It’s official. Task Force 141.

We're after Makarov.

Evaluating recruits now. Typical lot Rangers, SAS, CSOR. Like Sanderson. He’s a Sgt., but reminds me of what I must’ve looked like coming out of selection: raw, skilled, loyal to a fault.

Another keeper: Ghost. Can’t get over the name though. What the hell kind of name is Ghost?

-Soap’s Journal, Page 39. There’s also a grid detailing the PFT and range scores of the candidates; Ghost, Roach, Buck, Crane, Gridlock, and Marlin. To my knowledge, only the first two appear in Modern Warfare 2, so they could have been killed some time before the events of Modern Warfare 2 (at least one Task Force member died during Mile High Club, according to the Call of Duty Wiki).

Ghost’s PFT and Rifle Qual. scores are 295 and 302 respective, with no NJP’s against his name, and Roach comes at a close jont second with 292 and 320 for PFT and  Rifle Qual. respectively - basically, he’s a better shot than Ghost (which seems odd considering Ghost aced The Pit with just a 1911) but Ghost is just that little bit more physically fit than him. If anything I would have thought that would be the other way around, but there you go. The highest scorer in Rifle Qual. out of all the candidates is Buck, who has ten more points than Roach but 2 NJP’s against his name. Gridlock is the only other candidate who has an NJP - just the one. Marlin and Crane aren’t really that noteworthy and are probably just there as filler.