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I drew some Zora OC’s from @banishfics wonderful Sidlink fic Coma baby!! Please go and check it out, I love it to pieces!! //Estuu is my favourite// 

Here’s the link (no pun intended)

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Fan art of Link and Zelda from Breath of the Wild! I had a lot of fun working on this.

Plan on doing more fan art for Breath of the Wild and Zelda in general, follow if you want more!

There you go. All the Sidlink fanfics on AO3, any rating any word count, be it a smutty one-shot or a fluffy fuckin novella, all sorted according to your needs. Now go and enjoy your gay fish sex, you gay ass fuckfull of sin.
—  Me sending links to Sidlink fanfics to @alligatorllama
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Revali: Teba was quite a flyer. But he still does not match up to his ancestor.
Daruk: I don’t know. I think he’s doing pretty well.
Urbosa: He is a fine Rito. I’m sure he will become a model champion that will surpass all before him.
Revali: Hey! If anyone is a model champion it is me. I’ve-wait hold on. *clears throat*
Urbosa: What are you doing?…Wait. Revali don’t!
♫  ♫  ♫
I am the very model of a modern Rito Champion,
My skills with bows are positively olympian.
I have met with and earn the praise of all the royals throughout the land
From Waters in Lanayru, to the fires of Eldin, and the vast Gerudo sand.
I’m very eloquent, too, with my abilities for aviation
I understand the flight mechanics, as well as made great innovation.
I’ve flown circles around my foes, then they fall to my perfect accuracy.
There are none who can fly the skies so naturally~
♫  ♫ ♫
…Well. Maybe just one foe. But he got lucky.
Daruk: ♫ You’re cocky as they get, it’s really quite abominable.  ♫
Urbosa:  ♫ Your ego was your weakness, thinking you’re unstoppable. ♫
Mipha:  ♫ Your failure was thinking you were untouchable. ♫
Daruk: ♫ and now look at you. ♫
Urbosa: ♫ A ghost. ♫
Mipha: ♫ Fate is really quite horrible. ♫
Revali: Hey come on. This is my song.
Urbosa:  ♫ Do not fret, we do not think you inferior. ♫
Daruk: ♫ Among the land of Hyrule few could match you as a warrior. ♫
Mipha: ♫ We welcome you still as one of our companions. ♫
Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha: ♫ Because you are the very model of a modern Rito Champion. ♫
Revali: Oh you guys…Keep singing my praises.
Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha: No.


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Storm - FishKing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Link/Prince Sidon, Link/Sidon, Sidon/Link, sidlink, pre-relationship
Characters: Link (Legend of Zelda), Prince Sidon
Additional Tags: More Fluff, because i am a weak weak person, sidon is so into link like wow, its a good thing he is a fish because that boy is thirsty, he just wants to smooch link’s face
Series: Part 2 of Seabreeze

It has been some time since Sidon had last seen Link. So when the Hylian Champion appears one day, Sidon is elated.

The Prince decides to bring Link along with him to a quiet spot, where they can just enjoy each other’s company and take a reprieve from the raging war around them.

Apparently, the Goddess had other plans.


“i’ll just do some quick designs, as an exercise” i say. two days and five pages of notes later, here we are.

a: sometimes people are like “what if zelda was the hero of her eponymous series” and have her rescuing link from ganondorf, which is cool and i’m into that, but you know, power isn’t the only facet of the triforce which could get corrupted. hence General Link, de facto martial ruler of Hyrule

b: there was a lot of weird racist baggage with all the ganondorf and gerudo designs so i took his clothes from wind waker, more or less, and recolored them to be more desert-friendly and a little closer in color scheme to breath of the wild style gerudo. i did not go with “dark colors” or “skimpy clothing” because it’s a desert and that’s not how people typically dress in a desert. i didn’t go with the weirdly typical “armor” because…ganondorf is a sorcerer? what does he need armor for? armor is also warmer than robes but mainly why do they put this wizard in armor all the time? weird design decisions, nintendo! he still gets goofy facial hair but i have justified this by making him a Teen.

c: i have a whole backstory and even some rough emotional arcs planned out for this. I’ll probably be posting more in the next few days about it but key points:

  • zelda and ganondorf, chosen teens, team up to restore balance to hyrule and get zelda her kingdom back
  • they almost certainly end up disguising themselves to hide from link’s soldiers; i’m thinking zelda goes with a big green hooded cloak and a false name, and ganondorf magics his hair white and says he’s sheikah instead of gerudo
  • link has the master sword and that’s p much what the quest is about; gathering resources to fight the master sword’s anti-magic and Super OP bullshit (also probably like, gathering allies to rebel against the military/disrupting support for the war effort)
  • you know how end-battle ganon turns into a pig monster? end-battle link turns into a wolf monster

the “tutorial level” of this story would definitely be all castle intrigue, as zelda tries to find out from her weirdly cagey staff and advisers why her coronation keeps being put off; shit gets Real when she agrees to see a gerudo diplomat who is all “have you heard the good word about the triforce”. shit gets Realer when impa helps her run away from the castle and meet up with ganondorf