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💀 Curse Correspondences 💀


  • Agate - for use on a target who has entered a space uninvited, i.e. someone breaking into your home or vehicle
  • Alexandrite - causes obsession and delusions
  • Amethyst - causes sensitivity and self-destruction
  • Astrophyllite - causes those who have died at the hands of another to torment the target from the grave
  • Diamond - causes blindness, confusion, and disorientation
  • Diopside - lowers inhibitions and causes secrets to be revealed
  • Emerald - causes greed, selfishness, and isolation
  • Flint - causes conflicts
  • Garnet - leeches energy from a target
  • Kunzite - induces vulnerability 
  • Kyanite - used to infiltrate a target’s mind
  • Meteorite - used as a catalyst in baneful magick
  • Obsidian - used for general aggressive magick
  • Onyx - causes nightmares and mental torment, and is used to break up relationships
  • Opal - used to store negative energy, and then to be given to a target
  • Ruby - used to focus your intent on a target


  • Black - law, justice, manifestation, sorrow
  • Red - force, energy, confrontation, jealousy, anger
  • Greenish Yellow - strife, discord, illness, conflict, jealousy, greed
  • Magenta - catalyst


  • Ague Weed - confusion 
  • Angelica Root - misery, strife, distress, discord
  • Asafoetida - drives enemies away
  • Bayberry - depression
  • Bindweed - binding
  • Blackberry Root - distress
  • Black Salt - misery, strife, distress, discord
  • Bladderwrack - illness
  • Bloodroot - substitute for blood
  • Blueberry - confusion, strife
  • Boneset - distress, confusion
  • Cayenne Pepper - anxiety
  • Chicory - discord
  • Chili Powder - discord, misery, strife
  • Cinquefoil - discomfort
  • Clove - stopping gossip
  • Cramp Bark - pain, illness
  • Dogbane - deception
  • Dragon’s Blood - destruction, strife, misery
  • Hemlock - discord, sadness
  • Henbane - illness, discord, melancholy
  • Jezebel Root - wickedness, ending relationships, punishing unfaithful lovers
  • Knot Weed - binding
  • Lemon - sourness, bitterness
  • Lemon Verbena - a boost of power, ending relationships
  • Lime - sourness, bitterness
  • Lobelia - discord
  • Mace - misery, strife
  • Mandrake - misery, strife
  • Mistletoe - isolation, confusion
  • Mullein - spirit work, nightmares
  • Mustard Seed - strife, discord
  • Myrrh - a boost of power
  • Nightshade (Belladonna) - discord, illness
  • Onion - strife
  • Patchouli - illness
  • Poke Root - confusion, discord
  • Poppy Seed - discord
  • Rue - misery
  • Safflower - destruction
  • Spanish Moss - bad luck
  • Slippery Elm - ending relationships
  • Stinging Nettle - jealousy, envy, discomfort
  • Sumac - bad luck
  • Tobacco - a substitute for any baneful herb
  • Tormentil - distress, harm, discord
  • Vetiver - silence
  • Wormwood (Absinthe) - misery, strife
  • Yew - spirit work
  • Yohimbe Bark - impotency


  • Mars - power, force, energy, war, conflict, jealousy
  • Saturn - law, justice, chaos, revenge
  • Neptune - confusion, illusion, chaos
  • Pluto - death, mystery, crisis

Lunar Phases:

  • Waning - binding
  • Dark - destruction, banishing, justice
  • Black - power, manifestation


  • DNA (saliva, nail clippings, hair, blood, etc.)
  • Drawings
  • Photos
  • The target’s name written on paper
  • The target’s signature
  • An item that belongs to the target

Other Ingredients:

  • Cigarette butts
  • Broken glass
  • Razorblades 
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon/lime juice
  • Alcohol
  • Bones
  • Needles
  • Nails
  • Thorns
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Shark teeth
  • Catfish spines
  • Murex seashells
  • Flying Devil Oil
  • Dead insects
  • Black sand
  • Charcoal

Disclaimer: I do not condone the unethical practice of collecting or harvesting animal parts, or forcefully obtaining certain biological taglocks. These are just ideas, and I am not responsible for anything you choose to do with them. 

