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Well here it is, the rec-list re-furbishment of this gross post you’ve all been waiting for. Remember bolded x’s are additional sequels or branch off stories and x’s after the authors name are links to their other social media and fandom related sites.

Last Seen’ does NOT mean ‘fanfiction last updated…’ it means when the author last updated any of their linked accounts.

If that seems strange to you remember with the dying state of the Hetalia fandom as a whole (not just USUK shippers) it is nice to know that there are people still out there.

Link summaries and fiction status/type will appear on hover, my apologies and condolences go out to you mobile users but I am afraid a computer is required for this task.


Here is my favorite fanfiction of all time:

The Tell Tale Heart’s by RainingPaperButterflies  x  

Alfred and Arthur hated each other from the moment they met, and decided instantly that they wanted nothing to do with the other. However when forced to share a dorm room, they begin to find that avoiding each other is going to be harder than it looks.

Last Seen: February 1st 2011

Mention this and I will gush for .02 seconds before bursting into tears and falling to the floor clutching my heart. It was one of the very first fanfictions I read on the lackluster internet of my black and white kindle before I knew the glory of having a fanfiction account.

Speaking of high-school au’s guess what’s next?

High School AU

1. Communication Issues by TeaAndUmbrellas 

Arthur is the awkward guy at school who strives for perfection. Alfred is the class clown. After an incident in class they are forced to live together, and Alfred starts meddling in Arthur’s life, which will either be a blessing or a curse. Particularly when Alfred finds his diary and reads in secret.

Last Seen: October 9th 2014

2. Befriending a Bookworm by Berrirose  x  x 

 After breaking his leg during a football game, jock Alfred F. Jones finds himself condemned to school library duty for a semester and a half. But at least he has the quiet English kid in the corner to keep him company.


3. A Boy Called Alice by xx-animeXalchemist-xx  x  x  x  

What do you do when you’re a prideful delinquent and you get refused a scholarship to a snobby Academy because you don’t meet their standards? Re-apply as a girl, ace the scholarship, and stick your middle finger up at those who refused to let you in, that’s what. (The idea sounded so much better in Arthur’s head…)


4. Fame, Fortune, and Screaming Fanboys by Wolfie333  x 

When Arthur started at Hetalia Academy, he expected to study and get good grades. However, in reality, he gets caught up in a web of music, mayhem and the paparazzi… 


5. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year by Jinxx Draconett 

In Hetalia High, there were unspoken laws that made up the school’s popularity system. Punishments for breaking the laws were severe. Arthur Kirkland broke two of these commandments. “Dude, Arthur’s a punk AND he’s friends with the Bad Touch Trio?” “Oh man, Al’s gonna be pissed.”

Last Seen: August 25th 2013

6. Nothing But Treble by BetweenDreamsAndReality  x 

Welcome to World Academy, where students endeavor hardships including heartbreak, drug abuse and a failing music program. Can a group of delinquents put aside their differences and prove that they still have something worth fighting for? 

Last Seen: October 19th 2013

7. The Invitational Year x by Demand Truth  x  

Alfred is an awkward dork, despite the fact his dad is President. Arthur is a member of British royalty, and he’s a perfectionist loner. Both boys are given an invitation to attend the prestigious World Academy and, naturally, they’re roomies.

Last Seen: November 5th 2012

8. The Gentleman and the Herox by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x  

World Academy students have been paired up for an anonymous email exchange program, so they can talk to someone about school and personal problems in private. These are the emails of two students nicknamed ‘The Gentleman’ and 'The Hero’. 


9. Starcrossed by BetweenDreamsAndReality  x 

After Arthur is forced to live in America with his brothers and father he meets an obnoxious American and teaches him how to love.

Last Seen: October 19th 2013

10.  Beautiful Nightmare by No Pain No Gain 

Arthur sleeps in class and Alfred finds it funny to tell on him, until he realizes that something is very wrong with Arthur’s life and that he has to become Arthur’s anchor to reality lest he lose the one he loves.

Last Seen: October 7th 2014

11. On London’s Stage by faeriesnook

 Getting lost while on a tour of London was not something that Alfred had planned. Neither was stumbling into a theater and coming across a paint-splattered Brit reciting Hamlet.

Last Seen: April 15th 2011

Artistic Professions

12. Photographs by Kleon L  x  x  x  

His thriving career in Fashion Photography has always let Arthur allure people into his obsessive tendencies. A certain persistent, utterly obnoxious amateur photographer never had been his subject of fancy, though. But why does that person’s leaving has this profound ability to inflict him a pain so real that even a lifetime itself might not be enough to make it heal?

Last Seen: October 24th2014

13. It Just Is by chibitalex  x  x  x  x  x 

Arthur Kirkland, a famous writer that goes by the name of Janice Mayflower, did not enjoy the company of others. Hopefully, his new American next-door tenant can change that…


14.  Booze and Photographs by vennumberten x  

 What do an American chain-smoking photographer and an alcoholic British actor have in common? Absolutely nothing.

