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Forget about what the fancy, hotshot business books tell you about networking. You want in? Then quit waiting for an invitation and just show up. Pay the $35 for parking. It’s worth it.

That’s what I did. By afternoon I was wandering around the company’s outdoor campus like I worked there.

I approached a group of young professionals.

“Late lunch?”

“Not really,” said one woman and the others laughed.

“Oh well I guess I forgot it was daylight savings today!” I shouted sarcastically. 

I yanked my watch off and spun the dial an hour earlier and then held it out for everyone at the table to see.

“There!” I shouted. “You’re SOOOOOO right! What a perfectly reasonable time to have lunch! What on earth was I thinking!?”

“Hey, calm down man.”

But I was SO mad! I took the loose watch and began whipping myself in the head with it until the smallest trickle of blood could be seen running down my face.

A few minutes later, the entire group was gone. I tried to follow them inside the building, but you need one of those electronic key cards.

“Robert,” I told the security guard.

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Then Gene is my name.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“My name is Bobert, then. Like formal Bob.”

But the security guard refused.

To make it all worse, I forgot to change my watch back to the correct time so I missed a really important job interview. I probably could have still made the interview, but it was going to be close and I decided it wasn’t worth it to drive all that way if I was going to be late.

“What is it that these big time, wealthy CEOs have that I don’t?” I wondered and by midnight, I had the answer: Luck.

Apps for Service Dog Training

A list of useful apps for those of you who are training your own Service Dogs (or are just looking for some cool apps to help with your SD). I only have an iPhone, and I am unsure if these are on both IOS and Android, however I suspect most of these are or there is at least a similar one. (This will be updated as I find more apps).

- Riley

  • Nagdu - While this app was created for the National Association of Guide Dog Users, it is helpful for anyone with a service dog. It has the entirety of the ADA Service Dog section, individual State Laws, and general guidance with things like hotels, restaurents, and other places of buisness. Free
  • BringFido - This  allows you to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and tons more. You can also book your hotel, look up their pet policy, and use filters to find the hotels that would best fit your dog. Super useful for dogs who are not 100% PA trained and are not protected by state laws - do some training and be a little less anxious about it. Free
  • Pet Coach - App that connects you to dog trainers, vets, and nutritionists if you have questions about troubleshooting problems or ensuring that your pup is maintaining a proper weight. Free
  • iClicker - Self explanatory: Sometimes you forget your clicker in a moment of brain fog or you simply don’t want to bring a physical clicker with you. iClicker is simple - just press the clicker button and have your volume on. Free

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Name: Malachite
Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Taurus
Planet: Venus
Chakra: Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Powers: Abundance, the afterlife, agriculture, astral realm, balance (emotional), calm, changes, communication, connections, danger, death, divination, dream work, empowerment (emotional), goals, grounding, growth (spiritual), guidance, healing (general, emotional), hope, love (give), loyalty, luck, magic (black), money (luck with), negativity, nurture, peace, power (general, magical, personal), prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification (emotional, mental), release, security (emotional), self-work, the senses (sight), skills, strength, sleep, spirituality, strength, success, transformation, travel, wealth

Special Care: Keep out of water.


i… i like to think that the noah have a certain amount of respect for tryde, maybe even to the point of perhaps seeking guidance/general knowledge from him, because i believe he has a great sense of justice. a bit twisted due to his villainous nature, yes, but that’s simply how i imagine his character. he doesn’t talk much on his own, but can hold a conversation if presented with an issue. just. yer uncle tryde.


replied to your



it’s 10pm, I have no idea what time it actually…

if it’s not too overwhelming & ur still offering readings using the tori deck, i’d be interested (idk much about tarot so i guess i just would a general reading/guidance/advice kinda thing i guess) also most importantly i hope you feel better & get your sleeping back on track

definitely still up for it! (and thank you for the support; I just had a nap in the middle of the night so hopefully I can stay up all Sunday to deal with this shit.)

it’s 4:30am and I wasn’t feeling clever, so I just did a super-basic three-card reading for you: how to deal with from your current major challenge (card 1), what to keep in mind in the near future (card 2), and what to watch for in the near future (card 3). 

note: if you have your own shit going on with these songs, keep that in mind as well. prior experience with this desk says that it does matter how I read the songs/the spread, but not so much that it totally overrides personal experience.

