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guys OKAY listen. i never normally Speak Out but….. you know debate about theories can be really fun? like. the word discourse stems from communicative debate but it’s been reclaimed in this way that has come to mean not accepting there are other opinions and interpretations, alongside throwing buzzwords into the mix to invalidate another argument. also losing a respectful tone with each other so often (not all the time, but lbr!)

discussions - real discussions willing to take into other POVs - are genuinely so fun! like idk i remember at college i went to a debating society which was never my thing bc public speaking really makes me nervous haha but. it was so fun! and someone would make a HELLA SICK POINT on one side and you’d see the other person on the other side like “well… shit. okay damn. that’s … i don’t agree but that’s actually a good point and now my next point is compromised. BUT!!! A-HA! look at THIS!” and the exchanges were really 👀👀👀 in a way more positive way bc there was always a level of general acknowledgement it was just a debate at the end of the day. at the end you shake hands and that’s that lol. 

you can still have heated passionate debate without it being an attack on each other or employing some tactics with certain usage of words to make the other side X and Y. 

i think it’s important to remember that literally none of us can speak with full authority on stuff here, because we’re not the writers of the content. we can have our opinions and be critical. it’s gonna play out how it’s gonna play out, regardless of what we think or feel. at the end of the day, we are the audience and as a result our commentary is interpretive by nature. in fanworks we are transformative ect. 

we all want to see something in a story. there are universal themes and sometimes there are more personal themes. despite taking a stance on something, there is always gonna be this undeniable level of subjectivity in some level just there because we are all individuals and it’s impossible for every single person to see things the same way. there’s also gonna be other points of view. AND THAT MAKES SENSE. bc we all want different things, we all relate to different things and have different experiences.

tbh there’s so much in this show that honestly would be so enjoyable and engaging to openly discuss together without animosity rather than conform to the way debate has regressed into something very hostile, demeaning and negative (often scary LOL) on this website. 



OK, so I’m still on vacation and I suddenly had this thought (because no matter where I am or what I’m doing, Star Wars is never far from my mind).

I have always hated the way the prequels were inconsistent with the original trilogy, particularly the scene where Luke asks Leia if she remembers her mother:

LUKE: Leia, do you remember your mother? Your real mother?

LEIA: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young.

LUKE: What do you remember?

LEIA: Just images really. Feelings.

LUKE: Tell me.

LEIA: She was very beautiful. Kind but sad. Why are you asking me this?

LUKE: I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her.


This has always bugged me!!!!!! Like to the point of making me angry. But then I suddenly had a thought. What if what Leia thinks are memories are actually Force visions???

This is the only way I can come to terms with this ridiculous oversight.

Anyone else have any theories? What do you think?? Was it a Force vision, or was George Lucas just trying to wrap up too many loose ends in a short amount of time in Revenge of the Sith and he let himself get sloppy???


All I’m saying is I’m having fun thinking of an AU where the kids grow up and form their own Scooby gang, becoming amateur detectives and whatnot.

Max would obviously be the most helpful, driving the van, helping them break into locked buildings, and would always be the one with a plan. Lucas would always insist he would be the one to protect Max if anything went wrong but really it would be the other way around. Despite his posturing on that front, he has an obvious knack for making the final connections in a case, and would make sure the bad guys wouldn’t get away with anything.

Will would be the key creative force behind everything they did, drawing over elaborate traps for bad guys and monsters that would work at least half the time. He’d also provide the mixtape/playlist selections for their long drives, and would be the first to get a good singalong going.

Dustin, true to form would bring all the snacks, and keep everyone’s spirits high. If they ever actually ran into a real monster, he would totally be the first one to go pet it. On rare occasions when he would need some emotional support, one of the rest of the party would immediately get Steve on the phone, who would, with great effect, tell Dustin to buck up and go get em.