Last Seen: They are ‘active’ per-say but no longer within the fandom, please be courteous and do not question them about their writings on their fanfiction account.

15.  The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero x by Ellarose C  x  x  x  x  x 

Detailing how two anons went from moderator and troll to internet frenemies to best friends, and then some - chatspeak included. Hallelujah.


16.  Winner Takes All by absolute power  x  x  x 

Arthur is addicted to the high life- he’s the youngest son of a ridiculously wealthy family, and is one of the world’s top models to boot. But when he meets a young, mysterious American while on holiday, everything begins to change.

Last Seen: October 6th 2010

17.  The Bridge by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x 

Arthur is a poet with too many dreams. Alfred is a university student with too much time to kill. Maybe it’s chance they end up together, but it will take more than chance to keep them there.


18.  Cuckoo in the Nest by PennyLane (complete/os)

Arthur is a famous novelist in hiding from the paparazzi after he is publicly humiliated when he is left standing at the altar. Alfred is the very competent personal assistant hired by Arthur’s agent to keep him hidden and safe while he completes his newest novel, the novel that just might change all their lives.

Last Seen: July 7th 2013

Government and Law

19.  On Better Terms by Galythia  x  x  x 

At the age of nineteen, Arthur was forced to drop out of school to take care of his little brother. He then rushed into marriage, divorced soon after, and was left a miserable wreck. What happens when he becomes the chauffeur for the lawyer, Alfred Jones?


20.  Espionage by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred Jones, CIA. Arthur Kirkland, MI6. Two high-level agents who know about each other only what can be said over the phone - but even secure lines can be compromised. They’ve been working together for years when something goes horribly wrong.


21. Undercover by Zo One  x  x  

Detective Arthur Kirkland knew that there were many different types of criminals out there. A seemingly unsolvable case brings him closer to the truth than he would have ever liked to believe. 


22. Codename by Abarero  x  x  x  

When computer geek Alfred inadvertently downloads government secrets into his brain, the two governments send agents to keep a watch on him. One of them is agent Arthur Kirkland, who is about to turn Alfred’s life upside down in more ways than one.

Last Seen: October 10th 2013

23.  All Right, Tonight by JediShampoo  x  x  x 

Divorce attorney Arthur Kirkland gets a new client, Alfred Jones. Things heat up between them quickly, but can they get their heads out of their behinds long enough to actually talk to each other?

Last Seen: November 10th 2014

Crossover (Crossover will appear on hover)

24.  Fidelitasxby General Kitty Girl  x  x  x  x   

Breton birthed and Dragonborn destined; Arthur is a man of great power and forever lusting for more. It is a fine line between being the hero of legends or the nightmare of a nation, and Arthur chooses his side based on the rewards to be gained.


25.  Quidditch House Rivalsxby Zeplerfer  x  x  x 

Slytherin House and Gryffindor House have always been intense rivals, but this new level of sexual tension between their Quidditch teams is unbearable. As an ambitious Slytherin, Alfred will do whatever it takes to win the Quidditch Cup. The only obstacle in his path is Arthur, the talented and handsome Gryffindor seeker. 


26.   Look to the Future Now, It’s Only Just Begun by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x   

Arthur and Alfred are paired up to read each other’s love fortunes in Divination class. Naturally, they’re both too obvlious to realise that the signs are pointing to each other.


27.  A is For by hoshiko2kokoro  x  x  x  

A might be dead, but his desire to protect Arthur might just be enough to make him remember how to be alive. 

Last Seen: October 6th 2014

28.  I Show Not Your Face by Car  x  x  

 Arthur shook his head, stepping forward and standing up on his tip toes to read the inscription etched into the frame. “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi,” he expertly read. “I show not your face but your heart’s desire. The Mirror of Erised…”

Last Seen: CURRENTLY ACTIVE (and engaged, congratulations Car!)

29. Meddling with Princesses by Zeplerfer  x  x  x 

In which Arthur is a rebellious princess, Alfred is a clueless knight, Francis is a dashing prince, and Kiku is the dragon that has to put up with all of them.


30. No Pill’s Gonna Cure my Ill by three-days-late  x 

 While he hated and resented it, Arthur Kirkland was going about his life just fine. That is, until he gets attacked by aliens and is saved by the mysterious Doctor.

Last Seen: July 13th 2014

31. Five Times Captain America Met his Countryby Gecko Osco  x  

Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, is trying to adjust to living in the 21st century. This is further complicated by finding out nations exist as living beings and America is a bit of a fan-boy regarding him.

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

32.  Think we are by Gecko Osco  x  

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us…

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

Small Business (coffee shop, bookstore, florist, etc.)

33.  Recipe for Life by AkaiShinda  x  x  

Arthur and Francis had a perfect little life in their bakery shop, until Arthur lost his fiancée and now he runs the business alone. He convinced himself about his hopelessness but after struggling for a year alone in the shop, he needs help. That’s when his new employee has to teach the basics over again in his unique way.

