I used to work at a Dunkin Donuts the summer before I started college. My most memorable story comes from one afternoon when I was working the window.
My general manager had just left, and as soon as that happens we tended to get a little more ~lenient~ with the rules. So a lady pulls up to the speaker and orders a small iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich. While my coworkers are making her stuff, I open the window and tell her the total, but the lady starts profusely apologizing, saying that she realized after she ordered that she left her wallet at home. She was close to tears. She asked me if I could keep her food so she could go home, get her card, and come back to pay for it, but I told her not to worry about it. I gave her her coffee and sandwich, canceled her order on the register, and told her to have a good day.
Fast forward two months, and I’m working the front counter when I see her again. She comes in with a friend and loudly proclaims, “Yes, this is the lovely young woman who was so so nice to me! I don’t know if you realize this, but I was having an awful, awful day that day. You restored my faith in humanity that day. I’ve been looking for you for the past month or so to repay you.” She tipped me $20 and couldn’t stop thanking me. I couldn’t stop crying.

when ppl say we shouldn’t judge yg bc he literally sabotaged his own wife’s group so they wouldn’t get popular and he could marry her bc ‘it’s just a rumor’ and ‘he must be doing something right’ 

i mean ok let’s ignore how he forced lee hi to lose weight at 16 even though she was perfectly normal sized for her age and could have waited a year or more til she was more adjusted and what not to get to that point

let’s talk about how he literally said cl was ugly for YEARS and to this day even though cl loves makeup we haven’t seen her bare face in god knows how long 

let’s talk about how during 2ne1′s hiatus bc of bom’s ‘scandal’ he could have given minzy a solo bc during come back home promos she literally showed she still had a+ dance skills, her singing got stronger and she could even rap pretty well 

while we’re at it let’s talk about how he literally didn’t do anything for bom but didn’t big bang get off the hook pretty damn easy after gd’s weed scandal and daesung had that unfortunate accident and were back on tv w/ the new album in about a year?

let’s talk about how chanhyuk said he begged yg to give his lil sister a solo bc he’s enlisting in the army and doesn’t want her to be sitting around

let’s talk about how originally when he was planning the new girl group he said, ‘i dont really care about talent i just want them to be pretty’ and it was almost four years before we saw blackpink debut

Please fire me. We recently hired a new general manager, who tends to over-explain very simple things. Today, regrettably, I asked him to double check a tax exemption profile I filled out, as it was federal and I’m more accustomed to state. The thirty minute seminar ended with him explaining how to use a stapler remover.


I think, if you pretend to be something long enough, it ain’t pretendin’.

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How is the relationship between Ra's daughters? All of then, I mean.

Altogether, the Daughters of Ra are pretty tight-knit group of siblings. The five sisters (Sekhmet, Mafdet, Hathor, Serqet, and Bastet) are fairly independent in the own right, but also very comfortable around each other as a group, having grown up together as the High King’s daughters and as extensions of his power. 

The sisters mesh well together for the most part, and seem to understand how each other tick better than most, having seen each other at their best and their worst. They’re also really protective of each other; if someone were to hurt or upset one of them, they’d be bound to hear from the other sisters (and not all of them would be as lenient or forgiving). On the flipside, they often confide in each other to seek advice every now and then – or to speak some reason into each other when needed.

There have, of course, been times when the sisters may not always get along, or need their distance from each other, as well as moments when one sister will envy the qualities/abilities of another – especially when they were younger and still coming into their own as individual goddesses. But this has faded with time, and aside from the occasional spat, they genuinely support each other, and they understand the value of each other’s unique roles in the pantheon.

For a more extended answer with more detailed headcanons on their interactions and relationships, I’ll place those under the cut because they got… long winded… again >> It might be nice if I went into detail for each other separate one day, but I’ll save that for another time o)7

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- BUDDY NIX STEPPING DOWN AS BILLS G.M. - The Buffalo Bills have announced, via the teams’ official website, that Buddy Nix is stepping down from his general manager position, but will remain with the team in a new role as special assistant…

The Bills have not announced who will replace Nix. But according to several reports, the team has spent much of the offseason grooming assistant GM Doug Whaley to take over.

Nix, 73, just completed his third season as the Bills general manager. (Photo: USA Today Sports)

Very Important Message to ARMY

Your life is not a fan fiction. BTS isn’t going to fall in love with you when you show up at the airport. I understand you all want to tell them you love them but remember actions speak louder than words. Show them you love them by respecting their privacy and personal space.

Let’s say that you’re lucky enough to get to the second stage of your career, that as a result of your perseverance, your connections, and/or your wonderful auditions, you have joined a band or landed a small role on a television show. Now you need to take it one stage further. So what do you do? Easy: Date a celebrity.

Pardon me for being cynical, but I believe that many celebrity couples are complete PR illusions. Sometimes relationships between stars are genuine, but just as often they are skillful ways of getting a relative unknown into the spotlight. When you’re an aspiring celebrity and you pair off with another aspiring celebrity, you don’t just double or triple your exposure. Rather, you multiply it by a factor of ten or twenty.

People in the media are fascinated, and always have been, by the idea that famous or even semifamous people are shagging each other.
You may think I’m joking, but I’m completely serious. Entertainment careers are all about momentum and coverage, and relationships are an important part of that. And remember, celebrity relationships don’t even have to be normal. Take Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley…

—  Simon Cowell, I don’t mean to be rude, but… (2003)

humans.. whatever