Mike and El would probably be more book smart, the two of them acting in sync reading up on all the histories of cases. Mike, in truth, gets a little bit worried by how obsessive El gets when she looks into the histories of sightings of ghosts, or serial killers, or general conspiracy theories, but he loves the way her face lights up when she reads something new and interesting.

introductory post !

hi all! my name’s amelia (but you can call me mill) and this is my study blog i created way back in november or summin, and only just finished sprucing up so it’s ready to go! figured it’s a good idea to introduce myself :) 

about me

  • i’m 19 years old and currently live in england
  • i just finished my first year of university studying psychology, but i am transferring to biology for the academic year 2017-2018!
  • i study at university college london in, you guessed it, london
  • i’m a volunteer for festival republic, and work for a couple festivals during the festival season!


  • i play piano and a little bit of guitar
  • i like drawing/sketching, and designing tattoos! 
  • i’m interested in learning in general: biology, botany, astrophysics, philosophy, music theory, pretty much anythin!
  • i freakin love cartoons, and i’m not talkin about adult cartoons, i waste so much time watching the amazing world of gumball
  • i like plant biology in particular and classification, with trees and mosses and liverworts and all that jazzy stuff
  • i listen to lofi religiously while i study, it’s amazing

why make a studyblr?

like most of you i suppose, i need help getting motivated sometimes. i’ve found studyspo and studyblr posts to be a great way to do this, and studyblr masterposts are so useful! this seems like a great community of diligent workers, and while i’ve got some distance to go in being a good student, i figured this will help~! i hope to be posting lots of original content soon, but term time doesn’t start till the 25th september haha. i’m mainly interested in posting my own notes and creating (hopefully) useful resources! 


(there are so many of you! but here are a selection of my favourite studyblrs so far)

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thanks so much to anyone who’s taken the time to read this, hope to get really involved with the studyblr community soon! catch y’all later, enjoy your summers x 

In a relationship, one mind revises the other; one heart changes its partner. This astounding legacy of our combined status as mammals and neural beings is limbic revision: the power to remodel the emotional parts of the people we love, as our Attractors [coteries of ingrained information patterns] activate certain limbic pathways, and the brain’s inexorable memory mechanism reinforces them.

Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love.

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I think the reason I never got into SofS AU, is that it seemed...a little hard to follow? If that makes sense? Like, I could see a lot of the parallels to canon, and a lot of interesting potential, but there was just something about it that made to read. There was something about, the complexity and the flow that made it hard for me to figure out, which is why I think it's one of the few that I haven't re-read endlessly. (Sorry)

You don’t need to be sorry, lol. There’s a bevy of reasons why people might not like a story (for example, people have found the Fae Tales canon hard to follow, The Wildness Within boring and slow, Into Shadows We Fall too dark, Strange Sights too distasteful etc. I could go on. Basically for every story that someone loves, people have reasons they don’t like it (and people tell me, lol - I think the weirdest criticism was that y’know, none of the characters had kids or were getting married and it didn’t seem ‘realistic’ enough because of that *shrugs*))

Spoils of the Spoiled is additionally complicated by the fact that most of the characters are underage by US standards (not Australian, *shrugs* the legal age is different here). It’s definitely got a more choppy, contemporary style, some people really love that immediacy, some people don’t. The style isn’t going to change though, that’s what some folks really love about it.

One person’s perfection is another person’s poison, that’s just how that works. :)

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Aww thank you for doing "That Boy is Mine", I don't mind that it was out 'late' tbh it wasn't late or anything. PLEASE FOCUS ON YOUR EXAMS AND HOPE YOU PASS THEM! thank you thank you thank you ily, I hope you have clear skin, good grades, and lots of love.


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TBH I’m not even going to study I just need to get a 40%. Pls do not do as i do, this is why I will get nowhere in life lmao

Okay, I neeed more blogs to follow.


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BTS Theory – The Most Beautiful Moment In Life = the Evolution of youth (+ Pt. 2 Concept photos)

BTS made it clear that The Most Beautiful Moment In Life represents Youth.

Suga’s first intro song of the album (titled blooming youth), deals with the worries of a young boy, anxious about his future. In the music video/ animation, we see what it seems like to be a high school student (We can deduce that from the classroom set in the beginning, and the boy’s uniform) playing basketball.