Updated: 3-9-2017


Uhh, I cant believe I’m doing this, but given how I’m kind of obliged to do it because of the name of my blog…

Fruit tarts = sex. 

Sokka has a lei because he got laid (and took Suki’s “flower.”).

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instead of andreil how abt some angsty andriel hcs?

Happy 900. Here is the angst, as promised.

It happened, sometimes, on bad days that got worse.

He’d wake up in the morning and feel it like an itch under his skin, like bugs crawling and biting and burrowing so deep that he’d never rid himself of the phantom sensations of them. No matter how hot the water he ran in the shower, how brutally he scrubbed and clawed at his skin.

He felt dirty.

He felt like a lie.

When he first saw his reflection, it would come as a shock. Everything within him would ground to a halt, and there would only be the brutal realisation of who he was, of what had been done to him, of what he had done. He would stand and stare at that reflection for hours, until shapes and lines blurred, and the icy blue of his eyes turned into an empty pit into which he fell and fell and fell.

It was his father’s face.

When Neil smiled, the Butcher smiled back at him.

Andrew would drag him away, put cubes of ice into his hands and squeeze them around it until they burned. He would talk to Neil, random and pointless things, until Neil looked at him and he could see recognition in those empty eyes, instead of that hollow, blank stare.

His hand on the back of Neil’s neck, clutching Neil’s around ice, his voice filling his ears, the smell of him near and constant, it was comforting. It grounded him, enough for thought to penetrate the incessant chorus of liar liar liar cycling ceaselessly through his mind.

“He was my father,” Neil would whisper. “He made me.”

“He isn’t,” Andrew would say, ferocious, insistent. “He didn’t. He was a killer, and you ran away. You are a fox. You are Neil Josten.”

“Then why don’t I feel that way?”

Andrew would grab his face and force him to meet his eyes, would press his thumbs to the scars on Neil’s cheeks and step in close.

“Because you are having a bad day. That doesn’t change anything. You are still the man I gave those keys to, you are still the man who made this team into something worth a damn. You are still the man I told to stay.”

Coming from Andrew, the truth of those words was a lifeline. Neil would cling to it desperately, as he clung to Andrew desperately, and the blond would allow him this comfort. With Neil’s hands fisted into his shirt, his face pressed into the crook of his neck, Andrew would wrap an arm around his shoulder, another in his hair, and Neil would feel grounded and steady. He would feel safe.

The lingering touch of his father would fall away, irrelevant. The smell of burning rubber and metal, the sting of knives and the stench of sticky blood coating his skin would diminish.

Sometimes, it was enough.

Sometimes, it wasn’t.

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So, I read this theory a while back, and I think it makes sense: We know the Avatar can have visions and stuff like that. Given how “The Day of Black Sun” plan was doomed to fail, and how the Gaang later planned to fight Ozai after the comet, what if some of Aang’s dreams were prophetic? A warning about things to come? 

Maybe I’m just reading too much reading into it but, Aang’s nightmares, despite their silliness, generally has to do with preparedness. We even have a nice little shot of Zuko before we see the comet in the background. 

So, why not? 

kylux fic recs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4




  • In Balance by Stargayzing, 24k / Ben Solo never left the Light. 
  • may your past be the sound by dreabean, 110k / “Heard you were looking for a transport. As it happens, I’m looking for some passengers.”
  • The Enemy Ahead by codenametargeter, 110k / To get away from the influence of his father, Hux defected from the First Order when he was 17 years old.
  • return to sender by kaeda, 40k / In which Ben Organa Solo is a bureaucrat’s nightmare, General Hux is constantly frustrated, and the two of them cannot stop flirting via holonet.
  • Ascension by plinys, 16k wip / Ben Organa-Solo has spent the last fifteen years living on Kashyyyk, hidden away from Snoke and the First Order
  • Out of the Ashes by thatviciousvixen, 29k wip / For once General Hux is in a place where life is smooth and everything is going according to plan
  • Lines on skin by saltandlimes, 138k wip / Ren has returned from training with Snoke to retake joint command of Finalizer. But something is wrong, and only the pain and control Hux is willing to give will help him find out what that is.





