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Apps for Service Dog Training

A list of useful apps for those of you who are training your own Service Dogs (or are just looking for some cool apps to help with your SD). I only have an iPhone, and I am unsure if these are on both IOS and Android, however I suspect most of these are or there is at least a similar one. (This will be updated as I find more apps).

- Riley

  • Nagdu - While this app was created for the National Association of Guide Dog Users, it is helpful for anyone with a service dog. It has the entirety of the ADA Service Dog section, individual State Laws, and general guidance with things like hotels, restaurents, and other places of buisness. Free
  • BringFido - This  allows you to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and tons more. You can also book your hotel, look up their pet policy, and use filters to find the hotels that would best fit your dog. Super useful for dogs who are not 100% PA trained and are not protected by state laws - do some training and be a little less anxious about it. Free
  • Pet Coach - App that connects you to dog trainers, vets, and nutritionists if you have questions about troubleshooting problems or ensuring that your pup is maintaining a proper weight. Free
  • iClicker - Self explanatory: Sometimes you forget your clicker in a moment of brain fog or you simply don’t want to bring a physical clicker with you. iClicker is simple - just press the clicker button and have your volume on. Free

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Forget about what the fancy, hotshot business books tell you about networking. You want in? Then quit waiting for an invitation and just show up. Pay the $35 for parking. It’s worth it.

That’s what I did. By afternoon I was wandering around the company’s outdoor campus like I worked there.

I approached a group of young professionals.

“Late lunch?”

“Not really,” said one woman and the others laughed.

“Oh well I guess I forgot it was daylight savings today!” I shouted sarcastically. 

I yanked my watch off and spun the dial an hour earlier and then held it out for everyone at the table to see.

“There!” I shouted. “You’re SOOOOOO right! What a perfectly reasonable time to have lunch! What on earth was I thinking!?”

“Hey, calm down man.”

But I was SO mad! I took the loose watch and began whipping myself in the head with it until the smallest trickle of blood could be seen running down my face.

A few minutes later, the entire group was gone. I tried to follow them inside the building, but you need one of those electronic key cards.

“Robert,” I told the security guard.

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Then Gene is my name.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“My name is Bobert, then. Like formal Bob.”

But the security guard refused.

To make it all worse, I forgot to change my watch back to the correct time so I missed a really important job interview. I probably could have still made the interview, but it was going to be close and I decided it wasn’t worth it to drive all that way if I was going to be late.

“What is it that these big time, wealthy CEOs have that I don’t?” I wondered and by midnight, I had the answer: Luck.

I just had an amazing experience after being contacted by a follower with an inquiry to speak with their spirit guides and channel them in an intuitive reading. I loved it and felt safe and confident while doing so, and they suggested that I offer these through tumblr too! I’d love to, since apparently this is something they expressed the community here has an interest with. 

The guides that I worked through here and during Reiki treatments have come through very strongly and I’ve really loved getting to know all this spirits that come in light. 

What Is A Spirit Guide/Spirit Reading?

  • I’ll speak with your guide(s) and channel/reiterate what they share with me to a typed PDF that I’ll give you. 
  • They can provide advice, insights to your energy, and answer a myriad of questions that you might have! I’m fully open to whatever you ask, I’ll ask them on your behalf. 
  • It seems like these also have the potential to deepen your connection to your guides. 

What Beings Can I Ask You to Contact?

  • Spirit Guides and Guardians
  • Twin flames, soul mates
  • Animal spirits
  • Past loved ones, ancestors, etc.
  • Angels, demons, fae, elementals, etc. any “species” is fine
  • You Higher Self or the Higher Selves of others


  • They’ll be in PDF, typed 12 pt font, single spaced, dialogue and paragraph form
  • Shielding takes a lot of energy, so these are $25 per page.
  • Recommended 1 page per guide, at least! (The original person did 1.5 pages per guide and both guides shared the space and talked together).
  • Up to 5 pages at a time. 
  • Payment is through paypal, I’ll send you an invoice through email after you order. The invoice can be paid through any paypal account or through a debit/credit card! There aren’t any additional fees, unless you need to convert currency to the US dollar (there may be in some, but not all, instances). Fees, in that case, are usually less than 5% the total cost. 