« Instead of the ball, I throw my future »
« The horoscope that others paint
Disqualified from the criteria of success »

A commun scenario of a teenager worried about his future and having disagreements with what society tells him to be like.

« The dribble that quickens, a heart that becomes happier
I think this moment will be eternity »

This is the beginning of adulthood when you start realizing that life is harder than you thought, and you suddenly feel like you caught the peter pan syndrom. The boy doesn’t want to grow up. And he escapes his responsabilites, he escapes real life by playing basketball. He’s running away (from his problems).

« But the night which came from the sunset
If it comes again then this reality becomes a bit worn away
If I come to my senses again I become more terrified »


This also goes with the storyline they created with the I Need U MV. It could definitely symbolize what the members felt when V died. Or maybe what just JIN felt, when all of the members died, except him.
« Others have ran ahead of me but
Why am I still here »

I think the intro sums up the feel and the meaning of the album quite well.

Just a confuse young person going through ups and downs, going through tough moments, having to make tough decisions and feeling abandonned and alone. Hopeless. Wondering why life is the way it is. What’s his purpose on earth.
The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 is also about showing the beauty of innocence. Youth is also about not worrying, having fun with your friends and playing like children. But in parallel, we have those tough moments and serious problems. (The I Need U MV is a great example that illustrates this opposition)

The different types of songs in the album also express that diversity : I Need U, Hold Me Tight/ Dope, Fun boys/ Rain etc …

This is why I think pt.1 symbolize the beginning of youth (blooming youth) were you feel lost and confuse. You’re not a child, not an adult yet. Life doesn’t seem to go your way. But we still have that innocence left in ourselves.

Love Is Not Over, the outro.  
It could possibly be a hint that it isn’t over. Meaning the fact that we saw them dying in the first part doesn’t mean it’s over.
They didn’t actually die ? They’ll go back in time ? It was all a dream ?

Which leads us to Pt. 2!

Indeed, with an intro like Nevermind (from suga again), it surely feels like a come back from the dead. No it isn’t over, we’re not gonna let this bring us down. It has this feeling, like they’re gonna fight for their lives.
Nevermind, we’re not going to give up.
Never mind about the troubles.
« I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck »
A confuse and lost Suga, asking « why ? » became confident and determined. He will not let people walk over him.

In the animation, we see a guy running again. In the beginning he’s playing basketball. Feels like we’re still in pt.1 Comeback Trailer BUT THEN he sits and sees a butterfly. This time instead of running away from his problems, he runs towards the butterfly. He runs towards hope.

The intro sets the theme for the album. And it looks like it’s a re-born.

Butterfly = symbole of hope.

Follow the butterfly and don’t give up, keep chasing it. Keep chasing your freedom. When you’ll catch the butterfly, you’ll be free.
When V jumped in the prologue, and the song butterfly started playing, it felt like he finally succeeded in freeing himself. He became a butterfly.
But it wasn’t the right way. There’s other ways to catch the butterfly. There is other ways to find freedom. Maybe pt.2 is about exploring those other ways.

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.2 album cover has a butterfly on it, unlike Pt.1. The colors are also different.

You may have seen this picture on twitter, and as you might have notice, when you put all of the album covers next to each other, it goes together like the pieces of a puzzle.

It looks like the butterfly in the pt.2 album cover is flying towards the sun. Again, a symbole of hope (you should never give up, it isn’t over yet)

When I first saw this image, the 4 seasons immediatly came to my mind.

If I’m not wrong :
White : winter
Pink : spring
Blue : summer
Peach : autumn

It even goes in the right order, that’s amazing.

Now we know winter is the first season of the year. It is cold, dark, bitter, you feel somehow more lonely and sad this time of the year.
The color white = no colors, monotone. Life is just about living the same routine everyday.
Spring, the season that comes after winter. Flowers are starting to bloom, we’re making good and happy memories. The idea of innocence and having fun without worrying is coming back to mind. This is like an introduction of youth. The beauty of youth.
The color pink = reminds me of love. Which is the theme of most of their songs, and also a big part of youth. First loves, One-sided love, heart breaks etc...