  • The Hanged Man by thatviciousvixen, 13k / As it turns out, being stuck with his family for the summer is the least of his worries. 
  • where we’re from, there’s no sun by shesaysbriefthings, 17k / Until a spate of brutal animal killings leave the town shaken, and the arrival of a dark, quiet, hermit-like blacksmith named Ben leaves Bren Hux reconsidering most of what he’s learned about life in his short 20 years.
  • Southern Comfort by ocktorok, 23k wip / It’s too hot outside and the people in town are weird and Hux would really just rather not be here, thank you, until a mysterious stranger appears, covered in blood and determined to shake things up.


  • Ex Machina In Tenebris by sual, 11k wip / droid hux / Kylo Ren and General Hux are both Snoke’s creations. In Hux’s case, it’s only slightly more literal.
  • Here Comes Your Man by hollycomb, 42k / arranged marriage / At twenty-two years of age, the only son of Brendol the Fierce is married to the son of Queen Organa. 
  • Destiny by silversolitaire, 51k wip / arkanis academy au /  Following the orders of his Master, young Kylo Ren infiltrates a First Order academy
  • Idols and Dead Men by Sath, 62k wip / senator au / After the truth about Kylo Ren’s heritage is revealed to the galaxy, Snoke commands his apprentice to destroy the New Republic from within. Ren finds an unexpected ally in General Hux.
  • A Vision by Vivian, 50k wip / darth vader lives au /  Vader has survived. With him is Kylo Ren. They operate as leaders of the First Order alongside General Hux. Power shifts. Tension ensues.
  • Political Warfare by Letummordre, 15k / senator au, arranged marriage / Ben Organa-Solo is a Senator of the New Republic, as well as a Jedi-Knight. General Hux is arranged as his husband to solidify the uneasy ceasefire between the New Republic and the First Order into an albeit shaky alliance.
  • Roughing It by Flyting, 21k wip / survival au / If anyone had asked Hux to describe ‘hell’, being stranded on a backwater planet with Kylo-fucking-Ren would have come pretty close to the mark. 
When y’all tried to save Apple

Sorry, I couldn’t help it…I notice TK!Nightmare or Nightmare in general just wants to kidnap apple all the time…. =w= I know it’s suppose to be a bad situation but…its becoming too often! TT//7//TT; forgive me! And sometimes, Apple’s Nightmare could barely get himself to hurt her! Unless people try to help her. But if not then….What does he do? I can sorta see them getting to know each other just to past the time…..

yeah….. =w=

Apple © @thunderappledrawing

Nightmare © @jokublog

TK!Nightmare © meh

Tired--General Hux x Reader

You sat in the chair across the room, reading a book. A small yawn escaped your mouth as you continued reading. The sun had long set and bags were forming under your eyes. It was nights like these where you resorted to hot cups of tea and books to lull you to sleep. Tonight, however, was a different situation.

You were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden a terrifying dream began to terrorize your sleeping mind, causing you to rouse with your heart racing and a wet face. After countless minutes of tossing and turning, nothing was going to help you sleep, so you went to the option of reading with a hot cup of tea.

The sound of the pages turning was music to your ears and the feeling of warm tea sliding down your throat was soothing. You had been at this for two hours before you heard a rustling coming from the doorway of your bedroom. You looked over to see the one and only Armitage Hux standing in the doorway dressed in a white shirt and grey sweat pants. His hair was messy and his eyes were trying their best to stay open. He leaned against the doorframe.

“What time is it?” He asked, a yawn escaping him. You looked over at the clock sitting on the mahogany table.

“Three,” you stated, picking up your cup of tea and drinking the rest of it.

“Come back to bed, dear,” he replied before going back into your room and laying down once more. You sighed and closed your book, placing it on the table. You shut off the lamp that was beside you and headed over to the bed, laying down beside the sleepy general.

“Why are you awake at this hour?” He asked quietly, not opening his eyes.

“I had a nightmare that woke me up,” you said, snuggling into the warm blanket. He hummed in reply before throwing his arm lazily around your waist and pulling you closer to him.

“Can’t sleep again?” He asked you, rubbing his hand up and down your back. This action soothed you and allowed for you to relax. He must have felt you nod because he began humming a melody of a lullaby. Your eyes began to droop as your breathing became deeper and deeper and before you knew it, you were fast asleep once more.