Last Seen: August 8th 2014

34. Got to Believe by Iggymochi   

Arthur is a dedicated florist with a complicated attitude while Alfred is a charming, overconfident budding photographer. Given the situation, working together has always been a hassle. But when a broken heart leaves Arthur crushed, Alfred might just be the one who can pick up the pieces.

Last Seen: July 28th 2013

35. Of Books, Brollies, and Rainy Days by prussionion   

 It was times like this that aspiring author and bookshop owner Arthur Kirkland really hated his customers. Although, not that he’d ever admit it, some of them weren’t so bad…like that annoying American who kept stealing his umbrellas. 

Last Seen: November 7th 2013

36. Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall by PennyLane 

Arthur is the owner of a book shop in London, stuck in a troubling and sometimes abusive relationship. Alfred is the young photographer who ducks into the shop one day to get out of the rain.

Last Seen: July 7th 2013


37.  Eternity by RobinRocks  x  

Alfred, the Prince of the Summer, is sent below the earth to the banished Winter Kingdom to marry the indifferent Prince Arthur in a bid to end the hostility left over from a catastrophic war nobody seems to remember anything about.


38.  Ukiyo by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x 

Here in the walled-off pleasure district of Edo, the last thing Commander Arthur Kirkland of the Royal Navy had expected to find was a golden-haired American in Japanese robes, an elite entertainer with a strange and supernatural clientele. Even more surprising is the powerful connection Arthur feels to this man whom he doesn’t even know.


39. Of Silence and Thievery by Gecko Osco  x   

Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it’s been stolen from him and he’s prepared to do everything he can to get it back. Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics who have a leader who just might be his hero after all.

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

40. The Clock Maker and the Air Pirate by iVoMiTrAiNbOwS2

Arthur was just a humble clockmaker from a poor city. Until he gets tangled into his father’s mess and meets a rather charming Air Pirate named Alfred.

Last Seen: November 18th 2014

41. Of Song and Claw by Ahro, HellieAce  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred is an Alpha of the Plains Tribes who has escaped to the edges of the Great Plains to seek refuge away from his warmongering race. Arthur is an Omega Prince of the Forest Tribes and is currently being housed against his will to marry the Queen of a nearby Forest Tribe. Alfred arrives just in time to find the runaway Prince, in heat, and about to be killed by one of the Plains’ many threats. Will this rare chance encounter between their distant tribes change their entire worlds forever?

Last Seen: October 11th 2014/CURRENTLY ACTIVE

42. Life is like a Circus by HeroismInACan  x 

This story is no longer available and the link no longer functions, however this story was excellent and the art that went along with it was great despite being removed from their deviantart account. Please show support for the author’s new works and artistic pursuits.

43. Sight by KnightOfHeartProtectorOfSoul         

Arthur Kirkland knew he was different from the start. It seemed even his brothers didn’t share his gifts. He was given the gift to “see” beyond what normal humans could. Or so he had been told, by a ghost that lives with him. When his life takes a downward spiral, his ghostly protector is his only company, until, that is, a certain American enters his life.

Last Seen: October 26th 2014


44. Extra Peppers, Extra Cheese by BananaNutCrunch  x  x  

 In which Alfred is the only recurring customer at their run-down pizzeria. Arthur, the punk delivery boy, is unimpressed.

Last seen: November 16th 2014

45. Recalculating by DragonQueenSori  

This was why you shouldn’t take directions from a GPS named Hitler. Or pick up hitchhikers. Or get involved in covert government anti-terrorist operations.

Last Seen: September 19th 2014

46. Not That Likely, Love by eyebrow-extravaganza                   

When he spends his father’s money on alcohol and wild teen parties, used-to-be-rich Alfred Jones is forced by friends and family alike to get a job – as a butler to some boring old codger named Kirkland! The lazy American lad is totally not impressed with the stuffy, bossy British gentleman, and decides to prove this by being the worst servant there is… Shenanigans ensue.

Last Seen: May 14th 2014

47. France’s Secret Folder Number 5 by StarrNight  

Unbeknownst to England, France has been keeping a memoir of all of his drunken antics for the past five hundred years. Following a change in England’s relationship status, France decides to revisit the past.

Last Seen: August 14th 2014

48. A Wartime NecessiTea by Punmaster Extraordinaire  

The time is WWII, and rationing is in effect in Great Britain. England has only one problem with that: *tea* is rationed too, and he can’t get nearly enough for his definitely-not-an-addiction. What’s he to do? 

Last Seen: December 17th 2012


49. A Not-So-Classic Romance by Galythia  x  x  x  

Alfred is a noble bachelor who in no way wants to get married. Arthur is a promising but young actor struggling to pay rent. When the two meet on the street, Arthur drops Alfred’s family ring, which gives Alfred an idea: why doesn’t Arthur just act the part of his fiancée? 


