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It has been snowing since yesterday and looks great outside. I really wanted to try photographing my Star Wars figures.

1) Plo Koon, 2) Hoth rebels, General Riekaan and Major Derlin, 3) Agent Kallus and the Imperial Inquisitor

Honestly, they all look like they got a bit lost and are trying to pretend it’s still totally under control.

Things I love about the original Star Wars trilogy:

  • I love the beginning. I love that first moment of anticipation in the blue letters of “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” I love the explosion of music and excitement and adrenaline as the opening crawl begins, the immediate sensation that you have flown headfirst into something incredible. I love reading that Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy and that it is a dark time for the rebellion and that Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt

  • I love Luke’s journey. I love how at first glance he’s just an ordinary farm boy who dreams of a bigger destiny but who has to help his aunt and uncle, stuck on a barren planet he fears he’ll never get off of. I love his pain and his devastation when he loses his home even though he always wanted to leave it. I love how he gets caught up in a whirlwind adventure because of the arrival of two droids. I love how he’s brave and true and loyal. I love that a simple farm boy becomes a hero, that he rescues Leia and destroys the Death Star and joins the rebellion. I love how he’d do anything to help his friends, how he leaves Dagobah to save Han and Leia and how he goes to get Han from Tatooine. I love how he always idolized his father, how his jedi training was centered around the desire to follow in Anakin Skywalker’s footsteps, and I love his conflict when he learns the truth. I love that he won’t kill Vader even knowing the evil he’s committed and his determination to save the man he once was. I love that the greater destiny he always wanted comes to a fork in the road, and that he stands at the precipice of two fates: is he doomed by the legacy of his blood, or can he forge his own path? I love that he strays to the very edge of the Dark side, and I love that Luke Skywalker does not fall. I love when he says, “I am a jedi, like my father before me.” I love that the Light in him prevails.

  • I love Leia. I love that she’s a princess AND and a spy AND a rebel soldier. I love her cinnamon bun hair. I love that she stands toe to toe with the most feared man in the galaxy and doesn’t cower. I love that she’s so strong that she can withstand Vader’s torture and that she takes control of her own rescue. I love how she can shoot a blaster and command troops and fly the Falcon. I love that she doesn’t even abandon her post on Hoth when the Empire is on their doorstep and the command center is under fire and she’s supposed to already be on her transport. I love that she’s dedicated to bringing peace to the galaxy. I love that even though she seems tough as nails, she still feels and hurts and fears and cries and that her strength doesn’t come at the price of her humanity. I love that she doesn’t ever stop fighting–not when her ship is captured, not when she’s taken prisoner, not when her planet is destroyed, not when the man she loves is taken, and not when she’s shot on the battlefield. I love that she’s Luke’s sister. I love that it’s her message that brings him into the story. I love that brother and sister separated at birth are drawn together by destiny, and I love that she’s just as nuanced as he is, that their paths and experiences are balanced–that he must cope with the knowledge that the father he idolized is a monster, while she must deal with the revelation that the monster she hated is her father. I love that she is an Organa and a Skywalker. I love when she learns who she is. I love that she has the Force. I love, “That boy is our last hope.” “No, there is another.” I love, “You’re wrong, Leia. You have that power, too.

  • I love that Han is just a smuggler and a rogue who wants nothing to do with the rebellion or the Force or the fight for the galaxy, but he takes a job transporting passengers to Alderaan and gets swept up in the whole mess. I love how he’s not the selfless mercenary that he seems to be. I love how he claims to care about only money, but then he turns around to help the rebels at Yavin. I love that he has a conscience. I love that he can’t help but get attached to the dumb kid he picked up in Mos Eisley and the haughty princess who insulted him the second they met. I love that he volunteers to go out into the freezing conditions on Hoth without a second thought because his friend’s out in it. I love that he gets his clearance to leave but he won’t get out of danger when he knows that stubborn, crazy Leia isn’t safe yet. I love how he’s so smart and daring and can fly through an asteroid field and that he escapes from the Empire by hiding on a Star Destroyer right under the enemy’s nose and drifting off with the trash. I love, “Never tell me the odds.” I love that he doesn’t even think of himself when he’s about to be frozen in carbonite. I love how that smuggler that “ain’t in it for your revolution” becomes a general in the rebellion who would sacrifice his life for his friends. I love that Han doesn’t have the Force. I love that he’s just a regular person with an enormous heart that he pretends not to have who gets through thanks to his cunning and his stubbornness and his courage. I love that he’s a good man.