To Order One: 

Send me an email to with this information:

  • Legal name (for organization)
  • Preferred name and your pronouns
  • Number of pages requested
  • Guide’s names/info: this includes anything you’re willing to share (that’s helpful for me to better pick up on their energy), their name (if you know it), their demeanor (a heads up is nice), and their pronouns (to refer to them correctly in the reading). 
  • The questions you have for them: This can range from life advice, meditation guidance, energy work, questions about past lives and present life, general guidance, mental and physical concerns (within reason, just from a spiritual stance, not as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment), etc. Ask whatever you want! I’ll let you know if I can’t ask your guides that or if they won’t answer it. 

Additional info: 

  • If I’m not comfortable with the specific spirit, I do reserve to right to decline your request for a reading. I’ll know this before you pay the invoice and speak with your guides to ask if they’re open to this reading. If I’m on the fence about a spirit or feel that I’ll need to do some really in-depth shielding, I might ask for an additional $5-10 for the time and energy it will take. Also, I want to make sure the spirit guides themselves have the opportunity to consent to these readings, so I’ll briefly speak with them from a distance before sending you the payment invoice. 
  • If you don’t know your guide’s names or identities, I can do my best to speak with them and find out, but no guarantees! It’s easy to ask for a spirit when I know their name. But I can ask “could I please speak to the guide of (your name)” and see what comes forth. If nothing arises, we can work out a refund. 
  • This channeling doesn’t include any form of possession, just listening and recording. No energy exchanges either, so there’s little risk to me or to your guides! 

Any questions, feel free to ask! I look forwards to doing more of these if you all are interested. Also any promos/signal boosting is more than welcome too–since it was mentioned that others are interested. :)

                    Ever wanted to play an underdog, but could never find the resources in order to play them ?  Well, look no further, because WILLIAM MCKINLEY HIGH SCHOOL HELPS is here to give back !  Here at WMHS HELPS, we offer our aid to those in the indie community who either play unpopular characters or have very little access to Photoshop, whether you need icons, a lovely new mobile theme, or just general Photoshop guidance. So, come along, send us a request or ask us your questions, and we will do our utmost to make your underappreciated characters feel APPRECIATED.

What Is A Spirit Guide/Spirit Reading?

  • I’ll speak with your guide(s) or a spirit you choose and channel what they share with me by typing what they say.
  • They can provide advice, insights to your energy, and answer a myriad of questions that you might have! I’m fully open to whatever you ask, I’ll ask them on your behalf.
  • These also have the potential to deepen your connection to your guides.

What Beings Can You Contact?

  • Spirit Guides and Guardians
  • Twin flames, soul mates
  • Animal spirits
  • Past loved ones, ancestors, etc.
  • Angels, demons, fae, elementals, etc. any “species” is fine
  • You Higher Self or the Higher Selves of others
  • Spirit Companions


  • They’ll be in PDF, typed 12 pt font, single spaced, dialogue and paragraph form
  • These are $20 per page.
  • Recommended 1 page per guide, at least! 
  • Up to 10 pages at a time.
  • Payment is through paypal, I’ll send you an invoice through email after you order. The invoice can be paid through any paypal account or through a debit/credit card! There aren’t any additional fees.

To Order One:

Send me an email to with this information:

  • Legal name (for organization)
  • Preferred name and your pronouns
  • Number of pages requested
  • Guide’s names/info: this includes anything you’re willing to share (that’s helpful for me to better pick up on their energy), their name (if you know it), their demeanor (a heads up is nice), and their pronouns (to refer to them correctly in the reading).
  • The questions you have for them: This can range from life advice, meditation guidance, energy work, questions about past lives and present life, general guidance for life, mental and physical concerns (within reason, just from a spiritual stance, not as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment), etc. Ask whatever you want! I’ll let you know if I can’t ask your guides that or if they won’t answer it.

For more info, read this post! And, of course, feel free to reblog.

