30+30 gr. (generalgouvernement, 1944)

after the nazi and soviet invasions of 1939, poland was chopped into three parts: the soviet zone in the east, the western zone annexed directly into germany, and the generalgouvernement in the middle, a sort of transitional area where the polish population was to be prepared for enserfment and genocide and replacement by ethnic german settlers

German occupation II. world war - very nice mint never hinged collection in the Borek hingeless printed form ring binder, all from of the company Borek delivered. As well numerous sought and better issues as Generalgouvernement Michel no. I / III with photo certificate Swiss BPP, Albania complete, Belgium Flemish and Wallonian legion with useful issues, Kotor Michel no. 1 / 6, Ljubljana complete, Lithuania with rare Vilnius set (photo expertize Krischke), Montenegro, Russia / Pleskau souvenir sheet 1X with photo certificate “the condition is perfect” Krischke, Serbia complete including all four souvenir sheets and so on. A very nice object!

(via - Collections and Lots German Occupation II. Worldwar Collections, Michel I/III, 1/6)