  • I love that a princess and a scoundrel find true love. I love the way they bicker and fight and drive each other crazy. I love how Han calls Leia ridiculous names like “Your Worship” and “Your Highnessness” and I love how Leia gives it right back to him. I love that neither of them are willing to admit how they feel. I love that they’re both afraid. I love the angst because Han has to leave and Leia doesn’t want to give her heart away to a man who’s going to take off, and I love that Han doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him and the bounty on his head. I love “Do you think a princess and a guy like me…?” I love when they finally kiss on the Millennium Falcon. I love that Han would do anything to protect her. I love that he tells Chewie to take care of her when he knows he’s probably going to die. I love their desperate embrace in front of Vader and Boba Fett and all the stormtroopers. I love that Leia leaves the rebel alliance to go rescue him. I love that Han was willing to step aside for her to be with Luke when he thinks that would make her happy. I love that they’re equals–that they’re both strong and smart and independent. I love that they have each other’s backs in battle. I love that they bring out the best in each other. I love “I love you.” “I know.

  • I love that the Millennium Falcon is the fastest ship in the galaxy. I love how much Han loves it. I love that there’s always something wrong with it and that Han and Chewie are always having to repair something. I love when Luke calls it a piece of junk and I love that Leia is always insulting it and I love that it becomes a part of them just like it’s a part of Han and because Han becomes a part of them. I love when it jumps to lightspeed. I love the cockpit and when they’re all in it. I love the gun turrets and the holochess table and the smuggling compartments and the circuitry bay. I love the blue light of the hyperdrive. I love what the Millennium Falcon represents.

  • I love the medal ceremony on Yavin. I love Luke’s yellow jacket and Han’s confident swagger and the look on Leia’s face when they march down the aisle. I love the music and the feeling of triumph. I love that Threepio and Artoo are there and that our sassy not-so-damsel-in-distress princess is rewarding the farm boy and the smuggler and the Wookiee for their bravery and their victory. I love how all of our heroes are together and how it cements the bond that has been forged between all of them. I love this ending to our first chapter.

  • I love the rebels and their hidden bases and their ragtag fighters. I love Rogue Squadron. I love the call signs. I love X-wings and space battles. I love watching them take down AT-ATs and AT-STs and TIE fighters and Death Stars. I love that the underdogs win. I love the look on Leia’s face when they hear Han and Chewie come back to cover Luke so he can destroy the first Death Star and I love General Rieekan shaking Han’s hand and the corridors of Echo Base and I love Admiral Ackbar saying “It’s a trap!” and that Mon Mothma is the leader of it all.

  • I love Dagobah. I love Luke training with Yoda. I love watching him learn to use the Force. I love seeing his vision in the cave, and the foreshadowing that his face in Vader’s helmet represents–that not only is Vader his father, but that this is what Luke will become if he falls to the Dark Side, as well. I love when Yoda lifts the x-wing out of the swamp. I love “Wars do not make one great” and “Do or do not. There is no try” and “Luminous beings are we.” I love that there’s mist and snakes everywhere. I love Yoda making Luke run around with him on his back. I love levitating Artoo and rocks and one-handed handstands. I love when Luke goes back in Episode VI and learns that he’s done with his training but that he must defeat Vader; confirms that Vader is his father then learns that Leia is his sister. I love how much he’s changed between when he first crash lands in the mud and when he leaves there for the last time. I love the mantle of responsibility that he must take upon his shoulders.

  • I love how Lando was in a tough position and tries to redeem himself by rescuing Han from Jabba’s. I love how Chewie is referred to as “The Mighty Chewbacca.” I love that tiny little Leia is disguised as the bounty hunter who theoretically took the enormous Wookiee down. I love “Someone who loves you,” and how Han reacts to the sound of her voice. I love Chewie running to hug Han in their cell. I love “Together again, huh?” “Wouldn’t miss it.” “How are we doing?” “Same as always.” “That bad, huh?” I love that Leia frees herself and strangles the vile scum who forced her into that degrading outfit and chained her to his throne like an animal or a decoration. I love seeing Luke’s green lightsaber in action for the first time. I love “Don’t forget the droids.” I love the relief.