I’ll have to listen to the album and watch the mvs to get an idea of summer and autumn. But it is definitely warmer colors. Peach(autumn) unlike spring (light pink) seems like a more mature and bold color (they have matured now?). And summer = warm-blooded ? They’re no longer afraid of anything.

The concept photos came out today. Before even analysing the pictures in detail, we can immediatly notice the contrast within the colors between the concept photos for Pt.1 and Pt.2.

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 concept photos (white and light pink) :

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.2 concept photos (blue and orange).

I’m not going to get deeper into this but I found some similarities between those photos and the I NEED U MV (I’m sure there’s more than what I just noticed for now).

Suga’s position.

Jin sitting down.

J-hope walking on/next to the road and “sleeping”.

And Jungkook is being pushed towards the road.

And by who? …Taehyung, of course. Because he’s the origine of the members deaths. The fact that Jungkook’s in the shopping cart could symbolize the fact that he’s the youngest, and has to be carried by the members.

But this could also mean that Taehyung is actually protecting him. He’s holding the cart tight, he will not let Jungkook die this time.

Taehyung is standing in a high place again. But this time there are bars in front of him. He can’t jump.

I also noticed something weird in the group picture. The crossing light is actually red. But they keep walking.

They don’t care now and they won’t let anything stop'em. They are free. Or at least they risking their lives for their freedom. And they look quite happy in the picture too.

(side note : something futile that I also observed : for the The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1, the concept was wet hair. But right now, it seems like it is the opposite. They all seem to have dry hair. I don’t know if it’s something important but anyway)

The settings are different too. They moved from natural settings (fields, grass, flowers, the ocean) to a more urbain setting. This could be a big metaphor for evolution (how men went from living in the nature to building cities etc…).And that is, how I said in the beginning, the theme of The Most Beautiful Moments In Life mini-albums. The evolution, of youth

Northern Downpour. A love song that Ryan never claimed to be a love song. The words are smooth and the tune melodic. What more could we ask to keep our fantasies alive.

If all our life is but a dream
Fantastic posing greed
- they were thrown into the world at a young age. Getting a deal before even playing a show. Their whole lives just a whirlwind dream
Then we should feed our jewelry to the sea
For diamonds do appear to be
Just like broken glass to me
- Ryan doesn’t think much of all that’s happened. He is still humbled by their experience and doesn’t want the monetary things. He’s in love and all these objects are dull compared to the sight of the one he adores. He’d rather get rid of everything they’ve earned rather than let greed consume his relationship
And then she said she can’t believe
Genius only comes along
In storms of fabled foreign tongues
- Ryan never really believed in his writing. He doubted everything he did. But Brendon most likely tried to build his confidence up. He didn’t believe the only reason Ryan’s songs became popular were because of the books, movies and such he based them off of. Bren genuinely thinks Ryan’s genius comes from Ryan, not the stories. He just wants Ryan to see how amazing he is and have confidence in the things he writes.
Tripping eyes, and flooded lungs- when you’re in love, the way you see things is very different. It’s like being in a drug induced state, hence ‘tripping’ eyes. Flooded lungs could be reference to the fact that when you’re in love you often become breathless at the sight of them, filling your lungs with air, or flooding them.
Northern downpour sends its love- I like to think this refers to when Ryan went all the way from New York to Seattle, where it was raining, to see Brendon
Hey moon, please forget to fall down

