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I’m Alex, 16, female, bi-romantic and asexual, from France. I’m obsessed with books (Harry Potter, LOTR…), TV shows (A lot. Supernatural, Sherlock, Dr Who, Criminal Minds, Dr House…), movies… I lread and write fanfiction, eat chocolate and retweet things I like on twitter. I never put identifiable photos on public because I’m very self-concious, so this was the only one I had (the quality isn’t very good, I hope you won’t mind :/ ). I’m new to tumblr, so it’s taking me some time to figure out how everything works, and I would really like to have ace friends! Feel free to send me a message about anything! ;)

my url is idonthavetimeforthisblog 


New year’s eve around the world:

London (UK)

Cape town (South Africa)

Wellington (New Zealand)

Singapore (Singapore)

New York (USA)

Sydney (Australia)

Tokyo (Japan)

Moscow (Russia)

Marrakech (Marocco)

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)



i just like how some people in our stupid european union are still on the right track, including this wannabe rammstein music video