Little did you know, Armitage was still awake. He waited for you to fall asleep before opening his eyes. He looked over your features and how relaxed you finally seemed. It had been days since you’ve slept through the night and it worried him. This lack of sleep was beginning to take its toll on you as you became more irritable and more exhausted with each passing day.

Hux also noticed the bags forming under your eyes and the paleness that accompanied your skin. Your beauty was being tarnished from the lack of sleep and he was going to get down to what the problem was.

The next day Hux stalked you from afar while you worked, observing anything that may affect your sleep patterns. The only thing that he noticed was you just doing your job–filling out paperwork, mailing items, and just working hard.

“General Hux,” someone behind him greeted. Annoyed, the general turned around and hissed out a, “what?!”

“It appears as though the plans for a new superweapon have been placed on hold due to circumstance that I’m not authorized to know about,” the nervous worker said, stumbling on a few of his words. Armitage raised his eyebrow and stared down at him.

“What is your name and job and who sent you?” He asked the nervous young man, tapping his foot.

“Jeffrey Filantro. I’m a technician and the commander sent me,” he mumbled just loud enough for Hux to hear. The blood inside of Hux began to boil at the thought of Kylo Ren.

“Get back to work,” Hux spat before marching off to find a certain knight.

That night you arrived home from work late, much to Armitage’s distaste. He just wanted you to get home quickly and to rest up.

“How was work?” He asked, flipping another page in the novel he was reading, not looking to you. You groaned.

“Today was horrible. Francine would not get off of my back,” you stated, plopping down onto the couch beside the ginger. Millicent hopped onto your lap and rubbed against your abdomen, wanting a nice scratch. You laid your hand on her and began to run it through her soft fur.

“I don’t have time for anything other than work anymore and it’s annoying because the others around me don’t get any of the work load even though they are the same position as me!” You exclaimed causing your furry friend to scurry off into another part of the apartment. Armitage closed the book and placed it on the coffee table before grabbing your hand in his.

“And how do you know that they aren’t getting the same amount of work?” He asked you calmly, giving you his full attention. You sighed and pushed a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

“I see it, Armitage. Most of them just sit at their desks doing nothing. While I have a giant pile of papers, they might have one or two papers, if anything! And by a pile of papers, I mean a pile so big that it’d put your stack to shame! I’m so stressed out that I can’t even get a decent night’s sleep because my dreams are plagued with nightmares! I’m sick of doing all the work when it should be split evenly!” You yelled, standing up and walking to the window. You stared out into the deep forest of the base, holding back your tears. Armitage stood up and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

“How long has this been going on?“ He asked you, placing a kiss onto your temple. You shook your head and sighed.

“About a month now,” you mumbled. Armitage tensed.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner, love?” He asked you, more concerned than angry. “I would have understood.”

“Because I knew that you would raise Hell and I just got promoted that position and I didn’t want you to be anymore stressed than you are now,” you said, turning in his arms to face him. He looked down into your (e/c) eyes.

“You should never worry about that, (y/n). If you lost that promotion, you would have received it once more. I’m a very powerful man on this ship. And I wouldn’t be stressed if it meant that you could sleep peacefully at night,” he paused, looking into your eyes deeply. “I don’t think you realize how much I’d go through for you. I’d walk through the hottest desert and swim through the biggest ocean, anything to see you happy.” A smile came across your face after he said these words and you hugged him tightly.

“I love you, Armitage,” you told him before releasing him and getting ready for the night.

The next day, you awoke to an empty bed. You turned on your side, shutting the alarm off and looked at the clock. It read six o'clock. Armitage must have went to work early today since you didn’t see him anywhere. You got up from the bed and felt the cold air hit you like a racing pod. Your feet padded across the cold floor to the bathroom where you took a shower and dressed in your uniform.

Minutes later, you emerged from the steamy bathroom and walked to the kitchen to see that breakfast was made for you. On the plate rested scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon. Beside it was a note.

‘Dear (y/n),

I left early today in order to settle the score of you being overworked. Continue your day as normal and I will see you when we get home.’

You ate your breakfast merrily and headed off to start your work day.