card one: Strange
this one can be difficult to get a grip on when I’m not sure what it’s addressing. there are a lot of separations and some numbness here; sometimes that’s just a disconnect from the people/things around you, it can be dissociative, sometimes it points to depression. whatever it is here; it is not all on you - you’re doing the best you can with the situation, but there’s something here that just can’t be supported using your own strength, and it isn’t your fault, though it likely feels like it. as advice, this card generally says that if there’s one lifeboat left, you take it yourself. you run, if you have to. you get outside help if you can. make of that what you will. 

card two: Yes, Anastasia 
damn, you’re racking up all the ‘ten possible meanings dependent on the situation’ cards. (which in itself indicates that Shit Is Complicated and there’s not just one answer here.) IN ANY CASE: beware of anyone who tries to take credit for you, anyone who tries to take possession of you, anyone who wants to say that you’re their own little lamb. there’s a lot here that’s going to mean being stronger than you think you can be, and doing it alone, and being in the middle of one of the grimmer fairy tales without falling for the wolf’s tricks. keep your head. 

card three: Cornflake Girl
alright. as a full reading, there’s a lot here around separations, potential betrayals, and not knowing who to trust. (correct answer: yourself.) what I’m getting is that your job to come is going to be tracing instability to its source; that might be literal and involve another person, it might be some factor of your life that’s destabilizing every other goddamn thing. whatever it is, you’re going to need to keep a knife at your hip so you can cut the tumour out when you find it. (or however you want to picture it. I keep thinking of Judith slaying Holofernes. your experience may vary.) 

I hope that this has been helpful, or at least interesting. thanks for asking!

(note: it’s the twelfth now, but fuck it, I’m still at loose ends. give me a shout if you’d like a reading with my Tori Amos oracle.


one gifset per appearance → sportsaid workshop, london (18/10/2013)

The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first solo engagement following the birth of Prince George. The new mum visited the Copper Box venue inside the former Olympic Park to meet young athletes who are being supported by SportsAid, a charity of which she is patron. The Duchess was invited to join into a volleyball match, which she quickly did even though she was wearing wedges. Later, Kate spent time watching the country’s future Olympians and Paralympians, all of whom received expert tuition from SportsAid, as they showed off their skill in a number of activities, from wheelchair basketball and cerebral palsy football to fencing and badminton. The Duchess also joined the athletes and their family members as they attended educational workshops about media and social media training, nutrition in sport and general guidance from professional athletes. Since SportsAid was established in 1976, the charity has helped many of the UK’s most successful sportsmen and women, including two-thirds of the national team at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, by giving them cash awards during the defining early years of their careers.

The actual committing of fraud is straightforward (check literally any of my other columns for more specific guidance). In general, though, you’re going to want to roam the land using your perch to offer deals on investment vehicles, timeshare properties, timeshare vehicles, or any combination thereof.

Because you have a horse, and presumably the resources and breeding to maintain a horse, people will trust you implicitly and give you all of their money. One problem you might find is people will be somewhat reluctant to put cash into the huge bag you’re carrying, and will instead want to write you checks. That’s still fraud, so you’re still good, but the problem is those are going to need to be cashed, meaning you’ll first need to set up an account at a bank with high doors, or find one with a drive-thru ATM. Plan ahead.

5 Ways To Commit Crimes On Horseback


Tottsy’s “Jack of All Trades” Commissions

I’m a broke as hell college student & I was hoping to make some money using my various skills/hobbies to help me with school related expenses. 

The big thing right now is finding a way to afford my books!

Commission Details



Bust/Headshot: $10

Full Body: $15-20 (depending on complexity)

+$5 per extra character


Furries, Mech, NSFW, Gore, Complex Backgrounds

Knit Scarves

Base Length: 5ft

Single Color: $20

Two Color Stripes: $22

+$2 per every additional color

+$5 per additional foot

Must be comfortable giving me your address for shipping!

Scarves will take a few weeks to complete, you can request progress updates.

Tarot & Pendulum Readings


Two Decks to Chose From (Deviant Moon Tarot or Dishonored Tarot)

Base Reading: $5 for a 3 Card Spread

+$1 per extra card

Open Ended Questions, Advice & Guidance, General Readings


$1 per question

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