so the general manager at my job just got arrested lmao

he recently fired one of the kitchen staff, and that guy started raising a fuss and yelling. my GM told him the guy to leave and they started arguing back and forth. when the guy kept refusing to leave, the GM pulled a knife on him lolol


#TacoTuesday @ Second Stage Theatre // Dear Evan Hansen || 1 2 3


Childhood Signs of Being a ‘Natural-Born-Witch’

Whether it runs in your family or you are self taught, a witch is a witch is a witch. Many practitioners of the craft do, however, show signs of the gift in early childhood. For people born in families either unfamiliar or opposed to the craft, these signs often go unnoticed, neglected (or in the worst case, punished). For those who are familiar, it can be heartwarming to see a child take after you, or at least witness a free spirit thrive. 

Here are common signs NBWs sometimes experience as children :

Odd dreams/sleep habits:

*Not to be confused with any underlying health conditions* I’ve heard many people say that one of the earliest signs that they (or their parents) noticed was abnormal dreams or sleep. Although all children usually experience odd dreams/nightmares/sleepwalking, there may sometimes be more too it than meets the eye. This can start anywhere from the infant stage to young adulthood. For me personally it started out as “sleepwalking” while still in the crib, which later turned into strange dreams and eventually clairvoyance. Chronic or reoccurring odd dreams are probably the most common sign for many. Dreams with strange figures, creatures, individuals, symbolism, or even unfamiliar languages and deceased ancestors are potential flags. 


Children getting Deja Vu in excess, or having the ability to obtain strange knowledge from seemingly nowhere may be showing signs of clairvoyance. This goes beyond basic intuition. Clairvoyance can manifest in many different ways. It could be from dreams, or simply getting “feelings” (good or bad vibes)  in certain situations. This typically gets stronger throughout puberty, but may develop much earlier or later in some. 

Strange obsessions:

  A child taking a natural interest in witchy things is a pretty solid sign. For instance, when I was in third grade I became completely obsessed with herbal medicine for no apparent reason. I was just great at memorizing plants and their uses. Other common obsessions may be the supernatural in general, or perhaps the use of certain symbols in art. Young children may scribble pentagrams or other symbols they feel drawn to in excess. A child may draw strange or reoccurring art of otherworldly places, things, and beings. 

Imaginary friends:

*not to be confused with symptoms of mental illness! This is most common with very small children that typically outgrow it. Older children who ‘keep’ imaginary friends are usually evaluated by medical professionals to insure health.*

 When people think of imaginary friends they often imagine a pegasus or a quirky, colorful character. These would be considered normal to most, but some “imaginary friends” could be described as… unsettling. A child may claim to speak to one or many different imaginary friends. These beings are sometimes described as resembling people or animals that once existed. A child may also describe what these characters say and do. Children may mysteriously have knowledge about something odd, and claim that their “imaginary friend” informed them. There are some who believe that small children can easily see through the veil, and therefore are able communicate with the other side more effectively than adults. 

Strong empathy:

Signs of being an ‘empath’ can start very young. Children with the ability to easily tame wild or feral animals may be using these skills to do so. These children often come off as being mature for their age. They are usually levelheaded and caring of others. Their understanding of emotion may also make them good at lying, or occasionally manipulative. Negative energy affects them very badly, causing stress. This often causes these children to be more fond of animals than other children. Children with strong empathy usually enjoy pleasing others and making others happy. They thrive best in positivity and don’t take criticism well. This trait follows children into adulthood and can sometimes be difficult to manage. 

Other General Signs:

A deep love for nature. A highly active imagination. A fascination with the unknown or supernatural. The urge to heal. An effortless respect for plants and animals. Appearing to be ‘lost in their own world’. A natural knack for herbalism, divination, ect. Seeming wise beyond their years. Abilities that appear otherworldly. Creating strange superstitions or stories, and probably much more that I haven't covered. 

Feel free to add on if you like

Hospital Jargon (as explained by an American floor nurse)

Writing something that takes place in a hosptial? Consider this list of phrases to add a sense of realism:


Report/ in report: When one nurse hands their patients off to another

PACU can f*ck right off until 1930, we’re in report.