Hey moon, don’t you go down- Brendon is the moon as I’ve said in previous song analyses. Ryan is saying he doesn’t want Brendon to ever leave. Let night never end and love never die
Sugarcane in the easy mornin’- in certain cases of dreaming of sugar (specifically with people singing involved in the dream) it can be interpreted as an affair that seemed trivial and insignificant will become something much better and beneficial. Now I doubt Ryan was thinking of that, but I wanted to include it. He could simply be referencing that waking up in the morning will be sweet and satisfying. It will feel right and it will feel good
Weathervanes my one and lonely- weathervanes is a slang term for someone who changes their opinion often. So this could be Ryan having doubts about whether this will be forever. For now he loves him, but he could change
The ink is running toward the page- he has begun to write his story through song
It’s chasin’ off the days- the days are going by fast as he begins to retell what he feels through his writing
Look back at both feet
And that winding knee
- looking back to where they started. Just kids wandering through life, making music, and cut a break
I missed your skin when you were east- I’m sure there was a time that Brendon was in Las Vegas while Ryan was still in LA
You clicked your heels and wished for me- and when Bren wanted to see him, Ryan went to him
Through playful lips made of yarn- the things they did together were all remembered by their lips, held together with secrets
That fragile Capricorn- now none of them are Capricorn. But here’s the traits of a Capricorn: Typically Capricorns are highly addictive, sensitive, smart, intelligent, flexible, witty, humorous, loyal and hard working. They rarely have attitudes but can be hard to control and contained when angered. I feel like this describes Ryan and Brendon’s relationship. Meaning fragile Capricorn could be a reference to what they have
Unraveled words like moths upon old scarves- their relationship (the fragile Capricorn) brought a lot out. All the secrets that were in the back of their closet came out once they had something definable
I know the world’s a broken bone
But melt your headaches, call it home
- the world may be shit, it may be falling apart, but don’t worry, I’m here with open arms to be your home. Home is where the heart is, and I’ll hold onto your heart for you so you have someplace to come back to
You are at the top of my lungs- you are the air I breathe. The air I can’t breathe.
Drawn to the ones who never yawn- as Brendon is the moon, he is drawn to people who can weather the night. The ones who keep his mind going and excite him

Theories after watching TFA for the second time CONTAINS SPOILERS

- Poe and Finn are very gay for each other and Hux/Kylo are 100% a married couple.

- Rey is either related to Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan will have an influence on her. It can’t be coincidental that both young Obi-Wan and old Obi-Wan spoke to her. Everything she saw in the vision either came true in TFA or is probably going to happen so if Obi-Wan said that “Rey, these are your first steps” it could also be either interpreted as a reference to Kenobi!Parents talking about her literal first steps or her grandfather or whatever is talking to her.

- Ben didn’t want to kill Han but an integral part of becoming a Sith is losing someone you love to sever the connection to the Light. You could see Ben’s tears as he apologised – he knew what he was going to have to do, even if Han didn’t. Judging by the difference in posture, language, everything, Kylo disappeared for that entire scene. His shoulders hunch over, he’s practically shaking, and there are tears in his eyes. For that one moment, as he looks into his father’s eyes, he takes off the mask and rather than Kylo doing the deed, Ben does to force himself more towards the Dark side. It’s really a reverse Luke/Anakin’s death scene. Anakin takes off his helmet just before he dies after he saves his son. Kylo, the son, takes off his helmet just before he kills Han, his father.

- Kylo is terrified of being alone, just as Rey is. When he sees how lonely she is, he almost softens because, God, how he knows the feeling. Can you imagine having the legacy of Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo bearing down on you? Not to mention when you’re named after Obi-Wan Kenobi. Every time he must have done something, he must have been compared to someone else who’d done it better than him. Imagine a young Ben spending hours learning how to fly only to be told “Good job piloting that ship. Must be a genetic thing. You have Anakin and your father to thank.” It would have been heartbreaking to a young kid (don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing Kylo for what he did, I’m just trying to understand motives) to hear that everything he worked so hard to achieve was due to someone else. So, instead, he took that constant “you should thank everyone else for everything you can do” and turned it into something else. Rather than being compared to everyone, he made certain he was only compared to Anakin (I mean, look at his hair, the way he carries himself, his snarkiness, and even his clothes) and then turned that into being compared to Vader (his mask, his cloak, his all-black outfit, his creating of a “Death Star”). So, yes, of course when Rey looked into his mind he was afraid of never being as good as Darth Vader, because it’s the same thing gifted students are constantly told. If you’re held up to a certain level of expectation, and then on one instance, you fail to meet that bar even though you’ve done it all your life, who are you? He made Anakin/Vader who he was, and if he fails at being that, then he’s nothing but a scared thirty year old man who won’t ever amount to something.

