general superintendent

mafia au

technically this is yakuza AU, isn’t it. an AU where mikado is a kingpin for the largest and most influential gang that practically runs the city. misane recently has been appointed as the new superintendent general for the city’s police force at the age of 22. nanashi is the boss for the newest gang that rivals against mikado’s - he cooperates with misane often.

there’s no actual canon plot, since i, and friends of mine, kinda use this AU to explore characterization so. uh, i hope no one’s expecting consistency.

edit: changed misane’s eyes since it felt weird not drawing it like i usually do


On today’s episode of Dare to Compare! The Differences Between Sailor Moon Incarnations!, we focus on Sailor V! Since I’ve been doing a lot of PGSM lately, I decided to make this one about the manga and anime.

Sailor V was actually created as a character long before Sailor Moon, and was the star of her very own manga, Codename: Sailor V. It started as a oneshot but then expanded, and then in order to make it into something suitable for an anime, the cast was expanded and Sailor Moon was born! In the manga, Minako encounters Artemis much like Usagi encounters Luna at the start of Sailor Moon. He then reveals to her her destiny to fight against evildoers. She goes on all sorts of adventures, fighting various members of the Dark Agency (which is later revealed to be a sub-sect of the Dark Kingdom) all on her own. All this time, Minako fights without having any memories of the past life, much like the rest of the girls when they first become Senshi. However, by the time she fully awakens as Sailor Venus at the end of the manga, she has regained her memories. She then resolves to find her companions so she no longer has to fight alone. 

In the anime, Minako’s experience as Sailor V is not very thoroughly explored. Aside from the mentions of the Sailor V video games, there is only one episode that delves into her past. Here, Minako is seen having travelled to London due to some kind of spike in youma activity there. While there, she befriends a police officer named Katarina who becomes like a big sister to her. She also falls in love with a man named Allan, however she soon discovers that Allan and Katarina have fallen in love with each other, and decides that it would be best if she were not in their life. When Katarina believes that Minako did not make it out of an explosion, Minako decides not to let her know the truth, and then returns to Japan. 

There is a similar character to that of Katarina who appears in the manga named Natsuna Sakurada. Natsuna was the superintendent general at the Police Board and a big fan of Sailor V. She later, like Katarina, discovers Sailor V’s true identity and becomes a big sister sort of figure to Minako.  

In both versions, Minako is seen to have grown a little more mature than the other girls in a number of ways. She becomes more strategic and seems to be able to better understand the enemy’s plans. In both she is also seen to experience heartbreak and isolation as a result of her mission, which leads to her friendship with the rest of the girls becoming that much more meaningful.

Rare Photo Of Major-General McClellan And His Officers in 1862

After the evacuation of Yorktown on the fourth of May, in 1862, this picture was taken. It shows the generals of the Army of the Potomac in full uniforms after the hard siege, and at the very time when they were maneuvering to drive back the Confederates, forcing them to stand in defense of the Capital of the Confederacy—Richmond.

It was through the personal friendship of Major-General McClellan that Brady was allowed to take this rare photograph. The warriors lined up in front of the camera on the field at Yorktown. In the center is General McClellan—a man in whose veins flowed the blood of Scotch cautiousness—"Be sure you’re right, then go ahead!“ He was but thirty-six years of age when he held the great army under his control. From boyhood he had been a military tactician. When twenty years old he was graduated from West Point, standing second in his class, and distinguished himself for gallantry in the Mexican War.

Six years before the outbreak of the Civil War, when only thirty years old, McClellan was in Crimea and two years later he submitted his report to the Government and resigned from the army to become vice-president and chief engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad. In 1860, he was general superintendent of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. When the call swept across the continent for troops to preserve the Nation, the old war spirit was aroused and McClellan was one of the first to respond.

Source: The Project Gutenberg EBook of Original Photographs Taken on the Battlefields during the Civil War, by Mathew B. Brady and Alexander Gardner