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Hi, hello. I am new to the fandom for Bendy & the Ink Machine and I just wanted to say I really love your theories and just in general seeing everything to have to say about the game. Keep up the good work and god golly, I feel like I ain't gonna survive when Chapter 2 comes out because I want to play this game, but I'm terrible with horror games. Have a nice day!~ <3

Thank you!

Our society’s love affair with mechanical devices that respond at a button-touch ill prepares us to deal with the unruly organic mind that dwells within. Anything that does not comply must be broken or poorly designed, people now suppose, including their hearts.
—  A General Theory of Love, 2000

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Do you know what I'm missing in life? DO YOU? Here: a long―Way Too Lengthy―Dramione Muggle AU fic. With, um, a similar plot to "Bleach"? Or "Chaos Theory", that lovely piece of ambrosia, in general? I'm... gonna die happily if this happens, y'know. But. BUT! That's just me. You should know that I re-read "Bleach," and re-read "The History Of"―because I'll never not want to read it, it's way too ASDFGHKLMBVBNMEEEEEEEEEE! 😍―and that I'm gonna re-read Nightshade, too. #EnvyMarathon #'CauseWhyNot?



au where i regularly still write dramione though lmao

Theories after watching TFA for the second time CONTAINS SPOILERS

- Poe and Finn are very gay for each other and Hux/Kylo are 100% a married couple.

- Rey is either related to Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan will have an influence on her. It can’t be coincidental that both young Obi-Wan and old Obi-Wan spoke to her. Everything she saw in the vision either came true in TFA or is probably going to happen so if Obi-Wan said that “Rey, these are your first steps” it could also be either interpreted as a reference to Kenobi!Parents talking about her literal first steps or her grandfather or whatever is talking to her.

- Ben didn’t want to kill Han but an integral part of becoming a Sith is losing someone you love to sever the connection to the Light. You could see Ben’s tears as he apologised – he knew what he was going to have to do, even if Han didn’t. Judging by the difference in posture, language, everything, Kylo disappeared for that entire scene. His shoulders hunch over, he’s practically shaking, and there are tears in his eyes. For that one moment, as he looks into his father’s eyes, he takes off the mask and rather than Kylo doing the deed, Ben does to force himself more towards the Dark side. It’s really a reverse Luke/Anakin’s death scene. Anakin takes off his helmet just before he dies after he saves his son. Kylo, the son, takes off his helmet just before he kills Han, his father.

- Kylo is terrified of being alone, just as Rey is. When he sees how lonely she is, he almost softens because, God, how he knows the feeling. Can you imagine having the legacy of Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo bearing down on you? Not to mention when you’re named after Obi-Wan Kenobi. Every time he must have done something, he must have been compared to someone else who’d done it better than him. Imagine a young Ben spending hours learning how to fly only to be told “Good job piloting that ship. Must be a genetic thing. You have Anakin and your father to thank.” It would have been heartbreaking to a young kid (don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing Kylo for what he did, I’m just trying to understand motives) to hear that everything he worked so hard to achieve was due to someone else. So, instead, he took that constant “you should thank everyone else for everything you can do” and turned it into something else. Rather than being compared to everyone, he made certain he was only compared to Anakin (I mean, look at his hair, the way he carries himself, his snarkiness, and even his clothes) and then turned that into being compared to Vader (his mask, his cloak, his all-black outfit, his creating of a “Death Star”). So, yes, of course when Rey looked into his mind he was afraid of never being as good as Darth Vader, because it’s the same thing gifted students are constantly told. If you’re held up to a certain level of expectation, and then on one instance, you fail to meet that bar even though you’ve done it all your life, who are you? He made Anakin/Vader who he was, and if he fails at being that, then he’s nothing but a scared thirty year old man who won’t ever amount to something.