Worst. Exit. Ever.

Thank FUCK Ron Carlivati was fired. Not a single flashback. He was barely even on this episode. He focused more on Nina/Franco then he did on Luke. LUKE. you know, Luke Spencer? Played by Tony Geary? the guy who saved the show in the 80′s. The 8 time emmy winner. The most respected actor on daytime? YOU GIVE HIM A WALK OFF ON A CRAPPY SET WITH A RINKY DINK STREET LIGHT BARELY TALLER THAN HE IS AND DRY ICE? AND A NOTE FOR LAURA? REALLY!? REALLY?!?! “Good luck, Port Charles” indeed.

I think Tony Geary/Luke Spencer fans deserve an apology...like c’mon. What was that.

Something tells me ABC knew that it was gonna be lackluster, especially seeing the audiences reaction of Luke’s exit story added with the ratings dropping faster than Morgan’s pants around Denise, and that’s why they’ve been posting all the flashbacks on the official website. Too late to change the actual episode, so they just throw them online. Thanks, but i’ll stick to YouTube.

Now that Teresa Castillo has announced she’s pregnant, do you think they’ll work her pregnancy into the show?  I mean, I love Michael and Sabrina together but are they ready for that?  Is Sabrina ready for that?  I think I’m hoping that they don’t but it’s always so weird when they hide it instead.  And then she’ll be gone for months too… boo!  But how exciting for her!


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