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New year’s eve around the world:

London (UK)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wanted to say that I hope you are having a nice day! And maybe you could tell me something about Poland? I have been there but if there's something really cool about your homeland, something you'd like to tell me, I would just love that. Either way, have a good one! xx

hey, have a good day too!

about Poland… well it depends on what you want to see really. not really the best country to live in but it’s heaven if you want to relax or sightsee. my favourite things about Poland must be Old Towns. Gdansk, Warsaw, Cracow, Torun, Wroclaw, they all look amazing. aaand Zamosc. and we’ve got beautiful national parks too

so if you want to sightsee:

chopin’s house, malbork castle, old towns i mentioned before, copernicus science centre, icon of the black madonna (czestochowa is a great place if you’re religious), it goes on forever. as far as nature is concerned:

  • bialowieza forest (there’s a reason it’s first on my list, trust me)
  • tatra national park (caves, lakes, wielka siklawa waterfall)
  • masurian lakeland (over 2k lakes)
  • slowinski national park (moving sand dunes)

and a small note from me: if you want to get the full experience, it’s better to stay in guest houses than in hotels. the families are very friendly, no pollution, polish countrysides are marvelous. you can go on a horse-drawn sleigh rides, campfire with local people, go horse riding, mushroom picking, hiking, not to mention that less-known places are also less polluted (useful advice if you want to see the baltic sea) and usually there’s a good and cheap access to a bigger city or popular tourist attractions either way.

here’s more if you’re interested in visiting Poland: