So. Things got more complicated for me.

I was given a great opportunity with work today. I was told that I could either remain where I was… or be tutored by the general manager to run my own facility within a year, which may involve relocation and a huge pay raise. I’m nervous. I’m excited. It’s basically moving my career in a great direction. My girlfriend’s onboard and incredibly supportive, but the next year is going to be incredibly hectic for me.

Here’s to a whirlwind 2017.

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It’s strange that the media read by non-1D fans (ex. People, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone) are so Larry-oriented lately while the “sleazy” media sources (the mirror, the sun) that the fans usually follow continue to push babygate and a het narrative.

Very Important Message to ARMY

Your life is not a fan fiction. BTS isn’t going to fall in love with you when you show up at the airport. I understand you all want to tell them you love them but remember actions speak louder than words. Show them you love them by respecting their privacy and personal space.

You’re lying if you don’t think this would actually happen

I found this meme on facebook a few weeks ago and it’s been sitting in my folder ever since. It’s basically just a traceover, so superquick and messy lol

Let’s say that you’re lucky enough to get to the second stage of your career, that as a result of your perseverance, your connections, and/or your wonderful auditions, you have joined a band or landed a small role on a television show. Now you need to take it one stage further. So what do you do? Easy: Date a celebrity.

Pardon me for being cynical, but I believe that many celebrity couples are complete PR illusions. Sometimes relationships between stars are genuine, but just as often they are skillful ways of getting a relative unknown into the spotlight. When you’re an aspiring celebrity and you pair off with another aspiring celebrity, you don’t just double or triple your exposure. Rather, you multiply it by a factor of ten or twenty.

People in the media are fascinated, and always have been, by the idea that famous or even semifamous people are shagging each other.
You may think I’m joking, but I’m completely serious. Entertainment careers are all about momentum and coverage, and relationships are an important part of that. And remember, celebrity relationships don’t even have to be normal. Take Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley…

—  Simon Cowell, I don’t mean to be rude, but… (2003)

Please fire me. We recently hired a new general manager, who tends to over-explain very simple things. Today, regrettably, I asked him to double check a tax exemption profile I filled out, as it was federal and I’m more accustomed to state. The thirty minute seminar ended with him explaining how to use a stapler remover.


Yui’s speech at Takamina’s graduation concert (2016.03.27)

■ ラストソング後、高橋みなみが旅立って行った後
■ After the last song, after Takahashi Minami left

It was really beautiful.

I just felt that the first chapter of AKB48 is over now.

Takamina-san said that she entrusts the future of AKB48 to the current members…

I don’t know how long will it takes for us to be like the seniors, but, I would like for us to work hard together so that all of the members can achieve their dreams and have many dreams even as AKB48.

Everyone, please continue to support AKB48 in the future.

■ 最後にステージに1人残りコメント
■ Comment as she’s the last one remaining on the stage

Even though we’re getting a really lot of help from all of people from now, I want us to join our efforts and work hard for the second chapter of AKB48. Please continue to support the 48 Group as well in the future. Thank you very much for today.