Sign-Out: When one doctor/resident hands their patients off to another

*returning page* “Are they dying? I’ve barely gotten sign-out here

EPIC- Electronic charting system. Literally any electronic charting system. Does not have to be Hyperspace/supplied by the EPIC corporation to be called this.

Hey, could you put those vitals in EPIC for me since you’re already logged in?

Bed 45/46-2/47-1/48/etc…: how we refer to patients, by their bedspace number, denoted “room-bed”.

Hey Nikki, do you remember what 45-2′s blood sugar was?

Assignment: The patients any one particular medical professional has responsibility for- be they a nurse, doctor, aide, respiratory therapist, physical therapist, etc…

My assignment is rooms 43-45, how about you?

The Board: Where the status of the patients on your floor get listed, including who is to be discharged, who has certain needs, and the day’s expected admissions. Used to be a physical white board, but now is electronic. Usually used to talk about how many patients a floor is about to admit.

“Jeeze, did you see they just put four new patients on our board? We’ve already got 16- call the nursing supervisor.”

Flexed up: Taking more patients than you’re staffed for on a floor

Well, we’re staffed for 15, but they ‘found’ three more bedspaces so they’re flexing us up tonight.

Code/Call a code/They’re coding: A Code Blue. When a patient’s heart stops on The Floor and everyone shows up to practice CPR and transfer them to The Unit.

They’re coding, get a crash cart to 75-2 and call a code blue

Rapid/Call a rapid/Rapid response team: Almost a code, but their heart is still beating. For hospitals who have a separate “Rapid Response” nursing team. Two Crit Care nurses show up and handle things. Also who you call if you and everyone else on your floor can’t get an IV.

They have an INR of 9.5 and the doc doesn’t want to do anything- I’m gonna call a rapid.

Float/they’re floating you: When you don’t have enough patients on your floor so the nursing supervisor sends you to a different, unfamiliar one.

They’re making me float to 9C. Again. Can you believe that??

Full: Can’t take any more patients, either due to physical space or nursing staff.

Tell the nursing supervisor to stop putting patients on our board- we’re full

Clinic: Outpatient. Where you want your patients to be.

Tell them we’ll see them in Clinic in three days. They have no medical need to be here anymore and they know it.


Contacts/isolations: Any patients who’s rooms you have to don a gown, gloves, mask, and/or respirator to enter.

Are you sh*tting me? I have five patients today and four of them are isolations.

Frequent flyer- Someone who, for medical or social reasons, just can’t seem to stay out of the hospital

Did you hear Darlene is back?” “Yeah, we’re officially engraving her name on the Frequent Flyer wall of fame

Crump/Crumpy/Crumper: Colloquial term for patients who are medically unstable/at a lower level of care than they need/will be transferred to The Unit when a bed becomes available or when the inevitably code, whichever comes first.

73′s a crumper if I’ve ever seen one. Rapid’s in there working her now.

‘Seeker: Someone in the hospital with their own agenda, but who largely has no medical need to be there and will threaten to sign out AMA (even though they’ve been discharged four times and keep refusing to go) if they don’t get what they want- be it drugs, social interaction, or over-the-top waitressing. Will probably threaten to give a horrible review of the hospital on their social media platform of choice and mention you by name if they don’t get what they want.

49′s a total seeker. When she’s not begging for pain meds, you’re getting her crackers, juice, tea, hot packs, cold packs, everything you could think of. I didn’t sit down all night and my other patients slept pretty much the whole night. Give her some percocet and get her the hell out of here before I have to deal with her again tonight.

Heavy: A patient that takes up a disproportionate amount of your time, but usually for a legitimate reason.

Dr. P’s patients are really heavy. Something’s always going on with them and they have tubes coming out of everywhere that need care of some kind every hour… I had two of his patients today and I’m so tired… could we break up the assignment for the next shift please?


