general beauregard

General PGT Beauregard (Confederate)

The Louisiana general was one of several Civil War figures to be likened to Napoleon. And there’s certainly a European look to his stylish moustache-and-sliver-of-a-beard combo.

Beauregard was a star Confederate general in the early days of the war, overseeing the bombardment of Fort Sumter that kicked the whole thing off, and then assuming command at Shiloh following the death of Albert Sidney Johnston. Beauregard arrived at Shiloh with Napoleon’s line of battle from Waterloo in his pocket, and like his hero he had to spend some time in exile when he was relieved of command following his decision to withdraw from Corinth without a fight. His later defences of Charleston and Petersburg restored his reputation, and after the war he declined offers to take charge of the armies of Brazil, Egypt and Romania.

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Things that could be going through The General’s head right now:

“Ok. See, now you’re just asking for it”

“I told you I could open that drawer without opposable thumbs.”

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“What? I was hungry!”