Hux made sure to get up early this morning in order to speak with Francine, your superior. He styled his hair extra neat today and made sure his uniform was crisp and clean. After writing the note, he left it by your plate of food and walked out and into the quiet hallway.

The doors to her office were coming into view and Hux made sure to put the best scowl on his face that he could muster. He straightened his shoulders and stood up tall, tilting his head up slightly. Knocking on the door, he waited inpatiently. When it opened, it revealed an old woman dressed in a clean uniform. Her graying hair was done up into the standard bun. Her jaw clenched and green eyes widened at the sight of the general.

“Good morning General Hux. Please come in,” she stated, standing up straight and opening the door further for Hux to walk through.

After entering the office, Hux stood by the chair as Francine sat down in her chair, readying some paper stacks labeled with the names of her workers. One of the stacks did have significantly more papers and Hux saw that it was yours. His blood began to boil.

“It has come to my attention that the work load has not been distributed evenly in your squadron,” Hux stated calmly, pushing aside his anger. Francine nodded.

“I suppose that is happening,” she sighed, knowing what was going to come next for her.

“I suggest you even it out or else I’ll make sure that your life on the Finalizer won’t be easy,” Hux threatened the woman.

“I will make sure to even it out then, General,” she stated, moving some of your stack into other stacks. Shortly after that, Armitage walked out of the office and to his own station of monitoring his workers.

That night, you slept soundly. The stress that you have been feeling has melted away in that single day. Thanks to Armitage, Francine left you a small stack of paperwork and tasks for the day and everyone else actually had something to do for work. A content smile came to your face as you watched Armitage sleep peacefully this morning. His mouth was slightly agape and his chest was moving up and down slowly. You carefully leaned over and kissed his forehead before cuddling into his side.

“Thank you,” you whispered.

Nightmares of mayhem

-ults. ults everywhere the eye can see. i would cry but my tears would be made of fucking ults

-do you have any idea how painful having a zarya constantly ulting is?? no?? try mayhem. you’ll get more succ than you ever wanted or knew was possible.

-fucking junkrats ulting everywhere and their concussion mines make me wanna eat a stick of live dynamite to get it over with

-if there’s a dva she’ll make you regret sliding out of the womb because she is ulting like a motherfucker

-tracer has so many blinks I wanna peel my eyelids off and never blink again

-mccree flashbang, get ready to get banged every three seconds oh my lord on high noon.


-AND if you manage to kill someone with their ridiculous health, then there’s probably a fucking Mercy about to REZ at least twenty times a game.

-you know who’s the REAL nightmare in mayhem though? GENJI. Let me tell you about this fucker:

• he’s got endless fucking DEFLECTS. nothing you can do about it, just put a gun to your own head and end it

•he’s constantly fucking flying everywhere with his sword slash bullshit. seriously you thought genjis were annoying before? Try this guy with a fast fucking deflect and the ability to slash whenever he’s not deflecting.

•when he’s ulting he’s fucking ULTING. he’s impossible to get near and he’s impossible to hit. I know I’m incompetent and I have bad aim but there’s just nothing to aim at.

-and general nightmares:

•everyone’s got so much fucking health.

•everyone’s abilities are constant hell. not only are we dealing with ults but we’re dealing with annoying shit we normally had to deal with every ten seconds.

•shit gets so chaotic I can’t see anything. I’m shooting blindly and being shot blindly at by the writhing masses of pixelated bodies undulating in spasms of pain. I live. I die. I live again.

december prompts! ~ *~*~*~*~*~*mistletoe*~*~*~*~*~*

hux panics a little too fiercely at receiving his first mistletoe kiss on Life Day… half of the finalizer had to evacuate because of kylo’s unexpected holiday smooch

anonymous asked:

What are some cheep ingredents for Curses that a closet witch can get a hold of? I'm going to be moving to a relatives house away from my abuser and just want to cause her a bit of greif when I'm gone.

