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A community event for Final Fantasy XV just happened in Osaka. Some storyboard images were shown and if you look closely you can see characters and ideas that were scrapped or changed, including elements from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Some of the things pictured are old designs for Gentiana and Luna (who may possibly be Stella Nox Fleuret here). The Niflheim prince, and an unnamed character with silver hair standing next to Noctis can also be seen, unfortunately they never made it into the final game. (source 1 & 2)

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Hello! I have a character who's five years old and I was wondering what difference that makes medically, if that makes sense? Both like how medical workers will act with her and explain things given she's very young and how that would factor into her medical care, like basic checkups or diagnosing illnesses and stuff like that. Sorry if this is too broad or vague, and thank you for all you do!

Hey there! Congrats on being Janey on the spot with the inbox and  being the first ask of June! 

So, one quick note. I come from EMS, and particularly now from a critical care service that handles a lot of kids. But I’m assuming for the purpose of this ask that this child is not and has never been critically ill. Okay? Okay! 

Pediatrics is its own specialty for a reason, and I have bundles to learn about it. There are all sorts of things that are different in pediatric medicine (and all sorts that of things that are shockingly similar!). 

First, let’s talk about “furniture.” As you’ll remember from having once been a child, peds doctors offices and clinics, and even ERs, are often bright, colorful and cheery places. Kids get offered toys and lollipops, they get to see special movies. Doc McStuffins is a very common sight in peds hospitals and waiting rooms. 

I’ve heard of peds hospitals that have different mural styles for different wards: one hallway that’s done all up in a baseball theme, another in a princesses and dragons theme, another in trains. 

Oh! When little kids get a nebulizer treatment, oftentimes now the mask they get the treatment through looks like a dragon and it’s awesome and I wish they came in adult sizes. 

Providers are also, by necessity, gentler with kids. You can’t argue with a kid and tell them to hold still; they’re going to squirm whether the shot is good for them or not. (Don’t get me started on vaccinations, please.) 

In terms of the medicine, as someone who works on a pediatric critical care unit, there are two ways you can look at kids. 

A) They’re just little adults. 

B) They are definitely not little adults. 

Both are true. They’re little adults in that they have the exact same functions as adults. They’re not little adults in that there are big social development changes that go on at various ages and there are some physiological changes (mostly that come up in very technical fields) that are different. 

For adults, a lot of the med doses are standardized; for kids, they’re almost all weight-based. A 5 year old should weigh roughly 20kg/45lbs (and there’s a really neat method called Handtevy that will give you the estimated weight of any kid up to 10 yrs old based just on their age; it’s stupendously cool and exactly the kind of thing pediatric critical care medics nerd out about!). 

IVs are almost always smaller in kids, but that’s because they’re little. I’ve also seen ERs use whole teams to get a single IV in a child, including someone singing happy songs while other people stab the child with needles. (It seemed seriously Clockwork Orange to me, but I have a feeling it’s data-driven with good outcomes, so who knows?) 

I get the feeling you’re asking about pediatrics in general and not pediatric critical care, so I’m going to try and focus on the general practice stuff, which is that kids who don’t get seriously ill tend to do pretty well. 

Some things they might have done at the doctor’s office if they’re not there for a specific illness: 

  • Vitals: blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, temperature
  • Height/weight checks. 
  • Scoliosis checks. 
  • Vision and hearing checks. 
  • Immunization checks. (I’d say just check the immunization schedule recommended by your region; the CDC’s is here and is as good as any.) 
  • Allergy scratch-testing 

Common reasons a 5 y.o. will go to the doctor: 

  • Earaches and ear infections
  • Fever (usually the flu or an ear infection) 
  • Vomiting 
  • Asthma. This is incredibly common in some areas, and I’ve worked in a few. 
  • the snot. so much the snot. 
  • Something lost in the nose 
  • Something swallowed 
  • Mechanical injury (broken wrist, bumped head, etc.)  It’s common for good parents to be suspected of child abuse for having clumsy kids. 

Kids tend to bounce – both literally and figuratively. They’re little, but pretty tough and hard to injure, and when they do get hurt they heal pretty quickly. They’re still growing, so they do well. 

That’s all I can think of about pediatrics when it’s 2 in the morning and I worked a 14+ hour day! 