OKAYOKAYOKAY I don’t know if I’m just over thinking things but I saw a post talking about how Dude the dog was sort of a symbol for Carlos’s sexuality (saying he was gay but afraid because of the thoughts his mom put in his head until the scene where Ben shows its okay and how they named the dog Dude as a symbol for guys in general, and I really loved that theory and I’ll link it if I find it but you get the point) and as I was watching Set It Off, around 2:43 to 2:51 you’ll see the circle of everyone starting off with Jay and it has a pattern: boy, girl, boy, but when it gets to Carlos; it breaks going as boy girl boy boy girl before going to the original pattern. 

idk if I’m just overthinking or whatever but I don’t know?? Watch around that time at Set It Off, maybe it was because Evie wasn’t there or something but I don’t know I found it interesting. 

the pattern was: jay, audrey, doug, carlos, jane, chad, lonnie LIKE THEY COULD HAVE MADE IT jay, audrey, doug, jane, carlos, lonnie, chad and i dont know if im overthinking but ??? i fOUND IT INTERESTING OKAY

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A lot of people believe that Bellarke have been in love with each other since s1 but just haven't realized it. I don't agree with this. Sure they came to respect and care about each other but I don't think love came until late s2 early s3. Thoughts?

Originally posted by saviourblake-archive

I don’t think they were in love in season 1. I think they were attracted to each other and Bellamy probably had a crush on her but their partnership was too important to each other to pursue that. I think Clarke might have pursued her attraction if Bellamy hadn’t pushed his crush aside. But no, I don’t think they were in love. But they became good friends that season.

I think there were a lot of moments during season 2 where they realized their feelings for each other were deeper than they expected and more meaningful than for other people. The thought that Clarke had lost Bellamy really affected her. And finding Clarke again really affected Bellamy. So they recognized their relationship as something more than partnership or friendship in season 2. 

My theory is that after Clarke sent Bellamy into MW and realized she was had sent someone she couldn’t bear losing into almost certain death, and then discovered that he was not, in fact, dead, she came to the realization that she did in fact love him. Her whole focus and attitude changed then. She was still terrified of loving him, though, and traumatized by what she had done, so when she left him at Camp Jaha, she was running from him as well as her pain. 

As for Bellamy falling in love? I think maybe he was more used to repressing his feelings than she was and it came on him more slowly. He might have started with a repressed crush in Day Trip, that grew, and he ignored, and then he lost her and found her again and had her send him into MW. He turned to being all business. You’ll notice that while he was in MW, Clarke’s thoughts were ALL about saving Bellamy, about having faith in Bellamy, about Bellamy’s mission, about Bellamy’s signal. Bellamy’s thoughts were on his mission. Did he still have a crush? Yeah, and her leaving at Camp Jaha tore him apart and I’m sure made him even more sure that his feelings for her were unrequited, so something to be repressed more. 

However, when he saw her as Roan’s captive, he could not repress it anymore and his feelings for her came to the surface where, I think even he couldn’t ignore it. Man, when she rejected his request to come home to her people. “Yours,” he said. I’m sure he meant him, he was her people. He was hers. That killed him. He already knew he loved her and, again, she turned him away. But like Bob said, in Hakeldama he put it out there. Not just his feelings of hurt and betrayal but also his anger. I think that argument made Clarke, who you’ll remember I’ve already said knows she’s in love with him, believe that he hated her and could never return her feelings. It was after their fight that Clarke stops keeping Lxa at arms length and gets closer to her. This to me is emotionally realistic. 

So that’s my general “when did Bellarke fall in love” theory. Yes, I believe Clarke fell in love first. It didn’t mean she was ready to love him, but I think she definitely loved him and spent that 3 months in isolation pining. 

watch them drop a jason picture on the show day with a sign that says “i’m back bitches”