50. A Bleeding Heart of Oak by Steadfast-Bright-Star

In 1785, Arthur is a brilliant young naval captain trying to keep his love of men a secret. When the funny, handsome, infuriatingly charming Alfred joins his crew, Arthur is captivated. But that can’t be. Arthur and Alfred are both men, and the rules on that sort of thing are very clear in the Navy.

Last Seen: October 22nd 2014

51. Write Me When You Get There by lumaluma  x  

Arthur Kirkland is a Red Cross medic stationed in Normandy. He meets wounded soldier Alfred F. Jones.

Last Seen: July 21st 2014

52. Locked Away by Iggycat  x  x  

When 14 year old Arthur Kirkland is evacuated from London during the Blitz, he dreads having to live with an American family. The Briton expects despair, loneliness, and lack of love- But what he doesn’t expect, is to be wrong.



53. Gold and Blue by hoshiko2kokoro  x  x  x  

The King of Spades has no power in politics, until he meets the catalyst that sparks his desire to be great.

Last Seen: October 6th 2014

54. Spades by simplytrop   

When Alfred, an archaeology student, stumbles upon a sleeping man in the ruins of an old castle, he finds himself accidentally married to the Queen of Spades.

Last Seen: December 24th 2013

55. Fairytales? This is the Story of Tsunderella! By Kagaya DayDreams 

Arthur Kirkland has made a teleporter… that only works 3 times. After his scared intern wishes him luck, he goes through it to find another world. Apparently mythological creatures roam the lands, everyone basically depends on magic! He’s mistaken for a girl a princess, no less and hyper blond knight relentlessly annoys him! How will he get back?

Last Seen: May 25th 2013

56. Calling for You by GreenAppleAddict  

Arthur, future Queen of Spades, lives a lonely life trapped inside the castle walls. Until he meets Alfred, that is – the son of a navy captain, and the boy he’s been secretly admiring from afar.

Last Seen: October 7th 2014

College AU

57. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Fii Tamae  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred, a student in a London University, has a strong mindset that Love exists as more than a hormone, and that everyone is entitled to love and be loved. So when he meets a male prostitute after a freak escape, will his mindset be shaken?


58. Run Fast, Turn Left by Car  x  x  

Arthur and Alfred are roommates and teammates at World U. As if school wasn’t hard enough, they also have to deal with skin-tight uniforms, two hour long practices, classes, bus rides, and, oh yeah, falling in love with each other.


59. Where the Most Beautiful Roses Grow by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Arthur moves into a quiet American suburb with the intention of starting a new, calmer chapter of his life. It doesn’t take long for him to meet Alfred, one of his new neighbors. Little does he know that this is a place where romance can bloom.


Angel AU

60. Struck by ManontheMountain  x  x  x  x  

As a Guardian Angel, it’s Arthur’s job to protect humans from harm. But when he’s struck by lightning and crashes in an alleyway in NYC, it takes has-been hero Alfred Jones to get him back on his wings. While Arthur heals from his injuries, he discovers that his hero perhaps means more to him than other humans, and learns that Alfred has his own wounds to overcome.


61. Blame it on the Alcohol by RedEyedGirl100  

Alfred has a drunk gay British angel fall on his mailbox the day before Halloween. Not only does the angel have the hots for him but he was kicked out of Heaven for a pretty strange reason… 

Last Seen: May 25th 2013

62. All That Glitters by worldaccordingtofangirls  x  x  x 

Arthur is an angel stuck to the Earth. Alfred Jones is a human boy. It’s not the most ideal relationship, but they manage to find a bit of gold in each other nonetheless.



63. Stars by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred has been working on the spaceship Britannia for a long time, but he’s lonely. When a mysterious stranger named Arthur appears on board, Alfred thinks he might finally be able to make a friend.


64. Mission Accomplished by Zo One  x  x 

They had surrendered themselves to the fact that they would drift through space forever, trapped in stasis. Luckily for them, Naval Chief Emma Peeters believes in happy endings.


65. This is how we B-B-Breakdown by Bebae  

Matthew is dead and Alfred isn’t. That’s all there is to it. That’s the issue. Therein lies the problem. Matthew is dead, and Alfred should be too. But he isn’t.

Last Seen: October 20th 2014

66. Estranged by S. E. Mellark  x  x 

They were all brainwashed products of an unrealistic society, planning their lives around a dumb clock forever fused with their bodies; or it was until they found their “soul mate” anyway. Alfred knew better.



67. Just a Story by donttalktomeimfangirling  

America and England are having a rainy day inside and America asks England to tell him a story. As he begins, America drifts off to sleep and when he wakes up… He’s on a pirate ship in the middle of the sea with a captain that is in many ways like a dear friend, but in many ways very different.

Last Seen: August 3rd 2014

68. Teenage Wasteland by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x  

He hasn’t heard from England in a while and America is worried. He goes to check up on his friend and meets someone he never expected to see: teenage England. Which is awesome and all, but can teen!Iggy really replace HIS England?