Congrats on getting there first and I hope this was what you needed. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty 

(Samantha Keel) 


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The background against which school shootings occur is characterised by great ambivalences relating to loss of control. Adolescents growing up in today’s society lose control over their own lives under the influence of social pressure and structural insecurity about the possibility of realising their life plans. This process is based in social dynamics of integration and disintegration: the thwarted desire for recognition generates an addiction to recognition, and this addiction fosters a desire to exercise control over others. Violence is a means of exercising control.

There are also dynamics of escalation that are almost impossible to control systematically – in other words, they cannot be limited or causally repressed. Empirical findings suggest that school shootings represent the expression of a double loss of control on the following levels:

  • On the level of the individual in the loss of control of adolescent perpetrators over their own lives because the agents of socialisation (family, school, peer group) make it impossible to achieve an adequate degree of social integration with a positive recognition balance
  • On the level of society in a diffuse understanding of the causes underlying the violence. This makes it almost impossible to develop effective methods of prevention and intervention – in other words, to control this form of violence.

The primary and essential priority is to improve recognition and the general climate in the student body and among the teaching staff of schools and colleges. As a fundamental prerequisite, it is necessary to strive for a new culture of recognition and mutual watchfulness both in schools and in the general social context. Such a culture would prevent adolescents from experiencing social disintegration, losing control over their own lives, and taking refuge in extreme violence as an escape from their dramatic situation in order to achieve an illusory immortality.

- School Shootings: International Research, Case Studies, and Concepts for Prevention

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please link those ttutorials lmao. I would love to learn

Some programs and tutorials that I’m going to recommend are paid, but ALL OF THEM can be found on torrent websites like  thepiratesbay (always click on a download link with a magnet and read comments) and rutracker (requires registration). 


  • The Sims 4 Studio (free);
  • Blender 2.78 (free);
  • Marvelous Designer (paid) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding;
  • Zbrush (paid) - you’ll need it only for one feature;
  • optional Maya (trial and student versions are free) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding. When it comes to making clothes, everything you might need it for can be done in Blender. For the future, if you’ll ever consider creating hair PLEASE DO IT IN  MAYA OR 3DS MAX IT’D BE MUCH EASIER AND LEARNING THEM WOULD BE TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME;
  • Graphic editor of your choice, preferably Photoshop.

Here is the order you need to follow for everything to work:

tip 1: First thing first, keep everything organized and give distinctive names - it is very important. Create a folder with your project name and subfolders “meshes”, “textures”, “preview”. If you’re using Maya, make sure there are no spaces, symbols or non-Latin letters in the ENTIRE path. This bitch will give you hell if there are.

tip 2: Create a “base models” folder with exported .blend (nude top, bottom, full body, feet) and .obj files (anything is fine) of all genders and age categories that you plan on making clothes for in the future. Put uv_0 and uv_1 templates there as well.

  1. Import nude .obj mesh in Marvelous Designer (in meters), make clothes, export as .obj (without avatar, thin, no internal lines or textures);
  2. To decrease the poly count without negatively affecting the topology and to have good edge flow I suggest you to do retopology. This is why you need Zbrush;
  3. Blender: open nude/reference .blend mesh, import .obj file, do uv_0, close holes, transfer uv_1 map, transfer weight, vertex-paint, remove doubles, split sharp edges, bake maps, remove covered parts of nude body, combine, set S4Studio  CAS Tools;
  4. The Sims 4 Studio: import lod0, change textures, change everything you need under Categories tab;
  5. Graphic editor: edit textures; 
  6. The Sims 4 Studio: re-import the textures, save the package, put it in the mods folder;
  7. Run the game and PRAY;
  8. Fix everything that is wrong, DON’T FORGET TO DO LODS (make them only after your lod0 is perfect), add swatches, make thumbnails if you want and you’ll be good.