The Floor: Medical and Surgical floors, sometimes specialty floors- basically anywhere that’s not the ED, Psych, or The Unit. These have higher staffing ratios (more patients per nurse) and lower patient acuity than The Unit

They didn’t really need a bed on the Unit so they were transferred to the Floor

The Unit: The Intensive Care Unit. Where crumpy patients go, comes in the following flavors (though smaller hospitals may have just one): MICU (medical), SICU (surgical), PICU (pediatric), TICU (trauma), NICU (neonatal), NICU (neurological), BICU (burn), and Stepdown (in the days after an ICU discharge).

They weren’t doing so hot, so we called a rapid and had them sent to The Unit.

The ED: The Emergency Department. Oh dear lord it is not called the ER.

They’re sending up that new admit from the ED in like 5 mins, do you have the room ready?

PACU: Post Anesthesia Care Unit, where people are stabilized after surgery.

PACU’s calling again, they’re backing up and need to give report.” 


Director of Nursing: One Nurse to rule them all. Directs all facets of nursing, from training to hiring to staffing to quality improvement.

Nursing Supervisor: One nurse to rule them all… on a given shift. The nursing supervisor assigns patients to nursing units and makes sure everywhere is staffed accordingly.

Nurse Manager: In charge of the general staffing and personnel management of a particular floor, including scheduling, patient satisfaction, staff development, and service recovery.

Charge Nurse/Charge: The “shift manager” of nursing. Has final say on a lot of things you don’t want to be the bad guy on, as well as creating assignments/checking the crash cart, and submitting service requests when the nurse manager isn’t there. Also has a patient assignment.

Staff nurse: The nurses who do assessments, pass meds, start IVs, carry out orders, give updates to doc’s, chart, manage a patient’s day, make sure they get to tests/procedures on time with the right paperwork, and are overall responsible for managing patient care and providing first-line response to issues that arise throughout the shift.

Nurse Aide/Nurse Tech: Provides the majority of basic patient care. Counts intake and output, gets blood sugars and vital signs, sets up rooms for new admits, cleans and clothes patients, gets blood and urine samples, transports patients if necessary. Staff nurses are responsible for this when aides/techs are not available.

Would someone please add the Medical Hierarchy if you know it? I don’t feel I know it well enough to do it justice. Thanks!

Disrespect me? Get Shut Down and Blacklisted

So I used to work as a waiter at a fairly okay steakhouse around the US. Enjoyed my job, got great satisfaction from making people happy, had regulars who loved me and would only come in to see me (even long after the menu items they originally came for stopped being offered).

Well the company decides that this particular location needs a new General Manager. This is someone who was, as it turns out, fired from his last GM position for toxic behaviours including but not limited to sexual harassment of younger female staff.

A'ight, no big. I can roll with pretty much anything. Mostly because I’m very ‘out’ about being LGBT (specifically the T part) and surround myself with friends and family who are totally cool with that.

GM is an older gentleman, conservatively raised, and incredibly vocal about his personal politics (including, oddly enough, something about there being more trees in north america NOW than there has ever been, and how global warming is good because ‘all those trees need all that carbon dioxide anyway’). Odd fellow, not very well educated, but this is lower-end management at best anyway so what can you expect?

Well, as I’ve said, I was very much 'out’ at work, and so would, when appropriate, gently remind my coworkers that certain pronouns are maybe… not the best used when referring to me. In reference to the GM, though this fellow would go out of his way to refer to me using an incorrect honorific- american south… Maam and Sir are just things everyone says regardless. It happens, I get that. But twice in every sentence is not an accident.  Going out of his way to dig up my 'dead’ name (the name I used before transition)… also not an accident. 

Well, I’d been hearing from other staff that the new GM was being incredibly derogatory towards me when I wasn’t around as well, and decided that the mature thing to do would be to approach him in private and ask him about it. Maybe give him a chance to ask any questions he might have, or at least come to a mutual agreement (preferably one that doesn’t include deliberately-misgendering honorifics). 
Turns out he’d rather have that conversation at the front door, while guests of the restaurant are still entering and exiting, despite my repeated requests to talk to him in a more private place. 

I bring up my concerns.