Some simple everyday items for curses:

Easy to come by herbs/plants

  • Banana Peel (bad luck, sadness)
  • Black Tea (general cursing)
  • Cayenne Pepper (anxiety, pain)
  • Chili Powder (discord, misery, suffering, pain)
  • Coffee Grounds (blindness, general cursing, nightmares, worry)
  • Lemon/Lime (general cursing, sourness/bitterness, envy, souring relationships and good things)
  • Marigolds (general cursing, getting aid of spirits)
  • Onion (general cursing, strife, sadness)
  • Tobacco (replaces any baneful herb or plant)
  • Thorns/Thistles (pain, misery, returning negativity, revenge)
  • Dead Flowers (opposite of whatever the live flowers means; ie- dead roses for loss of love and self-hate)
  • Rotting Plants/herbs (opposite of what that herb generally means; ie- rotting mint for loss of luck and financial ruin)
  • Rotting Fruit (opposite of what the fruit generally means; ie- rotting apples for loss of love and friendships, financial ruin and loss of beauty)

Easy to come by crystals/rocks

  • Amethyst (self destruction, mental torment, nightmares, weakening)
  • Any Black Rock/Stone (general cursing)
  • Flint (conflict, aggression)
  • Obsidian (aggressive magic, general cursing, clouding the mind)
  • Onyx (mental torment, nightmares, fears, anxiety, general cursing)
  • Rock from a River (wearing them down, weakening them, emotional wear and tear)
  • Rock from a Swamp (drowning emotionally, general cursing)
  • Sharp Rocks (pain, misery, general cursing)

Household Items/Etc

  • Black anything (general cursing)
  • Black Ink/Markers
  • Bones (leftover from meals)
  • Butts of Cigarettes
  • Matches/Fire
  • Dirty water (river, gutter, puddle, toilet, etc)
  • Anything Red
  • Anything Purple
  • Anything Green
  • Skull Imagery
  • Broken Glass
  • Razors
  • Scissors
  • Needles, pins, tacks
  • Glue
  • Tape 
  • Ashes
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Mud
  • Teeth
  • Urine
  • Spit
  • Lint
  • Black Salt
  • Rotting Food
  • Raw Meat
  • Blood or Blood Substitutes (beet juice, wine, red paint/ink)
  • Vinegar
  • Pickle Juice
  • Salt


  • Hair
  • Fingernails
  • Drawings/sketches
  • Names (full, nicknames, initials)
  • Contact Info (ie business cards, emails)
  • Signatures
  • Photos
  • Personal Items or Objects
  • Gifts from the Person

Okay so, that’s the beginning of a little story that I imagine with a perpetual Hux’s nightmare about Kylo who will destroy the First Order by madness.

But I haven’t any idea for the next pages.. SOOOO I post this and maybe it will never be continue, maybe have you any idea?

[About this blue light and this droid, it’s an idea that I had : this one is the droid who take care of him when he was young, a nurse droid and he never let it go since. It’s his “parents”, when he’s tired or afraid it’s here for him. So, hm.. it’s all]

Any idea?

Update soon ! (I hope..)

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Shallura hcs?? Do u have any??

Oh man, I haven’t actually thought about what my own Shallura headcanons would be, because I adore everyone else’s. So, I’m sure mine are very similar. Or mine aren’t nearly as good. LOL. But here are some:

