viktor’s most well known song “stay close to me”, the triplets recorded and uploaded, it went viral. Viktor saw it.
•Has a lot of stamina and can sing very well
•His songs are generaly love ballads or bubllegum pop, but can perform more mature themes
•Used to be a duo with Pichit, when they both where being produced by Celestino(Ciao Ciao)

•Super popular idol, has been on the entretaiment industry for more than 10 years
•There are rummors that he plans to retire to become a producer or a coreographer.
•Multitalented, can sing, act, dance and is very sociable. Considered a genius
•Uses a cool,flirty persona in front of the cameras. Behind them he can be a rather airhead, forgetful and do things on a whim
•His live perfomances alone can fill a stadium with fans
•Being on the industry for so long, he has performed all types of songs (I can’t think of any music style that would fit Viktor)

•Up and coming newcomer, who used to be a famous dancer when he was a kid.
•He’s very flexible and uses a ballet moves on his coreographs
•Likes rock, but due to his apperence, is forced to sing cute songs or piano centred pieces about silly teenager love
•On public apperences, he pretends to be a cute child. In reallity, he is very agressive and can be very rude, but by no means he’s a bad person.
•Yakov is his producer and has Lilia as his choreographor

•Used to form a duo with yuri
•Is being produced by Celestino
•Is very active on social media, to all idol fans delight.
•Wants to be part of the cast of the King and the Skater Remake
•Is super friendly with everyone and loves taking selfies with them. Has a lot of charisma
•he’s especiality is acting, but also likes to dance
•He became an Idol after his youtube channel became popular.(not really sure about this one)

•Yuri fanclub president and no.1 fan
•Aspiring Idol, but hasn’t been passed on any audiction yet
•Knows all facts and trivia about Yuri’s life and carries
•Supports Yuri in any way possible and defends him on the internet

•Likes acting, want to become an action movie star
•Uses bears themed outfits on some MVs
•His songs tend to be very cute
•Is part of a duo with Leo, in which Leo makes the songs and coreography and Guang-Hong sings and helps creating their MV
•Is a huge Pichit fan. Like his idol, posts a lot of pics on SNS

•Composes his own songs and create all his coreography by himself, with Guang Hong giving constructive critisim
•Is friends with many musicians and DJ’s
•BFF with Guang hong
•Also a Pichit fan

•Usually casted as villains on series and movies
•Overdramatic when acting
•Recently his songs are all about heartbreak.
•Was secretly dating, but was dumpped
•Not respected by his peers, despite being on the industry for a very long time
•Can sing surprisly well

•Very active on SNS. Has a lot of followers
•His songs have more lewd/mature themes.
•Has a friendly rivary with Viktor.
•A skilled dancer, with very “unique” style, due to his “entusiansm” during his performences (you guys also remember ep 10 ending)

Seung gil
•A perfectionist, all his moves are calculated to help his popularity
•Can sing and dance beaufully, despite his expressioless face
•Not a very good actor, for obivious reasons
•During entreviews, he talks as little as possible to avoid any rude coments due to his not very sociable personality(also requested by his producer)
•He only cries after concerts when he’s alone, being for hapinnes or sadness
•Avoids his mostly female fans as much as possible.
•In front of the cameras and during live concerts he looks cool and cold. While still not very sociable, he becomes more aprochable and an airhead when not dealing with the public eye

•Beloved by his fans, bc of his friendly personality. Often takes selfies with his fans
•Is trying to form a group with Mickey and Sara/Sala, much to the brother’s dismay
•He’s basicaly the same in front and behind cameras.
•Popular with older woman and kids (idk, i felt it was fitting)
•He’s song are generaly about “doing your best and never give up” but tries other themes and styles

•Is part of a dancing duo with his sister
•Super protective bother. Basicaly hates all men that try to be friendly with his sister.
•Too busy protecting his sister and managing their carrier to even bother dating.
•His songs are mostly about protecting a beloved one

•Super popular and loves the attention from his fans
•Used to be a child actor, thanks to his parents being former entratiners
•Part of a band, has his own fashion brand, is going to star a famous movie franchise, engaged with a famous actreess and also does modeling
•Multitalented, can sing, dance, act, ect.
•Makes his own stunds, no doubles
•During his concerts, he likes makig crazy moves. High risk, high reward

•Mysterious newcomer,this part of his charm
•Doesn’t speak much nor shows many emotions, but is a nice guy.
•One of the few people Yurio is friends with.
(I wrote those some time after ep 10, so I didn’t had much ideia what to write about him)


(Wow pretentious name for a fanfiction? Well it was either this or ‘the age gap’ and that was terrible so this will do)

Summary: Dan’s parents are not accepting of his older boyfriend.

Word count: 1094

Tw: Age gap. Dan is 13 and Phil is 17. Yes, I think it is weird. This is fiction. They are characters. Thank you :)

Dan and Phil were not your typical clique couple.