69. Born on the Fourth of July by PennyLane   

It’s America’s Bicentennial and the celebration is going to be epic. Despite England’s bouts of ill health he suffers during this time of the year, he knows his duty, and his duty is to attend the festivities and play his part. But this celebration doesn’t turn out as either America or England thought it would.

Last Seen: July 7th 2014

70. Here Comes the Candle by Mizu-Tenshi  x  

Due to financial difficulties, England becomes the 51st state of America yet neither are happy with the merger forced upon them. Between the need for forgiveness and the search for happiness the irreparable happens.

Last Seen: May 22nd 2012

71. For Better, For Worse by RobinRocks  x

Roses are red, violets are blue, but green has always looked better on you. The Special Relationship as a marriage from then until now.



72. Anniversary  x  x  x  by LastHaven  x  x  x  x  x  

Six months ago, Arthur ran afoul of fae that turned him into-of all things-a cat; Alfred then saved Arthur from starving on the streets. Today, Arthur admits something to himself.


73. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Hyper4Hetalia  x  x  x  x 

“May I have this dance?” Alfred surprised him by asking, his voice low and soft, his face closer to Arthur’s than he could remember it ever being. He was helpless to do anything but nod, his heart throwing itself frantically against his chest.’ Its England’s birthday, and America has a special surprise waiting for him.


74. Confession by ImDREW  

“I like you a lot. Would you like to go out with me?” SEND… Slowly, I flipped my phone, read my new message, and my eyes widened at the message I received. “I think it’s sweet that you like this person but you’re a bloody fool if you actually planned on confessing through text…” What the… heck? Wait, did I send it to the correct person? Oh Lord… “WHO ARE YOU? :O”

Last Seen: March 23rd 2013

75. That One Awkward Moment by arjelle  x  x  x  x  x  

Hello, my name is Arthur Kirkland and I try to avoid any awkward moments. Unfortunately, I am caught in the biggest one of all. The one man I managed to fall in love with thinks I am a woman.



76. Inside Out by Urchin of the Riding Stars  

Reclusive Arthur Kirkland lives a quiet and routine existence inside the house he hasn’t stepped out of for three years. That is until his cheerful, extroverted new neighbor, Alfred F. Jones, moves in next door. 

Last Seen: October 16th 2014

77. Secretary’s Diary by Hypocritical Romantic  x  

Alfred grew up with the “Don’t talk to strangers” lecture all of his life, but he assumed it didn’t apply to him anymore now that he was an adult. That is until a man asked, “You can’t get pregnant right?” Now he works under Arthur Kirkland.


78. A Stay in Insanity by Only in a Dancing God  

Arthur, a newly diagnosed schizophrenic, is shipped away by his family to Hetalia Residential. Here he meets the selective mute Alfred, and a romance quickly blossoms. Will the two young men survive their own insanities and those of their associates long enough to make it work?

Last Seen: August 15th 2012

79. Invincible by LavenderTown 

Arthur Kirkland is a record store clerk by day, but at night he becomes England, star fighter for a notorious underground boxing club. What happens when an infuriating 19-year-old suddenly barges into his life?

Last Seen: March 28th 2012

80. Smoker’s Lounge by Zo One  x  x  

It all started with a bad habit.


81. The Ups and Downs of Loving an Englishman by Mrs. Procrastination  

Arthur never believed in molding to one certain type of person, while Alfred was determined to be the picture-perfect captain of the football team. As the two go through their last semester, hell ensures. And as they graduate and go on to be two completely different people, who will prosper and who will fail?

Last Seen: September 3rd 2014

Just Plain Romance

82. Tend to the Roses by foreversnowynights 

Alfred had never paid his mother any attention when he was little and she was trying to teach him how to tend for a growing garden though his brother did. But now his brother was gone and had left him to care for not just a garden but a baby and an empty house. How lucky was it that the next door neighbor happened to be an avid gardener and a peace of mind when he had none left.

Last Seen: August 25th 2014

83. He’s a Keeper by Zo One  x  x

Alfred’s had his pen pal, Arthur, since the second grade. But now he’s becoming a man and he wants to meet his best friend, hidden behind paper and emails. What he didn’t expect was the longing long distance brought.


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To all the authors on this list and not aforementioned that have moved on and left those who loved your work with no connection. Thank you, I hope you see this and the impact your stories have left and the love we in the Hetalia fandom hold for you.


If the links are broken, you have additional content links, or additional account links please notify me!

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Hitman Fic: "Dead Men"

Author: General Kitty Girl/Kelbora

Word Count: 1,811

Characters: Hitman & Ivan Braginski

Rating: R (Warnings include: crude language, alcohol, mentions of death, blood, and dismemberment)

~Dead Men~

A simple cardboard square made up the field of battle for a war manned by wooden effigies. Faceless pawns and deformed bishops, moving towers and horse idols dueling to the beat of a clock; all for the purpose of defending an all powerful queen and useless king. Chess is considered a dance of minds enjoying the make-believe destruction of metaphorical kingdoms of light and darkness…

He just thought it was obnoxiously boring.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Since it's "Arthur Kirkland Appreciation Week", what are the fics where you personally liked Arthur the best? :D

Oooh, excellent question, anon!

