I made this a while back, and just got around to posting it.

I originally drew out this little comic of Pitch’s last night with his daughter (before he left to guard the prison), and this was from one of the panels.  He asks his daughter to promise to stay strong for him while he’s away.  And she promises she will.

pffft, I’m such a sap sometimes xD hahaha


The smell of charcoal and dust hung in the air. A feint whistling and a jingling of keys was the only noise that hung in the air. On most nights at this time almost nothing could be heard over the howling and screaming of each and every damned soul to be locked up in fearling prison. 

“Koz?” A worried voice called down the blackened walkway. The guard quickened his pace toward a shadowy figure that hung in the midst of the dark. “Is that you?" 

"Achluophobia, catoptrophobia, hypsiphobia, necrophobia.” A lilting sing-song voice counted off the guards biggest and deepest fears. A few steps back and the voice continuted. “Oh my old friend. ‘Koz’ isn’t here right now." 

It started almost a rumbling growl and grew like thunder into a roaring symphony of shreiks. Laughter. Not like any the guard had heard before, echoed throughout the hallway. Shaking the guard lifted his torch, a familiar face caught it’s light. Smirking now, the black still coursing through his veins.  "Sick em boys.” Fearlings crawled out of every orifice. Seeping through the shadows and climbing towards the guard. They ran but to no avail. The General had been taken, and now onto the rest of the universe. 

I just couldn’t stop thinking about what must have happened at the fearling prison when Pitch was first created. So 1AM doodles turned into a thing. And I’ll probably hate it in the morning.


Pitch’s Story. 
25 damned seconds of story by me, people. I worked hard (and damn I have never done something like this before, it’s like a 281 frame handmade gif)
Please, tell me you like it.  

(Music used: Halfmoon girl- World’s end girlfriend)


tv show meme: Gilded Era

jemima-of-autumn​ asked: A show about the Golden Age

Set in a time of ruled by the Constellation Lords trouble is brewing among the stars, writhing forth in the form of Shadow Pirates and Fear that ravages the galaxies. Witness the battles and grand exploits of General Kozmotis Pitchiner and his valiant comrades. Witness the secrecy and intrigue in the Court of Constellations. Witness the Golden Age.

The nightmare king also known as General Kozmotis Pitchiner,  he had a wife, and a daughter who eventually becomes mother nature. 

before he became Pitch Black he worked as a prison guard for all the horrors of the earth. One day his beloved daughter got trapped inside the prison, in an attempt to free her he let everything out only to find he had been tricked. all the horrors from the prison possessed him and turned him into the boogieman we know today.


{ generalpitchiner I just…with your voice claim and…the part about puppies especially… XD}

well, my headcanon is that Pitchiner is still alive, but he’s trapped in his own mind…. in my head, the fearlings are basically in control of his body…. he’s behind a large set of marble doors covered in vines… and if one would venture into his mindscape and kill enough fearlings, they would release the bits of his soul that would open the door. one may have to kill more fearlings to release more pieces of his soul to actually wake him up…

…it’s not as cool or creative or as nice as other headcanons, but this is mine… and I like it ^^

“General Pitchiner? My goodness. Well all there is to be said is that he’s a dashing and hardworking gentleman with broad shoulders and wonderfully straight teeth.”

“Unfortunately I don’t know him all that well and I feel he may be a little too serious for me!”

((Pitchiner art by the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous General Pitchiner! Go check out their blog!~))