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Got my South Park: The Fractured But Whole Blind Box case from Kidrobot today!

Was slightly ticked that my Clyde/Mosquito was missing his nose but I contacted Kidrobot’s Customer Service and they were super awesome and are sending me a replacement Mosquito for free! 

Got the entire set, including the chase Mint Berry Crunch and the super chase Glow in the Dark Mysterion!

Wonder Tweek IS NOT in the set! He is a custom figure I made using a Paladin Butters head and the body of the extra SuperCraig I got. 

I am hopefully planning on making figures of Token, Jimmy, and Timmy’s characters using the extras and other extra KR SP figures I have in the next few weeks. 

A bee repellent, with blessing

So, I am a witch. Like most witches, I appreciate nature. And like most people who appreciate nature, I want to do my part to save the bees. I happen to live basically in the woods, so I can grow some plants as I like.

Unfortunately, I am also a ticking time bomb. Lethal bee and wasp allergies run strong in my family. I have never been stung and therefore my body does not currently react to bee allergens (bee allergies usually will not show up on a test if you have never been stung before), but there’s good odds that if I am ever stung more than once or twice in my life, it stands a chance of killing me if I don’t have an Epipen.

I imagine I am not the only witch with this problem (or worse, witches who have active allergies already).

So, how do I reconcile these things?

I am certainly not going to spray down my plants with insecticides, and I try to avoid killing bees or wasps if at all possible. That is much easier if they never get into my home in the first place, which can put me in a tough situation if I cannot corral them out again from a safe distance. I use my screens as much as possible, but those suckers sneak past me once in a while.

So, I grow my plants away from any of my windows if possible, for starts (aside from starting seedlings indoors). However, if you have an active allergy, you may want to avoid growing bee-attracting plants too close to your home at all.

And then, I go around the perimeter of my windows with a bee-repellent oil blend. This works by being unappealing to bees and wasps, NOT by physically harming or poisoning them. They won’t want to get close enough to eat it in the first place.

You can use any oil as a base, although I prefer a thinner one simply so it will go through my spray nozzle more easily. I also prefer to use EO’s and oils, as opposed to steeped herbs and water or soap (which is another common way of concocting bee/wasp repellent) because oil sticks around longer through rain and other weather conditions. It also keeps longer, of course.

I use the following oil blend for repellent affects:

  • Clove
  • Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Catnip
  • Peppermint

In general, anything from the mint family will work well. If you have wormwood, this is also a good ingredient.

But to this, I also add a drop of my Good Luck oil, which although it does have some plants bees like, is much less concentrated than the repellent ingredients, and thus does not cancel out their affects. It’s actually pretty damn difficult to find luck and blessing herbs that *don’t* attract bees, so I have instead taken the approach of keeping them of much lower concentration.

So, in effect, bees and wasps decide not to play with my windows and turn away unharmed, but they have also come within the aura of my luck spell so they can hopefully find greener pastures.

*~*~* Obligatory warnings and addendums*~*~*

Please note that it is actually quite difficult to fully repel bees and wasps. This blend will likely work if you have a few around, but if you are 5 feet from an entire hive, this will not be enough. You will want to consult a professional to get advice on how best to handle a hive situation for both you and the bees, if they pose substantial danger to you.

Also, I only spray this on the outside of my windows. This blend is not pet- or kid-safe! Do not spray it where your furry friends, or your mini-humans, might be able to lick it up. If you are pregnant, also be sure to handle carefully and wash off any EO’s you get on your hands. Clove in particular is not good for pregnant people.

harrvwells  asked:

in part 1 of the bad beginning for the Netflix show, the lamb Justice Strauss brings over has a mint jelly, something they found necessary to have her state. Mint and peppermint are closely related, and as they both have menthol (the usual allergy inducing element), I was wondering if it is significant in any way? Especially since this was a scene not in the books. love your theories <3

Ah! That’s hilarious, Olaf wasn’t being rude, he had to eat the lamb by himself so the Baudelaire orphans wouldn’t get terrible allergies!

I don’t know whether that “allusion” was intentional because roast lamb with mint is a very common recipe. Are the Baudelaire orphans allergic to mint in general or just peppermints? It’s never made clear.