It can be a little hard finding fics that capture what I love best about Arthur. I mean, I love him because he’s such a complicated character. He’s a gentleman AND the erotic ambassador. He has trouble talking about his feelings, but he also has an amazing facility with words.

Here are some of my favorite portrayals of Arthur:

Ruthlessly Competent (with a soft spot)

  • Spades (by simplytrop) – Arthur reacts wonderfully to finding out that a bumbling, no-nothing time-traveler is the new King of Spades.
  • Never Your Hero (by General Kitty Girl) – If you want kickass England, here’s where to go. Don’t expect romance though, this is a parent/child sort of relationship. (Also, be warned that America can come off as a bit slow and helpless to give England room to shine.)

Secretly Romantic (but he’s not going to admit it)

  • Cold December Night (by Car) – “All England wanted was one kiss from America… What England wanted, he got.”
  • In Such a State (by 9mm Meg) – Arthur has to find his way out of his porcelain predicament while dealing with his growing feelings for Alfred.
  • The Romantic (by Teenage Mouse) Arthur decides “to build the perfect partner for himself, in the form of a personal android named Alfred.”

Kinky and In Control

And, of course, I love every possible portrayal of drunk England ;)

APH/Skyrim Fanfiction Fidelitas: Tale XIX

Title: “Dawn”

Status: Complete

Author: General Kitty Girl / Kelbora

Rating: G

Character(s): USUK

Warnings: Fluff (Legit warning~)


Time Frame: After “Flower Day

Link to Story:Fidelitas

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or Skyrim. I am merely a fan who appreciates the ingenious glory of Hetalia’s masterful tomfoolery and Skyrim’s epicness.


Tale Nineteen

“Bathe the future in light”

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Jaunary 15th, 2014

AUTHOR: Kelbora/General Kitty Girl

January 15, 2014


Comfortable. It was a simple word that he had never much cared for, but perhaps the best word for describing his present life. He could be honest in saying he had lived in both rags and riches over his many years, but what he had now was something he hadn’t experienced before. World affairs, politics, and even the current social unrest plaguing his population aside, there was a kind of unspoken contentment when lying here…and it was only ever here.

Four unremarkable walls in an unremarkable room, furnished with items that had been chosen more so for necessity than sentiment. The pine dresser, unmatching mahogany bedside tables, and the wooden desk hidden beneath mounds of unsorted paperwork, accompanied by a chair that functioned more like a coat rack; it was all just so…forgettable. Even the bed, adorned with nothing but simple linens and no decoration to speak of, was just another requisite for the makings of a bedroom.

But it was his bedroom, their bedroom when travels abroad were possible. They were only two people who had ever slept in this room and this bed. The only people who ever used these sheets or hid personal items in the drawers of the bedside tables, and the only people who walked barefoot on the carpet or stored clothes in the dresser and over the chair. The curtains over the windows were only ever opened or closed by their hands, just as the door was never locked unless they willed it. They were the only forces with the power to alter anything in this place. It was a sanctuary beyond a world they couldn’t control…a world Arthur, at least, had tried to control lifetimes ago only to discover how powerless he really was.

However, in this room…in this refuge there were no expectations or surprises. There were no enemies to fight and no allies to impress. There was only a simple room with simple fixtures, a place for everything and everything in its place. There was a smell to it that never changed; the scent of Alfred’s same old detergent and same shampoo, with his same aftershave he never needed but still used. In the morning the smell was all over him and there was almost always a subtle soreness between his legs…but a quiet pleasure in the memories of what caused it.

Even the few mornings he woke without the ache, the smell and memories of the night before were never disappointing.

A part of him resented such happiness in this temporary domestication, as it only ever happened the few times of the year he came to visit Alfred in America. From an outcaste heir of Rome and whipping boy of Europe, he had grown into a global terror, an empire…and now this? Could anyone have predicted a former crusader and privateer would hang up his vengeance and weapons for this intermittent commonplace life? He had spent most of his days as one of the doubters and sometimes the lingering skepticism of this reality gnawed his thoughts. Sometimes when he lied beneath Alfred he felt the deep seeded urge to fight and conquer again. Sometimes he even gave into the compulsions, but never once had the man he dominated resented him for it.

In a way…this room had domesticated Alfred too. His once rambunctious young lad, his wild and eventually rebellious child, was now an independent world power and his strongest ally. His man had become something great and terrifying, just as he had been once, and made him both weary and proud.

It was funny, but everywhere other than this room his Alfred was America. Never once beyond the threshold had either of them ever addressed the other by their national name; they were simply Alfred and Arthur, my love and my darling, good morning and good night…

Gazing absently at this precious yet unremarkable room, stroking one of the arms around him and listening to Alfred’s even breaths, he was at peace. In the few minutes before Alfred would wake, he could reflect upon all of these things and feel satisfied. It wasn’t ever for more than a few days at a time but after so long without moments like this…it was enough.