Not only are they true, but he’s been frothing at the bit to have this conversation with me, and spends the next solid twenty minutes lecturing me (I barely got in three full sentences- this man also doesn’t know that interrupting is inappropriate in a discussion). He brings up the fact that he has 'a degree in biology’… yeah so do I, but mine is thirty years more recent than his, guaranteed. He brings up the fact that it’s 'rude’, 'childish’, and 'stupid’ for me to even ask him to consider NOT using the honorific he’s decided is appropriate. He even goes so far to try to explain how chromosomes work to me. ….and.. clearly doesn’t understand at all how chromosomes work. In -any- species, H.sapiens included.

So here’s the revenge part.

I had taken about two weeks off, to be started the next day, in order to visit family in another part of the world for the first time in several years. So I simply went in the next day and told an office full of managers to.. not worry about putting me on the schedule come time. Two weeks off equals two weeks notice. No big. Got to fly the bird (In america, a rude gesture involving the middle finger alone) at GM who was in the office with other managers at the time. 

Now that I was no longer employed at company, I was free to speak of my experience without fear of consequence. So I spoke to friends. Spoke to allies. Spoke to legal teams. All about this obvious discrimination and attempted bullying by someone in a position of power, in a part of the United States with very, VERY defined fairness ordinances explicitly in place to prevent LGBT discrimination in a city that is known by the region as being a 'hub’ for LGBT treatment and opportunity and resources and community.

Friends called HR. Other co-workers contacted me about issues they’d had with the GM in the same vein. I included these (dates, times, names, witnesses, contact information for those who consented) in my own formal report. More friends called HR. And then MORE friends called HR.

So many people called to complain to the restaurants public resources team that they would no longer ever come to said restaurant if this was the kind of behaviour that was accepted as representing the company…. That the company closed the entire location with a week, and the GM has apparently been utterly blacklisted from the restaurant business in the city/county due to this scandal.

Apparently it was more money than it was worth to fight the scandal, and the restaurant chain decided to cut their losses and close the site entirely. 

(I would like to add that staff were heftily compensated/transferred/offered opportunities elsewhere and no one was 'kicked to the curb’ for being an innocent bystander)

But it feels so good to pass by the now derelict building and think to myself “I did that. Frick that guy. That guy was awful.”

Stop stealing my assigned parking space.

I wasn’t sure if this was petty revenge or malicious compliance but put it here as seemed better. A little long I think. But good I hope.

I used to work at a large car dealer and everyone was given assigned parking. The women usually got the first few rows as the lot could be a little dark and scary during the winter so consequently the guys got the rows up against the fence further away. No big deal.

Any my spot ended up being way down in the back corner and that was fine with me.

Every now and then I would show up and there was a car in my spot. The problem being that the used car salesmen were trying to hide a car they had prospects over the weekend and didn’t want it sold out from under them until they could show up on their next shift. If they worked Sunday they usually had Monday off. Salesmen being salesmen they would steal a sale from their brother to make a buck but that’s another issue.

So they would hide cars in employee parking and then the person who’s spot they stole would have to find another spot usually at the last minute and sometimes they would be a dick and just take someone else’s assigned spot. But that’s not the issue.

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#4. “Are you ever going to tell him?” Shane McMahon

Originally posted by hiitsmekevin

When you saw the positive pregnancy test, you knew your life has changed forever. It was even worse when you realized who the father to your unborn child was. When you saw the results, you didn’t know what to do so you just ran to your best friend, Charlotte. 
Are you ever going to tell him?” Charlotte asked you. You were crying for the millionth time. 
“Shane is my boss, Charlotte! News spread like wild fire when we just started dating and a lot of people judge. Just imagine them hearing I am pregnant.”  You explained. Charlotte frowned. 
“Who cares what other people think, Y|N? Shane would want to know about his child.” Charlotte said. You sighed, running your hands through your hair. Before you could even process anything in your mind, Shane walked up to you and Charlotte. 
“Hey, Y|N. Hey Charlotte.” Shane greeted, wrapping his arms around your waist. You flashed him a small smile. 
“I see you guys around. I am going to get in my ring gear.” Charlotte said before walking away. You then turned around and faced Shane.
“So, I was thinking about after the show that we-” You stopped Shane.
“I’m pregnant.” You blurted out. 
Shane’s eyes widen.
“Wow, that’s a lot to take in.” He finally said. Your heart was racing a thousand beats per minute. 
“If you want to leave, I understand. It would be inappropriate if you were raising a baby with your employee.” You said. 
“No, I would never leave. A baby is a lot to take in but I would never leave you. We are in this together, Y|N. This is our baby.”
MTV drops gendered categories for VMAs
The rapper has received eight nods at this year’s Video Music Awards, with Katy Perry and the Weeknd close behind on five each
By Jake Nevins