But Justice Strauss serving the Baudelaire orphans a mint-based recipe would tie in with the running theme of guardians providing the children with well-intentioned yet inappropriate education (such as Jospehine offering toys they wouldn’t like).

Thanks for your readership, @harrvwells! Come back anytime.

Peppermint is one of my favorite herbs

Mint in general is absolutely amazing for healing, and I have yet to meet a mint I didn’t think was tasty. 

Peppermint specifically is my favorite though, because it can be used to help with nearly every ailment, and is a wonderful addition to a variety of food and drink recipes. 
It, like most mints, is wonderful when applied topically to the forehead to relieve headaches, and when ingested helps with relieving stomach pain and nausea (best diluted or in a tea when you’re nauseous). I personally think it’s the best mint to use for healing, and not just headaches or nausea. It has often been worn on the wrist to prevent illness in the first place. 
Peppermint can help with mental focus and psychic powers, is used in purification, aids with sleep, is often an ingredient in love spells, and, of course, it heals. So if you have a headache, rub it on your forehead. Need help sleeping? Smell that beautiful minty goodness, either just by rubbing a leaf or two around your hands, putting dried mint in a satchel and crunching it around, or using essential oils in some kind of vaporizer. Chew on a leaf when you need help focusing! The uses never end!

The best part is that it can be used in place of most common mints because it is so close in relation to them. Peppermint is perfect for the witch, herbalist, or even bartender in a pinch.

(Did I mention that peppermint makes for a damned good mojito?)

Up next: Why tea is basically the best beverage

Mack’s Luck in Money & Work Spell

  • eggshells for growth
  • poppy seeds for money, luck, and abundance
  • sweet basil for money, protection
  • 7 bay leaves for protection, success, and luck

Mix together ingredients to create the lucky “powder” and add to a candle. Let the candle burn down while you focus on your intentions.

Good luck everyone!!



Nicknames:   miyu, myka, mint
Preferred pronouns:   they/them
Are you a morning person?:   only if 1 pm counts as morning– and i’m willing to bet it doesn’t
When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?:  lake. i live in finland, we have like a million lakes. and the sea that we have i’m pretty sure ain’t suitable for swimming. idk. but i live nowhere near it.


When did you first join? How old is your current account?:  i joined tumblr in 2011, started rping in late 2014 (i’m a newbie, yes) and this current account was established 22nd sept 2016.
Any peeves?:   a lot of them. but one that rn randomly comes to mind at the top of my head is when a lot of ppl act like moon is shinjiros main arcana, when it’s hierophant. why’s that a thing? ain’t no one calling akihiko “the star” instead of emperor. i guess popes aren’t edgy enough. dont get me wrong, it fits him (though specifically his SL) and i like the arcana but i mean it’s senpai trio; empress iii, emperor iv, hierophant v… don’t break it. 


Do you easily get jealous?:   ahhh a bit, sometimes. it’s a very human, normal reaction though.
Do you easily get angry?:   yes. but i try to keep it from affecting stuff too much these days.
Are you easy to cheer up?:   if you’re the right person, yes– and as long as i don’t get coddled like a little baby
Are you good at hiding your emotions?:  yes and no??? it really depends on the emotion itself… a lot better than i used to, though. and some feelings i just suppress.


Favourite drink:   good coffee, good tea or just something refreshing
Favourite food:  i can’t stop eating yakisoba. but also just. pasta is good.
Most calming place?:   a calm lake here in finland during summer when it’s either 11pm-12am and still bright outside, or 4-5am and already bright outside. silence. tranquility. i love nature honestly…

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A Stupid Thing Called Love

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst

Rated: G

Word count: 987

Group: Got7

Member: Im Jaebum

“Y/N, can’t we go back to the apartment and watch a movie there? If we get caught, people will spread rumors. I don’t want you getting hurt,” he whined as you dragged him by his wrist down the parking garage towards the entrance doors to the mall.

“Come on. No one should be awake at this time of night. That’s why we agreed to watch a movie. Just as long as it was late at night,” you reminded, still dragging your best friend. “You promised me we could watch this movie.”

Jaebum sighed. “I was hoping that when we did watch it, it could be seen at home. Not the movie theaters.”