He just wanted to enjoy being home…a little while longer.


APH/Skyrim Fanfiction Fidelitas: Tale XVIII

Title: “Hail to the Prince”

Status: Complete

Author: General Kitty Girl / Kelbora

Rating: PG-13

Character(s): UK

Warnings: Heavy Angst, Violence, Death, Strong Language

Summary: Just breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth…steady. Grip the bow and nock the arrow….pull…focus.


Time Frame: After “Inner Beast

Link to Story: Fidelitas

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or Skyrim. I am merely a fan who appreciates the ingenious glory of Hetalia’s masterful tomfoolery and Skyrim’s epicness.

~Hail to the Prince: Part One~

Tale Eighteen

“So begins my destiny”

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anonymous asked:

I know you've done WW2 recs, but have you done a WW1 rec? If not, do you know any good WW1 fics? I am slightly obsessed with that time period at the moment but can't really find any good fics myself...

Hi anon! You’re right, WW1 fics are a little harder to find than WW2 ones. But since it’s the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, now is probably a good time to do a list.

USUK stories

  • 1915 (by RobinRocks) - England invites America to travel on the Lusitania. I’m sure this will end well. Warning for temporary character death.
  • At Daybreak (by Teenage Mouse) - Sometimes being honest can be just as scary as going into battle.
  • Grateful (by the devil’s waitress) - “If you’re grateful for anything I’m about to do in the next year, act like it.”

Not Romantic stories

nezznar  asked:

i know you are mostly a usuk-recs kinda guy, but i was wondering if you knew of any good fics set in colonial america, usuk or not/shippy or not?

Actually, it’s hard to find fics set in colonial American times that aren’t USUK! Even the FrUS stuff is usually about how America is trying to get revenge / prove himself to England :)

I’m not sure if you wanted AUs or not, but I’m going to include both because there just aren’t enough colonial!America AUs.

Colonial AUs

Historical Stories about Colony!America (Non-USUK)

Colony!America Family-Love Fics

Budding Romantic Feelings

Revolutionary Angst


P.S. I’m a USUK-recs kinda gal :)

APH/Skyrim Fanfiction: "Fidelitas" Tale XV

[Artwork by Pie]

Title: “Flower Day”

Status: Complete

Author: General Kitty Girl / Kelbora

Rating: E

Character(s): USUK

Warnings: Your heart may explode

Summary: “You did all of this…for me?” Arthur sobbed, not caring about his pride any more. “Why?”

Alfred let go of Arthur’s hands and wrapped his arms around the other’s body in a comforting embrace. Arthur truly lost his reserve then and quickly held his companion back, closing his eyes to completely forget their audience and let this moment be theirs alone.

“Other than to see you happy, I wanted to ask you a question…but, before that, there’s one more thing I need to do.”

Time Frame: After “Sovngard

Link to Story:Fidelitas

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or Skyrim. I am merely a fan who appreciates the ingenious glory of Hetalia’s masterful tomfoolery and Skyrim’s epicness.

~Flower Day~

Tale Fifteen 

“Becoming One”

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January 18th, 2014

ARTIST: fauxreblogsthings

AUTHOR: Kelbora/General Kitty Girl

January 18, 2014


Blood was so fascinating to him. The liquid genetic memory that sustained life continued pouring out of him and all he could do was stare in wonder. It was so warm, this crimson sap of humanity…it could keep a human body going for decades and power the endless complexities of its mind. For a being sustained on the cast off sorrows and pains of others, essentially the fumes of mankind’s despair…it was so wonderful to finally have substance. To be thawed without needing the touch of hellfire against his skin.

This death was so…beautiful.

“If only you had obeyed the man could have been spared, you selfish monster!”

His glacier blue eyes glowed with the power of his demonic-spirit so close to the surface of this mortal shell, and looked up to behold the man whose sword kept him staked to the base of the dais. The power of heavenly steel kept him trapped within the body he’d possessed to walk the earth…though it would also take the life of his vessel in turn. It was trivial, really.

Though the furious seraph, the underling of St. Michael before him, was not so inconsequential.

However much the angel continued to lash him with his angry words, the ensnared demon decided to spend his last moments marveling his executioner. His hair looked as though his halo had turned to spun silk above his head to crown such a flawless face. His eyes were the color of life’s natural zenith, the spring the demon had actually absconded from hell to appreciate. Autumn fell in a myriad of gold and yellow over his body, as though God Himself had taken the season and fashioned earthly armor to shelter His beloved soldier. His skin was winter, white like Christmas snow and tinged with the Yule sunrise that colored him red with emotion.

It was ironic to him that the embodiment of the all he’d ever longed to see in existence was in this angel. The dream he’d yearned to live since waking beneath the Devil’s altar; to be human and live beneath a sky and not a ceiling of earth, to see the world ever changing around him, while God’s breathes and tears created sensation upon his skin…

It was all he wanted, it was everything to him…and now his last chance was growing cold at the feet of a weeping crucifix in Boston.