Tutorial sources:

Problems you may run into and how to fix them:

  • Item shines too bright in game - problem with alpha layer of your specular map;
  • Entire mesh is flying - weight issue, you need to re-transfer weight;
  • Part of the mesh is flying -  weight issue. Go to Edit mode, select a vertex in problematic area, find a group that should not be there under Vertex Weight;
  • When you manually paint weight make sure the modifier Armature is applied and your rig is selected in Object drop down menu;    
  • Baggy mesh does not retain it’s original form and deforms weirdly - you need to fix your uv_1 map;
  • Weird shadow - clean you shadow map;
  • Weird shadow at the bottom, around sleeves or sharp corners - you need to split the edge loop;
  • Dark spots on ambient occlusion map - subdivide surface and re-bake;
  • Previous mesh is visible after uploading new lod-s - you need to start from a different item. One thing to note (it may be an issue with my program/game, but I’ll tell just in case it’s not). When you create your package from a nude bottom, accessories like pantyhose will overlay your item’s texture (I’m pretty sure this can be changed in Warehouse tab, but I’m too scared to even go there). When you start from nude top, every time any CAS part is removed, your item of clothes will be taken off as well. If you’ll run into the same problem start from underwear instead.
  • When vertex-painting, make sure the hex codes of colors are identical (if the same) or have a very smooth transition (if different). Use blur tool. Otherwise there may be a “split in mesh“;
  • When loading lods, nothing shows up - you forgot to set S4Studio CAS Tools;
  • Before merging packages into one, make sure you didn’t overwrite them in the past. There will be 2 or more pairs of them in game.

Endlessly grateful to all people who shared their knowledge on this subject. Thank you <3

Feel free to drop any questions related to creating The Sims 4 custom clothes (only clothes and shoes, I don’t know anything else yet).

Theresa May Wants To Bring Back Ivory Trade

In addition to wanting to lift the ban on fox hunting, she also has dropped the Tory pledge to end the UK ivory trade.

The ivory trade is the commercial, often illegal trade in the ivory tusks of the hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, mammoth, and most commonly, African and Asian elephants.

Around 20,000 elephants are killed by poaching in Africa every year, which means an elephant is killed every 25 minutes.

David Cameron vowed to “press for a total ban on ivory sales” in his 2015 manifesto, echoing a previous promise made in 2010 to eradicate the bloodthirsty practice.

However 2017’s Tory manifesto, released ahead of 8 June’s general election, makes no mention of the pledge.

She said that “Any ban on antique ivory is cultural vandalism, virtually akin to placing a ban on old books because they may be made from paper that came originally from now-endangered trees or antique furniture made from mahogany.”

Meanwhile, the Labour Party introduced a pledge for a “total ban on ivory trading” in its 2017 manifesto.


Vote Labour if you give a single shit about animal rights.

Wow look at that, I wrote something!!! This is some quality sick Taako from The Adventure Zone bc i was really feeling it. There aren’t any spoilers for nearer episodes that have to do with plot but the general information is there? Idk I’ve never written for TAZ before so be patient but this turned into a 2000 word drabble so i hope someone enjoys it!

Taako knew it was going to be a shit day as soon as he dragged himself out of his bedroom. He’s got a bone deep exhaustion that no amount of meditation can shake and an aching that had set in all over his body. He blamed it on all of the shitty hand to hand training he’d been forced to do, lately, despite the fact that yesterday he’d used magic to get out of it, again.

Fuck them, he thought, I’m a fucking wizard, I don’t need hand to hand combat.

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hello! what podcasts do you listen to I'm looking for a new one to binge listen to thank you!!!!

what a good question, friend! i listen to a whole bunch of podcasts. here’s the rundown (and sorry it got a little long…):

wolf 359: look. if you haven’t heard this podcast idk how you found my blog. space shenanigans and strong female characters abound. go listen to it.

the penumbra podcast: gay space detective noir! canon nonbinary characters! everyone is queer and i’m in love! also– heartbreaking pain!!! seriously honestly go listen to this one too.

the bridge: a podcast that has very quickly and surprisingly rocketed to the top of my list. what happens if you build a bridge across the atlantic ocean? giant goldfish and immortal characters lots of shenanigans and really, really good storytelling. i highly recommend checking it out– and there isn’t too much of it yet so you’ll catch up quickly!

the bright sessions: another classic. young people with superpowers go to therapy. it’s the thing I needed when I was like 12 and also a thing I need now. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to highly recommend every single one of these, but I highly recommend this one too

ars paradoxica: super duper complicated but REALLY COOL science and time travel business! asexual representation! female scientists! the best audio engineering I’ve ever heard! if you have the brain energy to really really pay attention, check this one out!!