  • I love the scene in the trash compactor and how all of them keep yelling at each other. I love when Han keeps shouting at Leia to get on top of it. I love when Threepio thinks they’re dying. I love that Han and Leia hug.

  • I love when Leia hears Luke call to her through the Force. I love when she makes Chewie turn the Falcon around to go get him. I love the ending of ESB, and how even in the wake of such turmoil–Han frozen and taken by Boba Fett and Luke losing his hand and his lightsaber and learning that Vader is his father and Leia losing the man she loves–it still leaves you with hope and determination. I love when Luke and Leia watch Lando and Chewie fly off in the Falcon. I love Lando promising her that they’d find Han. I love the final image of the rebel fleet and the crescendo of music and those final chills before the credits roll.

  • I love that the Emperor underestimates love. I love the battle between Luke and Darth Vader. I love that the moment Vader says, “So, you have a twin sister? … If you will not turn to the Dark Side, perhaps she will,” is the moment when Luke unleashes his fury. I love when Luke refuses to kill his father. I love when Vader refuses to let his son die. I love that Luke refused to give up on Anakin, and I love that Anakin Skywalker’s two final requests are to look upon his son with his own eyes and for his daughter to be told that Luke had been right about their father all along–that even after everything he’d done, there had still been good in him. I love that Leia can sense Luke’s survival. I love that Luke build’s his father a funeral pyre. I love the Skywalker legacy.

  • And I love the end. I love the final scene of the trilogy. I love where it leaves us. I love that our heroes have survived. I love that they bled and fought and sacrificed and cried and feared and hoped and that they come through it all. I love that they win despite the odds. I love that even though the war was long and hard and that all that evil and injustice seemed impossible to ever defeat, they do it. I love Luke and Leia hugging–brother and sister who loved each other even before they knew the truth, who’d been brought back together by fate and who together were the hope for the galaxy. I love that they found each other. I love when Han and Luke embrace like brothers, and the look of understanding as they grip arms and look into each other’s faces. I love their friendship–that what started as hiring a pilot in a seedy cantina has become this absolute, binding trust. I love the tenderness on Han’s face as he holds Leia to his chest, and the happiness and devotion on hers as she closes her eyes and smiles. I love that their love endured every conflict. I love that all three of them all got tossed together against their will and found belonging in each other. I love that last shot. I love Luke and Leia and Han and Chewie and Lando and Threepio and Artoo all together, smiling and victorious. I love that they’re family. I love that the story is one where hope can pay off. Where good can overcome evil. Where somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, a band of misfits–planetless princesses and smugglers with Wookiee first mates and starry-eyed youths from the middle of nowhere–can fight against adversity and win. I love the feeling in my chest that last second on Endor, knowing that those characters and what they believed in prevailed. I love Star Wars.
Update (1/1)

…in which Han helps Leia in the only way he knows (or maybe the only way he’s allowed).

Leia is in the middle of organising another supply convoy when she feels her world fall apart again. For a moment, she can’t breathe, her heart thumping loudly enough to drown out the hum of old machinery and the bustle of conversation and orders in the command centre. Her eyes seem to be stuck, staring at the holographic display.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, of course. The star maps need to be up to date. Some updates take longer than others, and this one, fraught with political implications, has taken longer than most already.

It hasn’t mattered. Stories travel faster than updates, especially among spacers. But the update, it seems, has finally caught up.

Leia stares at the spot on the hologram where, since childhood, she has found home.

The tiny symbol denoting planet has been replaced by one for asteroid field, along with the relevant warnings.

Her heart thunders. Her eyes sting. Her lungs can’t seem to draw enough air.

Alderaan is gone.

Gone, gone, gone, her heart pounds.

And she knows: she needs to get out of here. She can’t face this here, now, in the middle of a meeting.

She looks up, eyes sweeping the room, looking for the door. For escape.

It’s all the way at the other end, and between it and her is the meeting, the one she is supposed to be sitting in on. General Rieekan is still talking to Luke and Commander Narra, their heads bent over a datapad with the convoy’s inventory. Han is watching them from where he’s leaning against a console, an impatient look on his striking features, probably about to tell them that no sensible smuggler would try the route they’re considering.