Dan was four years younger than Phil, in year eight in high school. Even though he was so much younger he’d built a pretty good reputation for himself. And by pretty good I mean, everyone belived his ‘reputation’ even though it was an act. Everybody knew Dan Howell as the hard-core guy who hangs out with the gangs.

He put up an unbreakable act though. He wore all black, which made his tiny frame look a lot more intimidating, complete with a leather jacket. He swore at teachers and snarled at anyone that looked his way, except maybe Phil. He also ‘smoked’. Which really consisted of him accepting a cigarette from some gang member to just suck some smoke in and blow it out, not actually inhaling at all. Surprisingly no one has noticed. Dan didn’t have any tattoos or piercings as he was absolutely terrified of needles, but he just told people that he didn’t like them so they should go fuck off.

Phil, however, was a little different. He was in year 12 in high school. The first year of sixth form to be exact. He’d always been a nerdy guy, which is one of the reasons that he’d carried on in sixth form as he was going to university. He had a couple of friends who were no where near being popular and cool but it was quite nice like that. He didn’t need that to have a good time.

They’d met in school, it was quite a funny story actually. Phil always went to the library after lesson time to fit in some extra studying. Dan, who usually stayed after school to hang out or wait for some of the popular guys to finish their football club, had noticed this. There was a window to see into the library right near the spot where he’d be.

Dan enjoyed watching (essentially stalking) Phil day to day. He was just so interesting. It was especially entertaining during times where tests and assessments were coming up as Phil would be all flustered rushing about to try and organise his revision. Eventually Dan relied on watching Phil after school everyday, he’d notice if Phil was later than usual and worry about him if he wasn’t in.

This carried on until one of his (supposed) friends (although they were just a fellow 'gang’ member really) pressured him into actually talking to the older. He was a little worried on the inside, but his exterior persona wouldn’t have been phased by this so he decided to just go for it.

As it turned out, Phil was pretty much aware of Dan’s daily stalking and had found it quite cute. Despite their differences, Phil being nerdy and four years older than rebellious Dan, they found that they had quite a lot in common.


Dan was incredibly excited when he decided to tell his parents. They were probably the most accepting people he knew (apart from Phil). When he came out as bisexual to them they were perfectly fine with it. When he started to get in trouble more at school and sometimes even with the police, they forgave him and were still supportive.

However when he told them that he had a boyfriend, that happened to be four years older than him, they were not happy. “Daniel, he’s seventeen for Gods sake. You’re just a child” “The man is taking advantage of you” “I will not have my son dating a sixth former” were a few of the things that could be picked out of the argument that followed. Dan was outraged that they didn’t like Phil. He quickly made an excuse before putting on some shoes (black Dr martens to be exact) and leaving the house to go to the place of the only person that he could currently say that he loved. Phil’s.


“I hate them Phil. I hate everything!” Dan half shouted at his boyfriend who was stood opposite him. A few tears making their way down his cheeks, however he still looked strong and like he could kick the shit out of someone for just looking at him. Phil sighed and opened his arms for him to snuggle into. He always lost his 'hard-core’ act with Phil and turned adorable and cuddly.

“I know you do baby” Phil agreed, running his hand through the younger boys dyed red fringe. Occasionally bending down a little to kiss the top of his head, he continued “but hey, you have me, right?”

“No! Don’t do that it tickles. And that’s the problem. My parents can’t handle the fact that I have you” Dan says sighing. He hugs Phil tighter as his slight anger builds up.

“Where did you tell them you were tonight?” Phil asks as he knows that he has no real advice to him about his parents.

“Urm, I said I was going to Nathan’s. But they probably didn’t belived me. I don’t really care anyway” Dan mutters.

“We can text them later to let them know you’re safe. I love you”, Phil said whilst poking Dan’s side a couple times making him squirm.

“No, no don’t do that. It tickles. And yeah, you too” he giggled quietly. He knew that Phil would take more from it than that. He loved Phil and he meant so much to him, he just couldn’t express it. And Phil knew that, so it was perfect.

“Whatever, my little punk” Phil replied. Hugging the younger tightly. He loved that Dan allowed them to be affectionate with each other, he couldn’t even hold a conversation with others without snarling or making a sarcastic remark. Dan responded to Phil by bunching the back of Phil’s shirt in his fists and sniffling loudly.

“Does Danny want to go and cuddle” Phil suggested attempting to get a laugh out of Dan with the use of the nickname. The younger hated the name.

“Use that name, and danny will get Nathan to kick your ass” Dan answered looking up to face Phil. He tried to look serious. Phil wasn’t having any of it.

“Ah sure. Doesn’t danny remember what happened last time someone just insulted me? You went crazy. You wouldn’t let Nathan touch me” The elder said, smirking as he saw Dan’s face change.

Dan had a little smile on his face at the memory, he’d certainly made sure no one would go near his Phil. “Fine you win”, Dan snuggled his face back into Phil’s chest. “Let’s go cuddle now” he added.