welcome to night vale: i mean, duh. my podcast gateway drug– I started listening back in 2012 or so. if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it.

the adventure zone: my current binge! i’ve heard 38 hour long episodes in the last week and honestly I don’t know what’s real and what’s dungeons and dragons adventures. I was reluctant to start it because I’ve never played dnd but you catch on real quick.

limetown: THE SPOOKIEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD. there’s only like 13 episodes and i haven’t heard anything if they’re making more, but it’s soooooooo cool. like serial, but fictional and scary as shit.

honorable mentions go to the strange case of starship iris (only has one episode but it’s super cool), kakos industries (ridiculous and entirely nsfw, like if night vale were a corporation that– oh wait it’s desert bluffs), alice isn’t dead (i haven’t finished it yet but I need to), eos 10 (idk why I’m not as in love with this one as everyone else seems to be), and jim robbie and the wanderers (because they had a HANUKKAH SPECIAL BLESS THEIR HEARTS).

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Do you have any tips about writing the exposition?

Ah, yes. The exposition. Come with me.

The thing with exposition is that you can very easily lose your readers in it. I know I have found myself skipping (consciously or not) paragraphs or even pages if I don’t find the information in them engaging enough as they delve into explaining things, whether it is an event’s background, world building, character, the works. Now, this happening once ain’t so bad, but if someone keeps skipping chunks of what you’re writing, chances are, they’ll stop reading. (Unless. Unless. But this is besides the topic.)

It can be dreadful. I’m sure we’ve all been there, wondering if it will ever end and we’ll get back to the characters actually talking and doing things. And that is what you want to avoid, so: 

  • Be ruthless. When writing, do feel free to overwrite if you’re that type, but when editing, ditch everything that does not serve your purpose. Whittle anything unnecessary and sharpen the information you deliver until it reaches piercing levels.
  • Be efficient. Pack as much detail into as little words as possible. Combine pieces of information along with character actions, along with description. Limit your exposition and space it out. Too much in a single place, you lose punch. 

Do it as if you were telling the story to a friend or, even better, a group of strangers: strangers only offer as much interest as you compel them to give you. You want to tell only what’s necessary to make the anecdote work, otherwise, they’ll begin to ignore you, and stuff will be awkward. You don’t want awkward, now do you? You need to tell them what they need to know, and you need to keep only what is essential for them to understand what is going on. 

Also, even if you have to provide a lot of information on something, dullness is your enemy. If you have a good voice, anything can be of interest; use humor, wit, or otherwise interesting imagery in order to inform your readers in an entertaining way. 


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Can you please tell me where all of the new vld screenshots are coming from? I'm so sorry if I'm being mega dumb right now, I just don't know what to search for and am very confused o((⊙﹏⊙))o.

Haha, no worries^^ If you’re referring to the Galra ladies etc, they are from the new season 3 trailer. If you’re talking about these “screenshots”:

then they are from s3e1 which got aired at the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) yesterday. There are also a few other screenshots with Keith in the black lion/Zarkon and Alfor that come from another trailer that’s also been shown at the SDCC^^ 

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I’ve been in an old OC mood so here’s my three oldest… Iris is ALSO one of the originals, but I haven’t settled on a redesign… she became the Momly Figure…esp to rook, she’s literally his ma

ANYWAYS Originally 12 yr old me liked to bury them in ANGST and DRAMA, the wildest of which being DATING DRAMA
But now I’m old..and wise…and see… can all work out and they can Snuggle

They’ve been through a million redesigns and aus but here we go here’s some new general canon info:
-They’re all changelings (as noted by blue mouths/teeth/eyes/blood/general tint)
-Rook lost his eye pretty young, around when his eyes first started changing color
-He was a scrappy street kid that Iris found in her travels and who she p much adopted right then in there
-A gentle giant (my first 7 ft + char) he’s v peppy n optimistic

-Lilith is impulsive and energetic, also works on the docks and sometimes on ships
-She had a p good home life but it was a pretty Strict for ones Safety kinda upbringin
-she’s fuckin JACKED

