general winter and russia

Hetalia Superhero AU

Canada: Vertigo, has the power to enter and manipulate mindscapes.

America: Heroman, has the ability to manifest any power (before he knows this he just… happens to be superman) 

England: Mage, Has magical powers like Zatana or Dr. Strange

France: Siren, can control people through song. 

Italy: Blood Rose, can manipulate plants.

Germany: Shortcircuit, can control mechanics, and manifest them.

Prussia: Knight, can manifest and control darkness, and transport.

China: Dragon, can shapeshift into a massive dragon.

Japan: Can control nuclear energy. 

Russia: General Winter, can control the cold. 

*(I don’t have a name for Japan. Someone name him)

Common Misconceptions About: Russia

I’m not surprised I got requests for how to write Russia. He’s a very difficult character. I originally started this series examining how people mischaracterize Ukes, because people like to dumb them down into the same stereotypes. Russia gets to have a little more character because he’s a “Seme,” but he too has his own set of specialized, terrible traits.

I like to split Russia’s character into three sections: the first for his childhood, the second being his “crazy” period, and the third being modern day.

His childhood shaped him into the nation he is today. As we’ve seen in the series, he was constantly bullied by the Teutonic knights, the Nordics and, most importantly, his leaders. In AUs, people like to have General Winter be Russia’s father, who also abuses him. I should mention that General Winter wouldn’t be the best for “abusing” Russia, considering he only aids Russia in wars.

With abused children, you have some similar characteristics. Abused children are good at reading situations, looking out for when people get angry, so they could diffuse the situation. They also try to take up as little of space as possible, to attract less attention onto themselves. They try to be everyone’s friend.

You can see how Russia’s past morphs into both his modern day personality, as well as the one people typically associate him with—bat-shit crazy. I will address both, because they are equally as valid to his character.

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