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hey, i absolutely love your kurodais!! i was wondering, do you have any kurodai headcanons you wanna share?

thank you!!<33

and oh oh oh OH OH OOOOOOH

I guess they kind of vary from au to au, but general ones mMMM I might have some:”D

• it all starts when kuroo decides daichi is fun to tease, because god, his reactions are so fun to watch;

• kuroo kind of had this little crush on sawamura during high school but it wasn’t too HARD, really, because they have been barely seeing each other and like that it’s slightly easier to forget;

• when they end up in the same college in tokyo it all comes back full force, but not right away, after some…teasing done from kuroo’s side;

• suddenly teasing is not as purely fun anymore and it kind of hurts his chest and his eyes linger on daichi just a little bit longer than necessary;

• they also end up as roommates (rip in pieces kuroo);

• daichi finds kuroo kind of…a bit annoying, for quite some time. It’s hard to forget school days and their rivalry, it’s hard to remember kuroo can be serious when he’s all *seemingly* fun and jokes;

• KUROO IS PINING FOR SO LONG. SO LONG because he thinks it’s totally unrequited, because he thinks daisuga is a thing;

• daichi realizes much later that kuroo is actually a nice person and it all starts to go downhill from there;

• ~it hit him like a ton of bricks…~

• it’s not like they both are desperate for each other, it’s not like they both don’t want to ruin their *formed at this point* friendship;

• kuroo is really a one-person type despite the common belief;

• it probably takes them a few years of desperate pining (longer for kuroo tho) to figure shit out;

• and even to that they have to tell suga a thank you;

• meanwhile suga is laughing at the distance because his friends are fucking idiots;

• daichi is just. super dense. 

• kuroo likes to think of himself as perceptive one, but really, he’s just as oblivious because he has this *how can sawamura possibly fall for me* kind of attitude which stops him from actually SEEING daichi actually falling for him and misinterpreting all signs as daichi just. being a decent human being;

• there is a moment with trust falls as a bet or something, at the beginning of their college years, and daichi doesn’t want to fall in kuroo’s arms because he thinks kuroo will joke on him and not catch him. guess how much it breaks kuroo’s heart :”));

• because kuroo is all tease and jokes but never the jokes that actually hurt someone; 

• *wiggles eyebrows* kuroo is a power bottom;

• daichi is actually more smooth than kuroo is, despite another common belief;

• kuroo CAN flirt well jokingly and lighthearted, but not when he actually has feelings for someone;

• god is kuroo weak for daichi’s arms and thighs and just DAICHI in general;

• i really dont know how will their first kiss happen because there ArE SO MANY WONDERFUL POSSIBILITIES AND I CANT JUST. CHOOSE ONE?? IM SORRY, it probably kuroo who finally gives up and then thinks he FUCKED UP S O BA D;

• basically with kurodai give me 50% unrequited pining, 35% of some angst thrown around, and 15% of actual love happening and i’ll be sold.. I live for rivals-to friends-to lovers kind of development, SLOW KIND OF DEVELOPMENT; 

kuroo is my fav he must suffer before he’s finally happy;

• suga is still laughing at the distance.

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You know i actually think he did propose to her, in some new videos there's a ring on her finger.... i hope it's true, they are so cute together and just seem so nice in general

mmmm a few people think he has, but i don’t wanna assume you know? but i hope it’s true too, they’re such a beautiful couple