All of my other readings are listed here! 

anonymous asked:

I'm writing my summary for my Big Bang fic and I know you guys specified “keep it to 8 sentences max, one paragraph”, but I wanted to include some dialogue in my summary which can't be only one paragraph or it won't read properly :P Is it okay if it's still only 8 sentences, but the lines are spaced out? Also, does G, PG, M, E mean General, Parental Guidance, Mature and Explicit? What about the Ao3 “Teen and up”? Thanks & keep up the good work! I'm getting really excited about the Bang! :D

If it’s dialouge dividing it up into a few paragraphs it’s fine, we have that limit there because if we don’t we will get summaries that will not fit on a single google slide without making the font very very tiny, I meant to put down T but my fingers wrote PG and by the time i realized people had sent in summaries. consider it the AO3 ratings Gen, T, M and E but with a typo. PG=Teen

Hey lovely people of Tumblr, this is your daily tarot reading for April 22 2017.

General: Focus on what you want instead of what you dont want to happen in your life. Or take a breather from working so hard always focusing on your career. It’s saturday. The best day to grab a beer and chill.

Love: There is a need to be a little mothering to someone. Be that feminine figure they crave. Take care of your loved ones. And talk to them. Someone might want to try and talk to you today. If so, be nurturing because you dont know how much this person needs you in their life.

Career: interesting because we have the “LOVE” card along with the “HEAL” card for career.

A breakup might be affecting your work in a negative way and you might be feeling like “fuck it. Idc about anything anymore” if so, cry your heart out, eat, take care of yourself and let yourself heal.

For others of You, if you are forcing yourself to work in a 9-5 job that you absolutely hate, look for other options. There is always a solution and you can find work that you will love doing.

snowflake-dazzle  asked:

Thank you for all the advice you give to aspiring FanFiction writers. I have read most of the advice you have given, which I feel also helps with commenting on stories. I have a one-shot that I am debating posting, and was just wondering if you had a recommendation for a place to ensure that site rules are followed and best formats for uploading. I am wondering mostly on ratings for stories more than anything. Thank you!

Well, with a tiny handful of exceptions I only post at FFN so I’m probably not the right person to ask.  Every site has different uploading methods, and FFN has two different ways you can do it. Both AO3 and FFN let you look at a draft to make sure formatting looks the way you want it.  

FFN’s ratings are vague, I think deliberately, and without knowing what you’ve written I can’t begin to really give guidance.  In general, explicit sex in forbidden, but plenty of people post it anyway.  I had someone tell me in a review that a single use of the word ‘fuck’ meant I should up a rating from T to M.  I disregarded that.  I had people complain the lack of smut in Muddy Princess made it a let down and dissapointment as an M-rated fic, so I changed it to T. Then someone complained a post-coital scene where the couple was talking in bed was too explicit for a T rating, so I moved it back to M and added an A/N at the beginning there was no explicit sex and that it was barely an M. In just the last week I got a review that sort of half complained about the lack of smut. So… ratings are a crap shoot, best guess, you can’t make people happy kind of thing.  Just do the best you can.

I don’t know anything about AO3′s rating system or any other sites.

uhohtabbieoh  asked:

Hi Mama Herb~♡ could I get a reading with your new cards? Just a general guidance for my up coming two week trip home and to Montana? Thank you dear!

Hi, little flower.🌼 I hope you safe travels and I’ll be sending you positive thoughts!

  • Carnelian ~ Activate the creative mind and realize unlimited potential withing yourself. Improve visualization skills and stimulate the courage to fulfill life purpose and potential.
    • Creativity flows through me in myriad ways. I courageously bring my ideas and beliefs into actuality
  • Clear quartz ~ Multiple goodness and well-being and amplify loving kindness in your life. Increase clarity, peace, and understanding and improve clarity of mind and emotions. 
    • I am a clear channel of love, light, and well-being. All of my heart’s desires can be realized!
Batfam Week - Countdown to Final Burnout - 28

Continued writing the Wayne Gala story today:
- I am 4/5 done.
- This one-shot is already 12.3k long.
- There is almost no background info about Tim’s parents in the Arkham Games, so I am making shit up as I go along (with comics wikis for general guidance).
- Someone please give Tim all the hugs.
- Looking forward to (hopefully) writing that happy ending tomorrow.

28 days and counting…

anonymous asked:

I offer a handmade pouch filled with granola, pencil smudges on pinky fingers, and an index card with a flower taped to it. What do the stars want to say to me? I need a little guidance in general and I felt that this was a good place to start. :)


regularghost-deactivated2016041  asked:

you're one of my favorite artists !! do you have any advice to aspiring artists?