A/N: so I made myself write at 1am to be productive and this is what happened. I wanted to write something where Dan is the younger bad boy and Phil is the nerdy older. I think I’ve achived it.
    Better writing some trash than not writing at all I guess?

Thanks ^ω^



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lil things i loved on my 2nd viewing of suicide squad
  • “that’s a killer app”
  • the fact that the joker’s entire storyline revolves around his love for harley and not the other way around
  • killer croc and el diablo bein bros
  • the “we’ve all lost someone so this is our new family” trope
  • all of harley’s joker paraphernalia gradually disappearing until she’s essentially just left with, “daddy’s little monster” shirt
  • deadshot calling amanda gangsta
  • “I’m beautiful”
  • Harley having a joker flashback at the top of the stairwell and when she “comes back” deadshot is still waiting for her when the others have gone ahead
  • “you’re my friend too”
  • Harley pretty much having complete autonomy and never once being sexually objectified by the guys
  • “wanna get a drink sometime?”
  • deadshot being protective of harley in general
  • i just love this movie a lot okay like i love things about misfit pals with killer soundtracks
L’art 70 della nostra costituzione:


La funzione legislativa è esercitata collettivamente dalle due Camere

Con la riforma sarà:

La funzione legislativa è esercitata collettivamente dalle due Camere per le leggi di revisione della Costituzione e le altre leggi costituzionali, e soltanto per le leggi di attuazione delle disposizioni costituzionali concernenti la tutela delle minoranze linguistiche, i referendum popolari, le altre forme di consultazione di cui all'articolo 71, per le leggi che determinano l'ordinamento, la legislazione elettorale, gli organi di governo, le funzioni fondamentali dei Comuni e delle Città metropolitane e le disposizioni di principio sulle forme associative dei Comuni, per la legge che stabilisce le norme generali, le forme e i termini della partecipazione dell'Italia alla formazione e all'attuazione della normativa e delle politiche dell'Unione europea, per quella che determina i casi di ineleggibilità e di incompatibilità con l'ufficio di senatore di cui all'articolo 65, primo comma, e per le leggi di cui agli articoli 57, sesto comma, 80, secondo periodo, 114, terzo comma, 116, terzo comma, 117, quinto e nono comma, 119, sesto comma, 120, secondo comma, 122, primo comma, e 132, secondo comma.

Le stesse leggi, ciascuna con oggetto proprio, possono essere abrogate, modificate o derogate solo in forma espressa e da leggi approvate a norma del presente comma. Le altre leggi sono approvate dalla Camera dei deputati. Ogni disegno di legge approvato dalla Camera dei deputati è immediatamente trasmesso al Senato della Repubblica che, entro dieci giorni, su richiesta di un terzo dei suoi componenti, può disporre di esaminarlo. Nei trenta giorni successivi il Senato della Repubblica può deliberare proposte di modificazione del testo, sulle quali la Camera dei deputati si pronuncia in via definitiva. Qualora il Senato della Repubblica non disponga di procedere all'esame o sia inutilmente decorso il termine per deliberare, ovvero quando la Camera dei deputati si sia pronunciata in via definitiva, la legge può essere promulgata. L'esame del Senato della Repubblica per le leggi che danno attuazione all'articolo 117, quarto comma, è disposto nel termine di dieci giorni dalla data di trasmissione. Per i medesimi disegni di legge, la Camera dei deputati può non conformarsi alle modificazioni proposte dal Senato della Repubblica a maggioranza assoluta dei suoi componenti, solo pronunciandosi nella votazione finale a maggioranza assoluta dei propri componenti. I disegni di legge di cui all'articolo 81, quarto comma, approvati dalla Camera dei deputati, sono esaminati dal Senato della Repubblica, che può deliberare proposte di modificazione entro quindici giorni dalla data della trasmissione. I Presidenti delle Camere decidono, d'intesa tra loro, le eventuali questioni di competenza, sollevate secondo le norme dei rispettivi regolamenti. Il Senato della Repubblica può, secondo quanto previsto dal proprio regolamento, svolgere attività conoscitive, nonché formulare osservazioni su atti o documenti all'esame della Camera dei deputati

come se fosse antani, anche per il direttore, la supercazzola con scappellamento (a destra)

Buona fortuna a tutti

anonymous asked:

What are Taurus girls like in friends ships? There personality pros and cons ?

…Gonna speak from my own experience ??
 Okay, in friendships… they’re kinda awkward but they’re super loyal friends (mostly). They’ll embarrass you in public and just generaly joke around a lot. Barely answers texts and sometimes might seem distant, but really they just need some time alone. Very caring and protective. If you treat them like shit they’ll turn into real bitches tbh. Also makes fun of you a lot.
 Their personality is kinda basic ?
pros: caring as hell, has a lot of love to give, will try to help you if they can, honest and very dedicated (sometimes cringy tho). Also usually good at some sort of art.
cons: sometimes completely ignores you, doesn’t always listen to you, pretty selfish and might be rude (they won’t do it if they truly like you tho). Hella lazy as well.