-Sam I’ve been over BUT SAM had a real shit roll as a kiddo and is generally a bitter untrusting troublemaker
-Snarky, mean, and wary of humans..typically either avoiding everyone or antagonizing someone
-meets rook n lil by way of Cali n zaha

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Why do you think Paul keeps saying "No John wasn't gay.", even though Yoko says that he might have been bi. Could Paul be hiding something, what do you think?

well that definitely sounds suspicious. i have a lot of meta in my head about this subject but i don’t know how to write it down (my problem usually with things; i don’t know how to write)

i am sure that paul is hiding at least something. of course, if we’re speaking on the level of “john and paul had a relationship and paul just won’t talk about it”, then he’s definitely hiding something. i kind of find it odd (and suspicious) that paul so adamantly keeps saying that john wasn’t gay, even when yoko has actually said that john thought himself as bi. either paul lives in deep denial, or he has something to hide and he thinks denying the rumours will keep those things hidden.

so to answer your question, yes, i definitely think paul is hiding something, but just what kind of a bomb it is, we don’t know.

probably just that he’s hella gay for john

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Ahhh yes pls just tell me some random facts

Original factpost about Charles Lee. 

Here are some facts about his dogs and his younger years!

1. Had a very high opinion of his dogs, saying in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, “I am called whimsical and a lover of Dogs. As to the former charge, I am heartily glad that it is my character, for untill the common rotine of mankind is somewhat mended I shall wish to remain and be thought eccentric—and when my honest quadruped Friends are equal’d by the bipeds in fidelity, gratitude, or even good sense I will promise to become as warm a philanthropist as Mr. Addison himself affected to be—to say the truth I think the strongest proof of a good heart is to love Dogs and dislike Mankind.

2. Wrote letters from Mr. Spada, his infamous pomeranian, to John Adams. “Spada sends his love to you and declares in very intellegible language that He has far’d much better since your allusion to him for He is carress’d now by all ranks sexes and Ages.” 

3. Had a pompadour hairstyle during the Battle of Ticonderoga in the French & Indian War, and was shot twice simultaneously through his hair.*

4. Was rumored to have been in an intimate mlm relationship in his youth with John Halls-Stevenson, a man who owned Crazy Hall (Skelton Castle) and shared Lee’s brand of eccentricity and adoration for dogs.*

5. Was a member of Halls-Stevenson’s ‘club of demoniacks’ which met at Skelton several times a year and indulged in heavy drinking and orgies.*

6. Someone once said of him, “he would have been a great politician, had his constituents each possessed four legs and a tail”.*

7. Served as aide-de-camp to Stanislaus, King of Poland.*

8. Was homies with Horatio Gates and moved into a house next to his when they both ended up in America.*

9. Rode in a carriage with his cousin’s wife (Lady Sarah Bunbury) on a trip to their home from his, made the party stop half way there and switched with his cousin (Sir Charles) because “his fair companion bored him”. They continued on, Lee with a French nobleman friend of the Bunburys’, Duc de Lauzun, until he bade the party stop again because the nobleman “was even more boring than the lady”. They switched back to Lee with Sarah and Sir Charles with Lauzun, but soon went foxhunting, wherein Charles promptly “rode off, deserting his hosts and their guest entirely”.*

10. Proposed to two different women in the span of four days, a Miss Morris of London, who played Juliet in a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, and a Louisa C. of Warsaw.*

*Source: General Charles Lee: Traitor or Patriot? by John Richard Alden.

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Hello! So I've been asking different blogs their opinions on race, LGBT+, and other "controversial topics" that I don't entirely understand. I wanted to know some examples of ways that (you think) white people should show support for people of other races without "worshipping" those races. Thanks!

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply.

There are tons of different things but one of the most fundamental, basic things is simply to just learn general info/experiences about a specific group that is written, shared, and/or spoken by members of that group. I’m not part of the LGBTQ+ community nor can I speak for other races, but I can help provide *some* info on Asians/Asian Americans.

This very long answer will be broken into two parts: General Info and Asian Americans

Part I: General Info

Some quick facts on Asia:

Things to remember part 1, Asia is diverse:

  • All regions in Asia are not interchangeable.
  • The countries that make a specific region are not interchangeable.
  • The people, languages, and cultures in each specific country are not interchangeable.