Forgive me for answering you this late. This is a tough one and I had to think about it for a long time. Now that I’ve finally found what to tell you, here’s my answer: I don’t know.

Ha ha. But for the sake of fairness I won’t stop there and I’ll try to deliver a more adequate answer (although, I’m not sure which aspect you want advice on).

Is it in order to become successful?
To gain better drawing skills?
To balance time with money with energy?
Or to remember to eat once in a while?

Since I also consider myself an aspiring artist, I can only give you general guidance that sounds like proverbs applicable to anyone, whether or not they’re practicing art::

Stay open and receptive to new ideas and people.
Doubting is a good thing but with moderation.
Go towards things that scare you.
Believe in what you love, etc., etc.

Oh, and intuition–following it is the key.

Name: Malachite
Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Taurus
Planet: Venus
Chakra: Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Powers: Abundance, the afterlife, agriculture, astral realm, balance (emotional), calm, changes, communication, connections, danger, death, divination, dream work, empowerment (emotional), goals, grounding, growth (spiritual), guidance, healing (general, emotional), hope, love (give), loyalty, luck, magic (black), money (luck with), negativity, nurture, peace, power (general, magical, personal), prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification (emotional, mental), release, security (emotional), self-work, the senses (sight), skills, strength, sleep, spirituality, strength, success, transformation, travel, wealth

Special Care: Keep out of water.

sammy431  asked:

Just wanted to let you know about a cool IOS app I found. It's called NAGDU and while the app was created by the National Association of Guide Dog Users, its a super helpful app for anyone with a service dog. It has a general guidance section with things like ADA laws about specific situations (hotels, restaurants, etc), as well as the entire ADA section about service animals. Its a super handy thing to have on your phone. It also has individual state laws.


Gus am bris an la agus an teich na sgailean* (part 1)

A wee note: This will be a two parter and mixes book and show unique elements… Hope you like it. In Voyager and onwards, Jamie and Claire remember us, themselves and each other of Faith, often. Something that I truly appreciate from Gabs, because I do not like loose ends [pet peeve], and Faith symbolizes not only a child, but a lot more. In Dragonfly in Amber and eventually in Faith (especially in the extended version #glorious), feelings are so much more raw… So, since we are on Claire’s POV for those, I wanted to dive into Jamie’s frame of mind for a bit, indulging on something that I think lacks in other places, but not in Outlander - a man’s raw pain and sensitivity and undying love… Still through Claire’s eyes, because I really wanted them to complete each other. Thank you to @gotham-ruaidh​, @suhailauniverse​ and my BAMFs for the corrections, guidance and general awesomeness.

The peace and routines of Lallybroch filled me day after day, hour after hour. Still one day at a time, one daily task after another…

It had been three months since arriving in Scotland from Paris. Jenny was holding a newborn and Ian had two tiny Murrays behind him, as they stood in the doorway, waiting to greet us. One Wee Jamie ran like the wind and flung himself at his uncle and then at me. My heart squeezed and the tears threatened to fall. Jenny hugged me in a way only a mother hugs another, in our silent agreement. At first I was ashamed to feel a pang of jealousy at my newest niece, Kitty… Why had she lived and my Faith had not? I was glad to notice though, that I managed to control these thoughts and almost rationalize my grief. Jamie held me closer to him that first day of family gatherings. He knew, he understood. Fergus hovered close as well, trying to get acquainted to his new home and because he insisted that he “would not fail” us again. Our sweet boy…

After all those weeks of deep loneliness, pain and sorrow, our reunion brought me relief. A relief that was palpable, as my load was now shared. As a mother, I carried most of it still, but that was exactly it… I was still a mother. Jamie made sure I knew that.

It was too painful to talk about her, even just the simple sound of her name, but she lingered with us in our room some nights, before we fell asleep locked around each other. We were both in bed with eyes wide open, thinking of a baby we had had to leave behind. That small fact had hurt Jamie deeply, because it was the connection he hadn’t been able to share with our daughter. Two times, on two different nights, when we were brave enough and almost in the midst of slumber, he’d asked me to tell him everything about our daughter. He had asked this with careful words and I couldn’t deny him. He, and I, would have liked to have her buried here, with family, side by side with her grandparents and uncle. But of course, at the time, Jamie’s fate (and my own, if I am to be completely honest) were really unknown. We had left a bit of Scotland with her though. That eased our hearts and made the thought more bearable. That day at the grave Mother Hildegarde had given her at the Hôpital’s cemetery had been a transition. During our trip back to Scotland, Jamie and I had barely stopped touching each other, craving the heat we had missed during those terrible weeks of pain, anger and the presence of the cold despair of the unknown.