ICYMI: MTV has done away with gendered categories for this year’s Video Music Awards, with “best male video” and “best female video” combined into the category “artist of the year.” Competing for that spot are Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd and Lorde. 

For its movie and TV awards, which aired in May, MTV decided to combine the categories of best actor and actress, doing away with distinctions between genders and opting instead to award one film and one television actor. This year’s winners were Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown.

At the time, MTV general manager Amy Doyle told the Hollywood Reporter: “Great acting is great acting, no matter what the gender or non-gender. And it really is reflective about the audience’s views and when you look at the culture as a whole, you had a man against a woman running for president [last year]. It just felt like a dated construct for a category.”

Love it. 

ID #33333

Name: Jeremy
Age: 39
Country: USA

I’ll start by saying going through a divorce. I’m the General Manager of large auto parts business in Florida. I’m just looking to communicate with women again. I don’t care where you are from as long as we can understand each other. I’m an avid hunter, fisherman and enjoy motorsports. I would love to learn more about the rest of the country and world. I prefer email. I’m old school. I listen to all music, but prefer country. I’ve been married half my life, I wanna connect with the rest of the world.

Preferences: N/A

How to be a Good Manager AND to get Your Staff to Like You!

I decided to not go with something petty, and instead something inspiring. Or at least informative. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I know what you’re thinking. Serverthoughts, you’re not a manager the last time we all checked.

I know. I’m not. But remember when I gave you all a disclaimer that I’m a 5 year old with a blog about working in the service industry, when I probably shouldn’t. You all read that disclaimer and agreed to ignore these facts, each time you read one of my blogs.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

I was speaking to my new general manager, who I call brother GM because he is only seven years older than me. I told him how he doesn’t act like the boss, and how I percieve him as just another manager.

This is because he does not yell at us, and you can actually talk to him. Last Saturday I said to him, in these exact words, “Yo _____ I’m going to shut the phone off if someone calls one more fucking time.” He replied, “Oh my gosh, I know! It’s because of the McGregor Mayweather fight.”

I spoke to him like I would another server, not like he’s my boss, and this is because he doesn’t act like a boss. When I confronted him why this is his method of “being the boss,” he gave me these steps of how to be a good general manager, and not have your staff leave you.

My last general manager should seriously take notes. Maybe I’ll link him to this via Facebook messenger. 

Originally posted by wendywilliamsgifs


  • Do not talk down to your employees.
  • Try not to raise your voice at them, if so, do it in private. (I added the if so, I’ve never seen my GM yell at anyone. It’s not necessary).
  • Do not micromanage your employees, but do offer help.
  • Listen to them and try to fix the problem.
  • If you take care of your employees, you’ll become a family. 
  • As long as your employees are doing their job, you have no need to yell at them.
  • Communicating in a regular tone is crucial. 

If you yell at your staff, and ignore them when they are venting about the restaurant you’ll lose your staff and have a high turnover rate.

I’ve never been a boss, but these seem like pretty damn good tips to me. There’s no need to yell at your employees, just treat them like normal human beings with respect and they’ll respect you back.

This is all advice that my GM got from his boss at Sizzler. So shoutout to that general manager at Sizzler, for giving us a chill general manager who doesn’t treat us like shit.

Customers should read this too. Your server will go the extra mile for you if you are nice, and treat them like an equal. 

Just saying.

Hope these manager tips help, or ignore them and try to be the asshole manager, and let me know how that works out for you.

Side note, we all respect our general manager at my job and he respects us. I rarely see him tell anyone to do their job, because we know what we have to do, and do it.