- Allura gradually starts teaching Shiro new constellations he can look for out in deep space to help ground him, just in case he’s without his lion (after he comments that he doesn’t recognize any outside of the ones he learned on Earth, and feels lost because of it)
- Shiro definitely has a thing for Allura being taller than him. It takes him awhile to tell her, but after he does, she takes full advantage to make him flustered.
- He also loves that she’s incredibly strong. He probably had a crush on Wonder Woman as a kid, and Allura is literally his WW.
- Shiro gets Allura something sparkly–maybe some kind of hair clip or a necklace. She wears it all the time.
- When Shiro’s too lost in thought and has his arms folded, or has an intense expression on his face (during downtime), Allura copies him until he notices and it makes him smile.
- Shiro falls for Allura first. Hard.
- He’s absolutely oblivious to her reciprocating these feelings at first, because how can this powerful, beautiful, amazing alien princess see him as more than just her teammate?
- Allura just wants him to kiss her, goddamn it
- She ends up kissing him first
- Both Shiro and Allura have trouble sleeping at night because of nightmares, or general restlessness, and often bump into each other on the observation deck, kitchen, etc
- Shiro brushes and braids Allura’s hair one day after she asks him to. At first he has no idea what he’s doing and makes the worst hair style ever™, but eventually he gets pretty good at braiding
- When Shiro’s asleep, sometimes Allura will braid tiny sections of his bangs and see if he notices.
- He doesn’t. The other paladins tease him.
- He doesn’t mind.
- Shiro doesn’t realize he stares at Allura with a dopey little smile when she’s doing the most mundane tasks
- It only gets worse when they finally get together.
- Shiro and Allura exchange their favorite things about Earth and Altea when they have downtime
- Shiro misses Earth food the most (space goo is an improvement over prisoner food at least, but he never complains) and rambles on and on to Allura about all of the delicious foods he’ll have her try once they visit Earth
- One of the first things he has her try is soda–which she raves about because the bubbles from the carbonation tickle her nose
- Cotton candy blows her mind though (think Starfire lmao)
- Allura doesn’t understand chopsticks at first
- “Earth has sporks, doesn’t it?”
- Allura admires how punctual Shiro is about everything
- But she adores it when he’s laid back and can take a breather, and make mistakes.
- Allura thinks human ears are hideous, but Shiro’s are the exception
- One day Shiro tells Allura that his real name is Takashi Shirogane. But he isn’t sure he can ever go back to using that name because there’s so much weight behind it; he feels like he isn’t the same old, Galaxy Garrison golden boy after everything that’s happened. She assures him that despite how much he’s changed, he can still be Takashi Shirogane.
- She doesn’t use it often, but she calls him Takashi in private. He totally appreciates it and melts when she does.
- They first fall asleep nestled up together on the observation deck after a long night stargazing with some tea, and talking quietly about Earth and Altea
- Allura is the first one to wake up and carries Shiro to bed (who’s dead asleep for once).
- It takes two days for Shiro to realize he fell asleep on the observation deck that night, and not in his own bed.
- It takes two more days for a flustered Shiro to awkwardly thank Allura, and she just laughs, because it took him so long.
- Shiro and Allura stay incredibly professional when it comes to their relationship, keeping it almost entirely a secret…until the other paladins catch on. (Or until they slip up).
- “Did–Did Shiro just kiss Allura’s forehead? Seriously, did anyone else see that.” - probably Lance
- Shiro confides in Keith about his crush on Allura. Keith doesn’t have much advice other than “don’t let her go” because he’s not good at relationships whoops
- Allura confides in Coran about her crush on Shiro, except she never directly addresses it (but Coran knows exactly who she’s talking about)
- Coran gives Shiro empty threats about hurting Allura, but he’s totally just pulling his leg, like the goofy Space Uncle he is.
- Shiro doesn’t know that
- Allura’s the only one strong and close enough to work out all of the kinks and discomfort in Shiro’s back
- He feels like silly puddy afterwards and didn’t realize just how stiff he was (in more ways than one, amiright?) … (*shot*)
- Sleeping next to Allura significantly helps with Shiro’s nightmares. It doesn’t fix him, but most nights he sleeps soundly
- One of the first few nights Shiro sleeps in Allura’s bed, he wakes up from a nightmare thinking he’s in the arena and accidentally attacks Allura. It catches her off guard and scares her, but she grows larger and secures him in a giant bear hug until he calms down
- He feels so, soooo guilty and apologizes over and over, but she assures him it’s fine.
- They stay like that all morning
- Shiro enjoys being the little spoon, but they always alternate.
- One night, while everyone is sleeping, Allura shows Shiro how to properly use the Altean pool.
- They have lots of fun™.
- Interpret that however you’d like.

That got way longer than I thought it would, oops. Lmao. Thanks for the ask, anon!!

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If you don't mind me asking, re: your enjoying blocking post, why don't you like SGA?

I was raised Mormon. Same-sex attraction and same-gender attraction (both are used by the Church, and have been for a long time) are … they don’t talk about gay people, or lesbians, or whatever (or didn’t when I was growing up), but about people who suffer same-gender attraction. The idea, as far as I understand, is that even “homosexual” is too validating, as it suggests something essential rather than, y’know, a burden along the lines of an incurable disease.

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december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …