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re-imagine your legacy founder as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

 Tac O. Bell is working at Taco Bell! asdhsj!!

“Ma’am I’m pretty sure your Taco was already half eaten when they brought it out of th- *Burps*“

Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 1

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1300+

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What I’ve realised when living in America is to not eat a hot dog from a cart, not until you are used to the food, otherwise, you get food poisoning and you miss the start of the year high school party. Now I’m not usually a party person, far from that in fact, I’d rather stay at home binge watching 13 Reasons Why or Dear White People, however, I knew that this party would’ve been different. You see, at this party, I’d be classified as a ‘new girl’, because surprise surprise, I’m new. I needed to get a reputation, one that screamed ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY’. Now as I said before, I would’ve gone to said party if I wasn’t currently throwing up a bad hot dog, whilst Natasha was holding my hair back.

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What I’ve Been Looking For

Barry L. Eugenes: science geek, mathlete, general nerd, played piano for five years.

Lup: expert chef, basketball star, general cool kid, played violin for five years.

A lot of things happen at once, and suddenly these two opposites have signed themselves up for a duet spot in the school talent show, throwing the school social strata way out of balance. Barry’s new science club friends fear his dual interests will lead to their competition being sidelined. Lup has her reputation, but more importantly, her future to think about. And her enemies in the drama department don’t take kindly to their rivals encroaching on their territory. Can Lup and Barry navigate the tempestuous waters of high school drama and come out safely together on the other side?

LMAO guess what the fuck I just did.

nameless-obsidian  asked:

I came into the DC fandom through YJ and I'm still quite new to both so your post about the differences betwen YJ Superboy and his comic version was interesting to me! Can you do Dick Grayson (as Robin) next? Thank you in advance!

I think Conner was the most changed character between the comic and the cartoon (aside from Artemis who I believe was a 80’s low ranking villain).

Dick is mostly true to form with a few key differences that are easy to understand when you think about it.

This is comic Dick Robin (Taken from Robin: Year One which is a more modern take on the first Boy Wonder, I do highly recommend it). The first thing I want you to notice is the costume. This is the classic Robin costume worn by both Dick and Jason. Obviously, this is impractical for a show that took itself semi seriously as YJ. So the scaly panties were the first thing to go. But this Dick is lighthearted and fun, but still very acquainted with tragedy (following the death of his parents) which makes him sympathetic with a tendency to cause trouble. A good kid, mostly obeys orders but is known to act on his own. His key strengths are his acrobatics, his optimism and his determination to save Gotham and Batman.

Now we have YJ Dick. Again notice the sleek, professional costume which is uniquely his own. One thing that stands out for this version is his intelligence, especially with computers. Now comics Dick isn’t a slacker in the brains department but it was never his specialty like it is for YJ Dick (in fact, computers were much more Tim’s thing but the YJ team needed a tech guy and it’s not too awkward a fit). Also YJ Dick is much more a geek in general (like Tim Drake) compared to comics Dick who came across as more of a friendly jock. This Dick is, interestingly, portrayed as being both more mature and less mature depending on the situation. When it comes to skills and the mission he is amazing but his interactions with his team members and concept of boundaries/limits are where he falls short. Also interesting to note, for whatever reason, YJ Dick’s whole family (including parents, aunts, uncle, cousin) were killed not just his folks which I don’t believe happened in any other medium.

Overall the difference aren’t that bad, most of them can be explained by a. the show’s desire to incorporate more mature themes (and thus make their Robin less cutesy) b. adding needed traits for the team to have (no one else really could have served as the computer guy…) c. what I like to call Robin blending syndrome in which cartoon Robins are never just made up of one Robin’s personality. Tim Drake (Robin 3) was the first in the role to be a legitimate hero who was capable and skilled and mature enough to handle things on his own. This Dick borrows a lot from that version of Tim along with his computer skills and general geekiness.

Hello everyone! I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I realized that I never really introduced myself to the studyblr community, so here’s my introduction post. :)

About Me:

- My name is Namita

- I’m 17 and a senior in high school at the moment

- I am Indian American (no not Native American -_-)

- I’m a Scorpio, ENFP, and a Ravenclaw :D

- I can understand a little bit of Hindi, and I’m learning/practicing Spanish, Japanese, and High Valyrian


- I love to dance, so much that I will dance in the middle of a grocery store

- Drawing, painting, and reading

- MUSIC: rap, hip hop, R&B, pop, indie, alternative, etc (so basically everything except for country, metal, and dubstep)

- Movies and TV shows (some of my favorite shows include but are not limited to: Game of Thrones, Avatar: the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Community, Master of None, and some anime)