Her eyes are just sliding past him when he looks up, and she’s sure that he caught her looking.

She needs to get out.


It’s Luke’s voice, and he sounds concerned. He looks it, too, when she meets his eyes. Leia tries to remember her expression from before, tries to remember how she looks in meetings, but she can’t seem to feel her facial muscles at all.

Gone, gone, gone.

Luke is going to ask what’s wrong. Worse, he or Rieekan or someone will figure it out, the evidence blazing right beside her.

And if anyone tells her they’re sorry, or asks her if she’s okay, or offers so much as a sympathetic look, she knows she’s going to break. She can already feel the crack.

She looks away from Luke, a desperate attempt to stall, but it leaves her looking at Han instead. His eyes flicker past her to the hologram, and then back, and he seems to straighten, no longer lounging against the console. He knows.

His mouth opens, and for the briefest moment, she thinks he’s going to say it. She can almost hear the words already, can see them in his eyes, in the way they’ve softened ever so slightly. She can’t brace herself; it’s already too late for that. It’s too late to run. He’s going to say it. He’s going to—

“Oh, hey,” Han says. “They finally updated the charts. You mind if I grab a hard copy, princess? Your techs never upload ‘em to the Falcon in time and I’m getting real tired of yelling at them about it.”

And just like that, her heart is thundering for an entirely different reason. This man and his… his… Of course it’s all about him.

“You could try asking nicely,” she snaps. The sharp words come easily, like loading a blaster, and with them comes an angry kind of relief. A relief that, for the briefest instant, she would swear he feels too.

He scoffs. His hair is sticking up at the front, and there’s a smudge of grease on his cheek. He does not look like someone who should be in an official meeting in the command centre of the Rebellion. “I thought I just did,” he says, and his tone does not belong here either, casual to the point of insolence. “What, you want a royal petition? Do I have to say pretty please?”

“Oh, no, by all means, help yourself,” Leia tells him acidly, the words flooding back to her. She no longer feels cold. Anger is warming her all the way to her toes. Her eyes have stopped stinging, and she has drawn herself up without even noticing. “That is your specialty, after all.”

“Only ‘cause other people won’t do it,” he fires back. “Even though it’s supposed to be their job.”

She shrugs. “It’s not the techs’ fault that the Falcon is so old that it’s not even compatible with Rebellion equipment.”

“That’s not—”

“Captain Solo, please,” Rieekan cuts in, sending Han a stern look and glancing at Leia as if to make sure she’s okay with letting him mediate. “You’re welcome to take a hard copy of the charts, as her Highness says. If you’re having trouble connecting to our system, maybe Anselm can take a look at it.”

“Don’t bother,” Han says, waving the issue away as he leans back against the console again. “Chewie and me’ll figure it out.”

They get back to the convoy plans, Han shooting down Narra’s route suggestion as expected and moving over to the hologram to point out a different one. Still seething, Leia manages to drag her mind back to business, and her mind becomes clear again, her heart no longer pounding, just aching in that dull, persistent, familiar way she has learned to live with.

Alderaan is gone. But she is still here.

Han’s eyes keep lingering on her throughout the rest of the meeting, as if he’s looking for something. And there’s that odd feeling again, like he’s relieved somehow.

Probably because Rieekan intervened before she could finish insulting the Falcon and move onto insulting him, Leia decides. Yes, that’s probably it. Got to be.

Well, she thinks with a savage kind of satisfaction, that’s what he gets for picking stupid fights with her. He should know that by now.

Idiotic nerf herder.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to see some kind of sequel to the bit where Luke becomes Emperor two days after Palps dies. He's so overwhelmed, he finds a way to call a Rebel base for help, and Leia or Mon Mothma are all "...Really?", and Luke's "YES! PLEASE HELP, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

Hehe, I was considering doing more on this universe, so that’s just perfect.  Thank you, Anon. 


The Star Destroyer had exited hyperspace fifteen minutes ago, and done absolutely nothing since then. 

Leia Organa watched as evacuation proceeded, though none of the ships had launched yet.  They’d wait until everything was packed, then send everyone up in two waves. Hopefully, that would insure that the majority got away.

