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Regarding your ideal type message, when an idol gets deep in their thought of their ideal type, I feel insecure. They may say "I want the cute type" or the "sexy type" and I always think a normal girl like me could have a chance, but I'' just crazy and i know some hot fitness model or model in general will be with them, cause in the end it's always the models, and it makes me insecure and sad cause I'I not perfect like them, idk I'm sorry

See it this way, it’s probably them because you’re not around them. I like to say that we find love in our surroundings you know? How can I find love or feel attracted to something/someone on the other side if I don’t look for it? In our case, we become attracted to them because we look for them. They can’t do the same because that’s who they are. (Unless that’s something they actually want, to look for someone online. Or in another country or city).

Long story short, they fall for who is around them the most. And fortunately or unfortunately, models and other idols are the ones. But if someone else, per example, you or me, gets to be around them, nothing says we don’t have a change, we would be equal when it comes to having a chance. :)


ADRIANA LIMA Active Blogs List

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This is the list of the Adriana Lima blogs currently active here on tumblr, and  that reblogged my previous post for those willing to be included in this list. 

Before the list itself, just a few notes on what kind of blogs are included and my plan about this list:

  • There’re blogs that post gifs, pictures, edits, news, or a bit of everything. But the common element is that they are all dedicated to Adriana Lima.
  • Some of those blogs are also dedicated to other models and not only to Adriana, but I only included here blogs that post about no more then 2 other different models, and not more general blogs about models. There’s nothing wrong with the latter ones, but I chose to not include them here because so the blogs on the list will have all a big percentage, if not the mority, of their posts focused on Adriana.
  • I and the other Adriana’s fans here on tumblr, who I talked with about this project, agree on the fact that this list must be updated from time to time to be still useful and  to reflect better our cummunity evolution. So if you have a new blog, or you missed the previous invitations to join, and your page satisfies the requirements just explained in the previous 2 points, you can request to be included on the list, just send me a message and I’ll add you (if you meet the mentioned requirements of course, and please no trolls, you’ll be blocked in that case). I’ll also do periodic updates on a 2 month basis or so, reblogging the list and noticing if there’re some changes.

Now that I exposed all the details, let’s go with the list of the active Adriana Lima blogs here on tumblr, in no particular order:

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adri-and-sara   (and her archive too, for older posts)



Honorable mention: the blog theyloveadriana was very recently deleted because the user received very serious menaces by some crazy Edelman fans, but she told she will make a new one soon, and when it’s ready I’ll add it here. She is not only a friend of mine but also a very active and precious member of our community on tumblr, so I didn’t want to let her out of this list.

So here it is, our roll call, hoping this will help new and old fans to know who share here on tumblr our common love for the special, lovely and amazing woman Adriana is.

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On a personal note I have to add that when I joined tumblr with my first blog I didn’t even imagine how many amazing people I was going to “meet” here, and I’m thankful for everyone of you that make this community so special. I’m proud and humbled to be one of you.

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i mean can you blame him????

// Hi! thank you!! I see you reblogging my posts a lot and you’re just too sweet!
I’ve never watched the actual victoria secret show before so i’m going to write this as if MC bought a ton of lingerie in general and modeled them for the boys hopefully that’s alright!!

why is V’s so damn long I’m just in such a V mood right now and craving a blue puff ball route :’)

lil nsfw wink wonk


- When you say you have a surprise for him and sit him down on the bed he doesn’t really know what to expect, of course his mind always switches to dirty thoughts in a situation like that but he didn’t actually expect you to come out in lingerie

- It’s s o hard to sit there without being able to run his hands all over your body, feel all your curves and dips when he sees you like that. You’re just so damn beautiful

- He has to clench his palms to resist jumping all over you then and there. Wolf whistles every time you come out and looks you up and down painfully slowly.

- His personal favorite is the lacey bright white set with angel wings

- nut af when you come out in that

- He won’t make it to the end, he has to have you before then.

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“Aw, Ryouta-kun, look over here,”

“Look at the camera, Ryouta,”

“Awww he’s so cute~”

“What a cutiepie!”

“AH! Daiki!! what the–”

“Oh my god, Ryouta, are you all right?!”

“Daiki you bad, bad boy! look you made him cry!”

be someone George Blagden would be proud of