For one, something that I admired in Jamie, and also Jenny and Ian, was their resilience. Something I could trace back to the days of collecting rents with the Mackenzies… Something I had inside me, but had needed Jamie to show me. In my 20th century life, that trait had carried me through a devastating war, but I tended to forget it in the daily routines, as is natural when things come easy. But with Jamie, and after all the ordeals we had been through, resilience was a as natural part of us as was breathing, as the nights we spent lost in the blue quilts of our bed. That resilience was part of our healing. But I knew Jamie suffered in silence… And I also knew he was a man of words.

That evening would prove to be another moment in time I’d never forget… I was rearranging some books on the shelves of the study, looking for free and clean pieces of paper, intended for notes of my medical procedures and to label my herbs. As I sat on the desk to arrange for some ink I noticed a square of paper with an elegant “F” on it, stuck beneath the recent package of books Aunt Jocasta had sent to Lallybroch from the Colonies. I could not take my eyes off of it. That “F” was not natural to Jamie’s handwriting, but it was nonetheless elegant and thus forced to convey a beauty that had been trained by the hand that drew it. I picked it up and opened it. I felt like an intruder and a worthy reader of that letter at the same time, all because I knew I would find what Jamie hadn’t yet been able to tell me; and like he had said to me, in Paris, when I allowed myself to look into his eyes, into my sun, we were the only two people in the world who knew this pain. The pain of losing Faith. My heart pounded in my chest…

My dearest Daughter,

I dream of you often. I did all the while your Mam carried you, all the while I felt myself lost in a dark room, hiding from myself. At the time you were a wee lad with brown hair. I apologize deeply for that, my sweet lassie. Not that I am not equally proud of you for being a girl but please understand that I thought it would be easier if you were… If you had ever come to be.

But of course you were, you are. Mo chridhe, please forgive me for that distance while ye grew, forgive me for what I did. I’m afraid I can’t ever forgive myself for what happened… Nay matter what your Mam said about the fact that could’ve happened anyway, and I know childbirth is not safe. Even so, I am so sorry I was not there to meet you.

I look at your beautiful Mam and my soul fragments itself and travels to her own. The sorrow in her eyes is no so deep anymore. I know it’s because you are looking upon us and guiding her into the light.

She told me you had hair like my own, in colouring at least. For me, that hair would have darkened a wee bit… I picture you with hair the colour of amber, curly [curling] mad around your face, blue eyes and with a smile that crinkles them. You are just like her, and I bless God for that gift. I dream of things for you… I hope you have the gift of healing, perhaps since you accompanied your Mam so many times when she was about her work. Perhaps you like horses as well? Aye, I think so. I would have taught you how to play chess. I see your wee legs running around the fields, I am chasing you and you are laughing, until we meet our angel in white. We embrace and our hairs mix together in a flash of warm light, like different shades of a tree in October.

I am sorry, I am so sorry. I don’t want to make the word seem vulgar.

My heart lifts everytime I see Mam smiling now, hoping that she is better, that we can get better together. Please help her, mo chuisle. Knowing that you’ll be forever with her, with me, soothes me. My wee treasure, I deeply regret not having felt you in my hands and I admit I don’t know that I would have been brave enough to do it. I was angry at God, deep in the cell I spent weeks in, not knowing what came of you and Claire. I was angry at God for not allowing me to meet you. But now I thank Him for you, my Faith… Because of you, we are whole.

I hope you found your grandsire Brian, your grannie Ellen and uncle Willie. They will find you, I’m sure. I hope you find Uncle Lambert, I so would have liked to know him as well, and your grandparents Henry and Julia.

I will carry your heart within me, the beat of flesh and blood of when I felt you in your Mam’s belly. I cherish every word she told me about you, wishing I had the memory of you in my hands. I thank God and the Virgin Mary for letting her hold you and feel you. I will love you forever. Guide us a leannan and please, forgive me.