Things to remember part 2, social variation:

  • All Asian people vary when it comes to educational attainment, from less than high school to doctoral/professional degrees.
  • All Asian people vary when it comes to economic status, from extremely poor to extremely rich.
  • All Asian people vary when it comes to political affiliation, from the extreme right to the extreme left (this applies to every other social status/category/etc.)

Things to remember part 3, languages:

  • Chinese people don’t speak Chinese, they speak in Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.
  • Indian people don’t speak Indian, they speak in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.
  • This goes for many (but not all) people and countries throughout Asia.

Things to remember part 4, difference of “status”:

  • Asian people in Asia are NOT the same as the Asian diaspora (Asian Americans, Australians, Canadians, British, etc.).
  • Asian immigrants that immigrate to countries outside of Asia are not the same as the Asian diaspora.
  • Asian refugees that take refuge in other countries outside of Asia are not the same as Asian immigrants nor are they the same as the Asian diaspora.

Things to remember part 5, Asian diaspora:

  • Each Asian diaspora group is not the same (so Asian Americans are not the same as Asian Australians for example) and this applies to every diaspora group.
  • Ethnic groups among the Asian diaspora are not the same (so Vietnamese Americans are not the same as Vietnamese Australians for example) and this applies to every ethnic and diaspora group.
  • Ethnic groups within an Asian diaspora group are not the same (so Vietnamese Americans are not the same as Chinese Americans and Vietnamese Australians are not the same as Chinese Australians for example) and this applies to every ethnic and diaspora group.

Part II: Asian Americans

Now we can finally start on Asian Americans (because that’s what I am):

Things to remember part 1, avoid:

  • Referring to any Asian American (or any Asian person period) as an “orient” or “oriental” as these are racial slurs.
  • Grouping Asian Americans with Pacific Islanders (Pacific Islander is a separate race and NOT Asian unless mixed).
  • Explaining an Asian American’s traditions, culture(s), or language(s) to them because chances are, we already know.

Things to remember part 2, “regional” identities:

  • Many Asian Americans tend to go by regional identities (East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, West Asian, and North Asian), though I’ve rarely ever seen West Asian or North Asian being used.
  • Regional identities group Asian Americans with more “relatable” cultures, identities, groups, and/or people (for example, Chinese and Japanese Americans are both East Asian groups and relate to each other more so than Indian and Bangladeshi Americans, both of which are South Asian groups).
  • Even if Asian Americans go by regional identities, each ethnic group within it is NOT the same (for example, even though Vietnamese and Filipino Americans are both Southeast Asian, they are completely different from one another).

Things to remember part 3, *some* issues commonly discussed:

  • Media misrepresentation - model minority myth; whitewashing; cultural appropriation; monolithing different cultures, languages, groups, or individuals; emasculation of Asian American men; submissiveness of Asian American women; erasure of any form especially with experiences, stories, or identities (including LGBTQ+ and mixed people); stereotypes; and other related topics.
  • Social standing - immigrants from Asia (especially family members); refugees from Asia (especially family members); underreported poverty, gentrification, and crime; wage gaps and disaggregated data (especially among Asian American women); and other topics of social standing/status/class/etc.
  • History and today - exclusion acts (especially with Chinese in 1882); Japanese internment during WWII; wars; colonialism; imperialism; activism; Islamophobia (including Sikhs); xenophobia; racism; mental health and illness; abuse; and other sensitive topics.

Things to remember part 4, no spokesperson:

  • There is NO spokesperson for all Asian Americans and I don’t believe that there ever can be because we are too complex, diverse, and constantly changing AND clashing.
  • No singular person, group, or perspective can explain any and everything that goes on in regards to Asian Americans.
  • You cannot go to or “use” ONE Asian American and expect them to explain everything or speak for everyone.

For the sake of length, I will end it here but just know this is only scratching the surface. Once you and other people (even Asians/Asian Americans including myself) are able to understand or at least remember some of these things, then we will be able to see and hopefully understand how complex Asians/Asian Americans really are. Of course, this isn’t to say that no one understands, many of us can recognize how different we all are from each other but many parts of the world (especially western countries) generally don’t. Hope this helps.

Note: I don’t speak for everyone, I may be wrong, others may disagree, and other disclaimers.

Angry Asian Guy