Leia tilted her head.  She wished Luke were here.  He’d been captured a week ago, and there’d been no word on him yet.

“Sir!” the communications officer called out. Leia couldn’t remember the Bothan’s name right away, but he was good at what he did.  General Rieekan turned and headed toward them.  “The… Star Destroyer is trying to reach us,” the comms officer said, sounding confused.

“Put them through,” Rieekan ordered. 

“…peat.  This is Luke Skywalker on board the Indomitable, please respond.”

“Luke!”  Leia called out, almost involuntarily.

“Leia, thank the Force!” Luke said.

The comm officer made and adjustment, and a small holo of Luke appeared.  He looked alright, in the holo, though tired.  He smiled slightly.  “Thank the Force,” he repeated as he looked at her.  “Um…” he paused and shifted.  “This is going to sound bad,” he admitted.

“What happened, Luke?”

Luke sighed.  “I was captured a week ago, and brought to Emperor Palpatine.  An hour or so after, Vader stormed in and… he killed the Emperor.  Two days later, Vader died of the injuries sustained in that fight.  But… uh… he was Palpatine’s heir,” he admitted.  “And he… he named me his heir.”

Leia blinked, but long years as a princess helped her connect the dots rapidly.  “You’re saying you’re the new Emperor.”

Luke looked down.  “Yeah,” he said.  He looked back up.  “I have no idea what I’m doing, Leia.  Help?”

Leia tried not to laugh, she really did, but Luke looked like a little boy who’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Only you, Luke,” she said.  “Only you.”

Luke grimaced.  “Maybe, but I really could use some help,” he said.  “I…” he took a deep breath.  “I am still committed to the cause of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. As the new Emperor, I can dismantle the powers Palpatine gained, and restore the Senate.  I just need help to do it peacefully.  I’d appreciate it if you can contact the rest of the Alliance Council and bring them my proposal- a peace treaty.”  He paused.  “I also would like some advice on how to keep the mess of vipers that is Palpatine’s advisory cabinet from sabotaging this.”

Leia laughed.  “Can you guarantee my safety, Luke?”

Luke tilted his head.  “On this ship, yes,” he said.  “Probably not on Coruscant.  You’re safe with me, though, I can guarantee that.”

Leia nodded.  “I need to speak with the Council, then,” she said.

Luke smiled.  “Thank you, Leia,” he said.  “It’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad you’re still ok, Luke,” Leia responded before the holo cut off.

She exchanged glances with Rieekan.  He looked to be fighting a smile.  “Only Skywalker,” he muttered.

Leia nodded.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, but… only Luke would get in a mess like this.  Only Luke.

Love Thy Enemy: don’t look back [Pt. 2]

Today in: Let’s see if I can break Tumblr with the sheer length of this post

So after asking around last week, I hunkered down and managed to get myself to finish the very last section so that I can post this monstrosity all at once.  Yes, it’s ridiculously long, but it does flow better as one continuous part and…at least it ends on a slightly less awful cliffhanger?  Slightly.

BUCKLE UP, BISHES, SOMEBODY’S GONNA CRY and that somebody is me *sobs*

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MUSIC: “Cybertronics,” John Williams, A. I.: Artificial Intelligence // “Alicia Discovers Nash’s Dark World,” James Horner, A Beautiful Mind

“Commander, we can’t in good conscience debrief you in this condition,” Mon Mothma declared softly, her already weary face blanching at the sight of Luke the moment he’d walked in the room.

“Then don’t consider this a debriefing.”  The edge of the holotable bit into Luke’s thighs as he leaned against it for support.  It was fitting, he thought sadly, that it stood between him and the Alliance leadership, physically separating him from them.  The room was even more packed than it had been for the briefing before the battle, non-essential personnel having invited themselves along for the spectacle.  No one had the motivation to shut them out.  He’d never felt so lonely in a crowd since the party after the medal ceremony on Yavin 4.  “I’m here to speak on my father’s behalf.”

