Curtis continues to be absolutely delicious. Hayfinn were adorable. Her putting the tie on him and his telling her that she and Reiko would’ve liked each other was absolutely precious. I loved that Epiphany sang the song Sabrina so loved.


Matt Cohen // stay positive

     Matt Cohen deserves so much more recognition than he has at the moment.

And not just because of his body. He’s gone through so much that we haven’t noticed

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“As I tell many fandom members the #YOU campaign is far more selfish than it comes off to be. It started with me talking to myself. I would get sad or  depressed or discouraged and I would find a quote that was inspiring or uplifting and I would post It to #YOU, being me. It was and continues to be my way of self motivation and self happiness. I am now to the point where I see how many people I help with the #YOU posts and I need it! I need it for my own happiness, for my own well being! Everyday I awake, I feel a huge urge to help someone so that I can help myself. A lot of my strength and positivity comes directly from the fans. By me inspiring them, they unknowingly inspire me.”

   First of all, I want to tell you guys. I love Misha, Jared, and Jensen. But the fact that #AlwaysKeepFighting and #YouAreNotAlone has had a lot more recognition than the #You campaign (that has been around a lot longer) pisses me off.

   He [Matt] isn’t asking for money for you to enjoy what he is doing. He is so nice, yet most people underestimate him and look straight to the main characters/actors. And most of the merchandise for #YOU is NOT made and chosen by Matt Cohen.

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   Matt Cohen is an absolute sweetheart. A good heart and mind protected by an awesome body.