You stopped in the middle of the dead parking lot and turned to face him. “Please, Jaebum. Let’s watch this movie together. I’ll never ask you to go somewhere in public with me again. Please.” You cocked your head to the side and pouted.

You could tell he was struggling not to give in, but you were persistent. You moved your body side to side.

He groaned. “Okay, fine. Let’s go watch this movie.”

You smiled happily and walked alongside him towards the entrance doors.


“What?” You stared at him in disbelief.

He was avoiding your eyes. His head was down, never moving anywhere else.

“Say it again, Jaebum. Say it to my face. Not the damn ground,” you demanded.

“Y/N. Please…” he trailed off, but still never looked up at you.

“No,” you began, eyes blurry with tears, “you agreed to this, so you should tell me face-to-face. I won’t believe you if you’re looking at the ground, Jaebum.”

He continued to stare down at the ground and said nothing. With every second that passed, you were slowly feeling yourself become more vulnerable. You were breaking down. Unable to keep your stable expression any longer.

“Tell me damn it! Look at me and say it again, Jaebum!” You were giving in to weakness.

He finally looked up and stared at you.


“Just chocolate?” he asked.

“Just chocolate,” you confirmed, wiping your mouth with your napkin.

“Vanilla,” he slightly questioned.

“With chocolate syrup,” you answered, taking another lick of your ice cream.


“With chocolate syrup,” you repeated.

“Mint chocolate chip.”

Your face contorted into a disgusted look. “Eww,” you stated.

He looked at you as if you had offended him. “You don’t like mint chocolate chip?”

“No. Who likes mint ice cream? They ruined chocolate chip by giving it mint. That’s so dissatisfying to even think about.” You shook your head as you took another lick of your rocky road.

He chuckled. “I’ll just leave a self-reminder not to give you mint.” He took a lick at his strawberry ice cream.

You smiled. “Just chocolate please.”

“What about cakes?” he asked.

“Vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet,” you stated immediately.

“So no mint?” You could hear the teasing sound in his voice. You glared at him, and he chuckled again. “Nothing mint in general. Got it.”


His eyes held a stern look as he stared at you. You were trying to see any emotion that held in his eyes, but your vision was blurred by your tears.

“I want to stop…” he trailed off before taking a deep breath and continuing, “I want to end our friendship.”

The two of you were quiet for a moment as you waited for him to show some sort of sign that he was joking. Any little sign that said he didn’t want to end your four-year long relationship.

But nothing was showing.

You let out a dry laugh. “You’re not joking.” You ran your hand through your hair and looked off somewhere–anywhere but in his direction. “You’re being serious. You just want to call this off.” You laughed.

“Y/N,” he said in a low voice. You could hear the slight distress in his tone.

“No,” you began, finally looking back up at him, “I get it. She doesn’t want us to be friends anymore. She doesn’t like it.”

“That’s not the reason–”

You interrupted him. “That is exactly the reason why you don’t want to be friends anymore. You were never like this before. All your previous relationships never lasted that long because of the same situation you’re in now. Why now–”

“Because I love her!”

You stared at him in shock. He had never told you he loved another person before. Loved someone that wasn’t his family.

You could feel your body tremble, and your vision becoming blurrier. You were trying so hard not to cry even more, but you weren’t winning this battle.

“Wow.” Your shaking hands moved to wipe your tears. “Who knew love could change someone so easily.” You took a step back the second he took a step forward. “What am I talking about? I changed, too.” You laughed, trying so hard to stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks. “I’m an idiot. I really am.”

“Y/N, what are you talking about?” he asked in a whisper.

You ignored him. “I fell in love and didn’t even realize how much I was changing. I fell in love with my best friend.” You turned around and made your way towards the door.


“I told myself to never fall in love with a best friend or an idol.” You opened the door. “I guess I failed to follow that one rule.” You turned around to face him. You could see the confused look on his face as you took in his features one last time. His brown hair, the lips that held a smile that made your heart flutter, and the way his eyes told different emotions all at once. “Love is a stupid feeling.”

You closed the door to his dorm and made your way out of the apartment complex. Having hope that he would chase after you. Beg you not to leave.

But Jaebum never did.