Give me more of a Steve and Bucky who lived through the depression. Show me two super soldiers sitting together to clip all the coupons they can because they can buy loads of stuff but they’re still both REALLY stingy about money. Show me both of their apartments looking like episodes from Hoarders. Show me Bucky showing up on Christmas day to Avengers Tower with a whole sack full of oranges for Steve and Steve laughing till he cries while everyone else has no idea what’s going on. GIVE ME A STEVE AND A BUCKY WHO ARE STILL FROM THE ‘30S NO MATTER THE HENLEY SHIRTS AND APPLE STORE VISITS

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I had a lady come in this evening with a cat with a swollen foot and ask how much a consult would be, I told her and she told me it was too much, and she couldn't afford it. She then asked if I could just give her meds without seeing the animal & I obviously said no. She then said she could get the meds elsewhere and left! Thinking about it after I wondered if I should have offered a reduced rate for the sake of the cat, but that's a dangerous precedent. Did I morally do the wrong thing?

It’s hard when people are douchebags and leap straight to getting angry that veterinary medicine costs money instead of asking what other options they have. It’s hard to call after someone that you can offer a payment plan or the details of the charity hospital when they’ve thrown a fit in the waiting room.

Frankly, if she thinks she can get someone to illegally dispense medication for her cat that’s her problem. If a non-veterinarian dispensed medical advice for her cat then that’s illegal. If the cat dies or suffers, that’s animal cruelty on her behalf.

It sets a bad precedent to discount services when somebody has been rude or aggressive because it reinforces their behavior, and you just don’t want to train your clients that way.

If the pet owner hasn’t been rude and does genuinely need help (as in doesn’t chuck a wobbly over the price but then says “Fine I guess I’ll just pay it then”) you generally have a few options you can use, but some of them need to be checked with your boss.

  • Payment plan. Only wise if the person is already a client at the practice
  • First aid only and referral to a charity clinic
  • Discounted consult fee only

The onus is on her for storming out without asking what options she has for getting the cat treated. You can’t practically chase after people offering them cheap or free services, that should really be a last resort for first aid only.

Morally, whatever happens, is the owner’s responsibility.

“People might agree with this or people might not, I dunno, but for me personally, I DO NOT require people to tell me if their muse is going to do something bad to mine. In fact, sometimes I PREFER that it stays a surprise. Having the rush of emotion and surprise is actually very helpful to me when it comes to adding power and emotion to my writing. So please kick my muse in the face, stab her in the chest, anything! Just make it good, make me feel it!”

Klance Headcanon #1

I finally did it, I finally got into Voltron. Have some gays.

Keith (obviously) has a lot of existential angst about his Galra side. Living most of his life only to find out he was half alien was enough of a shock, let alone finding out that alien halfwas the same as the aliens he and all his friends were fighting to protect the galaxy from. He hates being Galra a fuckton at first, worrying that he’s dangerous and could hurt his friends or fuck up the team dynamic so they can’t form Voltron, and he’s very frustrated by the Galra side manifesting physically, as he hates not knowing or understanding what’s going on with his own body.

The whole team supports and reassures him, but Lance in particular is vocal about it: he insists that Keith’s Galra side is cute, loves to pet his hair and ears (so soft~), and is always fascinated and delighted to evoke non-human sounds from Keith, such as purrs and growls. Keith doesn’t get it, but Lance’s dorky admiration and enthusiasm make him smile, so Lance considers it a victory.

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dont you think book 3 aang would definitely win vs book 4 korra? simply because korra has lost her connection to every previous avatar while aang has access to all of their bending capabilities

While you’re right about the connection, I still think Korra has the edge because of how fights v how Aang and his past lives have fought. 

That could just be me though 

But even if Aang turned into one of his past lives, Korra is still really advanced in terms of her form. 

Also, she’s the first metalbending Avatar. 

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