general ephemera

Today is good because

  • disregarding entirely that of it which I don’t recall last night was fabulous
  • (even though I lost the feather boa that I was wearing somewhere between Beach and my house why cruel fate)
  • (also at one point I sang Taylor Swift to Kelly down a staircase it was amazing)
  • and my school and my cardiologist and the chaplain from my school are writing to Oxford on my behalf because they are cuties and I’m still not done crying about that oh my God, but
  • even if I can’t go to Oxford??? if I am well enough I can still go to my backup university because they want UCAS points as opposed to grades????? so even if I have fucked beyond recognition the exams I was actually able to do I can still get in because I already have a shitload of UCAS points because I have a distinction in Grade Eight Drama and played the violin for like six hundred years, and
  • it’s in Wales so fuck yes I wouldn’t have to be in Northern Ireland anymore and could get trains and such to England and stuff like that, and
  • if I go there
  • I
  • can
  • bring
  • my
  • cat.

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Ahhh this is like my Favourite Subject Ever; well,

  • most obviously (in terms of the fact that I Never Stop Mentioning It) is Darjeeling and gin, which is absolutely as simple as it sounds (I should probably invent some sort of ratio but really it’s just like “make some tea don’t make it too strong though like Darjeeling should be delicate and then put gin into it instead of milk use lots”) and ugh yeah they are quite possibly not to everyone’s taste but I could drink these forever? So. <3
  • Earl Grey Martinis, which I mentioned the other day but what the hell they are amazing. Strong, cold Earl Grey + gin + lemon juice + sugar if you really must = bam best thing ever. (Hot Earl Grey also goes super well with vodka! Particularly super cheap vodka, which is, like, a blessing~)
  • Cold, infuriatingly strong Assam + bourbon = divine and I don’t even like bourbon.
  • Whiskey and breakfast tea beats the hell out of Irish Coffee always, js.
  • Marigold tea and rose tea and basically all kinds of flowery teas go with, like, all the things? Chamomile is also really great with (shock) gin when one is cold or sick or feeling generally dreary.
  • (Oh God really really delicately prepared rose tea with sparkling white wine or rosé though Jesus take the wheel)
  • The furthest I’ve gone with absinthe-tea experiments is green tea? Because like they’re both green and I’m incredibly witty; but it kind of sucked and absinthe demands to be experienced in a way other beverages can’t ever hope to match, so yeah. Protip, however: green tea is the unadulterated best at disguising the scent of alcohol on one’s breath ever (no joke this was like the discovery of my sixteen-year-old life), so…make of that what you will?
  • But yeah
  • gin and Darjeeling
  • so~

Musing Inspired By Ludicrously Ostentatious Red Wine, brought to you this evening by Sebastian Brilliance:

  • Halloween is in ninety-eight days.
  • I will be nineteen thirteen days after that.
  • Between the ages of five and twelve no matter where we were Lizzie threw me joint Halloween-birthday parties annually and they were the shit.
  • In ninety-eight days I may actually be in England (or like Wales at least we just don’t know).
  • Consequently Those Of You In The UK do realise that I’m going to have to wholeheartedly insist that you all come and join me for Halloween/Nineteenth-Birthday-ish Shenanigans right
  • (Halloween is in ninety-eight days and I don’t know what to dress up as yet.)
  • (Help.)

Okay, so in the University Digs Décor Box so far, we have:

  • a smaller box containing a paper knife and magnifying glass
  • a cocktail glass shaped like a teacup
  • several owls carved out of wood
  • artwork created by More Talented Friends (cough Hal and Sikandar stuff you two have sent me is in here because oh my gosh)
  • multiple Victorian encyclopaedias and other Suitably Old Books (included in here so there’s more room in the Book Box and thus I can bring my exceptionally necessary seven Gatsbys)
  • posters of Save Me The WaltzA Streetcar Named Desire and Leopold and Loeb
  • a box shaped like a book about peacocks
  • a pink lava lamp with Hello Kitty on it
  • a bust of Sulis Minerva

Am I ready for adulthood yet or

shrieks into the night I get to meet Hal in thirteen hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go and see Dr. Donaghey in the morning so she can check my blood pressure and stuff (which means wow super fun no meds tonight) to ensure I am Still Okay (and like super fingers crossed that my body doesn’t decide to do any Weird Stuff tonight okay I would quite like to have had more than fifty minutes of sleep in forty-eight hours before I meet a Really Cool Internet Person), and then I will go straight to the bus station and??? go to Dublin oh my God and Hal will be there too.

(I am not sure I am prepared for this Tumblr I am not cool at all I will likely just shriek a lot and stuff oh my gosh Hal I’m really sorry in advance I am really quite exquisitely underwhelming like I sort of have it down to an art)

(however I intend to come bearing tea so maybe that makes up for some of it who knows)

(okay preciouses I shall speak to you all tomorrow when I figure out how to steal the bus company’s wifi or something bonne nuit <3)