Your father,

James Fraser

I pressed the piece of paper to my chest and closed my eyes, not being able to hold the tears. After some time, I went to the window and looked up into the starry night.   

*”Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” (phrase present in Brian Fraser’s tombstone, in the show, from Song of Solomon 4:6)

five times steve and bucky scandalize tony or #scandalize tony stark 2k16


Really, there were more important things to worry about, like, how, oh HYDRA infiltrated us again and was really behind the Sokovian Accords and basically tried to have the Avengers all at each others’ throats but.


They were alive.  A little bruised.  A little battered.  A little broken.  But they were still assembled.  Yay team, right?

So Tony looks over at Cap, something clever already right on the tip of his tongue except motherfucking dick-puncher James Buchanan Barnes suddenly says, “Hey, sugar, you rationed?”

And Steven Grant “My Patriotism Shines With the Power of a Thousand Suns” Rogers actually blushes.

He does, however, complain, “Why the hell are you trying the same tired old line on me, Buck?”

Bucky smiles.  “Because it works every goddamn time, punk.  C’mere.”

And he lands a smacking kiss right on Steve’s cheek.

Clint blurts out, “Aw, Stony.”

My lips are right here, you jerk,” Steve asserts and makes Bucky correct his aim.  

“Waitwaitwait - is this a thing?  This is a thing. This is an actual kissing thing? Oh my god can you two keep it PG-13?”

Rhodey - the traitor - had the most beatific smile on his face.  “My ship is canon.”



“Hang on,” Sam said with amusement.  “Didn’t you realize that every time Steve said ‘he’s my friend’ - he actually means I love him?”


“You’re both wrong,” Bucky said as he swaggered into the kitchen.  How he managed to do that wearing nothing but Iron Man themed boxers and lovebites was a mystery.  “He’s my friend means he’s my boyfriend and I’m with you ‘till the end of the line is the bit where we both really mean I love you.

Tony buried his face into his hands.

Sam whistled.  “Damn, son, why don’t you go put a shirt on?”

“I would’ve but Steve tore it off me a few minutes ago.”



Tony totally owed Rhodey five hundred bucks.

James Rhodes had the fan fiction, the fanfiction dot net, the Livejournal and the AO3 account to back up his ship even though Tony totally laughed it off for years.

And now Tony totally owed his Former BFF five hundred bucks.

God damn it.

Currently, the Super Soldier Boyfriends were making good use of the roomy loveseat (Tony was totally having that goddamn thing bleached within an inch of its life) by cuddling.   What made it worse is that Steve also had a freakin’ Bucky Bear and the actual human Bucky was making grumpy jealous noises because he wasn’t about to be replaced by a goddamn teddy bear.

Rhodey sighed.  “And love, true love, will follow you forever, right?”  He took out his Starkphone™ and sneakily took a picture.  “I gotta send this thing to Coulson.”

“Wait a minute.  Agent is dead.”

“Um.  Agent Coulson is Director of SHIELD now.  Also, not dead.  Ooops?”

That was it.  This was Tony Stark’s supervillain origin story, hand on his arc reactor, swear to Pepper and hope to die. 


Tony’s not envious.


He totally never had a crush on Cap when he was trapped in General Patronage/Parental Guidance Hell and he totally didn’t crush on Barnes when puberty hit.  He never went through the hell that America’s Sweetheart and America’s Oldest Heartthrob had put through many an unsuspecting youth in the past seventy years.

He was immune.

So why in the hell was he not spared the sight of Barnes laying a possessive hand on Steve Rogers’ very well-shaped behind in the communal kitchen.

“Buck!” Steve protested.  “I’m trynna’ cook the breakfast bacon here.”

“Aw, baby, I haven’t been able to put my hands on This Ass for the past seventy years.  We deserve a moment, right?”

“Bucky, you just had your hands on my ass this morning.”

“Among other body parts.”  And there was a leer that Tony could not unsee.  Ever. 

Tony flailed.  That was it.  He was going to put his considerable brainpower to the invention of actual Brain Bleach.


Steve Rogers is his friend.

Now they weren’t as close as Rhodey Boo Bear or Brucie Poo but Tony likes to think that Steve is his friend and despite all the shit that went down, their friendship is slowly, but surely being mended again. 

