general hummel
Summer Buzzkill by Star55

Rating: E

Chapters: 6 / Word Count: 12k

Genres: smut, general

Description: The five times Burt catches Kurt and Blaine having sex and it’s awkward and the one time it isn’t…

Review: I love this trope, and this fic did not disappoint.
It Feels Like Just Having Fun by Hildigunnur

Rating: E

Chapters: 1 / Word Count: 10k

Genres: smut, general

Description: When Rachel backs out of hers and Kurt’s agreement to rent an apartment together in New York, Kurt has to find a place to live fast. What he finds, is a handsome and older roommate and a sexual awakening.

Review: This fic moves a bit fast, but it’s otherwise well-written and has an interesting plot. I would definitely recommend it.

Like the Stories

Summary: Sometimes the love is like the fairy tales.

Prompt: Blind!Blaine

Prompt: Lord Blaine meets younger Kurt who struggles in his village. He takes a liking to him and they strike up a friendship. After Kurt’s beaten up and Blaine finds out, he goes to Kurt’s parents to ask for Kurt to come live with him and study and for his hand in marrige when he’s of age. Kurt is just sort of crushing on Blaine and stoked over the massive library.

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Misspelt the title of Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans as Seven Seans. So here is the tracklist to that. 

  1. A Moment’s Silence for Sean Bean
  2. Where Are You, Spicoli? Where Are You, Harvey Milk? Where Are You, That One Guy In Mystic River? (Elegy for Sean Penn in D Minor)
  3. P. Diddy (Requiem for Sean Combs)
  4. Sean Connery, or, a Confluence of Men Upon A Floating Prison, or Ed Harris Shines as Brigadier General Frank Hummel
  5. He is Sean Hannity! He is Risen! May God Hasten Us Toward Safety!
  6. Sean Parker
  7. Sean Parker (Reprise)