Different methods work for different people, but after having three general managers who have all been super different - I prefer this method the best.

Moral of the story, is that I have no credentials to be writing this but you still read it anyway. And hopefully it sticks with you.



I am tired of seeing medical professionals, predominantly nurses, vilified for proper prioritization/time management.
(I also see you, doctor friends of mine! But I am not one so I cannot make a lengthy post about it)

In a shift at the hospital, and in the mind of a nurse, tasks are separated into categories:

Emergent- codes, rapid responses, critical lab values/vitals, change in patient condition that requires immediate intervention, falls, chest pain, shortness of air

Urgent- time sensitive medication (lots fall into this category,) acute wound care, abnormal labs that require time-sensitive intervention, abnormal vitals, suction/chest tube/trach care, pain management

Important- general patient care like bathing, changing, other hygiene, ambulation, phone calls, routine consults, routine labs

These are by no means exhaustive lists, but it gives you an idea of what the nurses/medical team are having to sift through with every single patient of theirs.

Believe me, almost EVERY nurse I know (and I know a lot of us) would get every last thing on these lists done with complete proficiency at exactly the right time every shift…if we could.

But we can’t.

And I get it…I am a BIG proponent of recognizing that hospitalized individuals have heightened emotions secondary to the uncertainty and vulnerability that comes with a hospitalization. This is why I do my absolute best to treat with tenderness as I interact with every patient and cater my care to their needs. And I won’t disclose to my patient WHY I arrive to bathe them an hour and a half later than I had originally said…it is not their fault, or their problem, nor is disclosure appropriate.
But unless they hear “Code Blue” announced overhead, I often get met with anger. They assume I could not have been doing anything emergent, though many emergent things that we do are not announced on the intercom.

And, sorry to be harsh, but your bath fell to the bottom of my list when another nurse called out for help as her patient began to decline, or fell out of bed, or lost their IV access…

(Please, spare me your stories as you try to tell me not every nurse is well-intentioned…“but but but I had an ACTUALLY bad nurse that…”
Sure. Sure you did. And if he or she were actually “bad,” then they ARE NOT the subject of this post. And if they are genuinely neglectful/abusive, they will hopefully/likely lose licensure.)

I am talking about the honest, diligent nurses…
I am talking about the new nurse, who is learning prioritization and time management, but tasks take a little longer…
I am talking about the nurse who would multiply him/herself if they could and be in every room at once…

So, next time you are hospitalized, allow us to be human, and do YOUR best to realize that we are doing OUR best. We know you are sick. We know you are hurting. We want to help; we are doing our best.

(And for the love of all that is holy, don’t get mad if we take a lunch break)

Stop stealing my assigned parking space.

I wasn’t sure if this was petty revenge or malicious compliance, but I put it here as seemed better. A little long I think, but good I hope.

I used to work at a large car dealer and everyone was given assigned parking. The women usually got the first few rows as the lot could be a little dark and scary during the winter so consequently the guys got the rows up against the fence further away. No big deal.

Anyway my spot ended up being way down in the back corner of the lot and that was fine with me.

Every now and then, I would show up and there was a car in my spot, leaving me to scramble for another before work started. The problem being that the used car salesmen were trying to hide a car they had prospects on over the weekend and didn’t want it sold out from under them until they could show up on their next shift and If they worked Sunday they usually had Monday off.  Salesmen being salesmen they would steal a sale from their brother to make a buck but that’s another issue.

So they would hide cars in employee parking and then the person who’s spot they stole would have to find another spot usually at the last minute and sometimes they would be a dick and just take someone else’s assigned spot. causing a cascade effect.

For some reason they seemed to take my spot a lot. The first couple times I went to HR and told them, and they said they would pass it on, but it still happened 4-5 times a month and I was getting tired of it.

On a bright and early Monday, I came in, and sure enough there was a used car in my spot.  I was in a particular mood, so I grabbed the keys to the tow truck and moved the car way out onto the service lot and dumped it into the area our body shop used to store cars waiting for parts. I put the truck away and then parked my truck, a fine 75 IH Scout in the spot and went to work.