- I love to learn, especially languages, mythology, and psychology

- I love things that make me organized and make it seem like my life is together when it’s really not  (i.e. bullet journaling, studyblr, stationary, and the Container Store)

- I recently learned to code which I find pretty cool

- I am a huge geek for Marvel and DC. Actually, I’m just a straight up geek in general. :D

- All things Spider-Man and Batman related

Current Classes:

AP Statistics

AP Psychology

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Literature and Composition

Anatomy and Physiology

Socratic Seminar


- to become a better and more hardworking student

- to become more organized

- to learn more tips on how to study well

- to inspire others with what I share

Studyblrs That Inspire Me:

@studykouffee @stvdybuddies @noodledesk @stillstudies @jackistudies @kaylareads @alimastudies

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If your blog has any of these reblog and I will follow. 

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-The Raven Cycle

-Kingsman (especially eggsyxreader fanfics)

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- Percy Jackson

- Hunger Games

- general nerd/geek fandoms

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-sleeping with sirens


-blogs who are just nice people who would like a follow :) 

If your looking for GREAT female Lets Players or just a great Let’s Play channel in general I strongly recommend Geek Remix

It’s two best friends playing lots of great games. And not only do they provide very funny and interesting commentary, they often go above and beyond to come up with with interesting meta and awesome theories about the games they play.

I recommend their Life Is Strange, Until Dawn, and Dragon Age: Inquisition playthroughs specifically. :)

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-Stucky (anyform)
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-Dungeons and Dragons
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-World Building (tips,tricks,etc)
-Comic books (Specifically: Harley Quinn, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Starfire)
-Sebastian Stan (he’s just fun to look at)
-My Chemical Romance (and post MCR,Gerards art, etc)
-Obscure RPGs and tabletop games

anonymous asked:

Can I get a Guy Ship please? I'm a Nonbinary Pansexual who is an Illustrator and Author. I'm really shy and awkward when you first meet me, but once you befriend me I literally won't shut up. I have a really bad Anxiety Disorder. I'm very geeky for things like Steven Universe, Nintendo Games, and just general geek stuff. Also, I'm SUPER short and literally can't lift a Watermelon. I'm very passionate about LGBTQ Topics, and many things in general. Thank You!

I ship you with….


First of all, Mark’s just happy to find someone he gets along with who’s also shorter than him. Mark is one if the few people that can rival your passion. From the outside, the two of you are like the definition of opposites attract, but once people get an inside look at the two of you, they find that you’re just alike. Also, Mark would enjoy feeling like he could take care of you.

there’s this general geek convention called Dragon Con in atlanta that’s all about your mainstream nerdy stuff. your comic books, your star warses, your games of thrones, all of that stuff

i go every year and always have a sorta good time but i always find myself shut up in the dealer room for most of the time because nothing else there really interests me

like, all the panels are TOP TEN GAME OF THRONES THEORIES YOU DIDNT KNOW ABOUT and stuff like that. nothing i know or care about. all the cosplays are stormtroopers. dragon con didnt even HAVE video game stuff until extremely recently. i have to scrape my transformers up off the kitchen floor just to survive.

even if i DO find a panel i’d be mildly interested in, it’s always packed before i get there. plus the convention is always spread apart between five hotels all across the city because the con gets bigger every year as geek culture becomes more mainstream.

conventions, man. they’re fun, but they’re also a major pain in the ass.

It’s not right, it’s not fair,
Everything is up in the air,
Leaving for greener pastures,
Leaving behind many fractures,
There’s much that needs to be done,
So many battles not yet won.

Who will take up the mantle, the sword and the shield?

Loss too great for one heart to feel,
Shared now by millions at the reveal,
The year is reaching its annual last post,
Taking much and leaving many a ghost,
There’s still much left for us to do now,
Let the sweat collect now on our brow.

We will take up the mantle, the sword and shield.

The mantle to bear together is heavy,
A weight that may yet break any levy,
The sword a sharp point ready to slash,
Flaming and ready to burn any enemy to ash,
And the shield to guard and withstand assault,
All three together a fierce and unstoppable gestalt.

It is her legacy we all now must stand and wield.


Mantle, sword and shield.

For Carrie, a general of impeccable skill and devotion. We salute you and we will carry on with what you began. 

the shitty thing about being a transformers fan is that transformers is such a niche thing in the “general geek shit” umbrella so there’s barely any transformers stuff at general geek conventions

like at best there will be one panel all weekend and the dealer room will have one booth with a single botcon or SDCC exclusive transformer mixed in with the funko pops and spider-man toys

want something that isn’t a thing you could find on shelves at the walmart down the road? tough titty, said the kitty. the milk ain’t even good, neither.