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50 Facts About Han Solo (+1)

SO I HAVE NOTICED, in my expansive (ha) perusal of the Star Wars fandom, that while Han Solo is like, a token character, the depth and complexity of his character often gets dismissed/forgotten in meta and analysis in favor of our favorite dysfunctional family of skynerds. Which, I mean, I love the skynerds, BUT. Han is such a lovely dweeb that I feel as though it is scandalous that he doesn’t have 3095830549 posts about him because GOSH SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, aND THUS, I have taken it upon myself to compile a post with all my nerd pirate boy headcanons RIGHT NOW. I’m trash because I gratuitously cherry pick ideas from the EU bye

Let’s make a list, because I love lists:

  • He had a mother and little sister (his dad walked out on ‘em when he was really young), but they died some time during the Clone Wars through no specific malicious purpose, but rather for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the Death Star, he can’t bring himself to leave right away, even though he now has enough money to pay off Jabba and more - he doesn’t know how old the Kid is, but he can’t be more than eighteen, and that’s - that’s barely anything, Chewie, he tells the wookiee defensively after confronted about why they’re still awkwardly hanging around (and really, Chewie has no problem awkwardly hanging around, but Han is defensive anyway), and hell, he doesn’t have any folks left in the world and that’s a terrible kiriffin’ place to be so I’ll just. Hang around for a little while. Make sure he’s back on his feet, that he’s got a place to stay. (And he doesn’t think of his little sister, because she was so young when it all happened and so was he, but he really does. Kind of.)
  • He eventually gives back the Alliance the money they gave him as reward for rescuing Leia/taking down the Death Star because he feels like it’s burning a hole in his pocket and Chewie hasn’t said anything but he’s obviously not happy with it and dammit, ya big ball of fuzz, are you happy now?
  • (Leia doesn’t know)
  • (She actually doesn’t find out until quite a bit later, when General Rieekan happens to mention it one morning when she’s reading reports and trying to figure out how to make a deal with the Bothans and drowning herself in luke-warm caf because she can’t sleep at all and she’s given up even thinking about it - and the padd slips out of her hand, just barely, and all she can do is say  ”oh” and pretend that when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a scream that’s more of a sob and her nightmares dancing at the edge ofher consciousness, she’s not crying just a little bit harder than usual)

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Random Headcanon: What Biggs knew

So, according to supplementary canon, Biggs visited Luke on Tatooine just before ditching the Empire. They have a talk, and then Biggs says farewell—tells Luke that he’s going off to join the Rebellion.

This was the same day as the Tantive IV’s capture.


Biggs comes in with four other guys–his friend, who is the reason they got to the Rebel contact in the first place, and three other new recruits. They’re sent first to a constantly-mobile cell of the fleet, whose main purpose is to induct new soldiers and pilots. (It’s a lot harder for spies who are new recruits to get anything useful when it’s a small, ever moving section of the fleet.)

It’s maybe the second day after their arrival. They have their identifications, and their uniforms, and have gone through the first round of testing and screening, determining (at least preliminarily) that they aren’t Imperial spies. They’re gathered in one of the training rooms, lined up shoulder-to-shoulder for inspection and their first debriefing.

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*dances into the room banging cymbals* STAR WARS/BROOKLYN NINE NINE AU featuring our a motley group of NRLED (New Republic Law Enforcement Department) officers: detectives Leia Organa and Han Solo, partners in not-crime and engaged in a longstanding Bet to see who gets most arrests; Detective Luke Skywalker, best friend of Detective Solo, twin brother of Detective Organa, and resident Jedi (also a little bit in love with Detective Jade); Detective Mara Jade, scary, angry, and the most loyal goddamn friend around - probably carries an axe - has killed many men, no one knows for sure but they think she might have used to be a sith assassin (the leather is intimidating okay); Detectives Wes Janson and Wedge Antilles are mostly useless because they’re always goofing off, but they make good coffee; the Sergeant is Chewie, able to lift people bodily and haul them out of windows but in reality is everyone’s grandma; and Captain (General?) Carlist Rieekan as wearied leader of the rag tag band. Artoo and Threepio combined are somehow his personal assistant. Special guest star appearances by Dr Mon Mothma the classical Chandrilain Literature professor and Detective Lando “blotter dynamite” Calrissian. *retreats from the room still banging cymbals*


Well Princess, it looks like you managed to keep me here a while longer.
I had nothing to do with it. General Rieekan thinks it’s dangerous for anyone to leave the system until they’ve activated the energy shield.
That’s a good story.