A few hours later a salesman came looking for the car and after only finding my Scout, went around asking who owned said Scout, and finally found me.

He wanted to know where his car was and I played stupid. I asked him where was it parked, and made him take me to where he last saw it. He said right here, and pointed to my space with my Scout in it. I said I don’t know, this is employee parking and it shouldn’t be here any way. Someone must have moved it. You should go see HR or your manager and complain to them, and I walked off. I assumed he found it because I didn’t see him again.

Next Monday the same thing happened, but this time I towed the car and parked it across the street on another dealers lot. ( I knew the manager there and he said it was fine). I returned the tow truck and went to work.

A few hours later another salesman was back in my face looking for his car. I told him the same thing, I have no idea what you are talking about and I went back to work.

A few hours after later, HR, the Used Car Manager and the salesman show up in my bay looking for the same car from earlier.

So the manager and HR started asking me were the car was and I asked them to show me where it was parked. We went down to the lower lot and he pointed to my spot with my Scout sitting it and said it was right here. I asked him, So it was parked right here,  in MY ASSIGNED PARKING PLACE and now it’s gone?

He said yes, it was parked right here, and I added in MY spot. I just want to confirm that. YES IN YOUR spot. The UCM was getting annoyed with all of this.  I asked, why are you getting pissed at me, your “Kids” pointing at the sales guy keep parking them here, it’s my assigned spot and I’ve been dealing with this for months. He responds I’ll deal with that, Where’s the Fucking car?

I said parked across the street at Friendly Dealers. WTF. How did it get there? — I towed it. Hilarity and anger ensued and I went back to work. HR said please don’t do that anymore,  come see me first.

All was fine for about the next week until the following Monday, and sure enough there was another car is parked in my spot. Pissed, I went to see HR, and she said she would talk to the manager as soon as he shows.

Tuesday and the same car is still there. I thought FUCK THIS, and drove my Scout up front, and since it had been raining and my roads were all dirt and mud my Scout looked pretty bad I parked it in the Used car managers spot right outside his office and made a point of parking badly and on the curb with mud clumping on the ground. I went to work.

About 2 hours later when that manager showed up to work I get paged over the intercom “Jeh, please see the UCM in his office” I thought this is going to be good. I walked in to his office and he points to my Scout. Is that yours? Yes. Why is it parked there ? Because even after last weeks incident with the towed car, your kids have parked in my spot AGAIN. So every time they park a car there I’ll park here.

H - Well you need to move your car.

M - I can’t my spot is occupied.

H - it can’t stay there.

M - well it’s going to until your kids move that car. And every day from now on if there is a car in my spot I’m parking here.

H - Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Move the car or I’ll get it towed.

M - WTF is your problem? This is all your fault for not dealing with like a manager. You want to play that way, I’ll move my Scout, but before I do look at the rear number on that thing.

H - so what

M - it’s a nice big steel bumper and what I’ll do is just back into my spot and if there is anything in my way I’ll just push it backwards, how does that sound?

H - you can’t do that.

M - well get off your lazy ass and tell your people to stop hiding cars in my fucking spot I’m tired of doing this. My car stays until your car moves.

And I walked out.

I get back to my bay and about 10 min later, I hear over the loudspeaker “Jeh please see General Manager In His office immediately” I walk into the GMs office and the used car manager and HR are both there. The UCM looks pissed and HR looks amused.

The GM ask what’s going on. I told him. I spoke to the salesmen and asked nicely, I spoke to HR and told her what’s going on and I’ve spoken to Commander douchebag a few times and about his people parking cars in my assigned parking. They continued, so I started parking in his spot when his people park in mine.

He shakes his head, asks the UCM if this is the case, and he starts to yammer. The GM just holds his hand up and says stop. He looks to HR and asks if this is true, and she said this has happened.

The GM asks, can you please move your car and I’ll settle this. I closed the door and could hear the GM reaming the UCM through a closed door 30 feet away.