So he’s more than a little touched when Steve quietly told him about a certain wedding back in World War II that would never really be considered legal.  But things were different now and legal was definitely possible and Steve had just handed him his wedding invitation. 

“Look, you guys need help with the wedding reception?”

“Tony – “

“Look, Gordon totally owes me a favor – “


“I got him on speed dial - you and Bucky Bear have any allergies - no, what am I thinking, you’re super soldiers, you don’t have allergies – “



“Bucky and I want you to be there.  Just you.  We got all the other things covered.  We want you there because you’re family to us now.  We want you to be there.  Okay?”

And Steve, who was really Evil Incarnate, leveled that earnest, sweet smile that was so rare to see on a totally unprepared Tony Stark.


He pats Tony on the shoulder.  “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Look, so maybe Tony didn’t have tears in his eyes afterwards and he certainly didn’t cry at the actual wedding.  And his wedding present to his favorite geriatric super soldiers involved a honeymoon to a privately owned island in the Philippines. 

When Mssrs. Rogers-Barnes came home, Tony already patented Stark Industries Brain Bleach™. 

- end -

Any rhapsodies to Steve’s Ass are all inspired by @greenbergsays

gladpeach  asked:

I have lost my way, I am depressed, I feel misguided and unmotivated to go on. I can not see an end for myself and I am unsure what to do, this uneasy feeling has been haunting me for weeks now. Please offer me some guidance

A general, unplaceable sense of unease is a common symptom of the egoic mind. 

Mind is a tool. Egoic mind is when you try to make an identity out of the tool. 

Egoic mind is discontent because it is by nature insecure. And so it seeks security in various forms. 

It seeks security of identity through accomplishment and roleplaying. It seeks happiness through temporary external things. It seeks peace through the forcing of circumstances. It seeks love and wholeness through using others. 

Most of this plays out on a level below conscious thought. This is what leaves you with a vague sense of uneasiness and a lingering feeling of anxiety. It also makes you feel unwhole. 

When you feel depressed, unmotivated, and generally uneasy, it will be hard to figure out which way is up or down let alone what your path should be. Therefore I recommend confronting these inner challenges and giving them time to clear up before drawing any conclusions. With new clarity, you can see many more paths opening up to you. 

How to begin?

  1. Observe the voice in your head. This voice is here for you to use as a means to accomplish necessary activities. However, that voice isn’t you. You are the witness of that voice. 
    1. If you identify too strongly with that voice, it can have negative affects on you. 
    2. If that voice starts speaking negative things, you will internalize those things as emotions of suffering. 
    3. Through witnessing the voice without judging, identifying, or labeling, you begin to create a little space between your existence and your mental chatter. That feels like a breath of fresh air. 
  2. Examine and question the identities you believe you hold. 
    1. Who you think you are determines where you think happiness is found and how life should be approached. 
    2. We play many roles in life but none of them are who we essentially are. 
    3. The emphasis isn’t to avoid those roles but to refrain from turning them into an identity upon which you rely for a sense of self. Otherwise your happiness and suffering become tethered to that identity and its circumstances. 
  3. Similar to witnessing the voice in your head, feel the emotions in your body. 
    1. Everything you have ever said about yourself gets internalized in your body as tension and emotion. Your body is like a child that listens to what you tell it and believes you. 
    2. By feeling what your body has to feel, you are allowing these layered emotions and energies to begin to uncoil and unbind. These are often called “holding patterns” and can keep us stuck in cyclic behaviors. 
    3. Feel your feelings without judgment or analysis. It doesn’t matter why the energy is there, what matters is that you allow it to be released. 

All of this is accelerated and accomplished through daily meditation and mindfulness. To guide you, I would highly recommend the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

Your current experience, while one of suffering, is a tremendous opportunity to seek authentic liberation. If you meet this challenge wisely, you will be grateful for it. 

Namaste my friend. 

So there’s this adorable/angsty Undertale au by @babyblasters that sort of crosses the gaster balster au and baby bones ideas together. They have several chapters worth of a fic to go with it and I was inspired to write a scene. 

Spoilers for this au abound! It also doesn’t really make sense unless you’ve read what’s happened so far soooo… Read at your own risk. 

It’s kinda long and it’s also really crappy so don’t cast any judgement that’s too harsh. I also had to come up with an OC on the spot so I hope you guys like him?

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