Everything was quiet before he realized his angel was kneeling over him, his hands on the hilt of the sword in his gut and eyes locked onto his…faltering.

“You’re crying,” he stated, as though afraid of his own words voicing something blasphemous.

The demon lifted a bloodstained hand from his wound to his face and felt evidence of this truth. Tears were indeed falling and he smiled, “I’ve…always wondered what that would be like.”

The angel stilled again and the demon felt the other’s indecision as tangibly as his body heat, which was so warm…his own dying body ached for it. “You’re a demon…demons don’t cry. Who are you?”

Who are you?

I wish I knew

Darkening blue eyes found spring again and all at once he calmed and stared once more in wonder.

God so loved His angels that He gave them flesh when performing His will on earth. This body before him was beautiful, strong…and mortal…

The Devil so hated this world he gave his demons the power to invade and corrupt life. Any life.

This life.

His hand covered in tears and blood, his muscles straining to reach out and touch that flawless face (which surprisingly did not pull away) rested against the other’s cheek and for the first time in his life…there was peace.

And a jealousy that would cower the Devil himself.

“I am you.”

Claws erupted from his once human nails and latched into that angelic skin. The seraph gasped then screamed, but not even the burning holy water he bled could change the demon’s course, as he jerked the angel forward into a searing kiss. The demon’s free hand arrested the other’s arm but not before the sword was wretched from his mortal vessel and repositioned to stab his heart.

The blade never finished its purpose, as the angel was suddenly paralyzed – and no longer alone in its own mind.

The seraph shrieked and fell onto his back, crying out with only his echoes in the vaulted ceiling above to respond. He convulsed and seized, tearing at his own skin and demanding that this terrible darkness invading his soul leave. He could feel inhuman hands wrapping around his heart, digging talons into the muscle and now controlling each beat on a whim. It was through these means that he felt himself growing weaker and weaker. He could hear the beats in his head becoming lethargic…and finally stopping.

He stared unseeingly up at the night sky through stained glass…stagnant…and cold.

The first thump was faint; the second was just as so…then a third and soon a steady succession. His eyes blinked once…twice…then opened fully and he could see St. Peter’s likeness staring back. The church was so quiet but for his heart beat and soon the clink of his armor, as he pushed himself up and sat back on his haunches. He looked at his hands, turning them over and back, seeing them barely soiled and…so much smaller than his last.

As he stood, he looked down at his growing shadow in the candlelight and a smile spread across his face.

“Arthur…that’s your name, right?” he whispered to the darkness and beheld the twisted hybrid of his new feathered silhouette. “We’re beautiful together, you and I…the horns your halo rests upon look just right for you.”


anonymous asked:

So we all know how your Arthur was very awkward around little!Alfred during the colonial days, and later resorted to tough love (I don't blame the old man) XD Is there any point of time when Alfred is the awkward one instead, like, he doesn't know how to act around Arthur? ^_^

X’D Good Lord, I absolutely LOVE self-conscious/unsure Alfred~ >w< Gah, I’m shameless in loving this~

Yes, actually, there are certain situations that really bring out Al’s awkward side. Sticking with the “NYH” universe, Alfred tries to act tough in every aspect of war up to the WWI time period, but for the most part meeting Arthur on a battlefield as an enemy or ally makes Alfred very nervous and feeling unprepared. He may be able to physically over power Arthur (his canon super strength is something I kept in the “NYH” universe) but his lack of confidence and actual WANT to hurt Arthur has always been something Arthur has been able to exploit and gain the upper hand (even during the Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolution, Arthur overcame Alfred and COULD have killed him - regardless of his feelings). Alfred also tends to be pretty awkward in upper class social situations, ESPECIALLY when Arthur is there. :) He still has that feeling of a little kid wanting to impress his mentor and not gloriously fuck up, so this tends to make him over think and make more mistakes than he otherwise would. (Alfred is just so adorable in a fine suit, sweating bullets, and looking at fancy hors d'oeuvres like they need to go back in the oven a little longer)

As a foot note here, there are times when Alfred is TRULY confident (and not that silly feigned confident he’s known for) in front of Arthur. :) Ain’t no body better at riding rough in a saddle (except maybe Antonio XD), flying any kind of plane or helicopter, and can tinker away in a garage for days having at every gadget under the sun taking it apart and putting it back together better. He loves yapping away about technology and science (yes, I’m all aboard the nerdy-geek Al ship), he keeps the canon love of archeology and I actually think Al loved dipping into elements of biology. Anything with the possibility of adventure - Al is ALL for it. ^_^

"Never Your Hero" Audio Project Reaction Post Part II

[[Part II to Part I of reactions to the HeroicGentVoices blog audio recording for my Hetalia fanfiction series “Never Your Hero”.]]

Hm? What’s this? *discovers second upload*

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Congratulations. You broked the Kel.