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'Outlander's Sam Heughan may be the handsome, humble star of Hollywood's dreams
The native Scot has become a fan obsession for his work on 'Outlander,'

There are two important things to know about Sam Heughan: He’s as nice as his social media persona and work on Outlander suggest. And he is that attractive in real life.

Even after a week of nonstop appearances promoting the third season of the hit Starz fantasy drama, (Sundays, 8 ET/PT), he’s all winks and Scottish charm, joking about getting bad takeout salad stuck in his teeth and fanboying over Whoopi Goldberg.

“We’re going on The View, and I’d say 75% of people there were Outlander fans and they were just so enthusiastic, and I’m like, ‘There’s Whoopi Goldberg’!” Heughan, 37, laughs.

He still genuinely seems shocked by how many fans the show has amassed — and there are many — but he’s quick to praise them.

“They were just really happy to see us. I felt very lucky,” he says. “I’m beginning to realize, I don’t think every other TV show has that kind of support.“

That might sound insincere if Heughan didn’t have that rare combination of charisma and humility. At a time when so many of your faves are problematic — the tabloid mess of Hiddleswift and Brangelina, the airing of Joss Whedon’s dirty laundry — that down-to-Earth air feels refreshingly pure.

It’s as if he was plucked from a hilltop in Scotland and dropped into Hollywood. And fans, as well as casting directors and major brands, are eating it up.

"Why did we do it? We met him a little over a year ago in New York at an event we were hosting and he’s just such a nice guy,” says Barbour general manager Tom Hooven about signing Heughan as the fashion brand’s first global ambassador.

The partnership has worked so well they’ve signed him for two more years, and are releasing a collection he helped design later this month.

His lack of pretense may stem from the fact that his 2013 casting in  Outlander, the historical fantasy series set in Scotland and based on the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon, came asHeughan was questioning his career choice.  

“I was a little like, not disillusioned, but certainly looking at my life. I was 30, maybe 33. I had toured a lot, did bit parts in TV and theater, was just coming back from America where I tested on a lot of big TV shows and films but still not sort of broken that barrier yet,“ he says. "I think I was just looking at life going, 'Is this what i’m going to be doing for the next 10 to 20 years?'”

Turns out, he was on the precipice of a major change. He got a call from his agent, after returning to Scotland following a string of rejections in L.A., with a script for the part of Jamie Fraser, the highlander who falls in love with Claire, a nurse from the 1940s who has  traveled back in time after touching standing stones while on vacation outside Inverness.

“I read it, and I just knew that I knew that character.”

He was quickly brought onboard, and helped with the casting of his co-star Caitriona Balfe. The pair’s chemistry has helped the show become a ratings boon for the premium-cable network  and a social media phenomenon.

It also got him the attention of director Susanna Fogel, who hired him, alongside Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, for feature film The Spy Who Dumped Me, due next summer, after an audition via iPad as he was shooting Outlander’s new season in South Africa. It was enough, however, to convince producers he was ready to break out from the historical fantasy genre for a high-budget comedy thriller.

Heughan plays a federal agent in the film, which follows two 30-year-old best friends Audrey (Kunis) and Morgan (McKinnon) in Los Angeles, who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up at their apartment followed by a team of deadly assassins on his trail. 

“Sam is that rare actor with such a breadth of talent that he can effortlessly move between genres. In our film, we asked him to do it all, and he did,” Fogel said via email from Budapest, where filming is nearly complete.  "He’s a bona fide action star one minute, a grounded dramatic actor the next, and a comedic foil for Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis throughout.“

The film may be the next break he was waiting for, hurtling him to a permanent place on the silver screen and giving fans a full-blown movie star to fawn over.

"It was exciting to give him an opportunity to explore a different tone and dynamic in his work and watch him master it like he did, and I can’t wait to see what he does next,” Fogel says.

The Heughlians couldn’t agree more.

The Bond: Chapter One

Summary: In a world where soulmates share injuries and physical ailments, Y/N finds herself getting injured quite often because of her soulmate bond.  Will she be able to survive yet another drama, this time happening to her directly?  Will she ever meet her soulmate, or will they just know each other through injury? 

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warnings: soulmate AU, canon compliant, angst

word count: ~1080

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